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Aerodrome listing for Iraq

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

IQ-0056Adnan Khair Allah Hospital Helipad
ORAAIQAAl Asad Air Base
IQ-0001Al Fathah Air Base
IQ-0002Al Hayy Airport
IQ-0003Al Iskandariyah Airport
IQ-0004Al Mufrash Airport
IQ-0005Al Muhammadi Airport
ORNINJFAl Najaf International Airport
ORSHAl Sahra Army Air Field
ORTIAl Taji Army Air Field
ORATTQDAl Taqaddum Air Base
IQ-0057Al-Faw Palace Heliport
IQ-0006Amara New Air Base
IQ-0007An Numaniyah Air Base
IQ-0008Ar Rumaylah Southwest Air Base
IQ-0009Ar Rutbah Highway Strip
IQ-0010Ar Rutbah South Airport
IQ-0011As Salman North Air Base
ORBIBGWBaghdad International Airport / New Al Muthana Air Base
ORBDBalad Southeast Airport / Joint Base Balad
ORBBBMNBamarni Airport
IQ-0012Baqubah Airport
IQ-0013Bashiqah Airport
ORBRBashur Airfield
ORMMBSRBasra International Airport
IQ-0014Basra Maqal Airport
ORDDDHKDuhok International Airport (under construction)
OREREBLErbil International Airport
IQ-0015Ghalaysan New Air Base
IQ-0016H1 New Air Base
IQ-0059H1 Old Air Base
IQ-0017H2 Air Base
IQ-0018H3 Air Base
IQ-0019H3 Highway Strip
IQ-0020H3 Northwest AFB
IQ-0021H3 Southwest Air Base
IQ-0022Habbaniyah Airport
IQ-0023Injanah Air Field
IQ-0024Jalibah Southeast Air Base
IQ-0025Juwarin Highway Strip
IQ-0026K1 Air Base
IQ-0027K2 Air Base
IQ-0028Karbala Northeast Airport
IQ-0029Khan Bani Saad Airport
ORKKKIKKirkuk Air Base
ORRWKorean Village Forward Operating Base
IQ-0030Kut Al Hayy East Air Base
IQ-0031Markab Northeast Airport
ORBMOSMMosul International Airport
IQ-0032Mudaysis Air Base
IQ-0034Qalat Salih Air Base
IQ-0035Qalat Sikar Air Base
IQ-0036Qasr Tall Mihl Airport
IQ-0037Qayyarah South Airport
ORQWRQWQayyarah West Airport
IQ-0038Radif Al Khafi Highway Strip
IQ-0039Rasheed Air Base
IQ-0061Rawah Heliport
IQ-0040Ruwayshid Air Base
IQ-0041Safwan Airport
IQ-0042Sahl Sinjar Air Base
IQ-0043Salman Pak East Air Field
IQ-0044Salum Air Base
IQ-0045Samarra East Air Base / Dhuluiya Airport
IQ-0046Samarra West Air Field
IQ-0047Shaibah Airport
IQ-0048Shayka Mazhar Air Base
IQ-0049Shaykh Hantush Highway Strip
IQ-0050Subakhu Air Field
ORSUISUSulaymaniyah International Airport
IQ-0060T1 Airport
IQ-0051Tal Ashtah New Air Base
ORTFTall Afar Army Air Field
IQ-0052Tikrit East Airport
IQ-0058Tikrit Heliport
IQ-0053Tikrit South Airport
IQ-0033Transportation Ministry Helipad
IQ-0054Tuz Khurmatu Air Base
ORUBUbaydah Bin Al Jarrah Airport
ORUQUmm Qasr Airport
IQ-0055Wadi Al Khirr New Air Base
ORWHWashington Army Heliport

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