Projects at UCL (University College London)

At UCL (University College London), I work in the Information Services Divsion (ISD) and ARC (Advanced Research Computing) to provide Research Infrastructure, Services and Research Applications Consulting for the School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS), Geography, the Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences (SLASH) and the Institute of Education (IOE). I also collaborate closely with the Department of Geography and ARC on initiatives such as the migration to research data storage, where I provide direction.

Condenser HPC Research Platform

November 2023 - Present

Condenser is a cutting-edge research computing platform developed by UCL ARC (Advanced Research Computing). Condenser is designed as a versatile, on-premises cloud-like HPC (High-Performance Computing) and (AI) Artificial Intelligence service, capable of supporting a wide range of research computing activities across various disciplines. Condenser combines traditional HPC capabilities with modern cloud technologies to offer flexible, scalable, and secure research computing environments. The Condenser platform aims to enhance computational research by providing robust infrastructure and tools tailored to the specific needs of the academic community.

  • Project Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement: I proactively coordinate with stakeholders including Directors of Research Centers, Professors, and IT heads to gather input on computational needs and align project objectives with academic goals (enabling high-impact research). Key to this is also engaging with faculty and researchers to understand their computational needs and expectations for the Condenser platform.
  • Research Computing Analysis and Infrastructure Strategy: Advocating for the research users, I lead the analysis and work with colleagues on maintaining a comprehensive requirements catalogue from the academic faculties to ensure that the Condenser platform aligns with user needs. This ensures a Condenser provides a user-focused infrastructure for research computing (HPC, high-performance computing)
  • Communication and Coordination: I communicate between ARC, faculty IT teams, and researchers to ensure clear understanding and expectations of the Condenser platform’s capabilities.
  • Development Oversight: Overseeing the integration of traditional HPC hardware with modern cloud-like capabilities to support diverse research requirements across social sciences and humanities.

Other UCL projects

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