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Aerodrome listing for Cuba

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

MUSCSNUAbel Santamaria Airport
CU-0052Adelaide Airport
CU-0072Aguacate Airport
MUTDTNDAlberto Delgado Airport
CU-0019Altagracia Airport
CU-0076Alturas Airport
CU-0046Amansa Guapos Airport
MUATAntilla Airport
MUCUSCUAntonio Maceo International Airport
CU-0012Artemisa Airport
CU-0088Banes Airport
MUBOBatabanó Airport
CU-0023Bayamo Northwest Airport
CU-0075Branas Airport
CU-0044Cabera Airport
MUCBCaibarién Airport
CU-0022Caio Voisan Airport
CU-0033Campechuela Airport
MUBYBYMCarlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport
CU-0079Caserio la Jocuma North Airport
MUCYCayajabo Airport
CU-0026Cayama Nueva Airport
MUOCCayo Coco Airport
MUGACentral Agramonte Airport
MUCDCiego De Avila Sur Airport
MULBCiudad Libertad Airport
MUCOColón Airport
CU-0001Corral de Rio Airport
CU-0082Cunagua Airport
CU-0048Cupeyes Airport
CU-0021Delicias South Airport
CU-0051El Asiento Airport
CU-0005El Caney Airport
MUBEEl Caribe Airport
CU-0084El Carmen Airport
CU-0045El Cenizo Airport
CU-0031El Congo Airport
CU-0029El Dormitorio Airport
CU-0010El Frances Airport
CU-0059El Jibaro Airport
CU-0083El Yarual Airport
CU-0047Esmeralda Airport
CU-0002Eugenia Airport
MUFLFlorida Airport
CU-0035Francisco Airport
MUHGHOGFrank Pais International Airport
CU-0038Fundo de Buena Ventura Airport
CU-0070Giron Airport
CU-0037Guaicanamar Airport
CU-0027Guamo Airport
CU-0004Guardalavaca Airport
MUBABCAGustavo Rizo Airport
CU-0074Güira de Melena Airport
CU-0036Hatuey Airport
MUVTVTUHermanos Ameijeiras Airport
MUCMCMWIgnacio Agramonte International Airport
CU-0017Imias Airport
CU-0069Jaguey Grande North Airport
MUCFCFGJaime Gonzalez Airport
MUCCCCCJardines Del Rey Airport
CU-0053Jatibonico South Airport
MUSLJoaquín de Agüero Airport
CU-0032Jobabo Northwest Airport
MUHAHAVJosé Martí International Airport
CU-0011Juan de la Cruz Airport
MUVRVRAJuan Gualberto Gomez International Airport
CU-0063Jutiera Airport
MUKWVROKawama Airport
CU-0009La Asunción Airport
MULMLCLLa Coloma Airport
CU-0077La Cubana Airport
CU-0025La Escondida Airport
CU-0016La Francia Airfield
CU-0006La Olivia Airport
MUBRBWWLas Brujas Airport
MUCVLas Clavellinas Airport
CU-0055Las Crisis Airport
CU-0041Las Cruces Airport
CU-0080Las Cruces Airport
CU-0081Las Glorias Airport
CU-0061Las Guasimas Airport
CU-0065Las Nuevas Airport
CU-0057Las Obas Airport
MUGMNBWLeeward Point Field
CU-0085Lombillo Airport
CU-0020Lora Airport
CU-0067Los Arabos Airport
CU-0058Los Galleguitos East Airport
CU-0039Los Ingleses Airport
CU-0018Los Mangos de Baragua Airport
CU-0060Los Tamarindos Airport
CU-0078Los Zagales Airport
MUMGManagua Airport
MUTIManati Airport
CU-0008Mantua Airport
CU-0056Maria Rayes Airport
MUGTGAOMariana Grajales Airport
MUMLMariel Airport
CU-0066Marti East Airport
MUMHMatahambre Airport
MUMTMatanzas Airport
CU-0024Mateo Remas Airport
MUCAAVIMaximo Gomez Airport
MUMJMJGMayajigua Airport
CU-0015McCalla Field
CU-0068Mieles Airport
CU-0087Minas Airport
CU-0049Moron Airport
MUNCICRNicaro Airport
MUIVNuevitas Airport
MUMOMOAOrestes Acosta Airport
CU-0089Palma Soriano Airport
MUPLPilon Airport
CU-0050Pina Airport
MUPRPinar Del Rio Airport
MUPBUPBPlaya Baracoa Airport
CU-0003PSTPreston Airport
CU-0028Puente Guillen Airport
MUPAPunta Alegre Airport
MUMAUMAPunta de Maisi Airport
CU-0064Purio Airport
MUNGGERRafael Cabrera Airport
CU-0054Ramblazon de Reyes Airport
MUSGSagua La Grande Airport
MUSASan Antonio de los Baños Airfield
CU-0040San Carlos Airport
CU-0030San German Airport
CU-0014San Jose de las Lajas Highway Airstrip
CU-0034San Jose Northwest Airport
MUSJSNJSan Julian Air Base
MUNBQSNSan Nicolas De Bari Airport
CU-0007San Pedro Airport
CU-0013San Pedro Highway Airstrip
MUSSUSSSancti Spiritus Airport
CU-0073Santa Fe Airport
MUMZMZOSierra Maestra Airport
MUSNSZJSiguanea Airport
CU-0086Sola Airport
CU-0071Union de Reyes Airport
CU-0043Vertientes Airport
CU-0042Vertientes Southwest Airport
CU-0062Viejo Airport
MUCLCYOVilo Acuña International Airport

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