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Aerodrome listing for Bahamas

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

BS-0014Abaco Beach Resort Heliport
BS-0009Andros Central / Twin Lakes Airport
MYAFASDAndros Town Airport
MYCAATCArthur's Town Airport
BS-0007Big Grand Cay Heliport
MYX4Big Whale Cay Airport
BS-NSBNSBBimini North Seaplane Base
MYEBBlack Point Airstrip
MYZ2CELCape Eleuthera Airport
BS-0003Cape Santa Maria Airstrip
BS-0006Castaway Cay (Gorda Cay) Airstrip
MYCCCXYCat Cay Airport
BS-0004Cave Cay Airstrip
MYCSCay Sal Airport
MYBCCCZChub Cay Airport
MYX5Cistern Field
MYABMAYClarence A. Bain Airport
MYCICRIColonel Hill Airport
MYAKTZNCongo Town Airport
MYCXCutlass Bay Airport
MYX8Darby Island Airport
MYLDLGIDeadman's Cay Airport
MYGDDeep Water Cay Airport
MYRDDCTDuncan Town Airport
BS-0016Elbow Cay Emergency Helipad
MYEFGGTExuma International Airport
BS-0005Farmers Cay Airstrip
BS-0001Fowl Cay Airstrip
MYEGGeorge Town Airport
MYEMGHBGovernor's Harbour Airport
MYGMGBIGrand Bahama Auxiliary Airfield
MYGFFPOGrand Bahama International Airport
MYBGGHCGreat Harbour Cay Airport
MYLRHard Bargain Airport
MYCHHawks Nest Airport
MYEYHog Cay Airport
MYXCHog Key Airport
MYIGIGAInagua Airport
MYXDLeaf Cay Airport
MYELLee Stocking Airport
MYAMMHHLeonard M Thompson International Airport
MYXFLittle Darby Island Airport
BS-0011Little Pipe Cay Seaplane Base
MYZ3Little Whale Cay Berry Islands Airport
MYNNNASLynden Pindling International Airport
MYMMMYGMayaguana Airport
BS-0012Mister Beast Island Helipad
MYA0Moores Island Airport
BS-0008Nassau Helicopters Heliport
MYPIPIDNassau Paradise Island Airport
MYCBTBINew Bight Airport
MYENNMCNormans Cay Airport
MYEHELHNorth Eleuthera Airport
MYX6Oakes Field-Nassau
MYBOOcean Cay Airport
BS-0010Overyonder Cay Seaplane Base
MYCPPWNPitts Town Airport
BS-0002Port Nelson Airstrip
MYERRSDRock Sound Airport
MYX7Rudder Cut Cay Airport
MYRPRCYRum Cay Airport
MYXHSampson Cay Airport
MYANSAQSan Andros Airport
MYSMZSASan Salvador Airport
MYASSandy Point Airport
BS-0013Soldier Cay Airstrip
MYBSBIMSouth Bimini Airport
MYAXSpanish Cay Airport
MYAPAXPSpring Point Airport
MYESTYMStaniel Cay Airport
MYLSSMLStella Maris Airport
MYATTCBTreasure Cay Airport
MYAWWKRWalkers Cay Airport
MYGWWTDWest End Airport
BS-0015Wilson City Airport

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