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Aerodrome listing for Angola

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

AO-0039Alto Dondo Airport
FNAMAZZAmbriz Airport
AO-0005ANLAndulo Airport
LADAngola International Airport (under construction)
AO-0053Baía dos Tigres Airstrip
AO-0043Balombo Airport
FNBGBUGBenguela 17th of September Airport
AO-0055Bentiaba Airfield
FNCACABCabinda Airport
FN19Cabo Ledo Air Base
FNCCCacolo Airport
FNCFCFFCafunfo Airport
FN17Cahama Airport
AO-0037Calai Airport
AO-0021Calunda Airport
AO-0006Caluquembe Airport
FNCMCamabatela Airport
AO-0027Camacupa Airport
FNCXCXMCamaxilo Airport
FNCBCamembe Airport
AO-CNZCNZCangamba Airport
AO-KNPKNPCapanda Airport
AO-0046Capelongo Airport
AO-0041Capenda Camulemba Airport
AO-0020Cassamba Airport
AO-0001CTVCatoca Airport
FNCTCBTCatumbela Airport
AO-0031Cazaje Airport
FNCZCAVCazombo Airport
AO-0052Chinhama Airport
AO-0025Chipato Airport
AO-0038Chitado Airport
FNCHPGIChitato Airport
AO-0047Chitembo Airport
AO-0004Coemba Airport
AO-0014Coutada Airport
AO-0008Cuangar Airport
AO-0009Cuangar Old Airport
AO-0051Cubango River Airport
AO-0045Cubati Airport
AO-0033Cuchi Airport
AO-0044Cuima Airport
FNCVCTICuito Cuanavale Airport
AO-0048Cuito Cuanavale South Airport
AO-0007Cuvelai Airport
AO-0030Dala Airport
FNDBDamba Airport
AO-DRCDRCDirico Airport
FNDUDUEDundo Airport
AO-0059Emilio de Carvalho Airstrip
AO-0012Jamba Airport
AO-JMBJMBJamba Airport
FNKUSVPKuito Airport
AO-0057Kwanda Airport
FNLBLLTLobito Airport
AO-0032Longa Airport
AO-0022Lóvua Airport
AO-0023Luacano Airport
AO-0028Luando Airport
FNUAUALLuau Airport
FNUBSDDLubango Airport
FNLKLBZLucapa Airport
AO-0019Lucusse Airport
FNUELUOLuena Airport
AO-0018Luena Airport
AO-0013Luiana Airport
FNBLGGCLumbala Airport
AO-GGCGGCLumbala Airport
AO-0024Lumeje Airport
AO-0056Lunuango Airstrip
FNLZLZMLuzamba Airport
FNMAMEGMalanje Airport
FNMQMaquela do Zombo Airport
FN18Matala Airport
AO-0016Mavinga Airport
FNBCSSYMbanza Congo Airport
FNMESPPMenongue Airport
AO-0035Miguel Airport
AO-0011Mucusso Airport
AO-0050Mumbué Airport
AO-0040Mussende Airport
AO-0049Mussuma Airport
AO-0034Mutumbo Airport
AO-NDFNDFN'dalatando Airport
FNZEARZN'zeto Airport
AO-0036Namacunde Airport
AO-0002Nancova Airport
FNNGGXGNegage Airport
FNGIVPENgjiva Pereira Airport
AO-0017Ninda Airport
AO-0026Nova Chaves Airport
FNHUNOVNova Lisboa Airport
FNZGNZANzagi Airport
FNPAPBNPorto Amboim Airport
FNLULADQuatro de Fevereiro Airport
AO-0029Quirima Airport
AO-0003Rito Airport
AO-0015Rivungo Airport
FNPBSanza Pombo Airport
FNSAVHCSaurimo Airport
AO-0010Savate Airport
AO-0058Sinfo Heliport
FNSOSZASoyo Airport
FNSUNDDSumbe Airport
AO-0054Tômbua Airport
FNTOToto Airport
FNUGUGOUige Airport
FNWKCEOWaco Kungo Airport
FNMOMSZWelwitschia Mirabilis International Airport
FNXAXGNXangongo Airport
AO-0042Xassengue Airport

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