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Aerodrome listing for Finland

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

EFAAAavahelukka Airport
EFAHAhmosuo Airport
EFALAlavus Airfield
EFJVCentral Finland Central Hospital Heliport
EFETENFEnontekio Airport
EFEUEura Airport
EFFOForssa Airfield
EFGEGenböle Airport
EFHJHaapajärvi Airport
EFHIHaapamäki Airfield
EFHPHaapavesi Airfield
EFHLHailuoto Airfield
EFHAKEVHalli Airport
FI-0009Hangasjärvi Airstrip
EFHNHanko Airport
EFPRHelsinki East-Redstone Airport
EFHFHEMHelsinki Malmi Airport
EFHKHELHelsinki Vantaa Airport
EFHEHernesaari Heliport
EFHVHYVHyvinkää Airfield
EFHMHämeenkyrö Airfield
EFMLIi Airfield
EFIIIisalmi Airport
EFJIIlvesjoki UL
EFIMImmola Airport
EFIVIVLIvalo Airport
EFJOJOEJoensuu Airport
EFEJJorvin Hospital Heliport
EFJYJYVJyväskylä Airport
EFJPJäkäläpää Airfield
EFJMJämijärvi Airfield
EFKIKAJKajaani Airport
EFKOKalajoki Airfield
EFKNKannus Airfield
EFHHKanta-Hämeen Central Hospital Heliport
EFKJKHJKauhajoki Airfield
EFKAKAUKauhava Airfield
EFKEKEMKemi-Tornio Airport
EFKMKemijarvi Airport
EFIKKiikala Airport
EFEKKilpisjärvi Heliport
EFITKTQKitee Airport
EFKTKTTKittilä Airport
EFRVKiuruvesi Airfield
EFKVKivijärvi Airfield
EFKKKOKKokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
EFKHKuhmo Airfield
EFKGKumlinge Airport
EFKUKUOKuopio Airport
EFPJKuopio University Hospital Heliport
EFKSKAOKuusamo Airport
EFKYKymi Airfield
EFKRKärsämäki Airport
EFLALahti Vesivehmaa Airport
EFLLLapinlahti Airfield
EFLRLapland Central Hospital Heliport
EFLPLPPLappeenranta Airport
EFLNLieksa Nurmes Airfield
EFMAMHQMariehamn Airport
EFMPMartiniiskonpalo Airport
EFHYMeilahti Hospital Helipad
EFMEMenkijärvi Airfield
EFMIMIKMikkeli Airport
EFMNMäntsälä Airport
FI-0005Mänttä - Sassi Airfield
EFJENorth Karelia Central Hospital Heliport
EFNUNummela Airport
FI-0003Nummijärvi Airfield
EFOPOripää Airfield
EFOUOULOulu Airport
EFHOOulun University Hospital Heliport
FI-0007Parkano Airfield
EFPEPeijaksen Hospital Heliport
EFPKPieksämäki Airport
EFPIPiikajarvi Airport
FI-0001Pistohiekan Glider Field
EFPAPokka Airport
EFPOPORPori Airport
EFPUPudasjärvi Airport
EFPNPunkaharju Airport
EFPYPyhäsalmi Airfield
EFPHPyhäselkä Airport
EFPLPäijät-Hämeen Central Hospital Heliport
EFRHRaahe Pattijoki Airfield
EFRNRantasalmi Airfield
EFRURanua Airport
EFRARautavaara Airfield
EFRORVNRovaniemi Airport
EFRYRäyskälä Airfield
EFNSSavikko Airfield
EFSASVLSavonlinna Airport
EFHSSeinäjoen Central Hospital Heliport
EFSISJYSeinäjoki Airport
EFSESelanpaa Airport
EFSOSOTSodankyla Airport
FI-0008Soini Airfield
EFSJSonkajärvi-Jyrkkä Airfield
EFVTSulkaharju Airfield
EFSUSuomussalmi Airfield
EFPTTampere University Hospital Heliport
EFTPTMPTampere-Pirkkala Airport
EFTSTeisko Airfield
EFTOTorbacka Airfield
EFTUTKUTurku Airport
EFTVTurku University Central Hospital Heliport
FI-0002Ummeljoki KW Ultralight Airfield
EFUTUTIUtti Air Base
EFVLVaala Airfield
EFVAVAAVaasa Airport
EFVPVampula Airfield
EFVRVRKVarkaus Airport
EFVIViitasaari Airfield
EFVUVuotso Airport
EFWBWredeby Airfield
EFYLYLIYlivieska Airfield
FI-0004Ähtäri Airfield

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