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 Online Flight Calculator

Online Flight Calculator

Perform various aviation and flight related calculations with this online computer. Now available as an Android app on the Google Play Store

For educational use only!
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E6B Emulator/Computer Visualiser Compute crosswind, headwind/tailwind components
Wind Components Compute crosswind, headwind/tailwind components
Wind Correction Angle (WCA) Compute the necessary Wind Correction Angle and revised Heading to fly to maintain course in given wind
Descent Calculator Compute Top of Descent (distance at which to start descending) and Descent Rate for any given glidepath slope.
Fuel Calculator Convert between mass and weight of fuel (AVGAS, JET-A1, JET-B) using Specific Gravity
Weight, Arm, Moment calculator Used for Mass and Balance. Calculates Weight, Arm and Moment.
Pressure Altitude Compute Pressure Altitude
Density Altitude Compute Density Altitude using a Pressure Altitude
Cloud Base Estimate the cloud base using temperature and dewpoint spread
Dew Point and Relative Humidity Compute Dew Point and Relative Humidity
Mach number Compute Mach number using altitude and speed
True Air Speed (TAS) from IAS Compute TAS (True Air Speed) from IAS (Indicated Air Speed)
Indicated Air Speed (IAS) from TAS Compute IAS (Indicated Air Speed) from TAS (True Air Speed)
Ground Speed (GS) Compute Ground speed from True airspeed and wind
Load Factor from Bank Angle Compute Load Factor and Stall speed from Bank angle
Turns Calculator
(Rate, Radius, Bank)
Compute Rate Turn Bank Angle and Turn Radius, as well as Rate of Turn from TAS (True Air Speed) and Bank Angle.
Aviation Unit Conversions Convert between different units for Mass, Volume, Distance, Speed, Temperature and Pressure.

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