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Aerodrome listing for Congo (Kinshasa)

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

FZJFAba Airport
FZFEAbumumbazi Airport
FZKNAketi Airport
FZKOAngo Airport
CD-0017Aru Airport
FZKBBambili-Dingila Airport
FZBOFDUBandundu Airport
FZCIBanga Airport
FZICFKIBangoka International Airport
FZCLBanza Lute Airport
FZBTKRZBasango Mboliasa Airport
FZENBSUBasankusu Airport
FZBWBasengele Airport
FZVRBANBasongo Airport
FZFFBau Airport
FZVOBena-Dibele Airport
FZNPBNCBeni Airport
FZBEBeno Airport
FZEOBeongo Airport
FZWBBibanga Airport
FZBCBikoro Airport
FZBQBindja Airport
FZGEBinga Airport
CD-0021Boeli Airstrip
FZGNBNBBoende Airport
FZFGBokada Airport
FZDRBokela Airport
FZCOBoko Airport
CD-0020Bokoro Airport
FZGFBokungu Airport
FZGCBolila Airport
CD-0026Bolobo Airport
FZBPBolongonkele Airport
FZAJBOABoma Airport
CD-0024Boma Lukandu International Airport
CD-0006Bondo Airport
FZBBBongimba Airport
FZBFBonkita Airport
FZBKBoshwe Airport
FZGBBosondjo Airport
FZGTBoteka Airport
FZMABKYBukavu Kavumu Airport
FZREBukena Airport
FZULBulape Airport
FZMKBulongo Kigogo Airport
FZFUBMBBumbar Airport
FZKABUXBunia Airport
FZCRBusala Airport
FZKJBZUButa Zega Airport
FZADCelo Zongo Airport
CD-0022Dakwa Airport
FZVTDekese Airport
FZUPDiboko Airport
FZVPDikungu Airport
FZSIDilolo Airport
FZVDDingele Airport
FZBLDjokele Airport
CD-0004Djolu Airport
FZJBDoko Airport
FZJDDoruma Airport
CD-0008Dungu Airport
FZJCDungu-Uye Airport
FZFCEngengele Airport
CD-0015Epulu Airport
FZJKFaradje Airport
FZCTFatundu Airport
FZQFFungurume Airport
FZWCGDJGandajika Airport
FZFVGbado Airport
FZFDBDTGbadolite Airport
FZFKGMAGemena Airport
FZNAGOMGoma International Airport
FZFJGoyongo Airport
FZFWGwaka Airport
FZCBIDFIdiofa Airport
FZVUIdumbe Airport
FZGVIKLIkela Airport
FZVSPFRIlebo Airport
FZFBImesse Airport
FZANInga Airport
FZEIIngende Airport
FZASInkisi Airport
FZBAINOInongo Airport
FZBUIpeke Airport
CD-0018Ishango Airport
FZNIIshasha Airport
FZBHIsongo Airport
FZCUIto Airport
FZRMKBOKabalo Airport
FZRDKabombo Airport
FZCFKahemba Airport
FZOOKailo Airport
FZCKKajiji Airport
FZFLKala Airport
FZRFFMIKalemie Airport
FZUVKalonda Airport
FZQIKamatanda Airport
FZSAKMNKamina Base Airport
FZOCKamisuku Airport
FZPBKamituga Airport
CD-0027Kamoa Mine Heliport
FZOEKampene Airport
FZUAKGAKananga Airport
FZSEKanene Airport
FZTSKaniama Airport
FZTKKNMKaniama Airport
FZRKKansimba Airport
FZSKKAPKapanga Airport
FZFSKarawa Airport
FZSJKasaji Airport
FZQGKECKasenga Airport
FZOSKasese Airport
FZWIKashia Airport
CD-0002Kashobwe Airport
FZUFKasonga Airport
FZOKKasongo Airport
FZVGKatako'kombe Airport
FZNBKatale Airport
FZNKKatanda Rusthuru Airport
FZIKKatende Airport
FZUTKatubwe Airport
FZQHKatwe Airport
FZBGKempa Airport
FZBVKempile Airport
FZCSKenge Airport
FZJRKere Kere Airport
FZOFKiapupe Airport
FZCWKikongo Sur Wamba Airport
FZCAKKWKikwit Airport
FZKFKilomines Airport
KILKILKilwa Airport
FZCXKimafu Airport
FZMPKimano Ii Airport
FZDBKimbau Airport
FZDUKimpangu Airport
FZAEKimpoko Airport
FZOAKNDKindu Airport
FZODKLYKinkungwa Airport
FZDKKipata Katika Airport
FZWFKipushi Airport
FZIAKisangani Simisini Airport
FZQPKisenge Airport
FZWRKisengwa Airport
FZAIKitona Air Base
FZIGKM 95 CFL Airport
FZERKodoro Airport
FZVCKole Sur Lukenie Airport
FZDLKolokoso Airport
FZQMKWZKolwezi Airport
FZAUKonde Airport
FZRQKOOKongolo Airport
FZFPKLIKotakoli Airport
FZVFKutusongo Airport
FZAWKwilu-Ngongo Airport
FZFALIELibenge Airport
FZGALIQLisala Airport
FZVALJALodja Airport
FZIZLokutu Airport
FZFNLombo Airport
FZVELomela Airport
FZWSLubao Airport
FZNFLubero Airport
FZUELubondaie Airport
FZQULubudi Airport
FZQAFBMLubumbashi International Airport
FZUNLuebo Airport
FZTLLuena Airport
FZPCLugushwa Airport
FZAXLuheki Airport
FZUGLZALuiza Airport
FZAPLukala Airport
FZVKLukombe-Batwa Airport
FZOGLulingu Tshionka Airport
FZJNLuniemu Airport
FZALLZILuozi Airport
FZVILBOLusambo Airport
FZCELUSLusanga Airport
FZRLLusinga Airport
FZUULutshatsha Airport
FZROLuvua Airport
CD-0012Mahagi Airport
FZKCMahagi Airport
FZDAMalanga Airport
FZBNMalebo Airport
CD-0025Maluku Airstrip
CD-0010Mambasa Airport
FZCMMangai Ii Airport
FZRAMNOManono Airport
FZDMMasamuna Airport
FZCVMSMMasi Manimba Airport
FZJHIRPMatari Airport
FZDTMatari Airport
FZDQMazelele Airport
FZEAMDKMbandaka Airport
FZUIMboi Airport
FZWAMJMMbuji Mayi Airport
FZEPMentole Airport
FZDYMissayi Airport
FZQVMitwaba Airport
FZDOMoanza Airport
FZRBBDVMoba Airport
FZOHMoga Airport
FZFHMokaria-Yamoleka Airport
FZUHMoma Airport
FZFRMombongo Airport
FZGGMondombe Airport
CD-0014Monga Airstrip
CD-0011Mongbwalu Airport
FZDNMongo Wa Kenda Airport
FZEBMonieka Airport
FZGXMonkoto Airport
FZFQMpaka Airport
FZUJMuambi Airport
FZAGMNBMuanda Airport
FZDPMukedi Airport
FZRCMukoy Airport
FZMCMulungu Airport
FZQDMulungwishi Airport
FZWLMunkamba Airport
FZUOMusese Airport
FZBJMushie Airport
FZDJMutena Airport
FZUMMutoto Airport
FZQNMutshatsha Airport
FZAYMvula Sanda Airport
FZQJMwadingusha Airport
FZVMMEWMweka Airport
FZWEMwene-Ditu Airport
FZARNKLN'Kolo-Fuma Airport
FZAAFIHNdjili International Airport
FZABNLONdolo Airport
CD-0023Nebobongo Airport
FZDHNgi Airport
FZESNgumu Airport
CD-0016Nia-Nia Airport
FZBINIONioki Airport
FZAFNsangi Airport
FZDGNyanga Airport
FZRNNyunzu Airport
FZDFNzamba Airport
FZMDNzovu Airport
FZNQObaye Airport
FZOJObokote Airport
FZBDOshwe Airport
FZRJPepa Airport
FZOTPhibraki Airport
CD-0005Pimu Airport
CD-0013Poko Airport
FZCPPopokabaka Airport
FZOPPUNPunia Airport
FZOQPunia-Basenge Airport
FZQCPWOPweto Airport
FZMBRUERughenda Airfield
FZNCRutshuru Airport
FZNRRwindi Airport
FZSDSandoa Airport
FZORSaulia Airport
FZBSSemendua Airport
FZMWShabunda Airport
FZVHShongamba Airport
FZRGSominka Airport
FZSCSonga Airport
FZFTTandala Airport
FZOBTingi-Tingi Airport
FZDETono Airport
FZAHTshela Airport
FZURTshibala Airport
FZUSTshikaji Airport
FZUKTSHTshikapa Airport
FZAMMATTshimpi Airport
CD-0019Tshimpumpu Airport
FZVJTshumbe Airport
FZWTKBNTunta Airport
FZCDVanga Airport
FZSBVille Airport
CD-0001Wageni Airport
FZDDWamba Luadi Airport
FZVLWasolo Airport
FZJIWatsa Airport
FZGHWema Airport
FZVNWembo-Nyama Airport
CD-0007Yakoma Airport
FZGIYalingimba Airport
FZIRYANYangambi Airport
FZDSYasa Bongo Airport
FZKIYedi Airport
FZEMYembe Moke Airport
FZGYYemo Airport
FZCYYuki Airport
CD-0009Zaniwe Airport

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