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Articles on Computer Science

More articles coming soon! Meanwhile, research papers I have written can be accessed in the Publications section.

Pioneering DNA-Storage Technology - Encoding Data in DNA [LinkedIn]   Discusses research work on the nascent DNA Storage technology at Imperial College London.
Distributed Computing in a Pandemic [LinkedIn]   Outlines research work on the application of Distributed computing, Cluster computing and Supercomputing for crucial COVID-19 research tasks.
Reproducibility, Standardisation, Fault-tolerance and Deployability in Computational Pipelines using Nextflow Workflow Language [LinkedIn]   Discusses work done at the ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) to improve reproducibility of Next-generation Sequencing pipelines, standardising them, making them fault-tolerant and more deployable as well as interoperable.
The Analysis of High-Throughput Biological Datasets Utilising Distributed Computing   Full text of my PhD Thesis
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Dr. Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway University of London].

Articles on Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine

Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands   Full text of my Masters Thesis "Characterisation of Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands"
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Prof. Brian Austen St. Georges Hospital Medical School].
Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands (Powerpoint slides)   Powerpoint slides of "Characterisation of Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands" including subsequent Immunohistochemical analysis.
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Prof. Brian Austen St. Georges Hospital Medical School].
A literature review of G-quadruplex ligand binding assays   An intoduction to G-quadruplex ligands and a literature review of their binding assays
[Jamie Alnasir & Owez Madhani].
BNP & NT-Pro BNP diagnostic markers for Heart Failure   Summary of a meta-analysis of the Diagnostic accuracy of BNP and NT-ProBNP in the diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure
[Based on original review published in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry by Clerico, Fontana, Zyw et al]
Hypertension and Pharmacological intervention   The mechanisms regulating blood pressure within normal limits and pharmacological interventions to correct abnormalities in these mechanisms
[Jamie Alnasir]
Anxiety - GABA and other implicated neurotransmitters   Anxiety - involvement of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid) and other implicated neurotransmitters.
[Jamie Alnasir]


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