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Aerodrome listing for Canada

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

CA-00431669 Diamondview Road Private Strip
CA-00621797 Diamondview Road Private Strip
CA-CAB5Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) Heliport
csm7Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain) Heliport
CTK8Abbotsford (Teck) Heliport
CYXXYXXAbbotsford International Airport
CNG2Aberdeen Hospital Heliport
CEG2Acme Airport
CA-0636Active Pass Lighthouse Heliport
CA-0661Addenbroke Island Lightstation Helipad
CA-0490Aérodrome Saint-Louis
CAS5Aerosmith Heli Service Heliport
CA-0017Agnes Lake Airport
CA-0717Aguanish Landing Strip
CTQ3Aguanish Water Aerodrome
CEF4Airdrie Airport
CA-0018Aishihik Airport
CPE2Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0467Ajax / Picov Downs Airport
CER6Aklavik Seaplane Base
CYKDLAKAklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport
CYKOAKVAkulivik Airport
CFR5Alban Airport
CBS8YPBAlberni Valley Regional Airport
CA-0019Albert Bay Airport
CHK2Aldergrove (Hicks) Heliport
CYLTYLTAlert Airport
CYALYALAlert Bay Airport
CBC3Alert Bay Seaplane Base
CNS4Alexandria Aerodrome
CA-0639Alexis Creek Airport
CA-0020Algar Tower Airport
CPN6Algoma Mills Seaplane Base
CAM4Alhambra / Ahlstrom Airport
CAC3ZAAAlice Arm/Silver City Seaplane Base
CCF7Alida/Cowan Farm Private Aerodrome
CAD2Allan Dale Residence Heliport
CAD3Allan Dale Trailers & RV Heliport
CBE7Alliford Bay Seaplane Base
CPZ2Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNY4Alliston Airport
CPJ2Alliston Heliport
CGD2Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Seaplane Base
CYTFYTFAlma Airport
US-0243Almonte (General Hospital)
CWD2Alta Heliport
CJL6Altona Municipal Airport
CA-0700Amaranth Airstrip
CA-0021Amber Tower Airport
CA-0688Amherst Airport
CCB3Amherst Heliport
CSC6Amos (Lac Figuery) Seaplane Base
CYEYYEYAmos/Magny Airport
CA-0579Amphitrite Point Heliport
CAJ4YAAAnahim Lake Airport
CA-0022Anama Bay-Dauphin River Airport
CBR9Anchor 9 Ranch Airport
CA-0023Anderson Point Airport
CA-0024Anderson Ranch Airport
CEJ2Andrew Airport
CA-0025Anglemont Airport
CDY5Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport
CA-0599Antler Airport
CNZ2Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport
CCA7Apple River Airport
CAP9Appleton Field
YQJYQJApril Point Seaplane Base
CA-0246Aquila Field Airport
CJM6Arborfield Airport
CJU6Arborg Airport
CJA7Arcola Airport
CYABYABArctic Bay Airport
CES6Arctic Red River Seaplane Base
CA-0771Arctic Watch Lodge Airport
CRG2Argus Heliport
CDT3Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport
CKY8Arkayla Springs Airport
CA-0483Armour Heights Field
CYYWYYWArmstrong Airport
CPE9Armstrong Heliport
CJF6Armstrong Seaplane Base
CKN6Armstrong/Waweig Lake Seaplane Base
CJQ5Arnes Airport
CNP3Arnprior Airport
CNB5Arnprior Seaplane Base
CNR9Arnstein Airport
CAR5Arthur (Arthur South)
CDF6Arthur (Damascus Field)
CMZ2Arthur (Metz Field)
CPK9Arthur (Peskett Field)
CPC3Arthur (Walter's Field)
CA-0026Arthur North Airport
CTR4Artopex Plus Heliport
CYEKYEKArviat Airport
CRV8Arviat Water Aerodrome
CA-0027Asbestos Airport
CJE7Ashern Airport
CJN4Assiniboia Airport
CYWMAthabasca Airport
CKF3Atikokan General Hospital Helipad
CYIBYIBAtikokan Municipal Airport
CJH6Atikokan Seaplane Base
CA-0030Atkinson Point Airport
CYSQAtlin Airport
CAD6Atlin Seaplane Base
CYATYATAttawapiskat Airport
CAT1Atwood / Coghlin Airport
CNN4Atwood Airport
CYLAYPJAupaluk Airport
CA-0031Austin Airport
CA-0653Aviation PLMG Inc Airport
CAX2Axe Lake
CA-0032Aylmer Airport
CAY5Ayr/Sargeant Private Airfield
CDW2Baddeck (Crown Jewel) Airport
CA-0692Baie Verte Water Aerodrome
CSL9Baie-Comeau (Manic 1) Airport
CSN9Baie-Comeau / Héli-Manicouagan Heliport
CYBCYBCBaie-Comeau Airport
CSD6Baie-Comeau Water Aerodrome
YBJYBJBaie-Johan-Beetz Water Aerodrome
CTD4Baie-St-Paul Heliport
CA-0385Baie-Trinité Airport
CYBKYBKBaker Lake Airport
CJK6Baker Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0454Baker's Valley Aerodrome
CFF8Bakers Narrows Seaplane Base
CME3Bala (Medora Lake)
CBL8Bala Airport
CGL3Bala/Gibson Lake Seaplane Base
CBA6Bala/Muskoka Float Flying Club Seaplane Base
CPB9Baldwin Airport
CBW8Baldwin West Aerodrome
CA-0510Balsam Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0582Bamfield Airstrip
CAE9YBFBamfield Seaplane Base
CPB7Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport
CNW3Bancroft Airport
CBP2Banff (Park Compound Heliport) Heliport
CBM7Banff - Mineral Springs Hospital Helipad
CYBAYBABanff Airport
CPF2YEBBar River Airport
CNE5Bar River Seaplane Base
CA-0484Barker Field
CAS3Barkerville Airport
CTP3Barrage Gouin Seaplane Base
CHC3Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CEP3Barrhead Airport
CRV2Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CYLSYLKBarrie-Orillia (Lake Simcoe Regional Airport)
CPT5Barrie/Little Lake Seaplane Base
CPV6Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNZ4Barry's Bay / Madawaska Valley Airpark
CFK2Bashaw Airport
CA-0033Baskatong Lake Airport
CA-0034Basnett Airport
CBL4Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport
CEN2Bassano Airport
CNF5Batchawana Seaplane Base
CZBFZBFBathurst Airport
CA-0035Batnuni Airport
CFR2Bawlf (Blackwells) Airport
CA-0036Bay d'Espoir Airport
CBE3Beamsville/Panterra Heliport
CA-0037Bear River Airport
CPY3Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport
CNE3XBEBearskin Lake Airport
CA-0038Beatton River Airport
CA-0039Beaulieu River Airport
CA-0040Beausejour Airport
CAV6Beausejour/Av-Ranch Airpark
CJK3Beauval Airport
CYXQYXQBeaver Creek Airport
CA-0041Beaver River Airport
CA-0042Beaverdell Airport
CBA8Beaverley Airport
cln4Beaverlodge / Clanachan Field
CEU2Beaverlodge Airport
CA-0444Beaverton Airport
CBN7Beaverton North
CSV3Bécancour Heliport
CHS3Beck Farm Airport
CBB4Beddis Beach Helipad
CAB3YBWBedwell Harbour Seaplane Base
CJH7Beechy Airport
CFV2Beiseker Airport
CA-0726Belcarra (Jug Island Trail) Heliport
CCV4Bell Island Airport
CBBCZELBella Bella (Campbell Island) Airport
CAW8YSXBella Bella/Shearwater Seaplane Base
CAR9Bella Bella/Waglisla Seaplane Base
CYBDQBCBella Coola Airport
CA-0540Bella Coola Water Aerodrome
CA-0469Belle River Field
CA-0044Belledune Airport
CBV5Belleville (QHC) Heliport
CNU4Belleville Aerodrome
CBF2Belwood (Baird Field)
CEF2Belwood (Ellen Field)
CBW6Belwood (Wright Field)
CBH7Benalto/Hillmans Farm Airport
CA-0045Bennett Field Airport
CYBVYBVBerens River Airport
CA-0046Berland Airport
CA-0047Bernard Harbour Airport
CA-0048Bethany Airport
CAF6YIGBig Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0049Big Creek Airport
CA-0690Big Harbour Aerodrome
CJS6Big Hook Wilderness Camp Seaplane Base
CKX8Big River Airport
CJQ9Big Sand Lake Airport
CYTLYTLBig Trout Lake Airport
CJF8Biggar Airport
CYTZYTZBilly Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport
CJD3Birch Hills Airport
CFM2Birch Mountain Airport
CA-0050Bird Airport
CJP7Bird River (Lac Du Bonnet) Airport
CJX6Bird River Seaplane Base
CGB2Bishell's Airport
CA-0051Bison Airport
CJY6Bissett Seaplane Base
CFD9Bjorgum Farm Airport
CFL3Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport
GIGBlack Diamond/Flying R Ranch Airport
CPK8Black Donald Lake Seaplane Base
CJZ6Black Lake Seaplane Base
CCE4YBIBlack Tickle Airport
CBM2Blackstock / Martyn
CBS9Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Health Centre) Heliport
CEK4Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport
CA-0620Blenheim Airport
CAG6Blind Channel Seaplane Base
CA-0053YYSBlissville Airport
CZTAYDVBloodvein River Airport
CA-0054Blow River Airport
XBBXBBBlubber Bay Seaplane Base
CYCPBlue River Airport
CSM6Blue Sea Lake Seaplane Base
CBS2Blue Sky Airport
CWZMBoat Bluff Lighthouse Helipad
CBW4YBOBob Quinn Lake Airport
CLH5Bobcaygeon / Chesher Lakehurst
CA-0556Boffa Lake Water Aerodrome
CSA4Boisvert & Fils Seaplane Base
CNB2Bolton Heliport
CA-0699Bolton Lake Lodge Airstrip
CYVBYVBBonaventure Airport
CA-0055Bonavista Airport
CA-0660Bonilla Island Lightstation Helipad
CYXIYXIBonnechere Airport
CYBFYBYBonnyville Airport
CBN2Bonnyville Health Care Centre Helipad
CA-0056Borden Airport
CA-0753Border Beacon Airstrip
CA-0057Boston Bar Airport
CCJ3Boston Brook Airport
CDT5Bouctouche Airport
CZBBYDTBoundary Bay Airport
CGF4Boundary Hospital Heliport)
CRG3Bouthillier Airport
CEF3Bow Island Airport
CA-0643Bowden Airport
CPL7Bowmanville (Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CA-0674Bowron Lake Airport
CHJ4Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CFM7Boyle Airport
CEA8Brabant Lodge Water Aerodrome
CPL2Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CA-0598Bracebridge (Stone Wall Farm) Airport
CTA6Bracebridge (Tinks) Airport
CWB2Bracebridge West Airfield
CPM7Bradford Airport
CEK2Braeburn Airport
CPC4Brampton (National D) Heliport
CPM2Brampton (National P) Heliport
CNC3Brampton-Caledon Airport
CYBRYBRBrandon Municipal Airport
CEX9Brant (Dixon Farm) Airport
CYFDBrantford Municipal Airport
CA-0058Bray Island Airport
CA-0059Brazeau Airport
CA-0684Brechin / Ronan Airfield
CA-0683Brechin / Ronan Waterdrome
CA-0682Brechin / Skywagon City Airfield
CA-0060Bredenbury Airport
CA-0125Bremner Airport
CDT6Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport
CDY6Bridgewater / Dayspring Airpark
CA-0443Brier Island Airstrip
CBS7Briercrest South Airport
CDA6Bristol Airport
CA-0061Bristol Field Airport
CYBTYBTBrochet Airport
CPH8Brockville (Medical) Heliport
CNL3XBRBrockville - Thousand Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport
CCX3Brockway Airport
CZBMZBMBromont (Roland Desourdy) Airport
CAB5YBMBronson Creek Airport
CFV8Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport
CYBPBrooks Regional Airport
CA-0461Brougham High Perspective Hang Glider Port
CPF4Bruce McPhail Memorial Airport
CBM3Bruce Mines / Kerr Field
CPD4Brussels (Armstrong Field) Airport
CA-0482Brussels / Hemingway Field
CA-0678Brussels/Van Keulen Field
CKS6Bryant Airport
CA-0063Buchans Airport
CBL2Buck Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0064Buckingham Airport
CA-0065Budworm City Airport
CA-0066Buffalo Creek Airport
cbn3Buffalo Narrows (Fire Centre) Heliport
CYVTYVTBuffalo Narrows Airport
CJC9Buffalo Narrows Heliport
CJB7Buffalo Narrows Seaplane Base
YBHYBHBull Harbour Water Aerodrome
CJC7Burditt Lake Seaplane Base
CBC9Burgeo (Calder Health Care Corp) Heliport
CZBABurlington Executive
CA-0396Burnaby (Terminal) Heliport
CA-0473Burnaby Field
CLD3Burns Lake (LD Air) Water Aerodrome
CYPZYPZBurns Lake Airport
CA-0751Burnt Point Lighthouse Helipad
CA-0067Burrage Creek Airport
CA-0068Burtch Airport
CYDBYDBBurwash Airport
CYKZYKZButtonville Municipal Airport
CA-0070Byron Bay Airport
CYOYC J.H.L.(Joe) Lecomte) Heliport
CA-0072Cabin Airport
CA-0071Cabin Creek Airport
CCA3Cable Head Airpark
CJJ5Cabri Airport
CAZ5YZACache Creek-Ashcroft Regional Airport
CEJ5Cadotte Airport
CNC6Caledonia/Grand River Seaplane Base
CA-0522Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport
CAC6Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital) Heliport
CEP2Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport
CA-0073Calgary (Children's Hospital) Heliport
CEL2Calgary (City / Bow River) Heliport
CEL9Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport
CFP3Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport
CLC3Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport
CEM2Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport
CFQ2Calgary (Westport) Heliport
CBC6Calgary / Blue-Con Heliport
CRS3Calgary / Christiansen Field
CRF4Calgary / Okotoks (Rowland Field)
CFX2Calgary / Okotoks Air Park
CYBWCalgary / Springbank Airport
CA-0633Calgary Broadcast House Helipad
CYYCYYCCalgary International Airport
CA-0590Calgary/South Health Campus Hospital Helipad
CA-0589CalgaryOkotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport
CFK4Calling Lake Airport
CA-0559Calling Lake Water Aerodrome
CWL3Calmar/Wizard Lake Airport
CMB3Cambridge (Puslinch Lake) Seaplane Base
CPE4Cambridge / Reid's Field
CYCBYCBCambridge Bay Airport
CJD7Cambridge Bay Seaplane Base
CVL3Camden East / Varty Lake Airport
CCE6Camden East Airstrip
CA-0551Cameron Bay Water Aerodrome
CAK6Camp Cordero Seaplane Base
CAT6Campbell River (Campbell River & District General Hospital) Heliport
CCR6Campbell River (E & B Heli) Heliport
CBB2Campbell River (West Coast) Heliport
CYBLYBLCampbell River Airport
CAE3YHHCampbell River Seaplane Base
CA-0074Campbellford Airport
CCRHCampbellton (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CA-0693Campbellton Water Aerodrome
US-0242Campbellville (Bellshill Airpark)
CMR6Camrose / St Mary's Hospital Heliport
CEQ3Camrose Airport
CJP6Camsell Portage Airport
CA-0724Canadian Coast Guard Base Sea Island Heliport
CMH6Canadian Mountain Holidays Heliport
CDV4Canadian Skydive Centre Airport
CA-0769Canal Flats Airport
CCL2Candle Lake Airpark
CCP6Caniapiscau Airport
CA-0591Canmore Hospital Helipad
CEW9Canmore Municipal Heliport
CNK7Canmore/Nakoda Heliport
CJR7Canora Airport
CCE5Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CTN7Canton Aerodrome
CA-0076Cape Christian Airport
CYTEYTECape Dorset Airport
CA-0672Cape Dorset Water Aerodrome
CA-0077Cape Dyer Airport
CA-0754Cape Harrison Airstrip
CA-0078Cape Hooper Airport
CA-0079Cape Jones Airport
CA-0080Cape Parry Airport
CA-0621Cape Scott Lightstation Helipad
CA-0081Cape Young Airport
CCH7Capitale Hélicoptère Heliport
CA-0082Carberry Airport
CFA4Carcross Airport
CEB7Carcross Seaplane Base
CRB7Cardinal Aviation Seaplane Base
CPL8Cardinal Couriers Heliport
CEA6Cardston Airport
CNX3Carey Lake Airport
CJF2Carignan/Rivière L’Acadie Water Aerodrome
CPN7Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNR6Carleton Place Airport
CA-0567Carlstads Airstrip
CJQ3Carlyle Airport
CEX4Carmacks Airport
CJS7Carman (South) Airport
CA-0339Carmanah Point Lighthouse Heliport
CA-0564Carnie Airfield
ccn3Caroline Airfield
CA-0083Carrot River Airport
CYCVYCVCartierville Airport
CYCAYRFCartwright Airport
CA-0694Cartwright Water Aerodrome
CTY3Cascades Seaplane Base
CA-0084Casey Airport
CA-0085Casino Airport
CCT3Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre) Heliport
CYCGYCGCastlegar/West Kootenay Regional Airport
CCR7Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport
CER2Castor Airport
CYACYACCat Lake Airport
CA-0695Catalina Harbour Water Aerodrome
CTF3Causapscal Airport
CA-0086Cavendish Airport
CAJ7Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport
CCG5Cayuga Airport
CAF2Cayuga East Airport
CJC4Central Butte Airport
CES5Centralia (Essery Field) Airport
CYCEYCECentralia / James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome
CDL8Centredale Airport
CA-0747CFB Esquimalt - Colwood Heliport
CYCXCFB Gagetown Heliport
CTT2Chambly Airport
CYMTYMTChapais Airport
CYLDYLDChapleau Airport
CNL5Chapleau Seaplane Base
CEZ2Chapman Lake Airport
CYMLYMLCharlevoix Airport
CYCLYCLCharlo Airport
CJP9Charlot River Airport
CA-0087Charlotte Lake Airport
CDV3Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport
CYYGYYGCharlottetown Airport
CCH4Charlottetown Airport
CA-0696Charlottetown Water Aerodrome
CPG8Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport
CYCKXCMChatham Kent Airport
CWFMChatham Point Light Station Helipad
CFQ4TILCheadle Airport
CYCSYCSChesterfield Inlet Airport
CFX8Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport
CYCQYCQChetwynd Airport
CYHRYHRChevery Airport
CSE2Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CSB4Chibougamau Heliport
CSZ7Chibougamau/Lac Caché Water Aerodrome
CHQ2Chicoutimi (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CCS7Chicoutimi Central Hospital Helipad
CYRCChicoutimi St Honoré Airport
CAG3CJHChilko Lake (Tsylos Park Lodge) Airport
CA-0089Chilko Lake (Wilderness Ranch) Airport
CYCWYCWChilliwack Airport
CED2Chinchaga Airport
CEG5Chipewyan Lake Airport
CCS4Chipman Airport
CFU3Chipman Airport
CA-0090Chipmunk Airport
CSU2YKUChisasibi Airport
CYZRYZRChris Hadfield Airport
CFF2Christina Basin Airport
CCL3Christina Lake Airport
CA-0612Chrome Island Lightstation Helipad
CA-0360Chucker Farm Airport
CA-0091Chunamon Airport
CHL3Church Lake Seaplane Base
CKV6Churchbridge Airport
CYYQYYQChurchill Airport
CA-0092Churchill Falls Airport
CZUMZUMChurchill Falls Airport
CA-0697Churchill Falls Water Aerodrome
CJJ7Churchill Seaplane Base
CTM3YWQChute-Des-Passes/Lac Margane Seaplane Base
CCP3Chute-St-Philippe Airport
CJW7Cigar Lake Airport
CA-0187Citadelle de Québec Heliport
CA-0532Clapp Farm Airfield
CA-0531Clapp Farm Heliport
CFX5Clarence and Abel Swallow Airport
CA-0554Clarence Lagoon Water Aerodrome
CCZ3Clarenville Airport
CFV7Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport
CEJ4Claresholm Industrial Airport
CA-0093Clearwater Airport
CDJ4Clearwater Airport
CFS8Clearwater River Airport
CA-0094Clifton Point Airport
CCR5Cline River Heliport
CBR4Clinton / Bleibler Ranch
CA-0095YLMClinton Creek Airport
CA-0096Clinton Point Airport
CST6Clova/Lac Duchamp Seaplane Base
CJS3XCLCluff Lake Airport
CYCYYCYClyde River Airport
CA-0575Clyde River Water Aerodrome
CA-0496CNRL Strip
CAQ3Coal Harbour Seaplane Base
CA-0097Coal Valley Airport
CNB4Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Heliport
CYCNYCNCochrane Airport
CNN5Cochrane Seaplane Base
CEH9Colchester Health Centre Heliport
CEN5Cold Lake Regional Airport
CA-0471Colinville Field
CPP2Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport
CCW2Collingwood (Wilsons)
CNY3Collingwood Airport
CYKCYKCCollins Bay Airport
CMW4Collins Field
CFY8Colomac Airport
CA-0680Colonsay Airport
CEB3Colville Lake Airport
CED7Colville Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0502Combermere / Bonnie Brae Airfield
CA-0098Comet Airport
CBV8Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital) Heliport
CCX6Comox Seaplane Base
CYQQYQQComox Valley Airport / CFB Comox
CJL7Confederation Lake Seaplane Base
CET2CFMConklin (Leismer) Airport
CER5Conklin Airport
CCN4Conn Field
CCR8Conne River Seaplane Base
CFG3Consort Airport
CCS2Consort Health Centre Helipad
CNQ5Constance Lake Seaplane Base
CCT2Cookstown Airport
CYZSYZSCoral Harbour Airport
CJN5Corman Air Park
CRM4Cormier Airport
CA-0099Cormorant Lake Airport
CPS6Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport
CYCCYCCCornwall Regional Airport
CRH2Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport
CYCTYCTCoronation Airport
YCFYCFCortes Bay Water Aerodrome
CCI9Cortes Island (Hansen Airfield) Airport
CBL7Cortes Island Heliport
CRB2Cottam Airport
CKV9Country Gardens B&B Heliport
CCS6Courtenay (Smit Field) Airport
CAH3YCACourtenay Airpark
CBG9Courtenay Airpark Seaplane Base
CA-0452Courtland / Tillsonburg Flying Club Field
CA-0665Coutts Airport
CA-0100Covey Hill Airport
CDH4Cowichan District Hospital Heliport
CYYMYYMCowley Airport
CA-0101Cowpar Airport
CJC2Craik Airport
CAE2Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYXCYXCCranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport
CA-0103Crater Airport
CA-0102Crater Airport
CA-0104Crawfish Lake Airport
CAR2Crawford Bay Airport
CKS8Cree Lake (Crystal Lodge) Airport
CA-0550Cree Lake (Crystal Lodge) Water Aerodrome
CA-0105Cree Lake Airport
CCR9Creemore Airport
CAJ3CFQCreston Valley Regional Airport - Art Sutcliffe Field
CA-0106Crooked Lake Airport
CYCRYCRCross Lake (Charlie Sinclair Memorial) Airport
CA-0509Cruikshank Air Field
CA-0029Crystal Lake Airport
CEH2Cu Nim Airport
CKS3Cudworth Airport
CJD2Cudworth Municipal Airport
CA-0107Cullaton Lake Airport
CA-0108Culloden Airport
CJT4Cumberland House Airport
CA-0722Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre Heliport
CJT7Cushing Lake Seaplane Base
CKU4Cut Knife Airport
CA-0109Cypre River Airport
CA-0500D.C. Heliport
CA-0739Dale Air Services Airport
CYDNYDNDauphin Barker Airport
CA-0698Dauphinee (Mill) Lake Water Aerodrome
CJC3Davidson Municipal Airport
CKW6Davin Lake Airport
CA-0111Davis Inlet Airport
CYDAYDADawson City Airport
CEG7Dawson City Seaplane Base
CDC3Dawson Creek (Flying L Ranch) Airport
CYDQYDQDawson Creek Airport
CBD3Dawson Creek Seaplane Base
CDL3Daysland Health Centre Heliport
CA-0485De Lesseps Field
CKF9De Lesseps Lake Airport
CEH4De Winton South Calgary Airport
YRDYRDDean River Airport
CYDLYDLDease Lake Airport
CA-0546Dease Lake Seaplane Base
CKH3Debden Airport
CCQ3Debert Airport
CFG4Debolt Airport
CA-0112YGYDeception Airport
CYDFYDFDeer Lake Airport
CYVZYVZDeer Lake Airport
CJA8Deer Lake Seaplane Base
CJZ7Deer Lake/Keyamawun Seaplane Base
CDH1Deerhurst Resort Airport
CEQ4Del Bonita / Whetstone International Airport
CDH6Delhi Airport
CYWJYWJDéline Airport
CEN7Deliné Seaplane Base
CJJ4Deloraine Airport
CBD2Delta (North) Heliport
CSE7Delta (SEI) Heliport
CAK3Delta Heritage Air Park
CYJQDenny Island Airport
CPD7Devon Camp Airport
CA-0113Dewar Lakes Airport
CDK2DVKDiavik Airport
CA-0595Didsbury/Minty Field
CDG2Digby (General Hospital) Heliport
CYIDYDGDigby / Annapolis Regional Airport
CA-0602Digby Water Aerodrome
CKX5Dinsmore Airport
CA-0114Discovery Airport
CA-0647Discovery Island Lightstation Helipad
CA-0427Disley Airport
CA-0605Disraeli Inlet Water Aerodrome
CDU6Doaktown Airport
CDL6Doctor's Lake West Water Aerodrome
CDL5Doctor’s Lake East Water Aerodrome
CA-0016Dog Creek Airport
CFX3Doig Airport
CYDOYDODolbeau St Felicien Airport
CA-0501Don's Airstrip
CTP9YAUDonaldson Airport
CFM4YOEDonnelly Airport
CJE2Dore Lake Airport
CDL7JOJDoris Lake
CNK5Dorset/Kawagama Lake (Old Mill Marina) Seaplane Base
CDK3Dorset/Kawagama Lake (South) Seaplane Base
CDC5Dougall Campbell Field
CAL3DGFDouglas Lake Airport
CA-0116Douglastown Airport
CA-0492Douro Airfield
CDV2Downs Gulch Airport
CYZDDownsview Airport
CA-0118Drake Point Airport
CA-0117Drake Point Airport
CFV9Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport
CER3YDCDrayton Valley Industrial Airport
CA-0119Driftwood Airport
CDH2Drumheller (Health Centre) Heliport
CEG4Drumheller Municipal Airport
CSC3Drummondville Airport
CSA7Drummondville Seaplane Base
CKV3Dryden Best Western Heliport
CYHDYHDDryden Regional Airport
CJD8Dryden Seaplane Base
CTG3Du Rocher-Percé (Pabok) Airport
CA-0760Dubreuilville Airport
CA-0475Dugan Lake Air Strip
CAM3DUQDuncan Airport
CTF4Dundalk (Tripp Field)
CPA9Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CDU9Dunnville Airport
CA-0392Dunphy Airport
CPD3Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNH3Durham (Mulock) Airport
CDT7Dutton Airport
CNF8Dwight Airport
CKX3Eagle River Airport
CA-0122Eaglenest Airport
CGL4Eaglesham (South) Airport
CA-0123Eaglesham Airport
CYMYEar Falls Airport
CJE8Ear Falls Seaplane Base
CA-0765Earls Cove Seaplane Base
CYXRYXREarlton (Timiskaming Regional) Airport
CSG2East Angus Heliport
CA-0237East Barriere Lake
CCY4East Gore Eco Airpark
CEL3East Linton (Kerr Field)
CA-0124East Templeton Airport
CKK5Eastend Airport
CKM6Easterville Airport
CA-0265Eastmain Mine Airstrip
CZEMZEMEastmain River Airport
CJG2Eatonia (Elvie Smith) Municipal Airport
CBJ4Echo Valley Airport
CJU7Edam Airport
CBU2Eddontenajon / Iskut Village Airport
CNV8Edenvale Aerodrome
CYEDEdmonton (CFB Namao) Heliport
CEP8Edmonton (Eastport) Heliport
CES8Edmonton (Grey Nuns Community Hospital) Heliport
CFH7Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport
CMF2Edmonton / Calmar (Maplelane Farm)
CEZ3Edmonton / Cooking Lake Airport
CFQ7Edmonton / Gartner Airport
CFB6Edmonton / Josephburg Airport
CSG6Edmonton / Kelsonae Heliport
CGF2Edmonton / Lechelt Field
CLD2Edmonton / Leduc Heliport
CMC2Edmonton / Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport
CA-0441Edmonton / St. Albert
CES3Edmonton / St. Albert (Delta Helicopters) Heliport
CSA3Edmonton / Sturgeon Community Hospital Heliport
CEE6Edmonton / Twin Island Airpark
CEW7Edmonton / University of Alberta (Stollery Children's Hospital Mahi) Heliport
CRF3Edmonton / Villeneuve (Rose Field)
CZVLEdmonton / Villeneuve Airport
CYXDYXDEdmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport
CYEGYEGEdmonton International Airport
CBY2Edmonton/Bailey Heliport
CEE7Edmonton/Cooking Lake Seaplane Base
CCF6Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field)
CMN6Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field)
CCY5Edmundston (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYESEdmundston Airport
CA-0127Edmunston (Fraser Papers Inc) Heliport
CEV2Edra Airport
CYETYETEdson Airport
CRE2Edzo Airport
CA-0580Egg Island Lightstation Helipad
CA-0763Egmont Waterdrome
CYOAYOAEkati Airport
CA-0428Elbow Airstrip
CA-0586Elephant Enterprises Inc. Heliport
CA-0481Elizabethville Airstrip
CKZ3Elk Island Airport
CPE3Elk Lake Airport
CNV5Elk Lake Seaplane Base
CEJ6Elk Point Airport
CEP7Elk Point Health Care Centre Heliport
CA-0770Elkford Health Centre Heliport
CBL9Elkin Creek Guest Ranch Airport
CBE2Elko Airport
CYELYELElliot Lake Municipal Airport
CPS2Elmhirst's Resort Airport
CPG4Elmira (East) Airport
CNT6Elmira Airport
CDF5Elora Airport
CA-0128Eltrut Airport
CFN4Embarras Airport
CYEAEmpress Airport
CFL2Empress McNeill Spectra Energy Airport
CNA4Emsdale Airport
CDF3Englehart (Dave's Field)
CNS3Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport
CWJCEnnadai Lake Airport
CKQ6Erickson Municipal Airport
CA-0129Esker Lake Airport
CA-0130Espanola (East) Airport
CA-0131Espanola (West) Airport
CNE9Essex Airport
CEB8Essex/Billing Airstrip
CJK4Esterhazy Airport
CKK4Estevan (South) Airport
CYENYENEstevan Airport
CJR4Eston Airport
CPD2Ethel Airport
CA-0645Ethelda Bay Coast Guard Heliport
CA-0634Ethelda Bay Water Aerodrome
CYEUYEUEureka Airport
CEH8Évasion Hélicoptère Heliport
CA-0608Evergreen Acres Airport
CSX7Exeter Airport
CCP2Exploits Valley Botwood Airport
CYCZYCZFairmont Hot Springs Airport
CEB5ZFWFairview Airport
CFR3Fall River Water Aerodrome
CSN7Farnham Airport
CZFAZFAFaro Airport
CFC9Faro/Johnson Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0508Farrow's Field
CA-0708Fawcettville Airfield
CFG8Fenelon Falls/Sturgeon Lake Seaplane Base
CPB2Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport
CPY9Fergus (Holyoake Airfield)
CPG7Fergus (Juergensen Field) Airport
CPR9Fergus (Royland Field)
CVF2Fergus (Vodarek Field)
CJH4Ferland Airport
CA-0758Ferme-Neuve Seaplane Base
CSD5Fermont Heliport
CBP3Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital) Heliport
CKN5Fillmore Airport
CA-0132Finbow Airport
CDH3Finlay Air Park
CAK8Finlay Bay Seaplane Base
CFT3Finlayson Lake Airport
CKX4Fisher Branch Airport
CEJ7Fitzgerald Water Aerodrome
CNY5Five Mile Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0606Flagg Cove Water Aerodrome
CA-0525Flamboro Centre Airport
CA-0576Flame Lake Water Aerodrome
CFL4Flesherton (Smithorrs Field)
CYFOYFOFlin Flon Airport
CJK8Flin Flon/Channing Seaplane Base
CCR3Florenceville Airport
CA-0133Foggy Tower Airport
CDY3Fogo Airport
CZFDZFDFond-Du-Lac Airport
CTU2YFGFontanges Airport
CFK3Fontas Airport
CFB8Foot's Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0587Foothills Hospital McCaig Tower Helipad
CBC2Ford Bay Airport
CEL7Ford Bay Seaplane Base
CPH9Fordwich Airport
CFD4Foremost Airport
CYFEYFEForestville Airport
CYFAYFAFort Albany Airport
CYPYYPYFort Chipewyan Airport
CA-0644Fort Coulonge Water Aerodrome
CPG3Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada) Heliport
CNJ3Fort Erie Airport
CYAGYAGFort Frances Municipal Airport
CJM8Fort Frances Seaplane Base
CA-0121Fort Franklin Airport
CA-0134Fort George Airport
CYGHYGHFort Good Hope Airport
CA-0597Fort Good Hope Water Aerodrome
CBW3Fort Grahame Airport
CAU9Fort Grahame Seaplane Base
CYFHYFHFort Hope Airport
CBQ2Fort Langley Airport
CAS4Fort Langley Seaplane Base
CYJFYJFFort Liard Airport
CFG6YFIFort Mackay / Firebag
CYNRHZPFort Mackay / Horizon Airport
CAL4JHLFort MacKay/Albian Aerodrome
CFM8Fort Macleod (Alcock Farm) Airport
CFM9Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport
CEY3Fort Macleod Airport
CLG7Fort McMurray / Legend Airfield
CER4NMLFort McMurray / Mildred Lake Airport
CNL2Fort McMurray / North Liege Airfield
cls3Fort McMurray / South Liege Airfield
CYMMYMMFort McMurray Airport
CA-0135Fort McMurray Heliport
CES7Fort McMurray Seaplane Base
CZFMZFMFort Mcpherson Airport
CA-0136Fort Nelson (Forestry) Heliport
CFN8Fort Nelson (Guardian) Heliport
CFN2Fort Nelson (Mile 301) Heliport
CER9Fort Nelson (Parker Lake) Seaplane Base
CYYEYYEFort Nelson Airport
CYJPFort Providence Airport
CA-0557Fort Providence Water Aerodrome
CJN8YFLFort Reliance Seaplane Base
CYFRYFRFort Resolution Airport
CA-0553Fort Resolution Water Aerodrome
CSV4Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Heliport
CFS3Fort Selkirk Airport
CYERYERFort Severn Airport
CFS2Fort Simpson (Great Slave No. 1) Heliport
CFD8Fort Simpson (Great Slave No. 2) Heliport
CYFSYFSFort Simpson Airport
CET4Fort Simpson Island Airport
CEZ7Fort Simpson Island Seaplane Base
CEC5Fort Smith (District) Heliport
CA-0731Fort Smith (Four Mile Lake) Water Aerodrome
CYSMYSMFort Smith Airport
CA-0555Fort Smith Water Aerodrome
CYJMFort St James Airport
CYXJYXJFort St John Airport
CAZ6Fort St. James/Stuart River Seaplane Base
CEY7Fort St. John (Charlie Lake) Seaplane Base
CFJ7Fort St. John (Hospital) Heliport
CEZ4Fort Vermilion Airport
CA-0625Fort Vermilion Water Aerodrome
CAJ9Fort Ware Airport
CAW6Fort Ware Seaplane Base
CED4Fox Creek Airport
CFH4Fox Harbour Airport
CEC3Fox Lake Airport
CFP2Fox Point Seaplane Base
CA-0493Foxden Farms
CSG7François Desourdy Heliport
CFB2Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport
CBZ9Fraser Lake Airport
CBJ8Fraser Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0139Fredericton (Forestry Centre) Heliport
CRC2Fredericton (RCMP) Heliport
CYFCYFCFredericton Airport
CJB2Friendship Field
CJM5Frontier Airport
CFH2Frontline Helicopters Heliport
CA-0140Gagnon Airport
CGK2GHKGahcho Kue
CKY6Gainsborough Airport
CA-0447Gamble Field
CNN8Gananoque Airport
CGN1Gananoque Seaplane Base
CGH2Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre) Heliport
CYQXYQXGander International Airport
CAY2Gang Ranch Airport
CAL7Ganges (Lady Minto / Gulf Islands Hospital) Heliport
CAX6YGGGanges Seaplane Base
CFU4Garden River Airport
CYGPYGPGaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport
CGR3George Lake Aerodrome
CNZ6Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital) Heliport
CPJ4Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport
CYGQYGQGeraldton Greenstone Regional Airport
CA-0675Geraldton Water Aerodrome
CNE6Geraldton/Hutchison Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0141Germansen Landing Airport
CA-0142Gift Lake Airport
CJH2Gilbert Plains Airport
CAA7Gilford Island/Echo Bay Seaplane Base
CAD7Gilford Island/Health Bay Seaplane Base
CYGXYGXGillam Airport
CJP8Gillam Seaplane Base
CYGMYGMGimli Industrial Park Airport
CYHKYHKGjoa Haven Airport
CA-0143Gladman Point Airport
CA-0144Gladstone (Costella Field) Airport
CJR5Gladstone Airport
CJE5Glaslyn Airport
CJJ2Glenboro Airport
CFP5Glendon Airport
CA-0145Glendon Airport
CYGDGoderich Airport
CJB6Gods Lake Airport
CYGOYGOGods Lake Narrows Airport
CJS8Gods Lake Narrows Seaplane Base
CZGIZGIGods River Airport
CA-0679Gogama Airport
CA-0146Gold Creek Airport
CGR2Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport
CA-0147Gold River Airport
CAU6Gold River Seaplane Base
CGN2Golden (Canadian Helicopters) Heliport
CBT5Golden (Golden & District General Hospital) Heliport
CYGEGolden Airport
CNN7Gooderham/Pencil Lake Seaplane Base
CKF4Goodsoil Airport
CCB5Goose (Otter Creek) Seaplane Base
CYYRYYRGoose Bay Airport
CGS2Goose Lake Aerodrome
CA-0148Goose River Airport
CBL3Gordon Field
CFW2Gordon Lake Airport
CYZEYZEGore Bay Manitoulin Airport
CA-0149Gore's Landing Airport
YGEYGEGorge Harbour Seaplane Base
CA-0571Gosling Lake Water Aerodrome
CA-0565Gowganda/Gowganda Lake Seaplane Base
CPL4Grand Bend Airport
CGE2Grand Etang Pubnico Water Aerodrome
CCK3Grand Falls Airport
CFW8Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport
CZGFZGFGrand Forks Airport
CCN2Grand Manan Airport
CJV8Grand Rapids Airport
CCA9Grand River Airport
cgv5Grand Valley (Black Field)
CGV4Grand Valley (Madill Field)
CGV2Grand Valley / Luther Field
CA-0150Grand Valley Airport
CGV3Grand Valley North
CGV6Grand Valley/Martin Field
CFA5Grande Airport
CEQ5YGCGrande Cache Airport
CEZ9Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport
CYQUYQUGrande Prairie Airport
CTH3Grandes-Bergeronnes Airport
CND6Granitehill Lake Seaplane Base
CSX5Grant Airport
CA-0151Grant Point Airport
CJM4Gravelbourg Airport
CYN6Gravenhurst/Muskoka Bay Seaplane Base
CFF4DASGreat Bear Lake Airport
CES9Great Bear Lake Seaplane Base
CYQMYQMGreater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport
CNG8Greater Niagara General Hospital Heliport
CA-0581Green Island Lightstation Helipad
CBG2Green Lake Airport
CBY6Green Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0632Green Lake Water Aerodrome
CNP8Greenbank Airport
CGB3Greenbush Airport
YGNYGNGreenway Sound Seaplane Base
CKU6Grenfell Airport
CA-0561Griffith Island
CNZ8Grimsby Airpark
CFD5Grimshaw Airport
CYGZYGZGrise Fiord Airport
CFY2Grist Lake Airport
CNC4Guelph Airport
CGF3Guliker Field
CJK5Gull Lake Airport
CA-0152Gun Lake Airport
CGL5Gun Lake Heliport
CJK2Gunisao Lake Airport
CJW8Gunisao Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0569Gunnar Airport
CGN3Gunnlaugson Airport
CJC6Hafford Airport
CPA6Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0153Hagersville Airport (No. 16 SFTS)
CYHTYHTHaines Junction Airport
CFE8Haines Junction/Pine Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0764Halfmoon Bay Seaplane Base
CNF2Haliburton (Hospital) Heliport
CNF6Haliburton Seaplane Base
CIW2Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport
CHQEHalifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre) Heliport
CA-0154Halifax (South Battery) Heliport
CDY2Halifax (South Battery) Heliport
CHS7Halifax (South End) Heliport
CYP2Halifax (Windsor Park) Heliport
CYAWHalifax / CFB Shearwater Heliport
CYHZYHZHalifax / Stanfield International Airport
CYUXYUXHall Beach Airport
CA-0530Hallowell Mills Cove Seaplane Base
CFM5Hamburg Airport
CPJ3Hamilton (Chedoke-McMaster Hospital) Heliport
CPK3Hamilton (General Hospital) Heliport
CHH2Hamilton Harbour Seaplane Base
CWD3Hamilton/Waterdown Heliport
CA-0009Hamlin Airport
CA-0466Hampton / Morawetz Field
CKJ4Hanley Airport
CEL4Hanna Airport
CHD3Hanna District Ambulance Heliport
CNZ7Hanover (District Hospital) Heliport
CYHSHanover / Saugeen Municipal Airport
CBC7Harbour (Public) Heliport
CHG2Harbour Grace Airport
CEA5Hardisty Airport
CHD2Hardisty Health Centre Helipad
CTH5Harrington Harbour Heliport
CAE7Harrison Hot Springs Seaplane Base
CGL2Harrow Airport
CA-0155Hart River Airport
CA-0742Hartley Bay Heliport
CAY4YTBHartley Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0156Hartney Airport
CKT5Hartney Airport
CA-0157Haskett Airport
CA-0517Hastings Field
CJL2YDJHatchet Lake Airport
CJX8Hatchet Lake Seaplane Base
CCS5Havelock Airport
CA-0705Havre Aubert Airport
CTE3Havre St-Pierre Seaplane Base
CYGVYGVHavre-Saint-Pierre Airport
CNH6Hawk Junction Seaplane Base
CPG5Hawkesbury (East) Airport
CPD8Hawkesbury (Windover Field) Airport
CNV4Hawkesbury Airport
CA-0563Hay Island Airstrip
CET5Hay River (District) Heliport
CYHYYHYHay River / Merlyn Carter Airport
CEF8Hay River Seaplane Base
CHC5Hayes Camp Aerodrome
CPV5Head Lake Seaplane Base
CWH7Health Sciences Centre Helipad
CYHFYHFHearst René Fontaine Municipal Airport
CNJ5Hearst/Carey Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0664Heli-Delta Helipad
CHS5Heliport Senneville
CBH2Helmet Airport
CA-0158Henik Lake Airport
CA-0426Herb's Travel Plaza Airstrip
ZHZHZHHHerschel Island Field
CTS6Hespero / Safron Residence Heliport
CFB3Hespero Airport
CHP2Heurisko Pond Water Aerodrome
CKL4Hidden Bay Airport
CYOJYOJHigh Level Airport
CEK7High Level/Footner Lake Seaplane Base
CZHPZHPHigh Prairie Airport
CEN4High River Airport
CHR2High River Hospital Helipad
CNA2Highgate Airport
CHS2Highgate South Airport
CA-0723Highland View Regional Hospital Heliport
CED6Highwood Airport
CA-0160Highwood Livestock Auction Airport
CHL2Hillaton/Kings Aerodrome
CEE4Hinton / Entrance Airport
CA-0713Hinton/Highland Helicopters Heliport
CEC4YJPHinton/Jasper-Hinton Airport
CA-0714Hinton/Yellowhead Helicopters Heliport
CHF3Hnatko Farms Airport
CA-0162Hodgeville Airport
CLA4Holland Landing Airpark
CA-0611Holman Water Aerodrome
CA-0603Homathko River Airport
CJT8Homewood Airport
CDT2Hoopers Lake Seaplane Base
CAV2Hope (Fraser Canyon Hospital) Heliport
CYHEYHEHope Airport
UZMUZMHope Bay Aerodrome
CYHOYHOHopedale Airport
CA-0702Hopewell Airport
CYHNYHNHornepayne Municipal Airport
CNJ6Hornepayne Seaplane Base
CA-0163Hornes Gulch Airport
CA-0164Horton River Airport
CA-0165Hotchkiss Airport
CA-0166House Mountain Airport
CAM5Houston Airport
CA-0167Howick Airport
CYHBYHBHudson Bay Airport
CHB2Hudson Bay Helicopters Heliport
CJA9Hudson Seaplane Base
CYNHYNHHudsons Hope Airport
CJU4Humboldt Airport
CPC9Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) Heliport
CHL6Huntsville (North) Seaplane Base
CNU6Huntsville Seaplane Base
CPY7Huntsville/Bella Lake Seaplane Base
CNL6Hurds Lake Seaplane Base
CYEEHuronia Airport
CHA2Hydravion Aventure Water Aerodrome
CFT5Hyland Airport
CYGTYGTIgloolik Airport
CJN3Ignace Heliport
CZUCZUCIgnace Municipal Airport
CJD9Ignace Seaplane Base
CTA3Île aux Coudres Airport
CSR5Île d'Orléans (Heliport)
CA-0423Île d'Orléans Heliport
CVP2Île Sainte-Hélène Water Airport
CJF3Île-à-la-Crosse Airport
CSH2Île-aux-Grues Airport
CYGRYGRÎles-de-la-Madeleine Airport
CZBDILFIlford Airport
CKU5Imperial Airport
CA-0750Indian Creek Field
CA-0168Indian Head Airport
CA-0169Indian River Airport
CAP6Ingenika Airport
CNR2Innerkip Airport
CEM4Innisfail Airport
CSF2Innisfail Hospital Heliport
CA-0677Intergalactic Aerodrome
CYPHYPHInukjuak Airport
CYEVYEVInuvik Mike Zubko Airport
CA-0170Inuvik Townsite Airport
CEE3Inuvik/Shell Lake Seaplane Base
CIV2Invermere (Hospital) Heliport
CAA8Invermere Airport
CA-0547Invermere Water Aerodrome
CNV2Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport
COS2Iona Station (Bobier Strip)
CYFBYFBIqaluit Airport
CA-0617Iqaluit Water Aerodrome
CFU8Irma Airport
CNP7Iroquois Airport
CNE4Iroquois Falls Airport
CA-0171Isachsen Airport
CYIVYIVIsland Lake Airport
CA-0578Island Marina Water Aerodrome
CA-0619Island Marina Water Aerodrome
CJM2Ituna Airport
CA-0518Ivanhoe Airstrip
CA-0642Ivory Island Lightstation Helipad
CYIKYIKIvujivik Airport
CKM4Jan Lake Airport
CEP5Janvier Airport
CJF4Jaques Farms Airport
CA-0434Jarvis (No.1 Bombing & Gunnery School)
CYJAYJAJasper Airport
CFF3Jean Lake Airport
CET9Jean Marie River Airport
CA-0172Jedney Airport
CA-0173Jellicoe Airport
CA-0174Jenny Lind Island Airport
CZJGZJGJenpeg Airport
CA-0175Johanson Lake Airport
CYHMYHMJohn C. Munro Hamilton International Airport
CFG5John D'Or Prairie Airport
CFL9Johnson Lake Airport
CA-0176Johnson Point Airport
CSG3Joliette Airport
CA-0613Jumping Cairbou Lake Water Aerodrome
CCE3Juniper Airport
CA-0588K. Coffey Residence Helipad
CKN3Kahntah Airport
CKG8Kakabeka Falls Airport
CA-0177Kakwa Airport
CNP5Kamaniskeg Lake Seaplane Base
CAM7Kamloops (BC Hydro) Heliport
CBC4Kamloops (Royal Inland Hospital) Heliport
CYKAYKAKamloops Airport
CAH7Kamloops Seaplane Base
CJN2Kamsack Airport
CFE7Kananaskis Village Helistop
CSJ2Kanawata Aeroparc Airport
CYLUXGRKangiqsualujjuaq (Georges River) Airport
CYKGYWBKangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay) Airport
CYASYKGKangirsuk Airport
CYYUYYUKapuskasing Airport
CPL3Kars / Rideau Valley Air Park
CYAQXKSKasabonika Airport
CJL8YDUKasba Lake Airport
CJP5Kasba Lake Seaplane Base
CKF5Kashabowie/Upper Shebandowan Lake Seaplane Base
CZKEZKEKashechewan Airport
CA-0178Kaskattama Airstrip
CBR2Kaslo Airport
CNF4Kawartha Lakes (Lindsay) Airport
CA-0179Kaybob South Airport
CA-0180Keane Tower Airport
CNQ6Keene/Elmhirst's Resort Seaplane Base
CPV8KEWKeewaywin Airport
CA-0736Keeyask Airstrip
CA-0181Keg River Airport
CA-0182Keg Tower Airport
CTK6ZKGKegaska Airport
CA-0183Keith Bay Airport
CAB7Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport
CWC2Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport
CKH9Kelowna General Hospital Helipad
CYLWYLWKelowna International Airport
CZEEKESKelsey Airport
CA-0184Kelvington (Mennie Field) Airport
CKV2Kelvington Airport
CA-0641Kemano Bay Water Aerodrome
CBZ2Kemano Heliport
CBQ7Kemess Creek Airport
CA-0185Kenakskaniss Airport
CA-0296Kencor Airport
CKS2Kennisis Lake Seaplane Base
CJG6Kenora (Lake of the Woods District Hospital) Heliport
CYQKYQKKenora Airport
CJM9Kenora Seaplane Base
CKM9Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport
CKV8Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport
CJP2Kerrobert Airport
CA-0186Ketza River Airport
CYKJYKJKey Lake Airport
CCB8Kilbride (Bot)
CEK6Killam-Sedgewick Airport
CKY4Killarney (Killarney Mountain Lodge) Seaplane Base
CPT2Killarney Airport
CJS5Killarney Municipal Airport
CA-0188Kilometer 176 Airport
CYLCYLCKimmirut Airport
CA-0189Kimsquit Airport
CA-0190Kincaid Airport
CNK2Kincardine (Ellis Field) Airport
CPU2Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre Hospital) Heliport
CYKMYKDKincardine Municipal Airport
CBA3Kincolith Seaplane Base
CYKYYKYKindersley Airport
CA-0191King Christian Airport
CA-0011King City Airport
CSK8King George Airpark
CA-0161King Ranch Airport
CNM5KIFKingfisher Lake Airport
CPJ7Kingston (General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0312Kingston Airfield
CYGKYGKKingston Norman Rogers Airport
CKD5Kipling Airport
CKF8Kirby Field
CRL4KFMKirby Lake Airport
CKD8Kirkfield / Balsam Lake Airfield
CYKXYKXKirkland Lake Airport
CNK9Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital) Heliport
CBW2Kitimat Airport
CA-0741Kitkatla Heliport
CAP7YKKKitkatla Seaplane Base
CA-0192Kivitoo Airport
CA-0193Klappan River Airport
YKTYKTKlemtu Water Aerodrome
CA-0194Kluakaz Airport
CA-0195Kluatanton Airport
CJT3YKEKnee Lake Airport
CKW8Knee Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0069Knutsford Airstrip
CA-0436Kohler Airstrip
CA-0196Komakuk Beach Airport
CKB3Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Heliport
CA-0197Kotcho Airport
CYBBYBBKugaaruk Airport
CYCOYCOKugluktuk Airport
CYVPYVPKuujjuaq Airport
CA-0685Kuujjuaq Water Aerodrome
CYGWYGWKuujjuarapik Airport
CJB8Kyle Airport
CAR7Kyuquot Seaplane Base
CLA2L'Assomption Airport
CA-0457L'Île d'Entrée Airfield
CFP6La Biche River Airport
CFN5La Crete Airport
CA-0198La Grande Airport
CYGLYGLLa Grande Rivière Airport
CYADYARLa Grande-3 Airport
CYAHYAHLa Grande-4 Airport
CLB6La Grande-4/Lac Bottine Seaplane Base
CJL4La Loche Airport
CJY9La Loche Seaplane Base
CYFJYTMLa Macaza / Mont-Tremblant International Inc Airport
CTT5ZGSLa Romaine Airport
CA-0686La Romaine Water Aerodrome
CYVCYVCLa Ronge Airport
CJX3La Ronge Heliport
CJZ9La Ronge Seaplane Base
CSR8SSQLa Sarre Airport
CSL2La Sarre Heliport
CTU5ZLTLa Tabatière Airport
CYLQYLQLa Tuque Airport
CTH6La Tuque Seaplane Base
CTE5Lac à la Perchaude Airport
CSL3Lac a la Tortue Airport
CSA2Lac Agile (Mascouche) Airport
CTN3Lac Beauregard Seaplane Base
CTS3Lac Berthelot Seaplane Base
CA-0631Lac Boyer Water Aerodrome
CZWHXLBLac Brochet Airport
CJS9Lac Du Bonnet (North) Seaplane Base
CYAXLac Du Bonnet Airport
CSE8Lac Duhamel Seaplane Base
CA-0199Lac Éon Airport
CSC5Lac Etchemin Airport
CTU4YGALac Gagnon Seaplane Base
CCG2Lac Gobeil Water Aerodrome
CSF8Lac Kaiagamac Seaplane Base
CYLBYLBLac La Biche Airport
CJU9Lac La Croix Seaplane Base
CLL3Lac Lamothe Water Aerodrome
CA-0572Lac Mandeville Water Aerodrome
CTP4Lac Pau (Caniapiscau) Seaplane Base
CLP3Lac Polaris (pourvoirie Mirage)
CA-0624Lac Pontbriand Water Aerodrome
CTD3Lac Sébastien Seaplane Base
CSP8Lac Sept-Îles Seaplane Base
CTX2Lac Trévet Seaplane Base
CA-0534Lac William ice runway (seasonal)
CSS7Lac-à-Beauce Seaplane Base
CSU7Lac-à-la-Tortue (Water Aerodrome) Airport
CDE2Lac-Des-Ecorces / Heliport Belle-Ile
CTV2Lac-Des-Écorces Seaplane Base
CSA9Lac-Des-Îles Seaplane Base
CA-0001Lac-des-Loups Airport
CSE4Lachute Airport
CMH3Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters)
CEG3Lacombe Airport
CA-0201YUJLady Franklin Point Airport
CA-0202Laforge-1 Airport
CA-0715Lake Louise Heliport
CMB6Lake Muskoka East (Milford Bay) Seaplane Base
CLM5Lake Muskoka South Seaplane Base
CLM3Lake Muskoka/Alport Bay Seaplane Base
CBB3Lake Muskoka/Boyd Bay Seaplane Base
CNT5Lake Muskoka/Dudley Bay Seaplane Base
CNC7Lake Muskoka/Mortimer'S Point Seaplane Base
CPF9Lake Rosseau/Arthurlie Bay Seaplane Base
CPQ6Lake Rosseau/Cameron Bay Seaplane Base
CLR2Lake Rosseau/John's Bay Seaplane Base
CNP2Lake Rosseau/Windermere Seaplane Base
CA-0203Lambert Creek Tower Airport
CA-0710Lambton Airport
CLM4Lamont Health Care Centre Heliport
CJQ2Lampman Airport
CA-0610Lampman/Spitfire Air Airport
CLA6Lancaster Airpark
CLL2Langille Lake Seaplane Base
CRF2Langley (Russell Farm) Heliport
CYNJYLYLangley Airport
CKC6Lanigan Airport
CYLHYLHLansdowne House Airport
CAT7Lasqueti Island/False Bay Seaplane Base
CLW3Laurel / Whittington
CJC8LRQLaurie River Airport
CA-0740Lax Kw'alaams Heliport
CJD5Leader Airport
CYLRYLRLeaf Rapids Airport
CKA3Leaf Rapids Seaplane Base
CLM2Leamington Airport
CA-0486Leaside Aerodrome
CJH8Leask Airport
CSH4YLSLebel-sur-Quevillon Airport
CPQ4Lefroy Airport
CKJ9Lemberg Airport
CA-0204Lemoray Airport
CTQ4Lennoxville (Airview) Airport
CAH5Leo Creek Airport
CJT9Leoville Airport
CA-0574Les Cèdres Water Aerodrome
CA-0720Les Escoumins Airport
cwp3Leslieville / W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport
CYYZYYZLester B. Pearson International Airport
CMF3Lethbridge (Mercer Field)
CLH4Lethbridge (Regional Hospital) Heliport
cla5Lethbridge / Anderson Field
clj3Lethbridge / J3 Airfield
CYQLYQLLethbridge County Airport
CLW2Lewvan (Farr Strip) Airport
CA-0206Liard Construction Airport
CA-0207Liard River Airport
CLG3Liege / CNRL Airport
CAX5Likely Airport
CBP5Lillooet (CC Helicopters 2011) Heliport
CYLILillooet Airport
CA-0503Linden Airport
CPN5Listowel Airport
CKL6Little Bear Lake Airport
CJN7Little Churchill River / Dunlop's Fly-In Lodge Airport
CNT4Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre) Heliport
CNZ9Little Current Seaplane Base
CZGRZGRLittle Grand Rapids Airport
CA-0628Little Grand Rapids Water Aerodrome
CBK9Little Parker Island Heliport
CA-0208Little Salmon Airport
CA-0442Little's Farm
CLQ2Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport
CYAULiverpool South Shore Regional Airport
CA-0209Livingstone Airport
CYLLYLLLloydminster Airport
CA-0210Lodgepole Airport
CPN8London (Pioneer Airpark)
CPR4London (University Hospital) Heliport
CPW2London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CLC2London / Chapeskie Field
CYXUYXULondon Airport
CA-0487Long Branch Aerodrome
CCX2Long Pond Heliport
CA-0514Long Sault Airstrip
CA-0211Longstaff Bluff Airport
CA-0622Longstaff Bluff Water Aerodrome
CLC4Loon Creek Airfield
CJW3Loon Lake Airport
CFS6Loon River Airport
CA-0520Lorneville Airstrip
CA-0212Lougheed Island Airport
CKZ6Louise Municipal Airport
CSJ4Louiseville Airport
CA-0638Louisville/Cascades Heliport
CYBXYBXLourdes de Blanc Sablon Airport
CA-0656Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon Water Aerodrome
CSE3Lourdes-De-Joliette Airport
CLE4Lower East Pubnico (La Field) Airport
CPS4Lucan Airport
CLK3Lucknow Airpark
CKQ5Lucky Lake Airport
CKH8Lumsden (Colhoun) Airport
CKR5Lumsden (Metz) Airport
CKR4Lundar Airport
CA-0213YWOLupin Airport
CJR2Luseland Airport
CYLKYSGLutselk'e Airport
CEB9Lutselk'e Seaplane Base
YAJYAJLyall Harbour Seaplane Base
CKD3Lynn Lake (Eldon Lake) Seaplane Base
CYYLYYLLynn Lake Airport
CA-0214Lytton Airport
CBF9Mabel Lake Airport
CJU3Macdonald Airport
CA-0215Macfarland Airport
CKF6Macgregor Airport
CA-0596Machmell Airport
CA-0216Mackar Inlet Airport
CYZYMackenzie Airport
CJJ8Macklin Airport
CFC4XMPMacmillan Pass Airport
CPZ7MacTier/Francis Island Seaplane Base
CBW9Madrona Bay Heliport
CA-0217Magda Lake Airport
CA-0218Magundy Airport
CA-0219Mahatta River Airport
CJH3Maidstone Airport
CYFTYMNMakkovik Airport
CA-0652Malartic Airport
CJS2Malcolm Island Airport
CA-0220Mallard Airport
CA-0221Malloch Dome Airport
CA-0200Manic 5 Heliport
CSH8Manicouagan/Lac Louise Seaplane Base
CKG5Manitou Airport
CYEMYEMManitoulin East Municipal Airport
CPU4Manitouwadge (General Hospital) Heliport
CYMGYMGManitouwadge Airport
CPJ9Manitowaning Seaplane Base
CYMWYMWManiwaki Airport
CFX4Manning Airport
CPV4Mansfield Airport
CAV7YMUMansons Landing Seaplane Base
CSK4Mansonville Airport
CA-0010Maple Airport
YAQYAQMaple Bay Seaplane Base
CJQ4Maple Creek Airport
CPX2Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CYSPYSPMarathon Airport
CFF9Marek Farms Airport
CCZ4Margaree Airport
CFV6Margaret Lake Airport
CA-0222Marilla Airport
CMS3Marina le Nautique Water Aerodrome
CA-0533Marina Senneterre
CPD9Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital) Heliport
CSF5Markerville/Safron Farms Airport
CNU8Markham Airport
CPH7Markham Stouffville Heliport
CA-0223Marten Hills Airport
CML5Martin's Landing
CA-0504YMVMary River Aerodrome
CYMHYMHMary's Harbour Airport
CA-0648Mary's Harbour Water Aerodrome
CJQ8Maryfield Aerodrome
CA-0224Maryfield Airport
CZMTZMTMasset Airport
CBN4Masset Seaplane Base
CYNMYNMMatagami Airport
CA-0627Matagami Heliport
CSW8Matagami Seaplane Base
CYMEYMEMatane Airport
CMW3Matawatchan Aerodrome
CJT2Matheson Island Airport
CA-0225Matheson Point Airport
crs7Matoush Airport
CMA2Mattawa Airport
CPT7Mattawa Seaplane Base
CMB7Maxville (Bourdon Farm) Airport
CA-0015Maxville Airport
CMC3Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CEV5Mayerthorpe Airport
CBF5Mayne Island (Medical Emergency) Heliport
CAW7YAVMayne Island Seaplane Base
CYMAYMAMayo Airport
CKQ8McArthur River Airport
CAV4Mcbride Airport
CA-0368McClain Farm Airport
CJR8Mccreary Airport
CA-0399Mcdonald's Farm Airport
CKJ3Mcgavock Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0676McIntosh Lake Water Aerodrome
CMK2McKellar (Manitouwabing) Seaplane Base
CFP4McQuesten Airport
CYLJYLJMeadow Lake Airport
cmb2Meadowbank Airport
CPA7Meaford (General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0226Meander River Airport
CYXHYXHMedicine Hat Airport
CA-0254Mégantic Airport
CNM2Melbourne Airport
CJZ3Melfort Airport
CJT5Melita Airport
CJV9Melville Municipal Airport
CAD5YMBMerritt Airport
CA-0227Mesilinka River Airport
CA-0228Mica Creek Airport
CA-0229Middle Stewiacke Airport
CMS2Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPW6Midland (Huronia District Hospital) Heliport
CBM6Midway Airport
CA-0230Midway Airport
CA-0623Miguasha Airport
CA-0400Mile 100 Airport
CA-0231Mile 102 Dempster Highway Airport
CA-0232Mile 129 Mackenzie Highway Airport
CA-0233Mile 134 Airport
CA-0234Mile 203 Dempster Highway Airport
CA-0756Mile 236 Airstrip
CA-0235Mile 36 Airport
CBK7Mile 422 (Alaska Highway) Airport
CA-0236Mile 80 Airport
CA-0409Milford 'Heliport' (PPR)
CFQ3Milk River (Madge) Airport
CEW5Milk River Airport
CLM6Miller Island Seaplane Base
CRK2Millet/Creekview Airport
CMH2Milton (Afi) Heliport
CPY2Milton (District Hospital) Heliport
CPS5Miminiska Airport
CMA4Miminiska Seaplane Base
CA-0238Minaki Airport
CKP3Minaki/Pistol Lake Seaplane Base
CNW4Mindemoya (Hospital) Heliport
CMI2Minden (Hospital) Heliport
YLPYLPMingan Airport
CML3Mink Lake Water Aerodrome
CJU5Minnedosa Airport
CAX7Minstrel Island Seaplane Base
CA-0239Minto Airport
CMH4Mirabel Hélico Heliport
CA-0420Miramar Con Mines Heliport
CYCHYCHMiramichi Airport
CBU6Mission (Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CBF4Mission (Public Safety) Heliport
CAY7Mission Seaplane Base
CSE6Mistissini Seaplane Base
CA-0303Mobil 1128 Airport
CFV3Mobil Bistcho Airport
CA-0137Mobil Sierra Airport
CA-0240Moh Creek Airport
CKJ8Molson Lake Airport
CCG4Moncton / McEwen Airport
CDB5Moncton / Salisbury Heliport
CYYYYYYMont Joli Airport
CSD4Mont Laurier Airport
CHT3Mont Tremblant/St-Jovite Heli-Tremblant
CMT2Mont-Tremblant (Lac Maskinongé) Seaplane Base
CST9Mont-Tremblant / Lac Ouimet Water Aerodrome
CSZ3Mont-Tremblant / St-Jovite Airport
CHP3Mont-Tremblant/Heliport P3
CA-0450Monte Creek Airstrip
CSB6Montebello Seaplane Base
CSE5Montmagny Airport
CSW5Montréal (Bell) Heliport
CSZ8Montréal (Sacré-Coeur) Heliport
CSP6Montreal / Aéroparc Île Perrot
CA-0491Montréal / Boucherville Water Aerodrome
CSN2Montreal / Kruger Heliport
CLP2Montreal / Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport
CSS3Montreal / Les Cèdres Airport
CSH6Montreal / Les Cèdres Heliport
CCH5Montreal / Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport
CST2Montreal / Marina Venise
CST8Montreal / Marina Venise Seaplane Base
CSK3Montreal / Mascouche Airport
CYULYULMontreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
CPZ6Montreal / Point Zero Helipad
CYHUYHUMontréal / Saint-Hubert Airport
CTG2Montreal / St-Hubert Helicraft
CST3Montreal / St-Lazare Airport
CA-0462Montreal / Vieux Port
CSH9Montréal East (Aim) Heliport
CYMXYMXMontreal International (Mirabel) Airport
CPN3Moose Factory Heliport
CYMJYMJMoose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport
CJS4Moose Jaw Municipal Airport
CA-0205Moose Jaw Westair - Old Airport
CAS2Moose Lake (Lodge) Airport
CBE8Moose Lake (Lodge) Seaplane Base
CA-0241YADMoose Lake Airport
CA-0242Moose Valley Airport
CJB5Moosomin Airport
CYMOYMOMoosonee Airport
CNB7Moosonee Seaplane Base
CJA3Morden Airport
CA-0544Morfee Lakes Water Aerodrome
CNS8Morrisburg Airport
CML4Morrison Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0243Mosque Airport
CA-0244Mossbank Airport
CA-0245YMDMould Bay Airport
CMBHMount Belcher Heliport
CA-0247Mount Flett Airport
CPA2Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Heliport
CA-0521Mount Forest Roths' Field
CA-0748Mount Lady MacDonald Teahouse Helipad
CA-0650Mount Lake Water Aerodrome
CA-0248Mount Nansen Airport
CCE2Mount Pleasant Airport
CA-0749Mount Shark Heliport
CA-0250Mountain River Airport
ZYXWZYAMt Logan Airstrip
CA-0251Muddy Lake Airport
CBS4Mule Creek Airport
CBF8Muncho Lake/Mile 462 Seaplane Base
CA-0252Murdochville Airport
CFW4Muskeg Tower Airport
CA-0253Muskegsagagen Lake Airport
CYQAYQAMuskoka Airport
CZMDMSAMuskrat Dam Airport
CA-0757Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport
CA-0577Mustardville Airport
CBD6Nahanni Butte Airport
CET8Nahanni Butte Seaplane Base
CJR9Naicam Airport
CYDPYDPNain Airport
CYQNYQNNakina Airport
CNE7Nakina Seaplane Base
CAQ5Nakusp Airport
CA-0542Nakusp Water Aerodrome
CA-0126Namao Airport
CA-0255Namew Lake Airport
CNP6Nampa / Hockey
ZNUZNUNamu Water Aerodrome
CFB5Namur Lake Airport
CEP9Namushka Lodge Seaplane Base
CBG5Nanaimo (Regional General Hospital) Heliport
CNH9Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport
CYCDYCDNanaimo Airport
CDH5Nanaimo Harbour Heliport
CAC8ZNANanaimo Harbour Water Airport
CGB4Nanaimo/Gabriola Island (Health Clinic) Heliport
CAT3Nanaimo/Long Lake Seaplane Base
CYSRNanisivik Airport
CA-0733Nanisivik Naval Facility Heliport
CA-0256Nanook Airport
CA-0257Nanton (Green Farms) Airport
CA-0498Napanee Airstrip
CNM6Naramata Heliport
CA-0337Nass Camp Airstrip
CSY8Natashquan (Lac De L'Avion) Seaplane Base
CYNAYNANatashquan Airport
CNH2YNPNatuashish Airport
CYUTYUTNaujaat Airport
CA-0088Navan Bearbrook Airport
CJV5Neepawa Airport
CJV2Neilburg Airport
CYNNNejanilini Lake Airport
CKN8Nekweaga Bay Airport
CHT4Nelson (High Terrain Helicopters) Heliport
CZNLNelson Airport
CAD8Nelson Seaplane Base
CYB3Nelson/Baylock Estate Heliport
CYHHYNSNemiscau Airport
CA-0738Nester One Airstrip
CJA5Nestor Falls Airport
CKT3Nestor Falls Seaplane Base
CKW3Nestor Falls/Sabaskong Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0734Netley Field
CCA2New Germany Seaplane Base
CNV3New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital) Heliport
CPX3New Liskeard Airport
CPE7New Lowell Airport
CTM9New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Heliport
CA-0701New Richmond Airport
CNW9New Westminster (Royal Columbian Hospital) Heliport
CA-0258New Zealand Airport
CA-0506Newburgh - R.S. (Bob) Clapp Memorial Airstrip
CA-0458Newcastle (Morgan's Road) Heliport
CA-0431Newtonville / Steeves Field
CNQ3Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport
CYSNYCMNiagara District Airport
CPQ3Niagara Falls Heliport
CNH4Niagara Health System Heliport
CNF9Niagara South Airport
CA-0549Nicholson Island Private Airstrip
CA-0259Nicholson Peninsula Airport
CSK9Nicolet Heliport
CA-0541Nimpkish Water Aerodrome
CA-0260Nimpo Lake Airport
CAF8Nimpo Lake Seaplane Base
CYBUNipawin Airport
CKU3Nipawin Seaplane Base
CKE9Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CA-0761Nipigon Airport
CA-0261Nipisi Airport
CNX8Nixon Airport
CA-0519No. 4 E.F.T.S. Windsor Mills Airfield
cnl7Nobel / Lumsden Air Park
CNT2Nobel/Sawdust Bay Seaplane Base
CPW3Nobleton Airport
CA-0263Nokomis Airport
CWCVNootka Lightstation Helipad
ceg6Nordegg / Ahlstrom Heliport
CA-0264Nordegg River Airport
CYVQYVQNorman Wells Airport
CEU8Norman Wells Seaplane Base
CYQWYQWNorth Battleford Airport
CYYBYYBNorth Bay Jack Garland Airport
CNB3North Bay Regional Health Centre Helipad
CNH7North Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0548North Cariboo Air Park
CA-0266North Monetville Skypark Airport
CKV4YDWNorth of Sixty Airport
CEG8North Seal River Airport
CKQ3YNONorth Spirit Lake Airport
CA-0755North West River Airstrip
CA-0651Northumberland Health Care Centre Helipap
CYXTYXTNorthwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat
CYNEYNENorway House Airport
CKY3Norway House Seaplane Base
CPY4Norwood Airport
CA-0267Notikewin Airport
CNL9Nueltin Lake Airport
CA-0607O'sullivan Lake Water Aerodrome
CAV9Oak Hammock Air Park
CPE8Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CA-0268Obonga Airport
CKP8Obre Lake/North of Sixty Seaplane Base
CAH2ZOFOcean Falls Seaplane Base
CA-0671Ocean Pond Water Aerodrome
CSL7Odessa / Strawberry Lakes Airstrip
CA-0752Offer Wadham Lighthouse Helipad
CA-0269Ogilvie Airport
CFS4Ogilvie River Airport
CNT3YOGOgoki Post Airport
CJX7Old Arctic Bay Airport
CYOCYOCOld Crow Airport
CFU9Olds (Hospital) Heliport
CFK6Olds (Netook) Airport
CTY4Olds / North 40 Ranch Airstrip
CEA3Olds-Didsbury Airport
CAU3Oliver Airport
CME2Omemee Airport
CAV3One Hundred Mile House Airport
CKM8YBSOpapimiskan Lake Airport
YOIYOIOpinaca Aerodrome
COB4Orangeville / Brundle Field
CPV2Orangeville / Castlewood Field
COL2Orangeville / Laurel Airstrip
CA-0270Orangeville Airport
CHW2Orangeville/Headwaters Healthcare Centre Heliport
COR8Orangeville/Rosehill Airfield
COP2Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) Heliport
CNJ4Orillia-RAMA Regional Airport
CNV6Orillia/Lake St John Seaplane Base
CPU5Orillia/Matchedash Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0271Oriskany Airport
CA-0307Orono / Hawkefield
COR3Orono Field
CPS7Orton / Smith Field
CBB9Osoyoos Airport
CBA9Ospika Airport
CDO2Ostergard's Airport
CPK7Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport
CPP7Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport
CYRPOttawa / Carp Airport
CSF7Ottawa / Casselman (Shea Field)
CYDHOttawa / Dwyer Hill Heliport
CPR2Ottawa / Embrun Airport
CTA9Ottawa / Gatineau (Casino) Heliport
CYNDYNDOttawa / Gatineau Airport
CTI3Ottawa / Gatineau Seaplane Base
CTH4Ottawa / Hull (Expressair) Heliport
CHF2Ottawa / Manotick (Hope Field)
CYROYROOttawa / Rockcliffe Airport
CTR7TR7Ottawa / Rockcliffe Seaplane Base
CYOWYOWOttawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
CJV4Otter Lake Airport
CKB4Otter Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0272Otter Lakes Airport
COW2Otway Heliport
CKR9Outlook Airport
CCK5Owen Sound (Cook Field)
CNK6Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Services) Heliport
CYOSYOSOwen Sound / Billy Bishop Regional Airport
CJW2Oxbow Airport
CYOHYOHOxford House Airport
CED3Oyen Municipal Airport
CA-0609Palestine Airport
CPA3Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport
CPR3Palmerston Airport
CKC9Pangman Airport
CYXPYXPPangnirtung Airport
CA-0273Panny Airport
CSK5Paquet Airport
CJE6Paradise Hill Airport
CA-0274YDEParadise River Airport
CPB8Paramount Bistcho Airport
CSB9Parc De La Vérendrye (Le Domaine) Seaplane Base
CSD9Parc Gatineau Seaplane Base
CYPPParent Airport
CSE9Parent Seaplane Base
CPL6Parkland Airport
CA-0275Parrsboro Airport
CNK4YPDParry Sound Area Municipal Airport
CPS1Parry Sound Harbour Seaplane Base
CRS2Parry Sound Medical Heliport
CPT8Parry Sound/Deep Bay Seaplane Base
CDS6Parry Sound/Derbyshire Island Seaplane Base
CPS9YSIParry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Seaplane Base
CPS8Parry Sound/Huron Island Seaplane Base
CPD6Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Seaplane Base
CA-0276Parson Airport
CPF3Parti Field
CA-0536Paterson Field
CKB2Patuanak Airport
CPD5Paudash Lake Seaplane Base
CYPCYPCPaulatuk (Nora Aliqatchialuk Ruben) Airport
CEW8Paulatuk Seaplane Base
CA-0277Paulson Airport
CNM7Pays Plat Seaplane Base
CYPEYPEPeace River Airport
CA-0279Pearce Point Airport
CYPOYPOPeawanuck Airport
CYPTPelee Island Airport
CFT8Pelican Airport
CJW4Pelican Narrows Airport
CKE4Pelican Narrows Seaplane Base
CA-0281Pelly Bay (DEW Site) Airport
CFQ6Pelly Crossing Airport
CA-0282Pelly Lake Airport
CYPSPemberton Regional Airport
CNG5Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYTAYTAPembroke Airport
CAG8YPTPender Harbour Seaplane Base
CNF3Pendleton Airport
CA-0283Pennfield Ridge Airport
CYYFYYFPenticton Airport
CAH8Penticton Seaplane Base
CA-0284Perrault Falls Airport
CPT6Perry Lake Seaplane Base
CNC9Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CYWAYWAPetawawa Airport
CNU3Peterborough (Civic Hospital) Heliport
CYPQYPQPeterborough Airport
CA-0707Petitot Airport
CA-0285Petrel Airport
CA-0286Petrolia Airport
CYPLYPLPickle Lake Airport
CKG4Pickle Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0433Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Heliport
CNT7Picton Airport
CTF5Pierceland (Turchyn Field)
CA-0735Pigeon River Airport
CYPMYPMPikangikum Airport
CKH4Pikangikum Seaplane Base
CZMNPIWPikwitonei Airport
CPB5Pilot Butte Airport
CPR8Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport
CZPCWPCPincher Creek Airport
CA-0667Pincher Creek/Cooks Aerodrome
CA-0618Pinchgut Lake Water Aerodrome
CKQ9Pine Dock Airport
CKT8Pine Dock Seaplane Base
CFY5Pine Lake
CA-0712Pine Point Airfield
CZPOZPOPinehouse Lake Airport
CA-0287Pineimuta Municipal Airport
CPT9Pintendre Airport
CYPKPitt Meadows Airport
CAJ8Pitt Meadows Seaplane Base
CLB2Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field)
CA-0440Point Petre Helipad
CA-0657Pointe-au-Chêne Water Aerodrome
CA-0584Pointed Mountain Airport
CYNLYNLPoints North Landing Airport
CKC2Points North Landing Seaplane Base
CDA4Pokemouche Airport
CA-0288Polaris (Little Cornwallis Island) Airport
CYIOYIOPond Inlet Airport
CHC4Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CEH3Ponoka Industrial Airport
CA-0289Ponteix Airport
CA-0159Pontiac Airpark
CPC7Pontiac Airpark Water Aerodrome
CPV7YHPPoplar Hill Airport
CZNGXPPPoplar River Airport
CA-0290Porcupine Airport
CKD2Porcupine Plain Airport
CBK5Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport
CPW9Port Alberni Seaplane Base
CAA9Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0291Port Albert Airport
CBB5Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport
CAL8Port Alice/Jeune Landing Seaplane Base
CCM4Port Au Choix Airport
CPC2Port Carling Airport
CPY8Port Carling/Butterfly Lake Seaplane Base
CPX5Port Colborne (General Hospital) Heliport
CPE5Port Colborne Airport
CPG6Port Elgin (Pryde Field) Airport
CNL4Port Elgin Airport
CA-0292Port Eliza Airport
CBS5Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport
CYZTYZTPort Hardy Airport
CAW5Port Hardy Seaplane Base
CYPDYPSPort Hawkesbury Airport
CMF4Port Hope (Millson Field)
CA-0430Port Hope (Peter's Field) Airport
CCP4YHAPort Hope Simpson Airport
CNQ7Port Loring Seaplane Base
CBM9Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport
CAT5YMPPort Mcneill Airport
CAM8Port McNeill Seaplane Base
CYPNYPNPort Menier Airport
CPX6Port Perry (Community Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPP3Port Perry / Hoskin Airport
CA-0293Port Radium Airstrip
CAN8YPIPort Simpson Seaplane Base
CNX7Port Stanton/Sparrow Lake Seaplane Base
CAP8Port Washington Seaplane Base
CA-0294Port-Cartier Airport
CJZ2Portage La Prairie (North) Airport
CND9Portage Lake Seaplane Base
CYPGYPGPortage-la-Prairie / Southport Airport
CCF4Porters Lake Airport
CDD2Porters Lake Waterdrome
CSY6Poste Lemoyne (Complex Lg-3) Heliport
CSF3Poste Montagnais (Mile 134) Airport
CCD4YSOPostville Airport
CA-0295Pottageville Airport
CPH4Potvin Heli-Base Heliport
CA-0002Pourvoirie Joncas Airstrip
CPV9Poverty Valley Airport
CAQ8WPLPowell Lake Seaplane Base
CPW8Powell River (Hospital) Heliport
CYPWYPWPowell River Airport
CBH4Prairie Creek Airport
CA-0568Prairie Point Airport
CJK9Preeceville Airport
CA-0538Pretty Estates Resort Airport
CA-0451Prichard Airstrip
CA-0297Primrose Airport
CAL6Prince Albert (Fire Centre) Heliport
CYPAYPAPrince Albert Glass Field
CA-0529Prince Edward O.P.P. Helipad
CBG8Prince George (Pacific Western Helicopters) Heliport
CYXSYXSPrince George Airport
CBR8Prince Rupert (Hospital) Heliport
CBU4Prince Rupert (Hydro) Heliport
CYPRYPRPrince Rupert Airport
CAN6Prince Rupert/Digby Island Seaplane Base
CZSWZSWPrince Rupert/Seal Cove Seaplane Base
CA-0298Princess Airport
CYDCPrinceton Airport
CA-0323Private Airstrip
CA-0299Prophet River Airport
CA-0300Prospect Lake Airport
CEH6Provost Airport
CZFGXPKPukatawagan Airport
CKP4Pukatawagan Seaplane Base
CYPUPuntzi Mountain Airport
CA-0767Purcell Heli Skiing Heliport
CA-0669Purple Springs Airport
CA-0301Purtuniq Airport
CYPXYPXPuvirnituq Airport
CYVMYVMQikiqtarjuaq Airport
CAT4XQUQualicum Beach Airport
CML2Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Airport
CRF6Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Seaplane Base
CYHAYQCQuaqtaq Airport
CA-0302Quatam River Airport
CTJ2Québec (Coast Guard) Heliport
CSZ2Québec (Complex H) Heliport
CTS2Quebec / Beauport (HQ) Heliport
CTJ5Quebec / Hôpital de l'enfant-Jésus Heliport
CNV9Québec / Neuville Airport
CYQBYQBQuebec Jean Lesage International Airport
CSN8Québec/Lac St-Augustin Seaplane Base
CA-0655Quebec/Sûreté Heliport
CAQ6Queen Charlotte City Seaplane Base
CGP2Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Helipad
CBQ9Quennell Lake Seaplane Base
CAZ4Quesnel (G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CYQZYQZQuesnel Airport
CBK6Quesnel Lake Airport
CBT6Quilchena Airport
CKE2Quill Lake Airport
CRP2R.M. of Pipestone Airport
CA-0585Race Rocks Light Helipad
CJL9Radisson Airport
CBL6Radium Hot Springs Airport
CKF2Radville Airport
CYRAYRARae Lakes Airport
CYOPYOPRainbow Lake Airport
CKQ4Rainy River Seaplane Base
CA-0304Ram Falls Airstrip
CRE3Rand Private Airfield
CYRTYRTRankin Inlet Airport
CA-0305Raspberry Airport
CA-0570RCAF Detachment Alliston
CA-0012RCAF Detachment Granum
CA-0120RCAF Detachment Shepard
CA-0445RCAF Detachment Standoff
CA-0703RCAF Maitland
CA-0013RCAF Pennfield Ridge
CA-0704RCAF Scoudouc
CA-0004RCAF Station Aylmer
CA-0003RCAF Station Buttress
CA-0006RCAF Station Carberry
CA-0115RCAF Station Caron
CA-0014RCAF Station Dafoe
CA-0262RCAF Station Davidson
CA-0007RCAF Station Fingal (No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School)
CA-0005RCAF Station Lincoln Park
CA-0008RCAF Station Mossbank
CA-0280RCAF Station Pearce
CA-0306Rea Point Airport
CA-0689Red Bay Water Aerodrome
CRD4Red Deer / South 40 Airstrip
CRD5Red Deer / Truant Airfield
CFR7Red Deer Forestry Airport
CYQFYQFRed Deer Regional Airport
CRD3Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport
CEH5Red Earth Creek Airport
CRL3Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CYRLYRLRed Lake Airport
CKS4Red Lake Seaplane Base
CYRSYRSRed Sucker Lake Airport
CKT4Red Sucker Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0594Rednek Air Airport
CA-0507Rednersville / Aery
CA-0308Redvers Airport
CRW2Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport
CRW8Redwater Health Centre Heliport
YRCYRCRefuge Cove Seaplane Base
CA-0432Regina / Aerogate Airport
CKL9Regina Beach Airport
CRQ2Regina General Hospital Helipad
CYQRYQRRegina International Airport
CRL7Reindeer Lake / Lindbergh Lodge Airstrip
CPG9Renfrew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CA-0309Renous Airport
CA-0321Réservoir Gouin (Pourvoirie Oasis) Airport
CYRBYRBResolute Bay Airport
CYRVYRVRevelstoke Airport
CA-0310Richardson Airport
CSX3Richelieu Airport
CRM3Richelieu/Messier Airport
CRM2Riding Mountain Airport
CCZ2YRGRigolet Airport
CRH5Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CFC7Rimbey Airport
CSR4Rimouski (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CYXKYXKRimouski Airport
CA-0311Risks Creek Airport
CA-0600Rivère l'Acadie Water Aerodrome
CA-0313YYIRivers Airport
CAU8YRNRivers Inlet Seaplane Base
CKG2Riverton Airport
CRB5Rivière Bell Aerodrome
CRB4Rivière Bonnard Airport
crt2Rivière Témiscamie (Air Roberval Ltée) Airport
CA-0505Rivière Temiscamie Floatbase
CA-0718Rivière-au-Tonnerre Airport
CA-0526Rivière-aux-Saumons Aerodrome (Private Operator: Safari Anticosti)
CYRIYRIRivière-du-Loup Airport
CSS2Rivière-du-Loup Heliport
CA-0314Rivière-Ouelle Airport
CRL8Roberts Lake Seaplane Base
CAS8Roberval (Air Saguenay) Water Aerodrome
CYRJYRJRoberval Airport
CA-0537Robinson International Air Field
CKB7Roblin Airport
CKH2Rocanville Airport
CA-0558Rocher River Water Aerodrome.
CKC7Rockglen Airport
CPT3Rockton Airport
CEU4Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital) Heliport
CYRMYRMRocky Mountain House Airport
CFC6Rockyford Airport
CEB4Rockyford/Early Bird Air Airport
CPU3Rodney (New Glasgow) Airport
CA-0315Rodney Airport
CKD7Roland (Graham Field) Airport
CRA2Rollick Airpark
CPH2Rolph Airport
CKJ2Rosenort Airport
CJX4Rosetown Airport
CA-0456Roseville Field
CA-0316Ross Bay Junction Airport
CRC3Ross Creek Airport
CEP4Ross International Airport
CA-0317Ross Point Airport
CYDMXRRRoss River Airport
CRS4Rosseau Airport
CA-0523Roths field
CTY5Rougemont Airport
CA-0318Round Hill Airport
CZRJZRJRound Lake (Weagamow Lake) Airport
CKP6Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Seaplane Base
CYUYYUYRouyn Noranda Airport
CA-0319Rowley Airport
CA-0470Ruscom Station Field
CJW5Russell Airport
CA-0601Russell Airport
CA-0320Russell Lake Airport
CBZ8Rykerts Seaplane Base
CEF6S.I.R.Bernard Forestburg Airpark
CST5Sable Island Heliport
CSB2YSASable Island Landing Strip
CZPBZPBSachigo Lake Airport
CYSYYSYSachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) Airport
CSG9Sagard Heliport
CA-0322YSVSaglek Airport
CSA8Saguenay (Harvey) Water Aerodrome
CA-0711Saint Germain Airport
CSN6Saint John (Saint John Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYSJYSJSaint John Airport
CAA4Saint-Apollinaire (Airpro) Aerodrome
CA-0463Saint-François-de-Laval (Laval Aviation)
CA-0464Saint-François-de-Laval (Laval Aviation)
CYSZSainte-Anne-des-Monts Aerodrome
CA-0359Sainte-Croix Airport
CSU4Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard Airport
CYZGYZGSalluit Airport
X-CBG6Salmo Airport
CA-0766Saltery Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0324Saltspring Island Airport
CBJ9San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport
CJD6Sand Point Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0468Sandford Field
CYZPYZPSandspit Airport
CJY4Sandy Bay Airport
CKB5Sandy Bay Seaplane Base
CZSJZSJSandy Lake Airport
CKE5Sandy Lake Seaplane Base
CYSKYSKSanikiluaq Airport
CA-0649Sanikiluaq Water Aerodrome
CA-0325Sarcpa Lake Airport
CYXEYXESaskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport
CRF5Saskatoon/Richter Field Airport
CSM9Sault Area Hospital Heliport
CYAMYAMSault Ste Marie Airport
CNR3Sault Ste. Marie Heliport
CPX8Sault Ste. Marie Seaplane Base
CNV7Sault Ste. Marie/Partridge Point Seaplane Base
CA-0326Saulteaux Airport
CJP3Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Seaplane Base
CA-0327Savant Lake Airport
CA-0328Sawmill Bay Airport
CA-0560Sawmill Bay Bay Water Aerodrome
ZZZWZYWScandium City Heliport
CA-0329Scar Creek Airport
CA-0583Scarlett Point Lighthouse Helipad
CYKLYKLSchefferville Airport
CSZ9Schefferville/Squaw Lake Seaplane Base
CFZ3Schlenker Airport
csv8Schomberg (Sloan Valley View Farm Airfield)
CKK3Scobey Border Station Airport
CA-0438Scott's Airstrip
CCF9Scottsfield Airpark
CA-0330Scud River Airport
CHS4Scugog /Charlies Landing Seaplane Base
CAW3Scum Lake Airport
CA-0459Seagrave Airfield
CBY5Seal Cove (Coast Guard) Heliport
CBF6Seal Cove (Public) Heliport
CA-0737Seal River Airstrip
CBP4Sechelt (St. Mary's Hospital) Heliport
CAP3YHSSechelt-Gibsons Airport
CA-0732Sechelt/Poise Cove Waterdrome
CAX3Sechelt/Porpoise Bay Water Aerodrome
CA-0425Seeley Lake Field
CA-0495Selby - Howard's Airstrip
CTK7Selkirk / Kindy Airstrip
CKL2Selkirk Airport
CJA2Selkirk Airport
CA-0646Selkirk Mountain Heliport
CKC5Selkirk Seaplane Base
CTK2Senneterre Airport
CKP7Sensenbrenner Hospital Heliport
CTA2Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CYZVYZVSept-Îles Airport
CA-0719Sept-Îles/Lac des Rapides Airport
CSM8Sept-Îles/Lac des Rapides Water Aerodrome
CCM3Sevogle Airport
CZTMZTMShamattawa Airport
CJC5Shaunavon Airport
CAV8Shawnigan Lake Seaplane Base
CSB5Shediac Bridge Airport
CA-0331Shekilie Airport
CCZ9Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport
CSF4Shelburne (Schaefer Field)
CNN3Shelburne / Fisher Field
CA-0332Shell 13 Airport
CJZ4Shellbrook Airport
CA-0333Shepherd Bay Airport
CKS9Shepherd's Landing Airport
CA-0334Sherard Bay Airport
CYSCYSCSherbrooke Airport
CA-0453Sheridan Lake Airstrip
CA-0335Sherman Meadows Airport
CA-0336Sheslay Airport
CKN9Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport
CKM3Shilo Heliport
CA-0338Shingle Point Airport
CA-0552Shingle Point Water Aerodrome
CKL5Shoal Lake Airport
CKB9Shoal Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0593Shortts Lake Water Aerodrome
CA-0592Shubenacadie Airport
CDA7Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport
CA-0772Shuswap (Skwlax Field) Airport
CZAMYSNShuswap Regional Airport
CA-0340Sikanni Chief Airport
SYFSYFSilva Bay Seaplane Base
CFQ5Silver City Airport
CKB8Silver Falls Airport
CKJ5Silver Falls Seaplane Base
CPA4Simcoe (Dennison Field) Airport
CPA8Simcoe (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0341Simcoe Airport
CA-0342Simpson Lake Airport
CYXLYXLSioux Lookout Airport
CKF7Sioux Lookout Heliport
CKA6Sioux Lookout Seaplane Base
CKM2Sioux Narrows Airport
CA-0630Sisters Islets Lighthouse Helipad
CML6Six Mile Lake (Hungry Bay) Seaplane Base
CPQ7Skeleton Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0670Skiff Aerodrome
CA-0343Skocdopole Farms Airport
CA-0515Sky Wrench Field
CA-0528Skydive SWOOP
CKD9Slate Falls Airport
CSL6Slave Lake / Slave Lake Helicopters
CYZHYZHSlave Lake Airport
CND7Slocan Community Hospital Helipad
CA-0344Smeaton Airport
CA-0345Smith River Airport
CAA6Smithers (Canadian) Heliport
CYYDYYDSmithers Airport
CAX8Smithers/Tyhee Lake Seaplane Base
CNS9Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport
CYSHYSHSmiths Falls-Montague (Russ Beach) Airport
CA-0346Smoky City Airport
CGM2Smoky Lake (George Mcdougall Health Centre) Heliport
CNS2Smoky Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0347Smoky Tower Airport
CA-0759Smooth Rock Falls Airport
CA-0348Snag Airport
CSK6YNXSnap Lake Airport
CEV9Snare River Airport
CJE4Snow Lake Airport
CKM5Snow Lake Seaplane Base
CKC8Somerset Airport
CSR6Sonora Resort Heliport
CSY3Sorel Airport
CST4Sorel-Tracy/Air Nature Inc. (Heli)
CJX5Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park
CCT5South Brook Seaplane Base
CZMLZMHSouth Cariboo Region / 108 Mile Airport
CZSNXSISouth Indian Lake Airport
CPE6South River/Sundridge Airport & Float Plane Base
CPF7Southampton Airport
CKA9Southend Airport / Hans Ulricksen Field
CKP5Southend Seaplane Base
CYSWSparwood Elk Valley Airport
CFS5Spirit River Airport
CHM2Spiritwood / H & M Fast Farms
CKH7Spiritwood Airport
CSU6Spout Lake Seaplane Base
CKP2Spring Valley (North) Airport
CCD2Springdale Airport
CDU4Springdale/Davis Pond Seaplane Base
CAQ4Springhouse Airpark
CGV7Springvale Aerodrome
CNA3Springwater Barrie Airpark
CBT9Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport
CA-0730Squamish (Woodfibre) Heliport
CYSEYSESquamish Airport
CA-0727Squamish General Hospital Heliport
CA-0729Squamish Terminals Heliport
CA-0658Squamish Water Aerodrome
CA-0349Squanga Lake Airport
CKQ2Squaw Rapids Airport
CYIFYIFSt Augustin Airport
CTA4St Bruno-de-Guigues Airport
CYSGSt Georges Airport
CSU3St Hyacinthe Airport
CYJNYJNSt Jean Airport
CSG5St Jean Chrysostome Airport
CCK2St John's Health Sciences Centre Heliport
CYSLYSLSt Leonard Airport
CYQSYQSSt Thomas Municipal Airport
CTC2St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Seaplane Base
CTQ6St-Anselme Airport
CTH9St-Augustin Heliport
CTR6St-Basile (Marcotte) Airport
CSA5St-Charles-de-Bourget Water Aerodrome
CSS4St-Dominique Airport
CSY4St-Donat Airport
CES2St-Esprit Aerodrome
CSH5St-Ferdinand Airport
CSZ4St-Frédéric Airport
CA-0350St-Gabriel-De-Brandon Airport
CSZ6St-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CSN3St-Jérôme Airport
CA-0351St-Joseph-De-St-Hyacinths Airport
CST7St-Lambert-De-Lauzon Airport
CSJ5St-Louis-De-France Airport
CSP5St-Mathias Airport
CSV9St-Mathias Seaplane Base
CSB3St-Mathieu-De-Beloeil Airport
CMN3St-Michel-de-Napierville Airport
CSM5St-Michel-Des-Saints Airport
CPJ6St-Pierre-Jolys (Carl's Field)
CA-0352St-Prosper (Pel) Airport
CDC4St-Quentin Airport
CKT6St-Remi-D'Amherst / Kanata Tremblant Resort Heliport
CA-0353St-Simon-De-Bagot Airport
CA-0616St-Tite Airport
CSL5St-Victor-De-Beauce Airport
CA-0354St. Aldwyn Airport
CAA2St. André-Avellin Aerodrome
CDA5St. Andrews Codroy Valley Airport
CYAYYAYSt. Anthony Airport
CA-0355St. Anthony Airport
CKK2St. Brieux Airport
CFE6St. Francis Airport
CKA8St. François Xavier Airport
CCQ5St. John's (Paddys Pond) Seaplane Base
CDC2St. John's (Universal) Heliport
CYYTYYTSt. John's International Airport
CPV3St. Joseph Island Airport
CSJ3St. Joseph's Hospital Helipad
CA-0356St. Leonard (Cyr) Airport
CCK4YFXSt. Lewis (Fox Harbour) Airport
CA-0654St. Lina Airport
CTP5St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CEW3ZSPSt. Paul Airport
CCS3St. Stephen Airport
CYSTYSTSt. Theresa Point Airport
CSN5Stanhope Airport
CND4Stanhope Municipal Airport
CCW4Stanley Airport
CKJ7Starbuck Airport
CKK8Staunton Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0357Stave Lake Airport
CA-0728Stawamus Chief Emergency Helipad
clv2Stayner (Clearview Field) Airport
CSV2Ste-Agathe (AIM) Heliport
CDD3Ste-Agnès-de-Dundee Airport
CA-0358Ste-Anne-De-Sorel Airport
CSP9Ste-Anne-Du-Lac Seaplane Base
CSM4Ste-Julienne Airport
CSF6Ste-Marguerite Heliport
CA-0573Ste-Marguerite Water Aerodrome
CSW9Ste-Véronique Seaplane Base
CKR3Ste. Rose Du Lac Airport
CFB7Steen River Airport
CFG7Steen Tower Airport
CA-0361Steeper Airport
CKK7Steinbach (South) Airport
CJB3Steinbach Airport
CYJTYJTStephenville Airport
CLH2Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport
CEJ3Stettler Airport
CA-0429Stevensville Airstrip
CA-0249Stevensville Seaplane Base
CHC2Stewart (Health Centre) Heliport
CZSTZSTStewart Airport
CA-0362Stewart Lake Airport
CKV5Stewart Lake Seaplane Base
CAC9Stewart Seaplane Base
CPJ5Stirling Airport
CA-0363Stobart Creek Airport
CA-0364Stokes Point Airport
CPF6Stoney Creek Airport
CRMLStoney Point (Le Cunff) Airport
CRJ2Stoney Point (Trepanier)
CSP3Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport
CSP2Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport
CYSFYSFStony Rapids Airport
CKW5Stony Rapids Seaplane Base
CA-0637Stornoway Airport
CA-0635Stouffville Airport
CNS6Straffordville Airport
CA-0365Strandberg Creek Airport
CA-0366Stratford Airport
CYSAStratford Municipal Airport
CJY5Strathclair Airport
CDJ5Strathmore (D.J. Murray) Airport
CA-0367Strathmore (Duke) Airport
CSM2Strathmore Hospital Heliport
CPK2Strathroy (Blue Yonder) Airport
CA-0446YRRStuart Island Airstrip
CA-0539Stuart Island Water Aerodrome
CA-0604Stuart Lake Hospital Helipad
CA-0640Stuart Lake Water Aerodrome
CA-0370Sturdee Airport
CA-0369Sturdee Valley Airport
CNM3Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0371Sturgeon Falls Airport
CA-0372Sturgeon Landing Airport
CA-0373Sturt Point Airport
CND3Sudbury (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CSC9Sudbury / Coniston Airport
CSL8Sudbury / Laurentian (Hospital)
CYSBYSBSudbury Airport
CNC5Sudbury/Azilda Seaplane Base
CNB8Sudbury/Ramsey Lake Seaplane Base
CYSDYSDSuffield Heliport
CAV5YTGSullivan Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0499Sumas Municipal Airport
CJV7SURSummer Beaver Airport
CCH6Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport
CYSUYSUSummerside Airport
CA-0615Sundance Airport
CA-0028Sundance Guest Ranch 'C' Airport
CSD7Sunderland field/Blackwater creek
CSD2Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport
CFZ5Sundre / Goodwins Farm Airport
CFN7Sundre Airport
CAG9Surge Narrows Seaplane Base
CVS3Surrey Memorial Hospital Helipad
CCY3Sussex Airport
CEM5Swan Hills Airport
CZJNZJNSwan River Airport
CA-0374Sweetgrass Landing Airport
CSW6Sweetwater Farms Airport
CYYNYYNSwift Current Airport
CSY9Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYQYYQYSydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport
CTB7Taber (Health Centre) Heliport
CED5Taber Airport
CA-0375Tabu Airport
CA-0706Tabusintac Airport
CYBQXTLTadoule Lake Airport
CAL9ZTSTahsis Seaplane Base
CAZ3Takla Landing Seaplane Base
CBD5Takla Narrows Airport
CA-0545Takla Narrows Water Aerodrome
CA-0376Talbot Lake Airport
CTH8Tally-Ho Field
CYYHYYHTaloyoak Airport
CFA7GSLTaltheilei Narrows Airport
CED9Taltheilei Narrows Seaplane Base
CFW5Taltson River Airport
CJQ6Tanquary Fiord Airport
CPA5Tarten Heliport
CYTQYTQTasiujaq Airport
YTUYTUTasu Water Aerodrome
CA-0691Tatamagouche Airport
CA-0377Tatla Lake Airport
CA-0716Tecumseh Airfield
CFM6Teepee Airport
CDF2Teeswater (Dent Field)
CPC6Teeswater (Thompson Field) Airport
CBM5YTXTelegraph Creek Airport
CAH9Telegraph Creek Seaplane Base
YBQYBQTelegraph Harbour Seaplane Base
CNC8Temagami Seaplane Base
CTM2Temagami/Mine Landing Seaplane Base
CSG8Témiscaming/Lac Kipawa Seaplane Base
CTM8Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac Water Aerodrome
CA-0075Terra Mining Airport
CBU5Terrace (Mills Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CBW5Terrace / BC Hydro Heliport
CA-0378YTJTerrace Bay Airport
CYZWYZWTeslin Airport
CA-0379Tetachuck Lake Airport
CTB6ZTBTête-à-la-Baleine Airport
CYGBYGBTexada Gillies Bay Airport
CHD4Thamesford (Harydale Farms)
CJR3The Pas / Grace Lake Airport
CKC3The Pas / Grace Lake Seaplane Base
CYQDYQDThe Pas Airport
CGR4The Ridge Heliport
CPL5Thessalon Municipal Airport
CSM3Thetford Mines Airport
CZLQYTDThicket Portage Airport
CKT2Thompson (Canadian Helicopters) Heliport
CYTHYTHThompson Airport
CKM7Thompson Heliport
CKD6Thompson Seaplane Base
CTH2Thor Lake Airport
CCZ5Thorburn Airport
CCW5Thorburn Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0626Thousand Islands Helicopter Tours Helipad
CA-0278Three Creeks Airport
CFA8Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport
CEN3Three Hills Airport
CTB2Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Heliport
CYQTYQTThunder Bay Airport
CKE6Thunder Bay Seaplane Base
CA-0768Thunder Hill Airport
CA-0381Thunder Lake Airport
CA-0382Thunder River Airport
CED8Thunderbay / Eldorado Field
CA-0383Thurston Lake Airport
CNQ4Tillsonburg Airport
CTM6Timmins & District Hospital Heliport
CPW5Timmins/Porcupine Lake Seaplane Base
CYTSYTSTimmins/Victor M. Power
CEF9Tincup Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0384Tintina (Conwest) Airport
CBB7Tipella Airport
CJY3YTTTisdale Airport
CNR4Tobermory Airport
CEV7Tofield Airport
CTF2Tofield Health Centre Heliport
CBC8Tofino (Hospital) Heliport
CYAZYAZTofino / Long Beach Airport
CAB4YTPTofino Harbour Seaplane Base
CA-0746Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport
CBR7Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport
CYVLYCKTommy Kochon Airport
CA-0138Tompkins Mile 54 Airport
CNA9Tomvale Airport
CNW8Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) Heliport
CPK6Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport
CTM4Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport
CNY8Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre) Heliport
CA-0488Toronto Aerodrome
CPZ9Toronto/City Centre Seaplane Base
CYOOYOOToronto/Oshawa Executive Airport
CA-0380Tottenham/Ronan Aerodrome
CAD4YZZTrail Airport
CTN6Treherne (South Norfolk Airpark) Airport
CKU2Treherne Airport
CPZ3Trenton / Mountain View Airport
CYTNTrenton Airport
CA-0566Triple Island Lightstation Helipad
CYRQYRQTrois-Rivières Airport
CA-0386Trout Brook Airport
CFB4Trout Lake Airport
CEU9Trout Lake Airport
CEG9Trout Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0387Trout Mountain Airport
CRD6Truant South Airport
CAE4Tsacha Lake Airport
CBN9Tsay Keh Airport
CA-0662Tsayta Lake Water Aerodrome
CBT3Tsetzi Lake (Pan Phillips) Airport
CAF4Tsuniah Lake Lodge Airport
CA-0388Tuktoyaktuk (Imperial) Airport
CYUBYUBTuktoyaktuk Airport
CZFNZFNTulita Airport
CBX7TUXTumbler Ridge Airport
CTM7Tundra Mine/Salamita Mine Aerodrome
CBX5TNSTungsten (Cantung) Airport
CA-0389Tununuk Airport
CFY6Turner Valley Bar N Ranch Airport
CFS7Twin Creeks Airport
CA-0390Twin Lakes Airport
CA-0513Two Hills (Health Centre) Heliport
CEL6Two Hills Airport
CPU6Tyendinaga Mohawk Airport
CA-0472Tyneside Field
CAN3Ucluelet Seaplane Base
CA-0391Ullswater Airport
CYHIYHIUlukhaktok Holman Airport
CYMUYUDUmiujaq Airport
CA-0745Union Centre Airport
CKE8Unity Airport
CA-0709Unknown Rural MB Airport
CA-0393Upper Kent Airport
CA-0743Upper Stewart River Airport
CKL8Upsala Heliport
CYBEYBEUranium City Airport
CKG6Uranium City Seaplane Base
CA-0460Utica Airfield
CA-0394Utikuma River Airport
CNA5Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital) Heliport
cor2Val D'or (St. Pierre) Heliport
CA-0511Val D'or (St. Pierre) Water Aerodrome
CA-0512Val D'or / Huard Water Aerodrome
CTR5Val-D'Or / L'Escale Heliport
CYVOYVOVal-d'Or Airport
CTA5Val-D'Or/Hydrobase Piché Dubuisson Seaplane Base
CSQ3Valcourt Airport
CBV7Valemount (Yellowhead Helicopters) Heliport
CA-0395Valemount Aerodrome
CAH4Valemount Airport
CDA3Valley Airport
CSY5Valleyfield (Ciment Deval Inc) Heliport
CSD3Valleyfield Airport
CEL5Valleyview Airport
CA-0629Valleyview Health Centre Heliport
CAK7Vancouver (Children & Women's Health Centre) Heliport
CBK4Vancouver (General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0725Vancouver (HMCS Discovery) Heliport
CFS9Vancouver (Vancouver Film Studios) Heliport
cgl6Vancouver / Burnaby (Global BC) Heliport
cfr6Vancouver / Coquitlam Fire and Rescue Heliport
CYHCCXHVancouver Harbour Water Aerodrome
CYVRYVRVancouver International Airport
CAM9Vancouver International Seaplane Base
CAN9Vanderhoof (District) Seaplane Base
CAU4Vanderhoof Airport
CA-0397Vankleek Hill Airport
CA-0398Vanscoy Airport
CA-0524Varys field
CEN6Vauxhall Airport
CVG8Vegreville (St. Joseph's General Hospital) Heliport
CEV3Vegreville Airport
CYVGYVGVermilion Airport
CKQ7Vermilion Bay Airport
CKH6Vermilion Bay Seaplane Base
CVH2Vermilion Health Centre Heliport
CYVKYVEVernon Airport
CVW2Vernon/Wildlife Seaplane Base
CVM2Victor Mine Airport
CBC5Victoria (BC Hydro) Heliport
CBW7Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport
CBK8Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport
CAP5Victoria Airport
CBF7Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport
CBZ7Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport
CYWHYWHVictoria Harbour Seaplane Base
CYYJYYJVictoria International Airport
XYMYVictoria STOLport
CSR3Victoriaville Airport
CVS2Viking (South) Airport
CEE8Viking Airport
CGR5Viking Health Centre George H. Roddick Heliport
CVK2Viking Health Centre Helipad
CKR7Virden (Gabrielle Farm) Airport
CJZ5Virden (West) Airport
CYVDVirden/R.J. (Bob) Andrew Field Regional Aerodrome
CFV5Virginia Falls Seaplane Base
cvb2Voisey's Bay
CPM5Volk Airport
CVH7Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport
CA-0497Vulcan / Kirkcaldy Airport
CFX6Vulcan Airport
CEE5Wabasca Airport
CKK6Wabowden Seaplane Base
CYWKYWKWabush Airport
CCX5Wabush Seaplane Base
CKS7Wadena Airport
CA-0401Wadlin Tower Airport
CWH2Wainwright (Health Centre) Heliport
CFF7Wainwright / Camp Wainwright Field
CYWVWainwright Airport
CFP7Wainwright Field 21 Airport
CKT7Wakaw Airport
CNG6Walkerton (County of Bruce General Hospital) Heliport
CA-0052Wallace Lake Airport
CYS7Wallaceburg/Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Heliport
cwf2Walter's Falls (Piper Way) Airfield
CKB6YAXWapekeka Airport
CFH8Warburg / Zajes Airport
CEP6Warner Airport
CKX2Warren / Woodlands Airport
CA-0516Warren Field
CA-0402Washademoak Airport
CYKQYKQWaskaganish Airport
CYKFYKFWaterloo Airport
CCW3Waterville / Kings County Municipal Airport
CKU7Watrous Airport
CYQHYQHWatson Lake Airport
CEJ9Watson Lake Seaplane Base
CA-0762Waubuno Airport
CYXZYXZWawa Airport
CA-0614Wawa Lake Water Aerodrome
CKV7Wawota Airport
CA-0403Webbwood Airport
CYWPYWPWebequie Airport
CFJ2YFJWekweètì Airport
CPB3Welland (County General Hospital) Heliport
CTQ2Weller Airport
CA-0439Wellington Airstrip
CYNCYNCWemindji Airport
CA-0404Werenko Airport
CA-0435WESCAM Burlington
CA-0405West Baffin Island Airport
CRL6West Guilford/Redstone Lake Water Aerodrome
CJF5West Poplar Airport
CES4Westlock Airport
CAA3Westlock Healthcare Centre Heliport
CRL2Westport / Rideau Lakes Airport
CA-0721Westville Community Helipad
CWC4Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CEX3Wetaskiwin Regional Airport
CJE3Weyburn Airport
CCG3Weyman Airpark
CSU5Weymontachie Airport
CYXNYXNWhale Cove Airport
CAW9Whaletown Seaplane Base
CEM3YLEWhatì Airport
CA-0474Whati Airport Seaplane Base
CEQ8Whatì Seaplane Base
CRM5Wheatly (Robinson Motorcycles) Airfield
CAW4Whistler (Hospital) Heliport
CBE9Whistler (Municipal) Heliport
CAE5YWSWhistler/Green Lake Water Aerodrome
CWC1White City (Radomsky) Airport
CA-0562White Cloud Island
CNJ8YWRWhite River Seaplane Base
CBD9White Saddle Ranch Heliport
CA-0437White's Airstrip
CA-0406Whitecourt (Forestry) Heliport
CYZUYZUWhitecourt Airport
CFP8Whitehorse / Cousins Airport
CYXYYXYWhitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport
CEZ5Whitehorse Seaplane Base
CKY2Whitewood Airport
CYVVYVVWiarton Airport
CA-0407Wiebenville Airport
CFT2Wilderman Farm Airport
CA-0408Wildhay Airport
cjj3Wildwood / Loche Mist Farms Airstrip
CAJ2Wiley Airport
CKW7Wilkie Airport
CCA6YWMWilliams Harbour Airport
CA-0477Williams Lake / Clusko Logging
CA-0478Williams Lake / Highland Helicopters
CA-0476Williams Lake / Lee Todd Heliport
CA-0480Williams Lake / Pioneer Heliport
CA-0479Williams Lake / Wayne Peterson Heliport
CYWLYWLWilliams Lake Airport
CAC5Williams Lake Seaplane Base
CKZ2Willow Bunch Airport
CA-0410Willow Creek Airport
CA-0448Willow Lake Airstrip
CA-0489Willowdale Airfield
CPY5Wilson's Heliport
CNA8Winchester Airport
CWH4Winchester District Memorial Hospital Heliport
CNW2Windermere Airport
CYQGYQGWindsor Airport
CAY9Winfield (Wood Lake) Seaplane Base
CA-0411Wingham (Inglis Field) Airport
CPR7Wingham / Richard W. LeVan Airport
CA-0412YWNWinisk Airport
CKZ7Winkler Airport
CWG2Winnipeg (City of Winnipeg) Heliport
CYWGYWGWinnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
CJL5Winnipeg / Lyncrest Airport
CYAVWinnipeg / St. Andrews Airport
CA-0543Winter Harbour Water Aerodrome
CCC2Winterland Airport
CFY4Winters Aire Park Airport
CA-0424Witwer Airfield
CA-0413Wolf Lake Airport
CZWLZWLWollaston Lake Airport
CBQ8Woodcock Airport
CA-0744Woodhouse Airfield
CWH3Woodstock (Hospital) Heliport
CCD3Woodstock Airport
CPR5Woodstock Airport
CA-0449Woodstock Private Airstrip
CSN4Woodstock/Snokist Heliport
CA-0414Worsley Airport
CA-0415Woss Airport
CYWYYWYWrigley Airport
CA-0416Wrong Lake Airport
CKL3WNNWunnumin Lake Airport
CNL8Wyevale (Boker Field) Airport
CYYOWynyard / W.B. Needham Field
CA-0659Yahk Aerodrome
CA-0417Yarbo Airport
CDU3Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYQIYQIYarmouth Airport
CA-0418Yates Tower Airport
CA-0419Yellowknife (Aero Arctic) Heliport
CEH7Yellowknife (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CYZFYZFYellowknife International Airport
CEN9Yellowknife Seaplane Base
CPP6York Airport
CZACZACYork Landing Airport
CYQVYQVYorkton Municipal Airport
CA-0421Youngstown (E.C. Air) Airport
CA-0422Yoyo Airport
ZHITZKTYukonia Airstrip
CEX5Zama Airport
CFT9Zama Lake Airport
CAA5Zeballos Seaplane Base
CKA4Zhoda Airport

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