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Aerodrome listing for Cyprus

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

CY-0075A6 Tunnel Eastern Entrance Helipad
CY-0074A6 Tunnel Western Entrance Helipad
CY-0063Akamas Fire Lookout Helipad
CY-0053Aslankoy Helipad
CY-0054Aslankoy South Helipad
CY-0011Ayios Nikolaos North Heliport
CY-0010Ayios Nikolaos South Heliport
CY-0080Bogazkoy Helipad
CY-0027Çaml?bel HELIPORT
CY-0079Choirokoitia Helipad
CY-0061Cyprus Expo Helipad
CY-0081Cyprus Gliding Club
CY-0049Dhekelia Station Helipad
CY-0042Dhekelia Station JNCO Helipad
CY-0048Dhekelia Station Sports Fields Helipad
CY-0043Dhekelia Station Waterloo Road Helipad
CY-0077Epilas Helipad
CY-0071Episkopi Cantonment Helipad
CY-0072Episkopi Cantonment Helipad
LCENECNErcan International Airport
CY-0052Erdemli Helipad
CY-0015Erenköy Helipad
CY-0009Famagusta General Hospital Helipad
CY-0083Frenaros Helipad
CY-0023Gaziveren Heliport
CY-0028Girne Heliport
CY-0051Gülseren Barracks Central Helipad
CY-0050Gülseren Barracks Lakeside Heliport
CY-0025Güne?köy helipad
CY-0062Gürp?nar Helipad
CY-0058K.A.A.Y. Kitiou Helipad
CY-0029Karaman Heliport
CY-0067KEN Paphos Helipad
CY-0004Kingsfield Air Base
CY-0056Kirklar Helipad
CY-0006Kophinou Highway Strip
CY-0005Kornos Highway Strip
CY-0084Köprülü Heliport
CY-0001Lakatamia Airfield
LCLKLCALarnaca International Airport
CY-0078Lazanias Helipad
CY-0002GECLefkoniko Airport / Geçitkale Air Base
CY-0076Limassol General Hospital Helipad
CY-0007Marki Airfield
CY-0031Metehan Helipad
CY-0013Mosfili helipad
CY-0060Nicosia General Hospital Helipad
CY-NICNICNicosia International Airport
CY-0034Ortaköy Heliport
CY-0003P?narba?? Air Base
CY-0065Paphos Airport Heliport
CY-0066Paphos Airport Military Heliport
CY-0064Paphos General Hospital Helipad
LCPHPFOPaphos International Airport
CY-0073Paramali East Helipad
CY-0068Paramali Radio Sonde Helipad
CY-0069Paramali South Helipad
CY-0070Paramali South Helipad
CY-0055Pasakoy Heliport
CY-0059Princess Mary Hospital Helipad
CY-0008RAF Ayios Nikolaos Air Base
CY-0041RAF Dhekelia Airfield
CY-0082RAF Troodos Helipad
CY-0026Sadrazamköy HELIPORT
CY-0057UNFICYP Camp General Stefanik Helipad
CY-0022UNFICYP Camp Roca Helipad
CY-0047UNFICYP CP10 Heliport
CY-0016UNFICYP Helipad
CY-0032UNFICYP Nicosia Airport Helipad
CY-0014UNFICYP OP03 Heliport
CY-0012UNFICYP OP08 Heliport
CY-0038UNFICYP OP101 Heliport
CY-0039UNFICYP OP123 Heliport
CY-0040UNFICYP OP126 Heliport
CY-0044UNFICYP OP135 Heliport
CY-0045UNFICYP OP138 Heliport
CY-0046UNFICYP OP140 Heliport
CY-0018UNFICYP OP18 Heliport
CY-0019UNFICYP OP22 Heliport
CY-0020UNFICYP OP32 Heliport
CY-0030UNFICYP OP51 Helipad
CY-0035UNFICYP OP86 Heliport
CY-0036UNFICYP OP91 Heliport
CY-0037UNFICYP OP95 Heliport
CY-0017Variseia Border Post helipad
CY-0033Yak?n Do?u Üniversitesi Helipad
CY-0024Ye?ilyurt helipad
CY-0021Yukari Bostanci Border Post Heliport

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