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Aerodrome listing for North Korea

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

KP-0037Ayang Ni Highway Strip
KP-0099Ch'o do Airport
KP-0036Changjin Air Force Base
KP-0063Changyon Highway Strip Airstrip
KP-0062Chik-Tong Airstrip
KP-0001Chongjin Airport
KP-0002Haeju Airfield
KP-0061Hoeyang Southeast Airfield
KP-0020Hwangju Airbase
KP-0035Hwangsuwon Airbase
KP-0072Hwangsuwon Highway Strip Airstrip
KP-0067Hyangsan Airport
KP-0066Hyangsan Heliport
KP-0060Hyesan Airport
KP-0019Hyon-ni Airport
KP-0034Ichon Airport
KP-0058Ichon Northeast Airport
KP-0059Ihyon Airstrip
KP-0084Ihyon Ni Highway Strip Airfield
KP-0018Kaechon Airport
KP-0033Kang Da Ri Airport
KP-0070Kang Da Ri Highway Strip
KP-0017Kangdong Airport
KP-0087Kanjin (Rajin) Heliport
KP-0016Kilchu Highway Airport
KP-0057Kojo Highway Strip Airfield
KP-0068Koksan 2 Highway Strip
KP-0015Koksan Air Base
KP-0014Koksan Highway Airport
KP-0056Kuktong Airport
KP-0073Kumgang Airfield
KP-0013Kuum-ni Airport
KP-0039Kwail Air Base
KP-0012Kwaksan Air Base
KP-0055Kyongsong-Chuul Airport
KP-0054Maengsan Airport
KP-0053Manpo Airport
KP-0071Masikryong Ski Resort Heliport
KP-0011Mirim Airbase
KP-0074Mirim Aviation Club
KP-0075Nuchon Ni Airfield
KP-0052Nuchon Ni Highway Strip
KP-0051Okpyong ni Highway Strip Airstrip
KP-0089Okryu Childrens’ Hospital Heliport
KP-0023Onchon Air Base
KP-0076Onchon Underground Fighter Base
KP-0050Ongjin Airport
KP-0032RGOOrang (Chongjin) Airport
KP-0049Paegam Airstrip
KP-0031Panghyon Airport
KP-0077Panghyon Highway Strip 2
KP-0030Panghyon South Highway Strip
KP-0022Pukchang Air Base
KP-0069Pukch’ang Airbase East Heliport
KP-0010Pyong Ni South Highway Strip
KP-0078Pyong Ni West Highway Strip Airstrip
KP-0048Pyongsul Li Airstrip
KP-0080Pyongyang City Heliport (K-24)
KP-0026Pyongyang Elite Airfield
ZKPYFNJPyongyang Sunan International Airport
KP-0079P’yongnyung-Ni Helicopter Base
KP-0038Riwon Airbase
KP-0029YJSSamjiy?n Airport
KP-0085Sangwon 2 Highway Strip Airfield
KP-0028Sangwon Highway Strip
KP-0065Sangwon Ni Highway Strip
KP-0047Sinanju Highway Strip
KP-0027Sinhung Highway Strip
KP-0009Sinuiju Airport
KP-0021Sinuiju Elite Area Heliport
KP-0086Sohung Highway Strip Airfield
KP-0046Sohung South Airport
KP-0045Sonchon Airport
ZKSDDSOSondok Airport
KP-0081Sunan-Up North Highway Strip Airfield
ZKSCSunchon Air Base
KP-0044Sungam ni Airport
KP-0005T'aet'an-pihaengjang Airport
KP-0007Taebukpo Ri Airport
KP-0006Taechon Airport
KP-0043Taechon Northwest Airport
KP-0082Tanchon South Airstrip
KP-0042Toha Ri North Airport
KP-0025Toksan Air Base
KP-0004Uiju Airport
KP-0064Unchon Up Airport
KP-0041Uthachi Highway Strip Airport
KP-0024Wong Yo Ri Highway Strip
KP-0008Wonsan Elite Airport
ZKWSWOSWonsan Kalma International Airport
KP-0088Yo-do Airstrip
KP-0040Yong Hung Highway Airstrip
KP-0083Yong Hung Highway Reserve Strip Airfield
KP-0003Yonpo Air Base

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