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Aerodrome listing for Hong Kong

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

HK-0015Black Point Helipad
HK-0014Black Point Power Station Helipad
HK-0016Castle Peak Power Station Heliport
HK-0005Cheung Chau Helipad
HK-0077Chi Ma Wan Heliport
HK-0075CLP Tsing Yi Base Helipad
HK-0013Deep Bay Link Helipad
HK-0027Discovery Bay Marina Heliport
HK-0008Fanling Airstrip
HK-0041Fei Ngo Shan (Kowloon Peak) Helipad
HK-0023Ham Tin Helipad
HK-0024Hau Tong Kai Helipad
HK-0029Hei Ling Chau/Lai Sun Heliport
HK-0028Hei Ling Chau/Nei Kwu Heliport
HK-0002Heli-Tours Helipad
HK07HKGFS New Wan Chai Heliport
HK-0011Hong Kong Golf Club Helipad
VHHHHKGHong Kong International Airport
VHHXHKGHong Kong International Airport Kai Tak
HK-0020Hong Kong Maritime Service Training Institute Helipad
HK-0042Island House Helipad
HK-0053Island Resort Tower 1 Helipad
HK-0054Island Resort Tower 2 Helipad
HK-0055Island Resort Tower 3 Helipad
HK-0056Island Resort Tower 5 Helipad
HK-0057Island Resort Tower 6 Helipad
HK-0058Island Resort Tower 7 Helipad
HK-0059Island Resort Tower 8 Helipad
HK-0060Island Resort Tower 9 Helipad
HK-0010Kadoorie Base Heliport
HK-0080Kadoorie Farm Helipad
HK-0079Kai Tak Hong Kong Flying Club Heliport
HK-0040Kau Keng Shan Helipad
HK-0081Kwai Chung Workshop Helipad
HK-0034Lamma Island/Mo Tat Helipad
HK-0035Lamma Island/Nga Kau Wan Helipad
HK-0032Lamma Island/Yung Shue Wan Helipad
HK-0033Lamma Power Station Helipad
HK-0036Lead Mine Pass Helipad
HK-0043Lo Fu Kei Shek Helipad
HK-0044Luk Keng Heliport
HK-0045Lung Kwu Chau Helipad
HK-0009Man Kam To Helipad
HK-0046Marine East Division Police Station Helipad
HK-0037Marine North Division Police Station Helipad
HK-0047Mui Wo Heliport
HK-0038Nam Long Shan (Brick Hill) Helipad
HK-0076Northwest Tsing Yi Interchange Helipad
HK-0049Pak Fa Shan Helipad
HK-0031Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Helipad
HK-0026Peng Chau Helipad
HK-0003Peninsula Hotel Heliport
HK-0048Pennys Bay Power Station Helipad
HK-0025People's Liberation Army Garrison Hospital Helipad
HK-0004Ping Chau Helipad
HK-0039Pui To Shan (Castle Peak) Helipad
HK-0051Robins Nest Helipad
HK-0022Sai Wan Helipad
HK-0078Sea Ranch Heliport
HK-0061Sha Chau Helipad
HK-0012Sha Ling Helipad
HK-0063Sha Tau Kok Heliport
HK-0001Sha Tin Airfield
HK-0030Sha Tin Fire Station Helipad
VHSKShek Kong Air Base
HK-0062Shek Kwu Chau Helipad
HK-0064Shui Hau Heliport
HK-0006Shui Long Wo Helipad
VHSTHHPShun Tak Heliport
HK-0007Stanley Helipad
HK-0052Strafford House Heliport
HK-0071Tai A Chau Helipad
HK-0070Tai A Chau Landing #2 Helipad
HK-0067Tai Mei Tuk Helipad
HK-0066Tai Mo Shan Helipad
HK-0068Tai Po Helipad
HK-0050Tak Wu Ling Helipad
HK-0073Tap Mun Helipad
HK-0069Town Island Helipad
HK-0082Tsim Bei Tsui Helipad
HK-0017Tuen Mun Hospital Helipad
HK-0065Tung Lung Chau Helipad
HK-0018Twisk Helipad
HK-0074Waglan Helipad
HK-0072Wan Tsai West Helipad
HK-0021Yuen Ng Fan Helipad
HK-0019Yuen Tsuen Helipad

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