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Aerodrome listing for Greece

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

GR-0045Agathonisi Heliport
GR-0046Agios Pavlos Airfield
LGAGAGQAgrinion Air Base
LGPZPVKAktion National Airport
LGAXAlexandria Airport
LGALAXDAlexandroupoli Democritus Airport
GR-0051Alexandroupoli University Hospital Heliport
GR-0031Alonnisos Heliport
LGKMAmigdhaleon Airport
GR-0041Amorgos Heliport
LGAMAmphiali Heliport
GR-0039Anafi Airport (under construction)
GR-0040Anafi Heliport
LGADPYRAndravida Air Base
GR-0023Andros Heliport
GR-0034Antiparos Heliport
GR-0028Argos Airport
GR-0001Arnissa Airport
LGPLJTYAstypalaia Airport
LGAVATHAthens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
LGATAthens Hellenikon International Airport
LGSACHQChania International Airport
LGHIJKHChios Island National Airport
GR-0002Dhokimion Airport
LGRPRHODiagoras Airport
GR-0025Don Mansion Private Helipad
GR-0044Donousa Heliport
GR-0016Dounis Airfield
LGELElefsis Airport
GR-0029Eordaea Airfield
LGEPEpitalion Airport
LGKZKZIFilippos Airport
GR-0003Florina Airport
GR-0037Folegandros Heliport
GR-0024Gavdos Helistrip
GR-0050Hellenic Sport Aviation Airstrip
LGIRHERHeraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport
LGIKJIKIkaria Airport
LGIOIOAIoannina Airport
LGKRCFUIoannis Kapodistrias International Airport
GR-0035Ios Heliport
GR-0043Iraklia Heliport
LGKLKLXKalamata Airport
LGKYJKLKalymnos Airport
LGKPAOKKarpathos Airport
LGKSKSJKasos Airport
LGTLKasteli Airport
LGKJKZSKastelorizo Airport
LGKAKSOKastoria National Airport
LGKVKVAKavala Alexander the Great International Airport
LGKFEFLKefallinia Airport
LGKCKITKithira Airport
GR-0017Kolhiko Airfield
GR-0006Komotini Airfield
GR-0009Kopaida Dimitra Airfield
GR-0013Kopaida Moschonis (Ikaros) Airfield
LGKOKGSKos Airport
GR-0042Koufonisi Heliport
LG53Lamia Air Base
LGLRLRALarisa Air Base
GR-0048Lechaio Airport
LGLELRSLeros Airport
LGLMLXSLimnos Airport
GR-0011Maleme Air Base
LGKNMarathon Kotroni Navy Helicopter Base
LGMRMarathon Wasser Airport
GR-0049Margariti Airstrip UL
LGRDMaritsa Air Base
LGMGMegara Airport
LGMKJMKMikonos Airport
LGMLMLOMilos Airport
GR-0008Missolonghi Aerodrome
GR-0015Molos Airfield
GR-0014Myrini - Karditsa
LGMTMJTMytilene International Airport
LGNXJNXNaxos Apollon Airport
LGBLVOLNea Anchialos National Airport
GR-0004Nea Kavala Polykastro Airport
GR-0027Neos Zigos Aerodrome
LG56Olimboi Airport
GR-0026Othoni Heliport
LGPAPASParos National Airport
GR-0032Patmos Heliport
LGRXGPAPatras Araxos Agamemnon Airport
LGLXPiraeus Heliport
LGHLPKHPorto Cheli Airport
LGSMSMISamos Airport
LGSRJTRSantorini Airport
GR-0022Schinousa Heliport
LGSDSedes Air Base
GR-0018Serres / Hortero Airport
GR-0020Serres Airfield
GR-0036Sikinos Heliport
GR-0021Silata Airfield
GR-0047Sitagroi Airstrip
LGSTJSHSitia Airport
LGSKJSISkiathos Island National Airport
LGSYSKUSkiros Airport
GR-0030Skopelos Heliport
LGSPSPJSparti Airport
GR-0005Spetsai Airport
LGSVStefanovikion Air Base
LGSOJSYSyros Airport
LGTGTanagra Air Base
LGTTTatoi Airport
LGTSSKGThessaloniki Macedonia International Airport
GR-0038Thirasia Heliport
GR-0010Thiva Aeropark
GR-0033Tinos Heliport
LG55Triodhon Airport
LGTPTripolis Airport
LG54Tympaki Airport
LGVOVolos Army Airport
LGZAZTHZakynthos International Airport 'Dionysios Solomos'
GR-0019Zalaggo Airstrip

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