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Aerodrome listing for Iceland

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

BIARAEYAkureyri Airport
BIAL┴lftaver Airport
BIAEArnger­areyri Airport
BIBIBaeir Airport
BIBKBJDBakkafj÷r­ur Airport
BIBABakki Airport
BIBDBIUBildudalur Airport
BIBFBGJBorgarfj÷r­ur eystri Airport
BIBVBXVBrei­dalsvÝk Airport
BIBRBQDB˙­ardalur Airport
BIDADagver­arß Airport
BIDVDJUDj˙pivogur Airport
BIEGEGSEgilssta­ir Airport
BIEHEinholtsmelar Airport
BIFMFAGFagurhˇlsmřri Airport
BIFFFASFßskr˙­sfj÷r­ur Airport
BIFLFl˙­ir Airport
BIFZForsŠti Airport
BIGEGeysir Airport
BIGJGJRGj÷gur Airport
BIGRGRYGrÝmsey Airport
BIGSGrÝmssta­ir Airport
BIGFGUUGrundarfj÷r­ur Airport
BIGHGunnarsholt Airport
BIHLHella Airport
BIHEHer­ubrei­arlindir Airport
BIBLBLOHjaltabakki Airport
BIHKHVKHˇlmavÝk Airport
BIHTFLIHolt Airport
BIHNHFNHornafj÷r­ur Airport
BIHSHrafnseyri Airport
BIHXHrauneyjarfoss Airport
IS-0002Hrauneyjarfoss Heliport
BIHYHrÝsey Airport
BIHZH˙safell Airport
BIHUHZKH˙savÝk Airport
BIHIHveravellir Airport
BIHRHvolsv÷llur Airport
BIIDHLOIngjaldssan­ur Airport
BIISIFJ═safj÷r­ur Airport
BIKAKaldßrmelar Airport
BIKFKEFKeflavik International Airport
BIKEKerlingafj÷ll Airport
BIKLKirkjubŠjarklaustur Airport
BIKPOPAKˇpasker Airport
BIKJKroksfjard-Arnes Airport
BIHVHVMKrˇksta­armelar Airport
BIMNMelanes Airport
BIMMMelger­ismelar Airport
BIMKM˙lakot Airport
BINFNORNor­fj÷r­ur Airport
BINDNřjidalur Airport
BIOFOFJËlafsfj÷r­ur Airport
BIPAPFJPatreksfj÷r­ur Airport
BIRGRFNRaufarh÷fn Airport
BIRERHAReykhˇlar Airport
BIRLMVAReykjahlÝ­ Airport
BIRSReykjanes Airport
BIRKRKVReykjavik Airport
BIRFOLIRif Airport
BISASandß Airport
BISSSandskei­ Airport
BITHSau­anes Airport
BIKRSAKSau­ßrkrˇkur Airport
BISFSelfoss Airport
BISISIJSiglufj÷r­ur Airport
BISVSkßlavatn Airport
BISKSkˇgasandur Airport
BISPSprengisandur Airport
BISGSteinasandur Airport
BISHStora-Holt Airport
BISRStˇrikroppur Airport
BISTSYKStykkishˇlmur Airport
IS-0001Su­ureyri Airstrip
BISNSvÝnafell Airport
BITFTßlknafj÷r­ur Airport
BITOThorisos Airport
BIMSTungubakkar Airport
BIVHVarmahlid Airport
BIVAVatnsnes Airport
BIVMVEYVestmannaeyjar Airport
BIVIVÝk Airport
BIVOVPNVopnafj÷r­ur Airport
BITETEYŮingeyri Airport
BITNTHO١rsh÷fn Airport
BITM١rsm÷rk Airport

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