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Aerodrome listing for Bolivia

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

SLABAbapó Airport
SLAQAiquile Airport
SLALSREAlcantarí Airport
SLANAngora Airport
SLAPAPBApolo Airport
SLAMArampampa Airport
SLASASCAscención De Guarayos Airport
BO-BVLBVLBaures Airport
SLBNBella Unión Airport
SLBSBella Vista Itenez Airport
SLBJBJOBermejo Airport
SLBFBlanca Flor Airport
BO-0010Buen Jesus Airport
SLBTBuen Retiro Ballivian Airport
SLBRBuen Retiro Itenez Airport
SLBHBuena Hora Airport
SLBBBulo Bulo Airport
SLCECabezas Airport
SLHACachascani Airport
SLCICaigua Airport
SLCMCamacho Airport
BO-0008Camiare Airport
SLCACAMCamiri Airport
SLCDCañada Airport
SLNLCañada Larga Airport
SLCOCIJCapitán Aníbal Arab Airport
SLSBSRJCapitán Av. German Quiroga G. Airport
SLSISNGCapitán Av. Juan Cochamanidis S. Airport
SLPSPSZCapitán Av. Salvador Ogaya G. airport
SLRIRIBCapitán Av. Selin Zeitun Lopez Airport
SLVGVAHCapitán Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo Airport
SLGYGYACapitán de Av. Emilio Beltrán Airport
SLPOPOICapitan Nicolas Rojas Airport
SLTJTJACapitan Oriel Lea Plaza Airport
SLVICaranavi Airport
SLDACaranda Airport
SLCVCavinas Airport
SLCSCerdas Airport
SLERCerrillos Airport
SLHSChacobos Airport
SLCGCharagua Airport
SLCNCharaña Airport
SLCHCCAChimore Airport
SLGQChiquitos Airport
SLCXChive Airport
SLCTChoreti, Bolivia, South America Airport
SLCYCollpa Airport
SLCLCollpani Airport
SLCRComarapa Airport
SLCPCEPConcepción Airport
SLCCCopacabana Airport
SLLQCopaquilla Airport
SLQNCoquinal Airport
SLVDCovendo Airport
SLUCCuevo Airport
SLCUCulpina Airport
SLUKCurahuara de Carangas Airport
SLDLDalmacia Airport
SLLPLPBEl Alto International Airport
SLECEl Cairo Airport
SLEAEl Cocal Airport
SLEKEl Condor Airport
SLDNEl Desengano Airport
SLEEEl Escondido Airport
BO-0006El Mojar Airport
SLEOEl Paraiso Airport
SLEPEl Peru Airport
SLPWEl Porvenir Sur Airport
SLEHEl Rancho Airport
SLEVEl Salvador Airport
BO-0007El Tacuaral
SLEFEl Triunfo Airport
SLETSRZEl Trompillo Airport
SLEIEspino Airport
BO-0014Espiritu Airstrip
SLESEstalsa Airport
SLFAFatima Airport
SLFOFlor De Oro Airport
SLFRFlorencia Airport
SLFLFlorida Airport
SLGPGuirapembi Airport
SLHJBVKHuacaraje Airport
SLHCHuacareta Airport
BO-0012Ibibobo Airport
SLIRIbori Airport
SLIGInglaterra Airport
SLIYIntiraymi Airport
SLITItaguazurenda Airport
SLIXIxiamas Airport
SLIZIzozog Airport
SLJAJatata Airport
SLCBCBBJorge Wilsterman International Airport
SLJSJosuani Airport
SLORORUJuan Mendoza Airport
SLSUJuana Azurduy De Padilla Airport
SLEZLa Esperanza Airport
SLLILa India Airport
SLLHLago Huachi Airport
SLLLLaguna Loa Airport
SLLSLagunillas Airport
SLLJLaja Airport
SLLBLas Brizas Airport
BO-0013Loreto Airport
SLMDMadidi Airport
SLMGMGDMagdalena Airport
SLMEMandeyepecua Airport
SLMBMangabalito Airport
SLMNManuripi Airport
BO-0005Mayo Mayo Airport
SLMZMizque Airport
SLMXMonos Araña Airport
SLAGMHWMonteagudo Airport
SLMMMora Airport
SLNVNieve Airport
SLNONuevo Mundo Airport
SLPLPadilla Airport
SLPAPalmar Airport
SLPMPalmira Airport
SLPYPiray Airport
SLPFPiso Firme Airport
SLPIPitai Airport
SLPNPorvenir Norte Airport
SLPGProgreso Airport
SLUPPuerto America Airport
SLPRPURPuerto Rico Airport
BO-0004Puerto Ustarez Airport
SLRHRancho Alegre Airport
SLRFRefugio Airport
SLRRRetiro Airport
SLRYREYReyes Airport
BO-0002Riberalta Airport
SLRXRincon Del Tigre Airport
SLRSRio Seco Airport
SLRBRBORoboré Airport
SLRLRosal Airport
SLRPRosapata Airport
BO-0001RBQRurenabaque Airport
BO-0009Saipiru Airport
SLSJSalinas Airport
SLIPSamaipata Airport
SLZCSan Carlos Airport
SLSDSan Carlos Gutierrez Airport
SLTLSan Cristóbal Toldos Airport
SLZFSan Francisco Naciff Airport
SLSMSNMSan Ignacio de Moxos Airport
SLSVSan Ignacio de Velasco Airport
SLJVSJVSan Javier Airport
SLJOSJBSan Joaquín Airport
SLJESJSSan José De Chiquitos Airport
BO-0003San Juan de Beni Airport
SLJNSan Juan Estancias Airport
SLLZSan Lorenzo Airport
SLTIMQKSan Matías Airport
SLSGSan Miguel De Gaser Airport
SLZBSan Pedro Rb Airport
SLZJSan Pedro Richard Airport
SLSFSan Rafael Airport
SLRASRDSan Ramón Airport
SLZVSan Vicente Airport
SLSNSanandita Airport
SLSHSanta Ana De Huachi Airport
SLSASBLSanta Ana Del Yacuma Airport
SLINSanta Catalina Airport
SLRTSanta Rita Airport
SLSRSRBSanta Rosa De Yacuma Airport
SLSKSanta Rosa Del Sara Airport
SLSESanta Teresita Airport
SLTGSantiago Airport
SLSQSantiago De Chiquitos Airport
SLSPSipuati Airport
SLSSSunsas Airport
SLTATaquipirenda Airport
SLTRTDDTeniente Av. Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport
SLVMVLMTeniente Coronel Rafael Pabón Airport
SLTETeoponte Airport
SLVTTesoro/La Vertiente Airport
SLTYTiguipa Airport
SLTWTita Airport
SLTOTotora Airport
SLHTTransierra Helipuerto
SLTCTres Cruces Airport
BO-0011Tres Personas Airport
SLTXTuichi Airport
SLTZTupiza-Mochará Airport
SLTUTurco Airport
SLUUUlla Ulla Airport
SLUSUrusi Airport
SLUYUYUUyuni Joya Andina Airport
SLVEVenecia Airport
SLVAVilla Aroma Airport
SLVVVilla Elvira Airport
SLVNVilla Negrita Airport
SLBVVilla Vista Montano Airport
SLVZVillazon Airport
SLVRVVIViru Viru International Airport
SLVUVuelta Grande Airport
SLYGYabog Airport
SLYABYCYacuiba Airport
SLYIYapacani Airport

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