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Aerodrome listing for Botswana

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

FBABAbu Airport
FBALAlpha Airfield
BW-0021Arizona Airport
BW-0022Big Game Airport
FBBSBokspits Airport
FBBPBottle Pan Airport
FBCOCamp Okavango Airport
FBCMCement Airport
BW-0051Central Kalahari Airport
BW-0014Chandia Airstrip
BW-0028Chief's Camp Airport
BW-0027Chief's Island Airport
BW-0030Chitabe Airstrip
FBCHChobe Airport
FBDVDeception Valley Airport
FBDTDelta Camp Airport
BW-0044Elephant Sands Airport
BW-0019Etsha Airport
FBFTFRWFrancistown Airport
FBNWGaborone Notwane Airport
BW-0013Ghaghoo Mine Airport
FBGZGNZGhanzi Airport
FBGHGoodhope Airport
FBGPGope Airport
BW-0058Gorokwe Airport
FBGSGrassland Airport
FBGYGrundy's Airport
FBGDGudigwa Airport
FBGUGuma Airport
FBGMGumare Airport
FBGWGweta Airport
FBHVHaina Ventures Airport
BW-HUKHUKHukuntsi Airport
FBHUHunda Airport
BW-0049Jackalas 1 Airport
FBJAJao Airport
BW-0025Jwala Airport
FBJWJWAJwaneng Airport
FBKAKaa Airport
FBKKKanana Airport
BW-0047Kanana Farm Airport
FBKGKang Airport
FBKYKanye Airport
BW-0056Karowe Airstrip
FBKEBBKKasane Airport
BW-0040Ketumetse Airport
BW-0015Kgoro Pan Airport
BW-0026Kgwedi Airport
BW-0016Khutse Airport
BW-0017Khwai North Airport
FBKRKHWKhwai River Lodge Airport
FBKPKings Pool Airport
FBKIKiri Airport
BW-0024Kwalata Airport
FBKDKwando - Lagoon Airport
FBKWKwando - Lebala Airport
BW-0033Kwara Camp Airport
FBTLTLDLimpopo Valley Airport
FBLLLimpopo-Lipadi Airport
BW-0004Linyanti Airport
FBLOLOQLobatse Airport
FBMGMachaneng Airport
FBMMMakalamabedi Airport
FBMUMamuno Airport
BW-0050Mapoka Airport
BW-0041Mapula Airport
BW-0043Masame Airport
BW-0036Matsieng Airstrip
FBMNMUBMaun Airport
BW-0053Mmashoro Airport
FBMLMolepolole Airport
BW-0029Mombo Camp Airport
BW-0002Motopi Airport
FBNTNata Airport
BW-0018Ncamasere Airport
BW-0037Ncojane Airport
BW-0035New Xade Airport
FBNNNokaneng Airport
BW-0020Ntswi Airport
FBNBNxabega Airport
BW-0042Nxabega Safari Airport
BW-0052Nxai Pan Airstrip
FBNXNxamaseri Airport
FBODOakdene Airport
FBOKOkwa Airport
FBOMOmdop Airport
FBORORPOrapa Airport
BW-0011Oxford Airport
FBPYQPHPalapye Airport
FBPAPandamatenga Airport
BW-0006Pom Pom Airport
FBRKRakops Airport
BW-0038Rann Airport
BW-0009Riverside North Airport
BW-0010Riverside Southeast Airport
FBSISaile Airport
BW-0039Sanctuary Stanley Airport
BW-0007Santawani Airport
FBSVSVTSavuti Airport
BW-0055Seba Airport
FBSPPKWSelebi Phikwe Airport
FBSLSelinda Airport
BW-0048Selinda Old Airport
BW-0005Serondella Airport
BW-0003Seronga Airport
FBSRSerowe Airport
FBSWSWXShakawe Airport
BW-0034Shindi Lodge Airport
FBSKGBESir Seretse Khama International Airport
FBSNSXNSua Pan Airport
BW-0023Sunny Side Airport
FBTPThebephatshwa Airport
FBTNTonunga Airport
BW-0008Tsau Airport
FBTSTBYTshabong Airport
FBTETshane Airport
FBJCTsigaro Airport
FBTHTsodilo Hills Airport
BW-0001Two Rivers Airport
FBVMVumbura Airport
BW-0012Xade Airstrip
FBXAXai Xai Airport
BW-0032Xakanaxa Airport
BW-0031Xakanaxa Old Airport
BW-0046Xamaxai Airport
FBXBXaxaba Airport
BW-0045Xhumaga Airport
FBXIXigera Airport
FBXRXorogom Airport
BW-0054Xudum Airport
FBXGXugana Airport

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