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Aerodrome listing for United Kingdom

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

GB-0385Abbots Bromley Airfield
GB-0935Abbotts Hill Farm Airstrip
EGPDABZAberdeen Dyce Airport
GB-0623Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Helistrip
GB-0317Abergavenny Airstrip
EGFAAberporth Airport
GB-0009Aboyne Airfield
GB-0715Acaster Malbis Airstrip
GB-0539Achnasheen Airstrip
GB-0934Acthorpe Top Farm Airstrip
GB-0995Acton Farm Airstrip
GB-0985Addenbrooke's Hospital Helipad
GB-0625Aintree University Hospital Heliport
GB-0444Alcester Airfield
GB-0003Alexandra Park Aerodrome
GB-0318Allensmore Airfield
GB-0838Almondsbury Helicopter Base
EGWAAndover Airfield
EGOVVLYAnglesey Airport
GB-0549Annies Field Microlight Site
GB-0319Archerfield Airstrip
GB-0320Arclid Airfield
GB-0944Arden Heath Farm Airstrip
GB-0770Armshold Farm Airstrip
GB-0322Arran Heliport
EGLTAscot Racecourse Heliport
GB-0737Ash House Farm Airstrip
GB-0064Ashcroft Airfield
GB-0216Ashley's Field Airstrip
GB-0427Askern Airfield
GB-0011Aston Down Airfield
GB-0685Athey's Moor Airfield
GB-0065Audley End Airfield
GB-0559Aughrim Airstrip
GB-0494Avon Lane Airfield
EGTAAylesbury/Thame Airfield
GB-0437Ayton Castle Airstrip
EG03Badminton Airfield
GB-0599Bagber Farm Airstrip
EGNGBagby Thirsk Prv Airport
GB-0801Baileys Fram Airstrip
GB-0323Bakersfield Airstrip
GB-0739Balado Park Airstrip UL
GB-0940Balgone Airstrip
GB-0740Balgrummo Steading Airstrip
GB-0540Ballone Castle Airstrip
GB-0419Banbury Airfield
GB-0602Bankwood Farm Airstrip
GB-0594Barcombe-North Airstrip
GB-0378Barling Airfield
GB-0431Barnards Farm
EGPRBRRBarra Airport
EGNLBWFBarrow Walney Island Airport
GB-0943Barton Ashes Airstrip
GB-0886Batch End Farm Airstrip
GB-0790Batchley Farm Airstrip
GB-0853Bath 'Charmy Down' airstrip
GB-0032Bath Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club
GB-0218Battleflat Farm Airstrip
GB-0438Baxby-Husthwaite Airfield
GB-0324Baxterley Aerodrome
GB-0766Baynard's Park Airstrip
EGSMBeccles Airfield
EGBFBedford Aerodrome
GB-0169Bedlands Gate airstrip
GB-0800Bedwell Hey Farm Airstrip
GB-0325Beeches Farm Airstrip
EGAABFSBelfast International Airport
GB-0326Belle Vue Airfield
EGHJBBPBembridge Airport
EGPLBEBBenbecula Airport
GB-0327Benington Airfield
GB-1010Bennetsfield Private Airstrip
GB-0012Benone Strand/Londerry Airfield
GB-0788Bensons Farm Airstrip
GB-0937Benston Farm Airstrip
GB-0806Bere Farm Airstrip
GB-0693Bericote Farm Airstrip
GB-0915Bernwood Farm Airstrip
GB-0168Berrier Airstrip
GB-0231Berrow Airstrip
GB-0826Berry Grove Farm Airstrip
EGNYBeverley/Linley Hill Airfield
EGDDBicester Airfield
GB-0013Bidford Airfield
EGXBGSYBinbrook Airfield
GB-0328Binstead Airfield
GB-0723Birchwood Lodge Airstrip
GB-0484Birds Edge Airstrip
EGCOBirkdale Sands Beach Runway
EGBBBHXBirmingham International Airport
GB-0687Bitteswell Farm Airstrip
GB-0609Black Horse Ballooning Club
GB-0188Black Spring Farm Airstrip
EGLKBBSBlackbushe Airport
GB-0493Blackhill Airstrip
GB-0695Blackmoor Farm Airstrip
EGNHBLKBlackpool International Airport
GB-0329Blair Atholl Airfield
GB-0866Blair Drummond Private Airstrip
GB-0014Blease Hall
GB-0556Blooms Farm Airstrip
GB-0784Blue Tile Farm Airstrip
EGLABodmin Airfield
EGKCBognor Regis
GB-0127Bolt Head
GB-0988Bonnallack Airstrip
GB-0924Bonnington Airstrip
EG19Boon Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0187Boones Farm Airstrip
GB-0750Bossington Airstrip
GB-0058Boston Aerodrome
GB-0330Boughton North Airfield
GB-0635Bounds Farm Airstrip
EGSNBourn Airfield
GB-0193Bourne Park Airfield
EGHHBOHBournemouth Airport
GB-0751Bovingdon Airstrip
GB-0839Bowden Farm Airstrip
GB-0332Bowerchalke Airfield
GB-0049Bowerswaine Farm Airfield
GB-1007Bowford Farm Airstrip
GB-0333Bowldown Farm Airstrip
GB-0947Bradleys Lawn Airstrip UL
GB-0062Branscombe Airfield
GB-0334Breidden Airfield
EGBRBreighton Airfield
GB-0015Brent Tor Glider Field
GB-0929Brickwall Farm Airstrip
GB-0719Bridge Cottage Airstrip
GB-0945Bridge Farm Airstrip
GB-0335Bridlington Airfield
EGLPBrimpton Airfield
GB-0689Brine Pits Farm Airstrip
EGGDBRSBristol Airport
GB-0022Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club
EGTGFZOBristol Filton Airport
GB-0348Bristol Royal Infirmary Helipad
XBROBroadford Airstrip
GB-0459Broadmeadow Farm Airstrip
GB-1008Brockwood Bottom Farm Airstrip
GB-0360Brook Farm Airstrip
GB-0969Brook Farm Airstrip
GB-0432Brook Farm Airstrip UL
GB-0476Brookfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0455Brooklands Farm Airstrip
GB-0857Brookside Farm Private Airstrip
GB-0747Broomhill Farm Airstrip
EGNBBrough Airport
GB-0973Brown Farm Airstrip
GB-0555Brown Shutters Farm Airstrip
EG74Bruntingthorpe Airport
GB-0039Brunton Airfield
GB-0310Bryn Gates Airfield
GB-0016Bryngwyn Bach Airfield
GB-0336Bucknall Airfield
GB-0874Burdon Head Farm Airstrip
GB-0017Burn Airfield
GB-0425Burnham Airstrip
GB-0729Burton-Constable Airstrip
GB-0357Bute Airfield
GB-0706Butterfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0876Buttermilk Hall Farm
GB-0509Bycross Farm Airstrip
GB-0601Cadwell Park Farm Airstrip
GB-0561Cae Mawr Tyddyn Hen
EGCKCaernarfon Airport
GB-0337Calcot Airfield
GB-0469Calton Moor Airfield
EGSCCBGCambridge Airport
GB-0745Cameron House Hotel Seaplane Base
GB-0694Camp Farm Airstrip
EGECCALCampbeltown Airport
GB-0018Camphill Airfield
GB-0067Canterbury Airfield
GB-0580Carden Park Hotel Helistrip
EGFCCardiff Heliport
EGFFCWLCardiff International Airport
GB-0752Cardington Airstrip
CarkCark airfield
EGNCCAXCarlisle Airport
GB-0019Carlton Moor Airfield
GB-0707Carr Farm Airstrip
GB-0554Carr Valley
GB-0546Carrickmore Airstrip
ZA-0102Castle Bromwich Aerodrome/RAF Castle Bromwich
GB-0288Castle Kennedy Airfield
EGSBCastle Mill Airfield
GB-0362Castlerock Airstrip
GB-0189Caunton Airstrip
GB-0008Causeway Airfield
GB-0712Causey Park Airstrip UL
EGLJChalgrove Airport
GB-0933Chalk Pyt Farm Airstrip
GB-0564Chalksole Green Airstrip
EGKEChallock Airfield
GB-0175Channel Gliding Club
GB-0436Charlton Mires Airstrip
GB-0259Charlton Park Airstrip
GB-0287Charterhall Airfield
GB-0399Chase Farm Airstrip
GB-0367Chatteris Airfield
GB-0756Cheddington Airstrip
GB-0534Chedworth RAF Air Base
EGBCCheltenham Racecourse Heliport
GB-0757Chelworth House Airstrip
GB-0938Cherry Willingham Airstrip
GB-0992Chesham Vale Airstrip
GB-0356Chilsfold Farm Airstrip
GB-0157Chiltern Park Aerodrome
GB-0339Chipping Airfield
GB-1004Chipstead Private Airstrip
GB-0817Church Farm Airstrip
EGCBCity Airport Manchester
EGAELDYCity of Derry Airport
EGSQClacton Airfield
GB-0302Claybrooke Farm Airstrip
GB-1001Clees Hall Airstrip
GB-0045Clench Common Airfield
GB-0361Cliffe Airstrip
GB-0258Clipgate Farm Airstrip
GB-0637Clothall Common Airstrip
GB-1002Clotton airstrip UL
GB-0217Clutton Hill Airstrip
EGCACoal Aston Airfield
GB-0878Coalisland Airstrip
GB-0873Coetir Bach Farm Airstrip
GB-0831Coldharbour Farm Airstrip
GB-0390Coleman Green Airstrip
GB-0051Colemore Farm Airfield
EGELCOLColl Airport
EGEYCSAColonsay Airstrip
GB-0903Colthrop Manor Farm Airstrip
EGHACompton Abbas Aerodrome
GB-0981Conaglen House Airstrip
GB-0744Cornbury House Airstrip
GB-0690Costock Heliport
EGBPGBACotswold Airport
GB-0922Cottage Farm Airstrip
GB-0034Cottage Farm Airstrip UL
GB-0364Cottered Airstrip
EGBECVTCoventry Airport
GB-0999Cowbit Airstrip
EGTCCranfield Airport
GB-0304Craysmarsh Airstrip
GB-0586Cricklade Hotel Heliport
GB-0156Cricklewood Aerodrome
GB-0403Crockham Hill Airfield
GB-0928Croes-Carn-Einion Farm
GB-0303Croft Airstrip
GB-0024Croft Farm Airfield
GB-0713Croft Farm Airstrip
GB-0648Croft Heliport
GB-0047Cromer/Northrepps Aerodrome
GB-0691Crosbie Field UL
EGNDCrosland Moor Airfield
GB-0486Crossmaglen Airstrip
GB-0377Croughton Manor Farm Airstrip
EGSOCrowfield Airfield
GB-0252Crowland Glider Field
EGCRCroydon Airport
GB-0191Cruglas Synod Inn Airstrip
GB-0704Crumpton Oaks Farm Airstrip
GB-0190Cuckoo Tye Farm Airstrip
GB-0465Culbokie Airstrip
EGEACulter Heliport
EGPGCumbernauld Airport
GB-0393Currock Hill Glider Field
GB-0875Curry Rivel Airstrip
GB-0622Dairy House Farm Airfield
GB-0742Dalcross Heliport
GB-0832Dalkeith Farm Airstrip
EGMLDamyns Hall Aerodrome
GB-0759Danehill Airstrip
GB-0369Darley Moor Airfield
GB-0616Darlton Gliding Club
GB-0463Davidstow Moor
EGWCDCAE Cosford Air Base
EGKLDeanland Lewes Airfield
GB-0632Debach Airfield
GB-0371Decoy Farm Airstrip
GB-0971Denford Manor Airstrip
EGLDDenham Aerodrome
GB-0872Deptford 'Farm' Airstrip
GB-0871Deptford Airstrip
EGBDDerby Airfield
GB-0894Dinas Farm Private Airstrip
GB-0192Ditton Priors Airstrip
GB-0510Doncaster Airfield
GB-1000Donnydeade Airstrip
GB-DOCDOCDornoch Airfield
GB-0025Dorset Gliding Club (Eyres Field)
EGPYDounreay/Thurso Airport
GB-0006Draycott Farm
GB-0699Drayton Hone Farm Airstrip
GB-0428Drayton St. Leonard
GB-0932Droppingwells Farm Airstrip
GB-0923Druridge Bay Airstrip
EGPNDNDDundee Airport
EGTUDunkeswell Airport
GB-0491Dunnamanagh Airstrip
GB-0355Dunnyvadden Airstrip
GB-0738Dunroaming Heliport
EGTDDunsfold Aerodrome
GB-0991Durleighmarsh Farm Airstrip
EGSUDuxford Aerodrome
GB-0998Dysons Osiers Airstrip
EGHUEaglescott Airfield
EGSREarls Colne Airfield
GB-0529Earwig Farm Airstrip
GB-0181East Fortune Airfield
GB-0782East Haxted Farm Airstrip
GB-0182East Kirkby
GB-0296East Lochlane Farm Airstrip
EGNXEMAEast Midlands Airport
GB-0194East Winch Airstrip
GB-0451Eastchurch Airfield
GB-0048Easter Airfield
GB-0754Easter Nether Cabra Farm Airstrip
GB-0441Easterton Glider Field
GB-0628Eastfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0195Easton Maudit Airstrip
EGEDEOIEday Airport
GB-0066Eddsfield Airfield
EGPHEDIEdinburgh Airport
GB-0762Edington Airstrip
GB-0069Egerton Airfield
GB-0052Eggesford Airfield
GB-0485Egton Airstrip
GB-0914Elan Valley Airstrip
GB-0807Elmham Lodge Airstrip
EGSTElmsett Airfield
EGTRElstree Airfield
GB-0075Elvington Airfield
GB-0506Englefield Airstrip
EGABENKEnniskillen/St Angelo Airport
GB-0007Enstone Aerodrome
GB-0038Eshott Airfield
GB-0338Essex Police Heliport
GB-1022Evanton Airfield
GB-0468Ewesley Airstrip
EGTEEXTExeter International Airport
GB-0363Exning Airstrip
GB-0435Eye Kettleby Airstrip
EGEFFIEFair Isle Airport
EGTFFairoaks Airport
GB-0375Falgunzeon Glider Airfield
GB-0763Farley Farm Airstrip
EGLFFABFarnborough Airport
EGMFFarthing Corner/Stoneacre Farm Airfield
GB-0063Farway Common Airfield
GB-0260Felixkirk Airstrip
GB-0426Felthorpe Airfield
GB-0993Fen-End-Farm Airstrip
EGCLFenland Airfield
GB-0733Fern Farm Airstrip UL
EGZLFeshiebridge Glider Field
FEAFEAFetlar Airport
GB-0941Field Farm Airstrip
GB-0793Field Farm Helistrip
GB-0727Field House Farm Airstrip UL
EGPJFife Airport
GB-0077Finmere Aerodrome
GB-0289Finningley Village Airstrip
GB-0836Fir Grove Airstrip
GB-0513Firs Farm Airstrip
GB-0002Fishburn Airfield
GB-0820Fisherwick Airfield
EGVFPMEFleetlands Heliport
GB-FLHFLHFlotta Isle Airport
GB-0765Folly Farm Airstrip
GB-0373Forest Farm Airstrip
GB-0542Forfar Airstrip
GB-0576Former Drumshade Glider Field
GB-0442Fort Augustus Airstrip
GB-0443Forwood Farm Airstrip
GB-FOAFOAFoula Airfield
EGMAFowlmere Airfield
GB-0731Frandley House Airstrip
GB-0600Freshwater Fruit Farm Airstrip
GB-0749Fridd Farm Airstrip
GB-0825Frieslands Farm Airstip
GB-0925Frinsted Airstrip
EGNUFull Sutton Airfield
GB-0776Furze Farm Airstrip
GB-0767Gamlingay Helicopter Strip
GB-0290Garforth Airstrip
GB-0848Garston Farm Airstrip
GB-0341Garton Field Airstrip
EGACBHDGeorge Best Belfast City Airport
GB-0824Gerpins Farm Airstrip
GB-0068Gigha Airfield
GB-0714Gilrudding Grange Airstrip
GB-0982Ginge-Farm Airstrip
EGEGGlasgow City Heliport
GB-0743Glasgow Clyde Heliport
EGPFGLAGlasgow International Airport
EGPKPIKGlasgow Prestwick Airport
GB-0684Glasgow Seaplane Terminal
GB-0166Glassonby Airfield
GB-0703Glebe Farm (Sibson) Airstrip
GB-0353Glebe Farm Airstrip
GB-1012Glebe Farm Airstrip
GB-0517Glebe Farm Airstrip
GB-0503Glebe Farm Airstrip
GB-ULLGlenforsa Airfield
GB-0541Glensanda Airstrip
GB-0201Glenswinton Farm Airstrip
EGBJGLOGloucestershire Airport
GB-0986Godney Airstrip
GB-0979Goldstone Farm Airstrip
EGHRQUGGoodwood Aerodrome
EGKGGoodwood Racecourse Heliport
GB-0255Gorrel Farm Airstrip
GB-0865Grange Farm Private Airstrip
GB-0532Grange Farm private Airstrip
GB-0354Grangewood Airstrip
GB-0461Gransden Lodge Glider Field
GB-0401Graveley Airstrip
GB-0301Great Ashfield Airstrip
GB-0822Great Friars Thornes Farm Airstrip
GB-0854Great House Farm Airstrip
GB-0078Great Massingham Airfield
GB-0618Great North Air Ambulance
GB-0177Great Oakley
EGSDGreat Yarmouth - North Denes Heliport
GB-0697Green Acres Airstrip
GB-0298Green Farm Airstrip
GB-0728Greenhills Farm Airstrip
GB-0978Greenlease Farm Airstrip
GB-0262Griffin's Farm Airstrip
GB-0240Grove Farm Airstrip
GB-0804Grove Farm Airstrip
GB-0814Grove Farm Airstrip
GB-0889Grove Field Airstrip
GB-0931Gunton Park Airstrip
GB-0254Gutchpool Farm Airstrip
GB-0774Haddenham Backstable Airstrip
GB-0748Hadfold Farm Airstrip UL
GB-0845Halesland Glider Field
GB-0976Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0297Hallwell Airstrip
GB-0753Hamilton Farm Airstrip
GB-1003Hamilton House Airstrip
GB-0708Hanbeck Farm Airstrip
GB-0200Hanley Farm Airstrip
GB-0405Hardwicke Airstrip
GB-0781Harpsden Park Airstrip
GB-0406Harringe Airfield
GB-0864Hatchgate Farm Airstrip
GB-0285Hatton Airstrip
EGFEHAWHaverfordwest Airport
GB-0779Haw Farm Airstrip
EGNRCEGHawarden Airport
GB-0764Hawksview Airstrip
GB-0846Hawling Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0284Haxey Airstrip
GB-0309Haydock Park Airstrip
EGKHHeadcorn Aerodrome
GB-0439Headon Microlight
GB-0674Hendon Aerodrome
EGHSHenstridge Airfield
GB-0869Hermitage Airstrip
GB-0888Heston Aerodrome
GB-0033Heywood Farm Airstrip
GB-0072Hibaldstow Airfield
GB-0974Hickstead Airstrip
GB-0235High Cross Airstrip
GB-0071High Easter Airfield
GB-0483High Flats Farm Airstrip
GB-0732Higher Barn Farm Airstrip
GB-0760Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0755Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0778Hill Top Farm Airstrip
GB-0859Hinderclay Meadows Glider Field
GB-0073Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield
GB-0862Hirta Heliport
GB-0096HMS Goldcrest / RAF Angle / RNAS Angle
GB-0688Hoe Farm Airstrip
GB-0629Hold Farm Airstrip
GB-0772Holly Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0224Holly Meadow Farm Airstrip
GB-0387Hollym Airfield
GB-0868Hollym West
GB-0365Holmbeck Farm Airfield
EGCHHolyhead Heliport
GB-0841Home Farm Airstrip
GB-0921Home Farm Airstrip
GB-0942Homestead Farm Airstrip
GB-0430Hook Airstrip
GB-0422Hook Norton Airstrip
GB-0910Hopkiln Farm Airstrip
GB-0560Horham Airstrip
GB-0036Horse Leys Farm Airstrip
GB-0911Horsey Island Airfield
GB-0070HOYHoy/Longhope Airfield
EGNAHucknall Airfield
GB-0630Hulcote Farm Airstrip
GB-0786Hulcote Helimech
EGDVHullavington Airfield
EGNJHUYHumberside Airport
GB-0464Hunsdon Airfield
GB-0411Husbands Bosworth Airfield
GB-0977Hutton Grange Farm Airstrip
GB-0269Ince Blundell Microlight
GB-0861Infantry Battle School Helicopter Base
GB-0803Inglenook Farm Airstrip
GB-0718Inglesham Private Airstrip
GB-0730Ings Farm Airstrip
EGPEINVInverness Airport
GB-0512Ipswich Airport
EGPIILYIslay Airport
GB-1023Isle of May Heliport
EGHNIsle of Wight / Sandown Airport
GB-0810Ivy Farm Airstrip
GB-0176Jackrells Farm
GB-0424Jenkins Farm Airstrip
GB-0214Jericho Farm Airstrip
GB-0215Jubilee Farm Airstrip
GB-0480Kemeys Commander Airstrip
GB-0384Kenley Aerodrome
EGMHMSEKent International Airport (Manston)
GB-0734Kenyon Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0046Keyston Airfield
GB-1006Kilfinichen Airstrip
GB-0711Kilkerran UL
GB-0860Kimberley Hall Airstrip
GB-0271Kingfisher's Bridge Airstrip
GB-0236Kingsmuir Airfield
US-0220Kingstown Municipal Airport/RAF Kingstown/RAF Carlisle
GB-0005Kirkbride Airfield
EGPAKOIKirkwall Airport
GB-0577Kirriemuir Farm Strip
GB-0497Kirton-in-Lindsey Glider Field
GB-0916Kitcombe Airstrip
GB-0815Kitty Hawk Farm Airstrip
GB-0710Knettishall Airstrip
GB-0402Knockbain Farm Airstrip
GB-0150Knockrome Airstrip
GB-0867Kylarrick House Airstrip
GB-0234Laddingford Aerodrome
GB-0644Lake Heliport Abbotsham
GB-0400Lamb Holm Airfield
GB-0917Lamberhurst Airstrip
GB-0837Lamberhurst Farm Airstrip
EGHCLEQLand's End Airport
GB-0768Landead Farm Airstrip
GB-0076Lane Farm Airstrip
GB-0030Langar Airfield
EGALLangford Lodge Air Base
GB-0789Langham Airstrip
GB-0968Langmoor Farm Airstrip
GB-0847Langport Airstrip
GB-0283Lark Engine Farmhouse Airstrip
EGHLLasham Airfield
GB-0379Latch Farm Airstrip
GB-0909Laurel Farm Airstrip
GB-0796Lavenham Airstrip
EGTILeavesden Aerodrome
EG34Ledbury Airfield
EGNMLBALeeds Bradford Airport
EGXGLeeds East Airport
EGNPLeeds Heliport
EGBGLeicester Airport
GB-0651Lennox Plunton Airstrip
EGETLWKLerwick / Tingwall Airport
EGQLADXLeuchars Station Airfield
GB-0500Lindens Farm Airstrip
GB-0172Lingcroft Grass Airstrip
GB-0642Liskeard Heliport
GB-0237Little Chase Farm Airstrip
GB-0293Little Down Farm Airstrip
GB-0834Little Engeham Farm Airstrip
GB-1019Little Farm Airstrip
EGMJLittle Gransden Airfield
GB-0809Little Haugh Hall Private Airstrip
GB-0835Little Robhurst Airstrip
GB-0918Little Shelford Airstrip
GB-0394Little Snoring Airfield
GB-0274Little Staughton Airfield
EGGPLPLLiverpool John Lennon Airport
EGODLlanbedr Airport
GB-0863Llangarron Private Airstrip
GB-0429Lleweni Parc Glyndwr Soaring Club
GB-0828Loadman Farm Airstrip
GB-0821Lodge Farm Airstrip
GB-0507Lodge Farm Airstrip
GB-0717Lodge Field House Airstrip
EGKBBQHLondon Biggin Hill Airport
EGLCLCYLondon City Airport
GB-0466London Colney
EGKKLGWLondon Gatwick Airport
GB-0615London Gliding Club
EGLLLHRLondon Heathrow Airport
EGLWLondon Heliport
EGGWLTNLondon Luton Airport
GB-0672London Red Bull Airport
EGSSSTNLondon Stansted Airport
GB-0368Long Acres Farm
EGBLLong Marston Airfield
GB-0264Long Stratton Airstrip
GB-0883Longford Airstrip
GB-0286Longside Airfield
GB-0167Longtown airfield
GB-0174Lorn and Islands District General Hospital Helipad
GB-0855Lotmead Farm Airstrip
GB-0487Loughbrickland Airstrip
GB-0627Louth Airstrip
GB-0247Low Farm Airstrip
GB-0227Low Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0550Lower Botrea
GB-0276Lower Grounds Farm Airstrip
GB-0053Lower Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0984Lower Park Farm Airstrip
GB-0042Lower Upham Airfield
GB-0044Lower Upham Farm Airfield
GB-0265Lower Withial Fram Airstrip
GB-1020Lower-Durston Airstrip
GB-0434Ludham Airfield
GB-0548Lukesfield Airstrip
EGZVLundy Island Airfield
GB-0347Lundy Island Helipad
GB-0970Lunsden Farm Ultralight Airstrip
GB-0683Luss Seaplane Terminal
GB-0535Luxter Farm Airstrip
EGMDLYXLydd Airport
GB-0275Lydeway field
GB-0682Lydiard Park
GB-0305Lyminge Airstrip
GB-0306Lymm Dam Airstrip
EGMKLYMLympne Airport
GB-0281Lyveden Glider Field
GB-0395Main Hall Farm Airfield
EGCCMANManchester Airport
EGCDManchester Woodford Airport
GB-0775Manor Farm (Haddenham) Airstrip
GB-0842Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0761Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0680Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0692Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0681Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0079Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0253Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0769Manor House Farm Airstrip
GB-0696Manor House Farm Airstrip UL
GB-0061Manstage Airfield
GB-0447Manton Airfield
GB-0997Marldon Airstrip
GB-0679Marsh Court Manor Private Airstrip
GB-0678Marsh Hill Farm Airstrip
EGSIMarshland Airfield
GB-0666Maydown Heliport
GB-0670Mayfield Farm Airstrip
EGHBMaypole Airfield
GB-0936Meadow Farm Airstrip
GB-0029Melbury Airstrip
GB-0243Melrose Farm Airstrip
GB-0412Membury Airfield
GB-0452Mendlesham Airstrip
GB-0722Meonstoke Airstrip
EGDWMerryfield RNAS Air Base
GB-0527Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit
GB-0669Michaelwood Airstrip
GB-0668Middle Chinnock Airstrip
GB-0031Middle Pymore Farm Airstrip (Private)
EGVPMiddle Wallop Airfield
GB-0665Middle West Farm Airstrip
GB-0474Middlebank Top Farm Airstrip
GB-0850Middlegate Farm Airstrip
GB-0196Midland Glider Club
GB-0291Midlem Airstrip
GB-0292Milden Airstrip
EG3LMilfield Glider Field
GB-0508Mill Farm Airstrip
GB-1018Millfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0055Milton Airfield
GB-0270Mitchell's Farm Airstrip
GB-0454Mitton Airstrip
EGDMMoD Boscombe Down Airport
GB-0249Monewden Airstrip
GB-1013Montrose Airstrip
GB-0996Moor Farm Airstrip
GB-0965Morley-St-Botolph Private Airstrip
GB-0028Morn Farm Helipad (Private)
GB-0663Morriston Hospital Helipad
GB-0870Mosside Farm Airstrip
GB-0273Mount Airey Airstrip
GB-0967Moxon's Farm Private Airstrip
GB-0963Muckle Flugga Helipad
GB-0966Nairns Mains Airstrip
GB-0205Nantclwyd Airstrip
GB-0316Napps Field Airstrip
GB-0300Nayland Airstrip
EGEZNesscliffe Camp Helipad
GB-0413Nether Huntlywood Airstrip
EGDNNetheravon Airfield
GB-0906Netherley Private Airstrip
GB-0741Nethershields Farm Airstrip
EGNFNetherthorpe Airfield
GB-0881New Farm Airfield
GB-0844New Farm Airstrip
GB-0904New Grimmet Farm Airstrip
GB-0808New Lane Farm Airstrip
GB-0661New Model Farm Airstrip
GB-0537New Orchard Farm Airstrip
EGNTNCLNewcastle Airport
GB-0720Newcastle City Heliport
GB-0724Newgate Farm Airstrip
GB-0887Newhall Mains Airfield
EGSWNewmarket Heath Airfield
GB-0272Newnham Airstrip
GB-0282Newnham Grounds Airstrip
EGHQNQYNewquay Cornwall Airport
GB-0950Newry private Airstrip
GB-0805Newton Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0026Newton Peveril Airfield
GB-0721Newton-on-Rawcliffe Airstrip
EGADNewtownards Airport
GB-0278Niden Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0528Nissan Helipad
GB-0658Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Helipad
GB-0420Norfolk Glider Club
EGYONorth Coates
GB-0380North Hill Glider Field
GB-0818North Honer Farm Airstrip
GB-0526North Moreton Airstrip
GB-0626North Reston Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0660North Rigton Private Airstrip
GB-0959North Rona Heliport
EGENNRLNorth Ronaldsay Airport
GB-0383North Wales Gliding Club
EGSXNorth Weald Airport
GB-0700Northfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0501Northorpe Fen Airstrip
GB-0040Northrepps International Airport
GB-0587Norton Malreward Airstrip
GB-0645Norton Manor Camp Helistrip
EGSHNWINorwich International Airport
GB-0404Norwood Lodge Airstrip
GB-0816Notley Green Airstrip
EGBNNQTNottingham Airport
GB-0572Nottingham Heliport
GB-0780Nut Tree Farm Airstrip
GB-0785Oakland Farm Airstrip
GB-0230Oaklands Farm Airstrip
GB-0490Oakley Microlight
EGTWOaksey Park Airport
EGEOOBNOban Airport
GB-0462Octon Airstrip
EGSVOld Buckenham Airfield
GB-0233Old Hay Airfield
GB-0686Old Manor Farm Airstrip
GB-0035Old Park Farm Airstrip
EGLSOld Sarum Airfield
EGTHOld Warden Airfield
GB-0849Oldbury on Severn Airstrip
GB-0477Onecoat Morridge Airstrip
GB-0840Orange Grove Barn Airstrip
GB-0972Orchard House Airstrip
GB-0531Orchardleigh Private Airstrip
GB-0475Osbaston Lodge Farm Airstrip
GB-0314Otherton Airfield
GB-OUKOUKOuter Skerries Airport
GB-0473Over Farm Microlight
GB-0151Oxenhope Airfield
EGTKOXFOxford (Kidlington) Airport
GB-0596Palmer Moor Farm Airstrip
GB-0777Palmers Farm Airstrip
EGLGPanshanger Aerodrome
GB-PSVPSVPapa Stour Airport
EGEPPPWPapa Westray Airport
GB-0901Park Farm Airstrip
GB-0197Park Farm Airstrip
GB-0667Park Farm Airstrip
GB-0445Park Hall Airstrip
GB-0652Pauncefoot Farm Airstrip
GB-0213Pear Tree Farm Airstrip
GB-0547Pear Tree Farm Airstrip
EGFPPembrey Airport
GB-0654Pencraig Airstrip
GB-0223Pent Farm Airstrip
GB-0823Pentlow Airstrip
EGHKPZEPenzance Heliport
GB-0263Peplow Airstrip
EGTPPerranporth Airfield
EGPTPSLPerth/Scone Airport
GB-0975Peter Hall Farm Airstrip
EGSFPeterborough Business Airport
EGSPPeterborough/Sibson Airport
EGPSPeterhead Heliport
GB-0245Peterlee Airfield
GB-0994Pillows Barn Airstrip
GB-0525Pilmuir Farm Airstrip
GB-0812Piltdown Airstrip
GB-0653Pitlands Farm Airstrip
GB-0388Pitsford Water
GB-1005Plains Airstrip
GB-0204Plaistows Airfield
XPLOPlockton Airstrip
GB-0171Plumpton airstrip
EGHDPLHPlymouth City Airport
GB-0391Pocklington Airfield
GB-0813Podington Airstrip
GB-0926Pointon Airstrip
GB-0895Polpidnick Farm Airstrip
GB-0783Pond Farm Airstrip
GB-0964Ponton-Heath-Farm Airstrip
EGHPPopham Airfield
GB-0939Poplar Farm Airstrip
GB-0502Poplars Farm Airstrip
GB-0060Porthtowan Airfield
GB-0545Portmoak Glider Field
GB-0467Pound Green Airfield UL
GB-0647Prince Charles Hospital Helipad
GB-0709Prospect Farm Airstrip UL
GB-0350Queen Alexandra Hospital Heliport
GB-0346Queen Elizabeth Hospital Helipad
GB-0798Radley Farm Airstrip
GB-0980Radwell Lodge Ultralight Airstrip
GB-0636Raemoir House Hotel Helipad
GB-0086RAF Abbots Bromley
EGUDRAF Abingdon
GB-0087RAF Acaster Malbis
GB-0089RAF Akeman Street
GB-0090RAF Aldermaston
GB-0092RAF Alness / RAF Invergordon
GB-0094RAF Andrews Field / RAF Great Saling
GB-0095RAF Ansty
GB-0098RAF Appledram
GB-0099RAF Ashbourne
GB-0100RAF Ashford
GB-0101RAF Atcham
GB-0102RAF Atherstone
GB-0103RAF Attlebridge
GB-0104RAF Babdown Farm
GB-0105RAF Bacton
GB-0106RAF Balado Bridge
GB-0107RAF Balderton
GB-0108RAF Ballyhalbert
EGQBRAF Ballykelly Air Base (abandoned)
GB-0109RAF Banff
GB-0110RAF Bardney
GB-0001RAF Barford St. John
EGYERAF Barkston Heath
GB-0111RAF Barton Bendish
GB-0112RAF Bassingbourn
GB-0114RAF Beaulieu
GB-0115RAF Bekesbourne
GB-0116RAF Bempton
GB-0117RAF Bibury
GB-0118RAF Birch
GB-0119RAF Bircham Newton
GB-0113RAF Bircotes
GB-0120RAF Bishopscourt
GB-0121RAF Bisterne
GB-0122RAF Bitteswell
GB-0123RAF Blakehill Farm
GB-0124RAF Blyton
GB-0125RAF Bodney
GB-0126RAF Bognor
GB-0074RAF Bottesford
GB-0128RAF Bottisham
GB-0041RAF Boulmer
GB-0129RAF Boulmer
GB-0130RAF Bovingdon
GB-0131RAF Boxted
GB-0132RAF Bracebridge Heath
GB-0133RAF Bradwell Bay
GB-0134RAF Bramcote / HMS Gamecock
GB-0135RAF Bratton
GB-0164RAF Brayton Park
GB-0137RAF Breighton
GB-0138RAF Brenzett
GB-0139RAF Broadwell
GB-0140RAF Brooklands
GB-0141RAF Buckminster
GB-0143RAF Bungay / RAF Flixton
GB-0144RAF Burgh Castle
GB-0170RAF Burnfoot
GB-0145RAF Burtonwood
GB-0147RAF Caistor
ABERAF Calveley
GB-0244RAF Cammeringham / RAF Ingham
US-0221RAF Cardington
US-0216RAF Carnaby
US-0214RAF Castle Archdale/RAF Lough Erne
BE-0005RAF Castle Camps
MJGRAF Castle Combe
ADJRAF Castletown
US-0218RAF Catfoss
GB-0021RAF Catterick
US-0222RAF Chailey
GB-0149RAF Charmy Down
GB-0148RAF Chilbolton
EGUORAF Colerne Air Base
EGYDRAF Cranwell
GB-0583RAF Croft
GB-0646RAF Culmhead
GB-0043RAF Dallachy Air Base
GB-0568RAF Denborough Air Base
EGXDRAF Dishforth
GB-0673RAF Down Ampney
GB-0578RAF East Moor Air Base
GB-0575RAF Errol (CLOSED) Air Base
GB-0519RAF Faldingworth Air Base
GB-0160RAF Great Orton
EWYEWYRAF Greenham Common
GB-0677RAF Halesworth
GB-0085RAF Hixon
GB-0165RAF Hornby Hall
GB-0163RAF Hutton in the Forest
GB-0415RAF Keevil
GB-0315RAF Kirknewton Air Base
EGXVRAF Leconfield
EGXERAF Leeming Air Base
GB-0676RAF Leiston
GB-0313RAF Lichfield
EGXQRAF Lindholme
EGVLRAF Little Rissington
GB-0173RAF Llandow Air Base
EGQSLMORAF Lossiemouth
GB-0155RAF Maghaberry
GB-0082RAF Methold
GB-0159RAF Millom
GB-0004RAF Molesworth
GB-0664RAF Montford Bridge Air Base
GB-0675RAF Moreton in Marsh
GB-0152RAF Mullaghmore
GB-0566RAF North Killingholme
GB-0158RAF North Luffenham
GB-0659RAF North Pickenham Air Base
GB-0142RAF North Witham
GB-0081RAF Nutts Corner / Belfast-Nutts Corner Airport
GB-0656RAF Ossington Air Base
GB-0655RAF Oulton Air Base
GB-0386RAF Ouston Air Base
GB-0650RAF Plain Heath Air Base
GB-0640RAF Portreath
GB-0571RAF Poulton
EGUPRAF Sculthorpe
EGOSRAF Shawbury
GB-0573RAF Skaebrae Air Base
EGOMRAF Spadeadam
GB-0307RAF Spitalgate Air Base
GB-0641RAF St Eval
GB-0020RAF St. David's
GB-0567RAF Stanton Harcourt Air Base
GB-0458RAF Stoney Cross Air Base
GB-0610RAF Stradishall Air Base
EGXSRAF Swinderby
EGXYRAF Syerston
GB-1021RAF Tain
GB-0136RAF Talbenny
EGUTRAF Tangmere
GB-0608RAF Templeton Air Base
EGOERAF Ternhill
GB-0607RAF Tholthorpe Air Base
EGUVRAF Thorney Island
GB-0612RAF Thorpe Abbotts Air Base
GB-0595RAF Throckmorton Air Base
EGXZRAF Topcliffe
GB-0604RAF Tuddenham Air Base
EGUAUHFRAF Upper Heyford
GB-0588RAF Warboys Air Base
GB-0162RAF Wath Head airfield
GB-0563RAF Watton Air Base
EGOYRAF West Freugh
GB-0414RAF Weston-on-the-Green
GB-0299RAF Winfield
GB-0657RAF Wing
GB-0643RAF Winkleigh
EGXTRAF Wittering
EGVGRAF Woodbridge
EGOWRAF Woodvale
GB-0590RAF Woolfox Lodge Air Base
GB-0649Ramsdean private airstrip
GB-0799Rankins Farm
GB-0639Ranksborough Farm Airstrip
GB-0295Ranston Airstrip
GB-0478Rathfriland Airstrip
GB-0907Ravensworth Private Airstrip
GB-0553Raydon Wings
GB-0219Rayne Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0544Rectory Farm Airstrip
GB-0913Rectory Farm Airstrip
GB-0495Red House Farm Airstrip
EGKRKRHRedhill Aerodrome
GB-0084Redlands airfield
GB-0228Redmoor Farm Airstrip
GB-0489Redrock Airstrip
GB-0533Rendcomb Airfield
EGNERetford Gamston Airport
GB-0797Retreat Farm Airstrip
GB-0091RFC All Hallows / RAF All Hallows
GB-0097RFC Anwick / RAF Anwick
GB-0088RFCS Southfields / RAF Acklington
GB-0479Rhedyn Coch Farm Airstrip
GB-0912Rhigos Airstrip
GB-0538Ridgewell Glider Field
GB-0701Riding Bank Farm Airstrip
GB-0614Ringmer Glider Field
GB-0983Ringstead Private Airstrip
GB-0957Ripple Airstrip
GB-0569Rivar Hill Glider Field
GB-0080RNAS Arbroath / HMS Condor / RM Condor Air Base
US-0219RNAS Cattewater/RAF Cattewater/RAF Mount Batten
GB-0882RNAS Crail
GB-0579RNAS Dale Air Base
EG73RNAS Fearn Air Base
GB-0511RNAS Ford
GB-0574RNAS HMS Tern Air Base
blRNAS Pembroke/RNAS Milton/RAF Carew Cheriton
EGDPRNAS Portland Heliport
EGDORNAS Predannack Air Base
GB-0516RNAS St. Merryn
GB-0312RNAS Stretton
GB-0083RNAS/RAF Donibristle / HMS Merlin
EGCNDSARobin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
GB-0056Roche Barton Farm Airstrip
EGTORCSRochester Airport
GB-0514Roddige Airfield
GB-0927Romney Street Airstrip
GB-0505Rookery Farm UL
GB-0267Rosemarket Airstrip
GB-0471Roserrow Airstrip
GB-0543Rothwell Lodge Farm Airstrip
GB-0146Rougham Airfield / RAF Bury St Edmunds
GB-0802Roughay Farm Airfield
GB-0349Royal Bournemouth Hospital Helipad
GB-0631Royal Glamorgan Hospital Heliport
EGDCRoyal Marines Base Chivenor Airport
GB-0161Royal Naval Air Station Anthorn
GB-0345Royal Stoke University Hospital Helipad
GB-0248Rufforth East
EG64Rufforth West
GB-0311Rush Green Airstrip
GB-0758Rushett Farm
GB-0891Rydinghurst Farm Airstrip
GB-0551Sackville Farm Airstrip
GB-0557Saltby Glider Field
GB-0504Salterford Farm Airfield
EGESNDYSanday Airport
GB-0359Sandford Hall Airstrip
GB-0221Sandhill Farm Airstrip
GB-0987Sandscale Park Helipad
EGCFSandtoft Airfield
EGPMSCSScatsta Airport
ZZ-0001Sealand Helipad
GB-0955Sears-Crossing Airstrip
EGSJSeething Airfield
GB-0382Seighford Glider Field
GB-0725Selby House Farm Airstrip
GB-0250Shacklewell Lodge Farm Airstrip
GB-0930Shear Down Farm Airstrip
EGSYSheffield City Heliport
GB-0638Shelsley-Beauchamp Airstrip
GB-0746Shempston Farm Airstrip
GB-0416Shenington Gliding Club
GB-0023Shenstone Hall Farm Airstrip
EGCJSherburn-In-Elmet Airfield
GB-0372Shifnal Airfield
EGSAShipdham Airfield
EGBSShobdon Aerodrome
EGKAESHShoreham Airport
GB-0787Shrove Furlong Farm Airstrip
GB-0902Siege Cross Farm Airstrip
GB-0154Silloth Airfiefd
EGBVSilverstone Heliport
GB-0199Sittles Farm Airstrip
EGNISkegness (Ingoldmells) Aerodrome
GB-0340Skelling Farm Glider Field
GB-0409Skydive Strathallan
GB-0417Slay Barn private airstrip
EGCVSleap Airport
GB-0879Slemish Airfield
GB-0448Slieve Croob Airfield
EGHFSolent Airport
GB-0851South Cerney Airfield
GB-0811South Longwood Farm Airstrip
GB-0565South Moor Farm Airstrip
GB-1017South View Farm Airstrip
GB-0392South Wales Gliding Club
GB-0954South Weald Private Airstrip
GB-0852South Wraxall private Airstrip
EGHISOUSouthampton Airport
GB-0351Southampton University Hospital Helipad
GB-0408Southdown Gliding Club
EGMCSENSouthend Airport
GB-0634Southery Airstrip
GB-0624Sparr Farm Airstrip
GB-0220Spence Airfield
GB-0457Spilsteads Farm Airstrip
GB-1015Spire-View Airstrip
GB-0899Spite Hall Farm Airstrip
GB-0358Springfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0178Sproston Green Airfield
GB-0352St Mary's Hospital Helipad
GB-0488St Mellion Airstrip
GB-0398St Michaels
EGDXSt. Athan Airport
EGHEISCSt. Mary's Airport
GB-0093Staindrop Private Airstrip
GB-0027Stancombe Farm Airstrip (Private)
GB-0619Stanton Farm Airstrip
EGSGStapleford Aerodrome
GB-0059Steventon Private Airstrip
GB-0698Stitchin's Hill Farm Airstrip
GB-0830Stockbridge Airstrip
GB-0366Stoke Airfield
GB-0331Stoke Ferry Airfield
GB-0279Stoke Golding Airfield
GB-0456Stonehill Farm Airstrip
GB-0257Stones Farm Airstrip
GB-0232Stoney Lane Farm Airstrip
GB-0225Stoodleigh Barton Private Airstrip
EGPOSYYStornoway Airport
GB-0277Stow Airstrip
GB-0211Stow Longa
GB-0562Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome
GB-0421Stratford-upon-Avon Gliding Club
GB-0180Strathaven Airfield
GB-0308Streethay Farm Airstrip
GB-0962Stroma Airstrip
EGERSOYStronsay Airport
EGCGStrubby Airfield
EGYIStrubby Glider Field
EGCSSturgate Airfield
GB-0705Sulby Airstrip
GB-0960Sule Skerry Heliport
EGPBLSISumburgh Airport
GB-0791Sutton Airstrip
GB-0389Sutton Meadows Airfield
GB-0449Swanborough Farm Airstrip
EGFHSWSSwansea Airport
GB-0256Swanton Morley Airstrip
GB-1016Swingate Airfield
GB-0662Swinmore Farm Airstrip
EGBKORMSywell Aerodrome
GB-0949Tain Ultralight Airstrip
GB-0518Talgarth Glider Field
GB-0226Talybont Airstrip
GB-0410Tandragee Airstrip
GB-1011Tansterne Grange Airstrip
GB-0440Tarn Farm Airfield (Rossall Field)
GB-0558Tarsan Lane Microlights
EGBMTatenhill Airfield
GB-0241Taw Mill Airstrip
EGNVMMETeesside International Airport
GB-0524Tempest Airstrip
GB-0671Thankerton private airstrip
GB-0877The Moy Airstrip
GB-0951The Plassey Airstrip
GB-0343The Royal London Hospital Helipad
GB-0208Thornborough Grounds Airstrip
GB-0423Thornbury Castle Hotel Helipad
GB-0482Thornhill Airfield
GB-0726Thornton Watlass Airstrip UL
GB-0919Throstle Nest Farm Airstrip
EGHOThruxton Aerodrome
EGMTThurrock Airfield
GB-0198Tibenham Priory Farm Airstrip
GB-0884Tiffenden Airstrip
GB-0433Tillingham Airstrip
GB-0946Tilney-St-Lawrence Airstrip
EGCTTilstock Airfield
GB-0956Tinnel Farm Airstrip
EGPUTRETiree Airport
GB-0472Titsey Airstrip
GB-0908Tockwith Airfield
GB-0621Tongham Airstrip
GB-0261Top Farm Airfield
GB-0593Topcroft Farm Airstrip
GB-0613Torbay Daddyhole Plain
GB-0633Torquay Go-Kart circuit helipad
GB-0222Tower Farm Airstrip
GB-0905Tracy Island Airstrip
GB-0898Trench Farm Airstrip
EGHTTresco Heliport
GB-0620Truleigh Manor Farm Airstrip
EGHYTruro Airport
GB-0605Tunbridge Wells Hospital Helipad
EGBTTurweston Airport
GB-0210Twycross (Gopsall House) Airstrip
EGPWUNTUnst Airport
EGDJUPVUpavon Aerodrome
GB-0858Upfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0603Upottery Air Base
GB-0266Upper Harford Airstrip
GB-0294Upwood Glider Field
GB-0833Valley Farm Airstrip
GB-0771Valley Farm Airstrip
GB-0342Vanguard Heliport
GB-0794Ventfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0374Viewfield Airstrip
GB-0481Viners Airstrip
GB-0185Wadswick Farm Airstrip
GB-0597Waits Farm Airstrip
GB-0381Walkeridge Farm Airstrip
GB-0207Wallis International
GB-0057Walton Wood Airfield
GB-0591Warren Farm Airstrip
GB-0736Warrington Airstrip
EGNOWRTWarton Aerodrome
GB-0209Watchford Farm Airstrip
EGUKWaterbeach Airfield
GB-0896Wateringhill Farm Airstrip
GB-0598Waterloo Hotel Helistrip
GB-0900Wathstones Farm Airstrip
GB-0470Watnall Airfield
EGUWWattisham Airfield
GB-0792Welcross Farm Airstrip
EGBWWellesbourne Airfield
EGCWWelshpool Airport
GB-0592Wentworth Private Airstrip
GB-0735Wesham House Farm Heliport
GB-0948West Bergholt Airstrip
GB-0952West Newland Farm Airstrip
GB-0827West Tisted Airfield
GB-0843Westacott Farm Airstrip
GB-0961Western Isles Hospital Helipad
GB-0523Westfield Farm Airstrip
GB-0515Weston-super-Mare Heliport
GB-0203Westonzoyland Microlight
GB-0268Westover Farm Airstrip
EGEWWRYWestray Airport
EGVTWethersfield Air Base
GB-0184Weybourne Airstrip
GB-0702Whaley Farm Airstrip
EGEHWHSWhalsay Airport
GB-0246Wharf Farm Airstrip
GB-0892Whilton Airstrip
GB-0773White Fen Farm Airstrip
GB-0037White Ox Mead Airstrip
EGLMWhite Waltham Airfield
GB-0829Whitehall Farm Airstrip
GB-0212Whitehill Farm Airstrip
GB-0880Whitehouse Farm Helicopter Base
GB-0239Whiterashes Farm Airstrip
GB-0520Whittles Farm Airstrip
EGPCWICWick Airport
EGNWWickenby Aerodrome
GB-0890Wickhambrook Airstrip
GB-0153Wigtown Airfield
GB-0238Wild Geese Skydive Centre
GB-0819Wildings Farm Airstrip
GB-0453Willingale Airstrip
GB-0920Willington Court Airstrip
GB-0183Willow Farm Airstrip
GB-0856Wiltshire Air Ambulance
GB-0582Windrush Airstrip
GB-0499Windsor Farm Airstrip
GB-0050Wing Farm Airfield
GB-0206Wingland Airfield
GB-0581Winkwood Farm Airstrip
GB-0795Wisbridge Farm Airstrip
GB-0418Wishangar Farm private Airstrip
GB-0570Wisley Airfield
GB-0450Witherenden Airstrip
GB-0989Witherenden Airstrip
GB-0498Wold Lodge Airstrip
EGBOWolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport
GB-0897Wolves Hall Airstrip
GB-0522Wood Farm Airstrip
GB-0521Woodditton Airstrip
GB-0446Woodlow Farm Private Airstrip
GB-0953Woods Farm Airstrip
GB-0321Woodview Airfield
GB-0536Woodwalton Private Airstrip
GB-0990Woolaston Airstrip
GB-0460Woonton Airstrip
GB-0589Worcester-Royal-Hospital Heliport
GB-0530Wormingford Glider Field
GB-0606Wortham Airstrip
EGDTWroughton Airfield
EGTBHYCWycombe Air Park
GB-0344Wythenshawe Hospital Helipad
GB-0716YAA Nostell Helicopter Port
GB-0585Yafford House Private Airstrip
GB-0054Yatesbury Airfield
GB-0407Yearby Airstrip
EGHGYeovil/Westland Aerodrome
GB-0376Yorkshire Gliding Club
GB-0584Yoxford Airstrip
GB-0617Ysbyty Glan Clywd Hospital Heliport
GB-0396Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital Heliport

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