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Aerodrome listing for Honduras

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

MHACAcensa Airport
HN-0001Agropecuaria Lepaguare Airport
MHPIAgropecuaria Piedra De Agua Azul Airport
MHHOAgua Caliente Airport
MHAHAHSAhuas Airport
MHASAlas Del Socorro Airport
MHAMAmapala Airport
MHAPApala Airport
MHAYAraslaya Airport
MHARArchaga Airport
MHAZAserradero Azacualpa Airport
MHENAserradero El Encino Airport
MHUCAuca Airport
MHZAAzacualpa Airport
MHBABarbareta Airport
MHPABarra Del Patuca Airport
MHELBarrio El Aterrizaje Airport
HN-0002Bonito Oriental Airport
MHBLBHGBrus Laguna Airport
MHCRLUICarta Airport
MHCACAACatacamas Airport
MHCUCDDCauquira Airport
MHGSGACCelaque Airport
MHCIChiquerito Airport
MHCMCholoma Airport
MHNCCholuteca Airport
MHGAChumbagua Airport
MHNACiudad Nacaome Airport
MHCPCochino Pequeño Heliport
MHCOCoco Airport
MHCBCocobila Airport
MHCLMRJColon Airport
MHCGComayagua Airport
MHCCConcepción Airport
MHRURUYCopán Ruinas Airport
MHHCCoratsa Heliport
MHSCXPLCoronel Enrique Soto Cano Air Base
MHCSCYLCoyoles Airport
MHUYCucuyagua Airport
MHPSDesvio Potrerillos Airport
MHDUDurzona Airport
MHGEEl Aguacate Airport
MHALEl Alto Airport
MHEAOANEl Arrayán Airport
MHECEl Cubo Airport
HN-0004El Pentágono Airport
MHPVEl Porvenir Airport
HN-MSTEl Tesoro Airport
HN-MUGEDQErandique Airport
HN-0005Ficohsa Heliport
MHFDFinca 12 Airport
MHFAFinca San Antonio Airport
MHLFFlefil Airport
MHFCFort Morgan Cay Airport
MHLCLCEGoloson International Airport
MHGCGrupo Carnol Airport
MHUGGuanacastal Airport
MHGBGuayabillas Airport
MHGYGuayape Airport
MHHGHacienda Galeras Airport
MHMCHacienda Montecristo Heliport
MHAUHacienda Ulua Airport
HN-MIGHiguerito Central Airport
MHIRIRNIriona Airport
MHICIslas Del Cisne Airport
MHIZIzapan Airport
MHJIGUOJicalapa Airport
MHJCJocón Airport
MHJQJoya Del Quebracho Airport
MHRORTBJuan Manuel Galvez International Airport
MHJUJUTJutigalpa airport
MHLALa Alondra Airport
MHEILa America Airport
MHEZLa Esperanza Airport
MHLELEZLa Esperanza Airport
MHLZLa Estanzuela Airport
MHLGLa Grecia Airport
MHHELa Herradura Airport
MHJOLa Joya Airport
MHTBLa Katabila Airport
MHNJGJALa Laguna Airport
MHUOLa Union Airport
MHLSLaguna Seca Airport
MHLJLas Lajas Airport
MHLLLas Lomas Heliport
MHMSLas Marias Airport
MHMILas Minitas Airport
MHLVLas Vegas Airport
MHLNLimon Airport
MHLTLlanos Del Tigre Airport
MHNSLos Llanos Airport
HN-MOPLos Pollos Airport
MHLULuz Y Vida Airport
MHMTManto Airport
MHLPMapulaca Airport
MHMPMarcos Perez Airport
MHINMinas De Oro Airport
HN-0003Ministerios Cristo Te Quiere Airport
HN-MORMocoron Airport
MHMNMonica Airport
MHMLMonte Libano Airport
MHNBNoveno Batallón Airport
MHJENueva Jerusalen Airport
MHNVNueva Ocotepeque Airport
MHOTOcotales Airport
MHPCPCHPalacios Airport
MHPYPayasito Airport
MHPBPubligraficos Heliport
MHCTPuerto Castilla Airport
MHPLPEUPuerto Lempira Airport
MHLMSAPRamón Villeda Morales International Airport
MHRJRancho Jamastran Airport
MHRARapaco II Airport
MHRYRaya Airport
LLHLLHReginaldo Hammer Airport
MHRHRegional Hamer Airport
MHRRRus Rus I Airport
MHRDRus Rus II Airport
MHMMSan Antonio Malera Airport
MHBESan Bernardo Airport
MHFNSan Fernando Airport
HN-MSFSan Francisco De La Paz Airport
MHSJSan Jose Airport
MHSLSan Lorenzo Airport
MHANSan Luis Airport
MHMOSan Marcos De Ocotepeque Airport
MHGRSangrelaya Airport
MHSZSanta Barbara Airport
MHTMSanta Maria Airport
MHRSSDHSanta Rosa de Copán Airport
MHGGSantiago De Puringla Airport
HN-0007Savannah Bight Airport
MHSISico Airport
MHSNSinaloa Airport
MHSXSixatigni Airport
MHULSCDSulaco Airport
MHAGSur Agropecuaria Airport
MHLITalanguita Airport
MHTATamara Airport
MHTETEATela Airport
MHTITipimuratara Airport
MHTOTocoa Airport
MHTGTGUToncontín International Airport
MTRHTrojes Airport
MHTJTJITrujillo Airport
MHUHUhi Airport
MHUTUIIUtila Airport
VTAVictoria Airport
MHVGVilla Guadalupe Airport
MHVEVilla Hermosa Airport
MHWAWampusirpi I Airport
MHWDWampusirpi II Airport
MHWPWaplaya Airport
MHWRWarunta Airport
MHWSWasma Airport
MHWWWawina Airport
MHYXYaxu Airport
HN-0006Yodeco Airport
MHYROROYoro Airport

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