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Aerodrome listing for Egypt

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

EG-AUEAUEAbu Rudeis Airport
HEBLABSAbu Simbel Airport
HE35Abu Suwayr Air Base
EG-0017Al Battikh Airfield
HE32Al Mansurah Airport
EG-0007Al Omraneyah Heliport
EG-0001Al Rahmaniyah Air Base
HEAZAlmaza Air Force Base
EG-0014Aluminium Heliport
HE39As Salihiyah Airport
HE19As Sallum Airport
HESNASWAswan International Airport
HEATATZAsyut International Airport
HE11Badr El Din Airport
HE22Baluza Airport
HEBSBeni Suef Air Base
EG-0008Beni Suef University Heliport
HE14Berenice International Airport / Ras Banas Air Base
EG-0003Bilbeis 2 Airfield
HE37Bilbeis Air Base
HE17Bir Abu Rahal Airport
EG-0004Bir Hasanah
HE36Bir Jifjafah Airport
HE16Birma Air Base
HEBAHBEBorg El Arab International Airport
HECACAICairo International Airport
HECWCairo West Air Base
HECPCCECapital International Airport
HEDKDAKDakhla Airport
EG-0012Dar al Salam Heliport
HE23Daraw Airport
HE33Deir El Gill Airport
EG-0005Difarsuwar Airfield
HEALDBBEl Alamein International Airport
HEARAACEl Arish International Airport
EG-0011El Arish Military Hospital Helipad
HEGREGHEl Gora Airport
HEGOEl Gouna Airport
HEKGUVLEl Kharga Airport
EG-0015El Maragha Heliport
HE25EMYEl Minya Airport
HEAXALYEl Nuzha Airport
HE46El Sharqi Airport
EG-0002El Sheikh Gebeil Airport
HETRELTEl Tor Airport
EG-0006Fa'id Air Base
HE20Gabal El Zeit Airport
HE28Gebel El Basur Air Base
HEEMGiza Embaba Airport
HE18Habata Airport
HE15Hulwan Airfield
HEGNHRGHurghada International Airport
HE12Inshas Air Base
HEISIsmailia Air Base
HEGSJiyanklis Air Base
HE30Kawm Ushim Airport
HE34Kibrit Airport
HELXLXRLuxor International Airport
EG-0013Maadi Military Hospital Heliport
HE31Malan Frein Airport
HEMARMFMarsa Alam International Airport
HEMMMUHMarsa Matruh Airport
HE41Misheifa Airport
EG-0009New Beni Suef Heliport
HEOCOctober Airport
HEPSPSDPort Said Airport
HE42Quweisna Airport
EG-0010Ras Ghareb Airport
HE45Ras Sedr Airport
HE21Ras Shokeir New Airport
HESCSKVSaint Catherine International Airport
HESHSSHSharm El Sheikh International Airport
HEOWGSQSharq El Owainat International Airport
EG-0016Sheikh Zayed Canal Lift Station Heliport
HE40SQKSidi Barrani Airport
HESWSEWSiwa Oasis North Airport
HESGHMBSohag International Airport
HESXSPXSphinx International Airport
HETBTCPTaba International Airport
HE27Uthman Air Base
HE38Wadi Abu Rish Airport
HE26Wadi Abu Shihat Air Base

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