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Aerodrome listing for South Korea

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

KR-05512/38th INF US Army Heliport
KR-08022001 Fashion & Life Store Heliport
KR-045621 Century City Building Heliport
KR-0033377th Medical Company (AA) Dustoff - Flight Line
KR-040353rd ROK Army Division 125th Regiment Heliport
KR-032853rd ROK Army Division Heliport
KR-08917 Springs Building Heliport
KR-0958Academy Sweet Apartments Heliport
KR-0801Academy Tower Heliport
KR-0942Academy Tower Heliport
KR-0862Ace Hi-Tech City Heliport
KR-0351Ace High Tech 21 Heliport
KR-0902Ace High-End Tower 2 Heliport
KR-0933Ace High-End Tower 3 Heliport
KR-0913Ace High-End Tower 6 Heliport
KR-0926Ace High-End Tower 8 Heliport
KR-0903Ace High-End Tower Heliport
KR-0901Ace Techno Tower Heliport
KR-0904Ace Techno Tower V Heliport
KR-0669Ace Tower Heliport
KR-0788Acro Square Apartments Heliport
KR-0794Acroriver Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0969Acrovista Building Heliport
KR-0970Acrovista C Building Heliport
KR-0863Ahyitieseu Engineering Heliport
KR-0041Alddreu Airfield (K-40) (Cheju-do No. 2)
KR-0827Alianz Life Marketing Building Heliport
KR-0472Alianz Tower Building Heliport
KR-0523Amjeong-ri Artillery Base Heliport
KR-0451Amnangongwon-ro Heliport
KR-0293Andong General Hospital
KR-0495Anhyeon-dong HAWK SAM Site Heliport
KR-1001Asea Tower Heliport
KR-1031ASEM Tower Heliport
KR-0459Axel Towers Apartments Heliports
KR-0457Axel Towers Apartments Heliports
RK38Baekui-ri (G-228) Airfield
KR-0137Baengnyeong-ri Helipad
KR-0609Bagdallyeong Heliport
KR-0500Banam-ri ROK Army Base Heliport
KR-0389Bando Bora Skyview Apartments Heliports
KR-0148Bangtong-ri Helipad
KR-0756Bank of Communications Heliport
KR-0646Bank of Korea Building Heliport
KR-0968Banpo Xi Apartments Heliports
KR-0035Barami Heliport
KR-0326Benecity Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0195Bia-ri East Helipad
KR-0193Bia-ri Helipad
KR-0194Bia-ri South Helipad
RK73Bongamri (C 263) Heliport
KR-0866Bongyoung Green Town 3rd Apartment Heliport
KR-0867Boo Young II Apartment Heliport
KR-0654Boram Thayer Apartments Heliport
KR-0948Boramae Hyundai Apartments Heliport
KR-0941Boramae Samsung Chereville Heliport
KR-0946Boramae Woosung Apartments Heliport
KR-0982Boutique Monaco Building Heliport
KR-0428Brahmin LH Apartments Heliports
KR-0051Brooklyn Hill Heliport (H-810)
KR-0872Brown Stone Apartments Heliport
KR-0823Brown Stone Apartments Heliport
KR-0655Brown Suites Hotel Heliports
KR-0406Buam 3(sam)-dong East Heliport
KR-0407Buam 3(sam)-dong West Heliport
RKRBBucheon (G-103) Airfield
KR-0628Budo Heliport
KR-0385Bugok-dong Prugio Apartments Heliports
KR-0023Bukpo-ri Heliport
KR-0617Bulguksa Heliport
KR-0426Bumil Station Irum Apartments Heliport
KR-0229Bunam-ri Heliport
KR-0022Busan (Jakjeon) Naval Base Heliport
KR-0377Busan Astar Apartments Heliport
KR-0405Busan Coast Guard Base Heliport
KR-0412Busan Dadae Jugong 2 Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0371Busan Employment Center Heliport
KR-0399Busan Hotel Heliport
KR-0429Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) Heliport
KR-0491Busan Jangan East Rest Area Helipad
KR-0490Busan Jangan West Rest Area Helipad
KR-0309Busan Medical Center Heliport
KR-0368Busan Metroplitan City Hall Heliport
KR-0369Busan Metrpolitan Police Agency Heliport
KR-0370Busan Metrpolitan Police Agency Heliport
KR-0394Busan Myeongnyun IPark Heliports
KR-0465Busan National University Hospital Heliports
KR-0396Busan Pier 8 Heliport
KR-0431Busan Transportation Corporation Heliport
KR-0440Busanjin-gu Office Heliport
KR-0606Busoebong Helipad
KR-0929BYC High City Heliport
KR-0915Byeoksan Digital Valley 2nd Heliport
KR-0912Byeoksan Digital Valley V Heliport
KR-0099Byeollangeum Helipad
KR-0916Byuksan Digital Valley VI Heliport
RK6RC 102 Heliport
RK1DC 106 Heliport
RK1EC 109 Heliport
RK1GC 116 Heliport
RK7KC 120 Heliport
RK1KC 123 Heliport
RK1LC 126 Heliport
RK1MC 132 Heliport
RK1NC 135 Heliport
RK71C 136 Heliport
KR-0009C 137 Heliport
RK1QC 143 Heliport
RK6VC 145 Heliport
RK1RC 147 Heliport
RK70C 150 Heliport
RK1TC 151 Heliport
RKC1C 153 Heliport
RK1VC 157 Heliport
RK1WC 158 Heliport
RK1XC 161 Heliport
RKC4C 168 Heliport
RK1YC 171 Heliport
RK6ZC 176 Heliport
RK2AC 181Heliport
RK2BC 182 Heliport
RK2CC 183 Heliport
RK2DC 184 Heliport
RK2FC 186 Heliport
RK64C 187 Heliport
RK2GC 188 Heliport
RK2JC 190 Heliport
RK2KC 191 Heliport
RK2LC 192 Heliport
RKA9C 193 Heliport
RKB1C 194 Heliport
RKB2C 195 Heliport
RK6WC 201 Heliport
RK7QC 202 Heliport
RK4ZC 232 Heliport
KR-0060C 233 Heliport
RK7AC 240 Heliport
RK2OC 241 Heliport
RK2PC 242 Heliport
RK7BC 243 Heliport
RK7NC 245 Heliport
RK7RC 249 Heliport
RK2QC 250 Heliport
RK74C 253 Heliport
RK2UC 257 Heliport
RK72C 258 Heliport
RK2VC 259 Heliport
RK76C 260 Heliport
RK2YC 265 Heliport
RK3AC 271 Heliport
RK12C 281 Heliport
RKC7C 285 Heliport
RK7CC 286 Heliport
RK7DC 288 Heliport
RKC8C 289 Heliport
RK3DC 316 Heliport
KR-0010C 316 Heliport
RK3HC 325 Heliport
RK3JC 327 Heliport
RK86C 329 Heliport
RK77C 331 Heliport
RK3LC 335 Heliport
RK3MC 400 Heliport
RK3NC 406 Heliport
RK3QC 412 Heliport
RK65C 415 Heliport
RK3SC 424 Heliport
RK87C 425 Heliport
RK3TC 426 Heliport
RK3VC 428 Heliport
RK83C 429 Heliport
RK67C 431 Heliport
RK3WC 432 Heliport
RK3XC 433 Heliport
RK85C 434 Heliport
KR-0006C 503 Heliport
RK4AC 504 Heliport
RK4DC 512 Heliport
RK4JC 518 Heliport
RK4KC 519 Heliport
RK4NC 523 Heliport
RK68C 524 Heliport
RK4OC 527 Heliport
RK4PC 528 Heliport
RK4QC 531 Heliport
RK88C 533 Heliport
RK4RC 535 Heliport
RK4SC 613 Heliport
RK6CC 621 Heliport
RK5GC 714 Heliport
RK5HC 715 Heliport
RK5JC 716 Heliport
RK5KC 717 Heliport
RK5LC 718 Heliport
RK5MC 719 Heliport
RK5NC 720 Heliport
RK5OC 722 Heliport
RK5PC 723 Heliport
RK5QC 816 Heliport
RK5RC 817 Heliport
RK5SC 818 Heliport
RK5VC 821 Heliport
RK5WC 822 Heliport
RK5XC 823 Heliport
RK5YC 824 Heliport
RK5ZC 826 Heliport
RK6AC 827 Heliport
RK6BC 828 Heliport
KR-0052C-104 Heliport
KR-0211C-122 Heliport
KR-0053C-149 Heliport
KR-0054C-154 Heliport
KR-0055C-155 Helipad
KR-0058C-185 Heliport
KR-0059C-189 Heliport
RK7JC-244 Heliport
RK2RC-251 Heliport
RKC5C-252 Heliport
RK75C-254 Heliport
KR-0096C-255 Heliport
KR-0094C-256 Heliport
KR-0095C-256 Heliport
KR-0093C-256 Heliport
RK2XC-262 Heliport
RKC6C-283 Heliport
KR-0039C-286A Heliport
KR-0061C-309 Heliport
RK3EC-320 Heliport
KR-0062C-324 Heliport
KR-0037C-326 Heliport
RK79C-328 Heliport
RK80C-330 Heliport
RK3KC-332 Heliport
RK3OC-408 Heliport
RK3PC-411 Heliport
RK3RC-422 Heliport
RK3UC-427 Heliport
KR-0063C-430 Heliport
KR-0064C-451 Heliport
KR-0065C-502 Heliport
RK4BC-507 Heliport
KR-0066C-513 Heliport
RK4FC-514 Heliport
RK4GC-516 Heliport
RK4HC-517 Heliport
KR-0067C-520 Heliport
KR-0068C-620 Heliport
KR-0069C-708 Heliport
KR-0070C-722 Heliport
KR-0213C-820 Heliport
KR-0212C-820 Heliport
RK6TC272 Heliport
KR-0008C272 Heliport
RK37Camp Beavers (G-227) Airfield
RK05Camp Casey East Heliport (H-221)
RKSTCamp Casey-Dongduchon (Camp Mobile) (H-220) Airfield
RK08Camp Colbern Heliport (H-245)
RK55Camp Eagle (H 401) Heliport
RK06Camp Edwards (H 230) Heliport
KR-0542Camp Ethan Allen Hill 496 Helipad
RK2MCamp Flagstaff (C 205) Heliport
KR-0050Camp Gary Owen Heliport (H-172)
RK6SCamp Giant H-163 Heliport
RK1JCamp Greaves Heliport (H-122)
RKSGCamp Humphreys (A-511) Airfield
RK1PCamp Irwin (C 141) Heliport
RK91Camp Jackson (H 248) Heliport
KR-0072Camp La Guardia Airfield
RK95Camp Long (H 416) Heliport
KR-0007Camp Market Heliport (H-103)
RK1HCamp McNair Heliport (C-118)
RK11Camp Merser (H 250) Heliport
RK04Camp Mosier (H 211) Heliport
RK03Camp Nabors (H 202) Heliport
RKNCQUNCamp Page (A-306) Airport
KR-0057Camp Pelham Heliport (C-165)
RK61Camp Red Cloud (H 209) Heliport
RKSXCamp Stanley (H 207) Heliport
RKSRCamp Stanton Heliport (H-112)
RK1CCamp Thompson Heliport (C-100)
RK57Camp Walker (H 805) Heliport
RKC3Camp Young (C 166) Heliport
KR-0999Capital Tower Heliport
KR-0540Castle Hill Heliport
KR-0874CBS Building Heliport
RKSHCentral 119 Rescue Heliport
KR-0752Centre Place Heliport
KR-0721Centre Pointe Building Heliport
KR-0468Centro Palace Apartments Heliports
KR-0344Centrum Leaders Mark Apartments Heliport
KR-0352Centum Green Tower Apartments Heliport
KR-0356Centum IS Heliport
KR-0359Centum Park Apartments (1+2)
KR-0357Centum Star Heliport
KR-0562Changman-ri Helipad
KR-0945Character Greenville Apartments Heliport
KR-0954Character Woosung Apartments Heliports
RK01Charlie Block (H 177) Heliport
KR-0308Cheonan City Health Center Heliport
KR-0190Cheondo-ri East Helipad
KR-0185Cheondo-ri Helipad
KR-0191Cheondo-ri North Helipad North Helipad
KR-0184Cheondochon Helipad
KR-0493Cheongbongsan Heliport
RKTUCJJCheongju International Airport/Cheongju Air Base (K-59/G-513)
KR-0526Cheongsin-ro Helipad
KR-0555Cheongsong-ro Heliport
KR-1050Cheongwon Lakeville Apartments Heliport
KR-0636Cheongwon Rest Area Heliport
KR-0203Cheonmi-ri East Helipad
KR-0153Cheonmi-ri Helipad
KR-0519Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0510Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0515Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0513Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0516Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0504Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0512Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0505Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0518Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0506Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0507Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0508Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0509Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0511Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0517Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0514Cheonmi-ri South Heliport
KR-0232Chondung Sa Heliport
KR-0671Chong Kun Dong Building Heliport
KR-0018JCJChuja Port Heliport
KR-0014Chulmae Heliport
KR-0306Chungbuk National University Hospital Heliport
KR-0613Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency Heliport
KR-0225Ch’odo-ri Heliport
KR-0337Ciel de Mer Hotel Heliports
KR-0341Citadines Apartments-Motel Heliport
KR-0686City Center Apartments Heliports
KR-0712CJ E&M Building Heliport
KR-0782CJ Food World Heliport
KR-0974Coatel Heliport
KR-0380Cooperative Skyline 80 Apartments Heliport
KR-0448Crown Harbor Hotel Heliport
KR-0354Cube E Centum Realty Heliport
KR-0886D Cube City Apartments Heliports
KR-0453Dadae-dong Heliport
KR-0632Daecheong-ri Heliport
KR-0964Daechi Dongbu Centerville Apartments Heliports
KR-1016Daechi Tower Heliport
RKTNTAEDaegu Airport
KR-0635Daegu Stadium Complex Heliport
KR-0631Daehang-dong Heliport
KR-0013Daejon Government Heliport
KR-0294Daejon St. Mary’s Hospital Heliport
KR-0944Daekyo Education Center Heliport
KR-0957Daelim Acrobil Condominiums Heliports
KR-0921Daerung 12th Techno Town Heliport
KR-0925Daeryung Post Tower 17th Heliport
KR-0892Daeryung Post Tower 2nd Heliport
KR-0906Daeryung Post Tower 5th Heliport
KR-0905Daeryung Post Tower 6th Heliport
KR-0895Daeryung Post Tower 7th Heliport
KR-0898Daeryung Post Tower I Heliport
KR-0367Daewon Cantabile Members Apartments Heliports
KR-1038Daewoo Engineering & Construction Building Heliport
KR-0682Daewoo Foundation Building Heliport
KR-0803Daewoo Han River Benesse Apartments Heliport
KR-1015Daewoo I-Ville Heliport
KR-0993Daewoo The-O’Ville Heliport
KR-0317Daewoo Trump Marine World Heliports
KR-0825Daewoo Trump World I Heliports
KR-0824Daewoo Trump World II Heliports
KR-0687Daewoo Trump World III Heliports
KR-0680Daewoo Worldmark Apartments Yongsan Heliports
KR-0322Daewoo Worldmark Centrum Apartments Heliports
KR-0914Daimyung 8th (Hoimyung) Heliport
KR-0483Dalsung VORTAC (TGU) Helipad
KR-0447Danggam-dong Heliport
KR-0415Dangni-dong East Heliport
KR-0414Dangni-dong West Heliport
KR-0307Dankook University Cheonan Campus Heliport
KR-0564Dapgok-ri Heliport
KR-0071Dartboard Heliport (H-811)
KR-0455Dayeong-dong Prjio Apartments Heliports
RKRDDeog So Heliport (G-290)
KR-0549Deokcheon-ri Helipad
KR-0619Deokcheon-ri Heliport
KR-0550Deokcheon-ri South Helipad
KR-0605Deokgu-ri Heliport
KR-0139Deoksan-ri Helipads
KR-0204Deungdae-ri East Helipad
KR-0149Deungdae-ri North Helipad
KR-0150Deungdae-ri South Helipad
KR-0718Digital Cube Building Heliport
KR-0922Digital Empire Building Heliport
KR-0711Digital Media City Building Heliport
KR-0714Digital Media City Sungam Branch Building Heliport
KR-0140Domil-ri Helipad
KR-0579Domun-dong Helipad
KR-1010Dong Hoon Tower Heliport
KR-0731Dong-A Ilbo Building Heliport
KR-0420Dong-il Building Heliport
KR-1017Dongbu Financial Center Heliport
KR-0778Dongbu Fire Building Heliport
KR-0580Donghae-daero Heliport
KR-0656Donghwa Building Heliport
KR-0552Dongmun-ri Helipad
KR-0402Dongsam 1(il)-dong Heliport
KR-0952Dongwon Industrial Company Heliport
KR-0397Dongwon Royal Duke Vista Apartments Heliports
KR-0417Doosan We’ve Cummins New Town Apartments Heliports
KR-0418Doosan We’ve Poseidon 2 Apartments Heliports
KR-0319Doosan We’ve Poseidon Heliports
KR-0923Duck Sung M & P Building Heliport
KR-0136Duhyeon-ri Helipad
KR-0586Durobong Helipad
KR-0433Dynamic Guesthouse Heliports
KR-0593East Coast Marine Police Training Center Heliport
KR-0976Edencity Dossi Apartments Heliport
KR-0909ENC Dream Tower 7 Heliports
KR-0416Eomgwangsan Heliport
KR-0485Eomul-dong HAWK SAM Site Heliport
KR-0557Eoyuji-ri Heliport
KR-0295Eulji University Hospital Heliport
KR-0208Eupnae-ri Helipad
KR-0524Eupnae-ri Heliport
KR-0890Euro Paratel Motel Heliport
KR-0791Evergreen Tower Heliport
KR-0374Excellent Yeonje Apartment Complex Heliport
KR-0805Familie Apartments Heliports
KR-0763Ferrum Tower Heliport
KR-0851Financial Supervisory Service Heliport
KR-0670Fraser Palace Central Seoul Heliport
KR-0784Freya Tower Heliport
RK7HG 162 Airfield
RK18G 233 Airport
RK36G 238 Airport
RK34G 417 Airport
RK50G 526 Airport
RK49G 530 Airport
RK51G 532 Airport
RKULG 536 Airport
RK46G 602 Airfield
RK6DG 710 Airport
RK60G 712 Airport
RKRKG-213 Airport
RK27G-218 Airport
RK28G-219 Airport
RK35G-225 Airport
RK39G-239 Airport
RK40G-240 Airport
RK31G-307 Airport
RK42G-311 Airport
RK16G-312 Airport
RK22G-313 Airport
RK19G-314 Airport
RK41G-317 Airport
KR-0207G-321 Airfield
RK82G-405 Airport
RK17G-406 Airport
RK44G-412 Airport
RK21G-413 Airport
RK43G-414 Airport
RK33G-418 Airport
RK48G-419 Airport
RK32G-420 Airport
RK20G-500 Airport
RK24G-522 Airport
KR-0612G-603 Heliport
KR-0599G-607 Heliport
KR-0049G-808 Airstrip
KR-0539Gaekhyeon-ri Helipad
KR-0538Gaekhyeon-ri Heliport
KR-0160Gajeon Helipad
KR-0162Gajeon-ri East Helipad
KR-0567Gajeon-ri Helipad
KR-0163Gajeon-ri South Helipad
KR-0161Gajeon-ri West Helipad
KR-0819Galleria Palace Apartments Heliports
KR-0626Gamcheon-ri Heliport
RKRAGanap-ri (G-222) Airport
KR-0004Ganghwa Do Heliport
KR-0980Gangnam Building Heliport
KR-1000Gangnam Finance Center Heliport
KR-1009Gangnam Jaeil Building Heliport
RKNNKAGGangneung Airport (K-18)
KR-0531Gangpo-ri Helipad
KR-0042Gapado Heliport
KR-0625Gapo-dong Wharf Heliport
KR-0291Gasado Heliport
KR-0679Gateway Tower Heliport
KR-0443Gaya Dongwon Royal Duke Apartment Complex Heliport
KR-0693Geomdansan Heliport
KR-0181Geomjang-ri Helipad
KR-0127Geomsan-dong Helipad
KR-0196Geonsol-ri Helipad
KR-0197Geonsol-ri South Helipad
KR-0201Geonsol-ri West Helipad
KR-0202Geumaki-ri Helipad
KR-0305Geumgang Axle Tower Complex Heliports
KR-0395Geumjeong Fire Station Heliport
KR-0310Geumnyeonsan Heliport
KR-0484Geumobong Heliport
KR-0570Geumsu-ri North Heliport
KR-0571Geumsu-ri South Heliport
KR-0126Giljeon-ri Helipad
RKPKPUSGimhae International Airport
RKSSGMPGimpo International Airport
KR-1032Glass Tower Heliport
KR-0198Gobangsal-ri Helipad
KR-0411Goejeong 1(il)-dong Heliport
KR-1055Goheung Airport
KR-1024Golden Tower Heliport
KR-0165Gomiseong-ri Helipad
KR-0172Gomiseong-ri North Helipad
KR-0528Goneung-ri North Helipad
KR-0527Goneung-ri South Helipad
KR-0573Gonghyeonjinhanok-gil Heliport
KR-0446Good Samsun Hospital Heliport
KR-0135Gorangpo-ri Helipad
KR-0501Goseong Heliport
KR-0595Goseong-ri Helipad
KR-0743Gran Seoul Office Tower Heliport
KR-1025Grand InterContintental Seoul Parnas Heliport
KR-0349Green Centrum in Hanhwa Dream Heliports
KR-1003GS Gangnam Tower Heliport
KR-0460GS Heights Xi Apartments Heliports
KR-0984GT Daegak Tower Heliport
KR-0565Guksa-ro Helipad
KR-0566Guksa-ro Heliport
KR-0487Gunam-gun Army Base Heliport
KR-0520Gunryang-ri Heliport
RK29Guri (G-203) Airport
KR-0790Guri Heliport
KR-0499Guseong-gil Heliport
KR-0577Guseong-ri Heliport
KR-0575Gwandaebawi-gil Heliport
KR-0736Gwanghwamum D Tower Heliports
KR-0730Gwanghwamun Building Heliport
KR-0740Gwanghwamun State Tower Building Heliport
RKJJKWJGwangju Airport
KR-0497Gwanmobang Heliport
KR-0589Gyebangsan Helipad
KR-0723Gyeonghuiguigung Condominiums Heliports
RK58Gyeongju Airfield (G-806)
KR-0331Gyeryongdae Emergency Airfield
KR-0494Gyogoki Heliport
RK6GH 104 Heliport
RK6YH 105 Heliport
RK6HH 108 Heliport
RK6MH 173 Heliport
RK0AH 173A Heliport
RK6NH 175 Heliport
RK02H 200 Heliport
RK07H 233 Heliport
RK09H 247 Heliport
RKQ1H 252 Heliport
RKSYH 264 Heliport
RKA8H 302 Heliport
RK94H 310 Heliport
RK96H 502 Heliport
RK97H 506 Heliport
RK98H 608 Heliport
RK4UH 704 Heliport
RK4WH 809 Heliport
RK5BH 831 Heliport
RK5CH 832 Heliport
KR-0073H-253 Heliport
KR-0074H-610 Heliport
RKRCHa Nam Heliport (G-280)
KR-0536Habongam-dong Helipad
KR-1021Haesung 2 Building Heliport
KR-1020Haesung Building Heliport
KR-0342Haeundae Centrum Hotel Heliport
KR-0340Haeundae Doosan We’ve Centrum Apartments Heliport
KR-0315Haeundae Doosan We’ve the Zenith Heliports
KR-0346Haeundae Exordium Apartments Heliports
KR-0330Haeundae Grand Hotel Heliport
KR-0339Haeundae Hillstate We’ve Apartments Heliports
KR-0314Haeundae I Park Marina Tower 1 Heliport
KR-0316Haeundae I Park Marina Tower 2 Heliport
KR-0338Haeundae Jugong Apartments Heliports
KR-0943Haitai Boramae Tower Heliport
KR-0525Haksa-ri Heliport
KR-0919Halla Sigma Valley Heliport
KR-0365Halla Vivaldi Apartments Heliports
KR-0290Hallasan Heliport
KR-0848Hana Daetan Securities Heliport
KR-0852Hana Financial Investment Company Heliport
KR-0809Hanbat Plaza Heliport
KR-0995Handok Remedia Building Heliport
KR-0683Hangang-ro Byucksan Megatrium 2005 Condominiums Heliports
KR-0768Hanhwa Corporation Heliport
KR-0762Hanhwa Financial Plaza Heliport
KR-0841Hanhwa Investment & Securities Heliport
KR-0318Hanhwa Resort Haeundae Heliport
KR-0379Hanil Ordew Heliport
KR-0321Hanil Ordew Heliport
KR-0647Hanjin Building Heliport
KR-0462Hanjin Family Town Apartments Heliport
KR-0840Hanjin Shipping Building Heliport
KR-0398Hanjin SM Co. Ltd Heliport
KR-0749Hanmi Building Heliport
KR-1011Hanshin Intervalley 24 Heliports
KR-0806Hanshin Jamsil Koa Apartments Heliport
KR-0900Hanshin Tower Heliport
KR-0436Hansol Polaris Hotel Heliport
KR-0607Hanul Nuclear Power Plant Heliport
KR-0789Hanyang University Hospital Heliport
KR-0332Hanyang Water Marine Council Heliport
KR-0155Heartbreak Ridge North Helipad
KR-0154Heartbreak Ridge South Helipad
KR-0713Heechan Go Building Heliport
KR-1051Heli Korea Heliport
KR-1041Heungkuk Life Building Heliport
KR-0537Hill 754 Helipad
KR-0798Hillstate Apartment Complex Heliport
KR-0843HMC Building Heliport
KR-0587Hoenggye-ri Heliport
KR-0209Hoengsan-ri Helipad
KR-0701Hongdae Girls High School Heliport
KR-0696Hongjuk-ri Heliport
KR-0588Horyeongbong Helipad
KR-1029Hotel Oakwood Premier Heliport
KR-0378Hotel Oz Heliports
KR-0657HSBC Building Heliport
KR-0192Hu-ri Helipad
KR-0486Hwabong-dong Radio Station Heliport
KR-0480Hwaeseong Forest Park Dream Apartments Heliports
KR-0458Hwangnyeong Mountain View Heliport
KR-1058Hwangryong Airport
KR-0292Hwapo-ri Early Warning Radar Base Heliport
KR-0572Hyangmok-ri Heliport
KR-0873Hyundai 41 Tower Heliport
KR-0658Hyundai Camelia Haute Apartments Heliports
KR-0325Hyundai Camelia Haute Heliports
KR-0878Hyundai Dream Tower Heliport
KR-0488Hyundai Heavy Industries Second Plant Heliport
KR-0705Hyundai Hiel Condominums Heliport
KR-0884Hyundai Hyperion Tower 1 Apartments Heliports
KR-0479Hyundai Hypherion Apartments Heliport
KR-0324Hyundai Hypherion Apartments Heliports
KR-0115Hyundai i’Space Helipad
KR-0489Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Onsan Heliport
KR-0988Hyundai Rexion Heliport
KR-0983Hyundai Sungwoo Apartments Heliport
KR-0812Hyundai Tower Apartments Heliport
KR-1045Hyundai Townville Officetel Heliport
KR-0868Hyundai World Tower Heliport
KR-0102Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group Namyang R&D Center Helipads
KR-0503I-ri Helipad
KR-0220Ibam Heliport
RKRNIcheon (G-510) Airfield
KR-0482Icheon-dong Heliport
KR-0598Icheon-ri Helipad
KR-0554Icheon-ri North Helipad
KR-0553Icheon-ri South Helipad
RK14Idong Airport (G-231)
KR-0846IFC Office Tower Heliport
KR-0463Igidae Coastal Walk Heliport
KR-0157Ihyeon-ri Helipad
KR-0199Imdang-ri Airfield
KR-0590Imokjeong-ri Highway Stopover Heliport
RKSIICNIncheon International Airport
KR-0083Incheon Maritime Police Helipad
KR-0081Incheon Pier 7 Helipad
KR-0082Incheon Pier 7 Helipad
KR-0770Industrial Bank of Korea Heliport
KR-0853Industrial Bank of Korea Heliport
KR-0776Industrial Bank of Korea Heliport
KR-1012Ing Building Heliport
KR-0659Ing Insurance Heliport
KR-1030InterContinental Seoul Coex Heliport
KR-0638Ipjang Service Area Heliport
KR-0003Irwol San Heliport
KR-0075Irwolbong Helipad
KR-0032Irwolbong Helipad
KR-0931IT Castle 2nd Heliport
KR-0818I’Space Apartments Heliport
KR-0777Jae Young Heliport
KR-0608Jagaebong Helipad
KR-0629Jamdo Heliport
KR-1035Jamsil Heliport
KR-0807Jamsil Shop Star Park Apartments Heliports
KR-0530Jangam-ri Heliport
KR-0217Jangbong-ri Heliport
KR-0218Jangbong-ro Heliport
KR-0134Jangdan Helipad
KR-0585Jangdeok-ri Heliport
KR-0045Janggo-do Heliport
KR-0556Janghyeon-ri Heliport
KR-0413Jangnim 1(il)-dong Heliport
KR-0624Jangsa-ri Heliport
KR-0582Jangyo-ri Heliport
KR-0303Jaun-ro Heliport
KR-0098Jawol-myeon Heliport (??? ????)
KR-0100Jawolseo-ro Helipad
RK6OJecheon (G-605) Airport
KR-0936Jei Platz Heliport
KR-0176Jejin Helipad
KR-0285Jeju ROK Naval Air Facility
RKPCCJUJeju International Airport
KR-0286Jeju International Airport Heliport
KR-0287Jeju Island Naval Base Command Helipad
KR-0021Jeju Island Naval Base Heliport
KR-0138Jeokgeo-ri Helipads
KR-0637Jeongchon-ri Heliport
RKPDJDGJeongseok Airport
KR-0143Jeongyeong-gil Helipad
RKJUCHNJeonju (G 703) Air Base
KR-1056Jeonju Airfield
RK15Ji Po Ri Airfield (G-237)
KR-0541Jikcheon-ri Helipad
KR-0581Jindong-ri Helipad
RKPECHFJinhae Airbase/Airport (G-813/K-10)
KR-0224Jinhae Airbase/Airport Heliport
KR-1054Jinhae Naval Academy Airfield
KR-0221Jinhae Naval Academy Heliport
KR-0222Jinhae Naval Base (2 helipads)
KR-0219Jinhae Naval Hospital Heliport
KR-0223Jinhae Submarine Base
KR-0419Jinheung Majestry War Apartments Heliports
KR-0521Jinhyeon-ri Helipad
RKUCJochiwon (G-505) Airfield
KR-0745Jong-ro Tower Heliport
KR-0694Jongam-dong Heliport
KR-0400Joong Ang Computer Mall Heliport
KR-0660Joongang Daily Building Heliport
KR-0105Joongang Heights Helipad
KR-0106Joongang Heights Ville Helipad
RK6JJSA Rear Heliport (H 127)
KR-0661JTBC Building Heliport
KR-0715JTBC Building Heliport
KR-0011Jukbyeon Emergency Airstrip
RK4MJunction City Heliport (C-521)
RKTIJungwon Air Base/Chungju Airport
KR-0965JW Marriott Hotel Seoul Heliport
KR-0737K Twin Towers Heliports
KR-0320Kaiser Village Apartments Heliports
KR-1002KAIT Tower Heliport
KR-1008KAIT Tower Heliport
KR-0353Kang Lim CSP Heliport
KR-0716KBS Media Center Heliport
KR-0775KEB Hana Bank Heliport
KR-0046Keo Jin Helipad
KR-1033KEPCO HQ Heliport
KR-1004Keungil Tower Heliport
KR-0216Kkotchi Heliport
KR-0845KMI Building Heliport
KR-0350KNN Media Center Heliports
KR-1036Kobaco Center Heliport
KR-0702KODIT Heliport
KR-0753Kolon Building Heliport
KR-0917Kolon Digital Tower Aston Heliport
KR-1049Kolon Lake Poll Officetel Apartments Heliports
KR-0109Kolon Lake Polls-II North Helipad
KR-0110Kolon Lake Polls-II South Helipad
KR-0112Kolon Lake Polls-III East Helipad
KR-0111Kolon Lake Polls-III West Helipad
KR-0897Kolon Science Valley 2nd Heliport
KR-0375Kookje Daily News (Kookje Shinmum) Headquarters Heliport
KR-0831Kookmin Bank HQ Heliport
RKSNKooni Range Heliport
KR-0879Korea Broadcasters Center Heliport
KR-0857Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) Heliport
KR-0662Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Heliport
KR-1028Korea City Air Tower Heliport
KR-0858Korea Development Bank Heliport
KR-0667Korea Economic Daily Heliport
KR-0664Korea Express Building Heliport
KR-0372Korea Financial Investment Association Busan Branch Heliport
KR-0828Korea Financial Investment Association Heliport
KR-0832Korea Insurance Development Institute (KIDI) Heliport
KR-0404Korea Maritime & Ocean University Heliport
KR-0754Korea Press Center Heliport
KR-0833Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) Heliport
KR-0855Korea Telecommunications (KT) Building Heliport
KR-0421Korea Telecommunications (KT) Heliport
KR-0653Korean Air Building Heliport
KR-0016Korean International Circuit Heliport
KR-0747Koreana Hotel Heliport
KR-0834KOSCOM Heliport
RKNRKotar Range Heliport
KR-1034KT & G Kosmo Tower Heliport
KR-0876KT Center Building Heliport
KR-1044KT Goyang Building Heliport
KR-0726KT Gwanghwamun Building West Heliport
KR-0986KTB Network Building Heliport
KR-0781Kukdong Building Heliport
KR-0860Kukmin Ilbo Heliport
KR-1040Kumho Asiana HQ Building Heliport
RKJKKUVKunsan Air Base
KR-0727Kyobo Building Heliport
KR-0838Kyobo Securities Building Heliport
KR-0117Kyunghee Medical Medical Hospital Heliport
KR-0467Kyungpook National University Hospital Heliport
KR-0990Landmark Tower Heliport
KR-0360Lazzi Hotel Heliport
KR-0560Lcd-ro Helipad
KR-0559Lcd-ro Heliport
KR-0382Le Meilleur Dongra Town Apartments Heliport
KR-0741Le Meilleur Jongno Town Apartments Heliport
KR-0907Leaders Tower Heliport
KR-0672Lee Shi On Building Heliport
KR-0739Leema Building Heliport
KR-0779Leisure Town Heliport
KR-0228LG Chemical Ltd Daesan Complex Heliport
KR-0751LG Dadong Building Heliport
KR-0676LG Innotek Heliport
KR-0920LG Research Institute Heliport
KR-0859LG Twin Towers Heliports
KR-0822Life Combi Apartments Heliport
KR-0475LIG Daegu Heliport
KR-0700LIG Seoul Heliport
KR-0935Lions Outlet Heliport
KR-0934Lions Valley Heliports
KR-0362Lotte Busan Department Store Heliport
KR-0361Lotte Busan Hotel Heliport
KR-0639Lotte Castle Apartments Heliports
KR-0811Lotte Castle Apartments Heliports
KR-0393Lotte Castle Apartments Heliports
KR-0786Lotte Castle Cheonjin Apartments Heliports
KR-0829Lotte Castle Empire Apartments Heliports
KR-0787Lotte Castle Venetian Apartments Heliports
KR-0896Lotte City Hotel Guro Heliport
KR-0773Lotte City Hotel Myeongdong Heliport
KR-0759Lotte Department Store Avenuel Heliport
KR-0758Lotte Department Store Heliport
KR-0816Lotte Department Store Jamsil Heliport
KR-0772Lotte E&C Apartment Building Heliport
KR-0347Lotte Gallerium Centrum Heliports
KR-0373Lotte Gallerium Heliport
KR-1014Lotte Gold Rose II Heliport
KR-0757Lotte Hotel Seoul Heliports
KR-0815Lotte Hotel World Heliport
KR-0648Lotte Insurance Building Heliport
KR-0928Lotte IT Castle 1 Dong Heliport
KR-0930Lotte IT Castle 2 Dong Heliport
KR-0939Lotte Kwanuk Department Store Heliport
KR-0692Lotte President Castle Apartments Heliports
KR-0940Lotte Tower Heliport
KR-0865Lotte Tower Heliport
KR-0684LS Yongsan Tower Heliport
KR-0813Luther Center Heliport
KR-0048Mahyeon-ri Helipad
KR-0206Mahyeon-ri West Helipad
KR-0561Majang-ri Helipad
KR-0038Majang-ro Heliport
KR-0043Majang-ro Heliport
KR-0545Man-wolbong Heliport
KR-0005Mangilsan Heliport
KR-0665Manjaedo Heliport
KR-0689Mapo Employment Center Heliport
KR-0688Mapo Trapalace Heliports
KR-0210Mapo-ri Helipad
KR-0910Mario Outlet III Heliport
KR-0856Marriott Executive Apartments - Yeouido Centre Heliports
KR-0622Masan Stadium Heliport
KR-0502Masanbong Helipad
KR-0691Masters Tower Apartments Heliport
KR-0478MBC Cinema New Building Heliport
KR-1046MBC Dream Center Heliport
RK1FMcDonald Barracks Heliport (C-114)
KR-0698Mecenatpolis Heliport
KR-0323Meeting Plaza Heliport
KR-0476Mercury Brownstone Apartments Heliport
KR-0985Meritz Tower Heliport
KR-0644Mesa Family Fashion Mall Heliport
KR-1022Metro Khan Building Heliport
KR-0030Mibeop Helipad
KR-0785Migliore Dongdaemun Shopping Center Heliport
KR-0959Military Aid Association Heliport
KR-0674Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel Heliport
KR-0312Minak Lotte Castle Giant Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0769Ministry of Employment & Labor Heliport
KR-0445Ministry of Food & Drug Safety Busan Office Heliport
KR-0765Mirae Asset Center 1 Heliport
KR-0835Mirae Asset Daewoo Yeouido Heliport
KR-0854Mirae Asset Insurance Company Heliport
KR-0584Misan-ri Helipad
KR-0837Miwon Building Heliport
KR-1043Modern Etro Revo Apartments Heliport
KR-0881Mokdong Hyperion 2nd Apartments Heliports
KR-0885Mokdong Isabella Apartments Heliport
KR-0882Mokdong Samsung Cherville 1st Apartments Heliport
KR-0883Mokdong Samsung Cherville 2nd Apartments Heliports
KR-0880Mokdong Trapalace Western Avenue Apartments Heliports
RKJMMPKMokpo Airport
KR-0454Mol-Udae Heliport
KR-0401Monte Bong-rae Heliport
RKPMMosulpo Airbase Heliport
KR-0604Mount Sam-dong Heliport
RKJBMWXMuan International Airport
KR-0547Mugeon-ri Helipad
KR-0546Mugeon-ri Heliport
KR-0633Mukbang-ri Heliport
KR-0279Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0283Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0282Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0281Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0280Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0278Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0266Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0240Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0239Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0238Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0237Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0236Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0264Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0235Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0234Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0252Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0277Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0276Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0259Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0258Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0257Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0256Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0255Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0254Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0253Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0251Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0250Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0249Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0248Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0247Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0246Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0245Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0244Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0260Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0261Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0268Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0270Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0271Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0272Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0273Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0274Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0241Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0275Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0267Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0243Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0269Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0262Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0265Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0242Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0263Mukho Port Heliport
KR-0634Mulgeum-ri Heliport
KR-0076Munhak Heliport (C-107)
RK7IMunhak Heliport (C-107)
KR-0177Myeongho-ri Heliport
KR-0226Myeongjeong-dong Heliport
KR-0175Myeongpa-ri East Helipad
KR-0174Myeongpa-ri Helipad
KR-0182Myeongpa-ri South Helipad
KR-0141Myojang-ro Heliport
RK9SN 101 Helipad
RKC9N 102 Helipad
RKDUN 104 Helipad
RKDDN 105 Helipad
RK8DN 109 Helipad
RK8EN 110 Helipad
RKSDN 200 Heliport
RK9PN 201 Helipad
RK8GN 203 Helipad
RK9QN 204 Helipad
RK9RN 205 Helipad
RKD3N 206 Helipad
RKD4N 207 Helipad
RK9WN 208 Helipad
RK9XN 209 Helipad
RH8HN 210 Helipad
RK8IN 211 Helipad
RK8JN 212 Helipad
RK8KN 214 Helipad
RK8LN 215 Helipad
RK9ZN 217 Helipad
RKA1N 218 Helipad
RKA2N 219 Helipad
RK8MN 220 Helipad
RK9VN 221 Helipad
RK8NN 222 Helipad
RK8PN 229 Helipad
RKA5N 231 Helipad
RK8RN 302 Helipad
RK8SN 303 Helipad
RK8TN 305 Helipad
RK8VN 307 Helipad
RK8WN 308 Helipad
RK8XN 309 Helipad
RK8YN 310 Helipad
RK9BN 315 Helipad
RK9CN 316 Helipad
RK9EN 318 Helipad
RKA7N 319 Helipads
RK9GN 321 Helipad
RK9IN 323 Helipad
RK9JN 324 Helipad
RK9KN 325 Helipad
KR-0077N-103 Heliport
KR-0078N-107 Helipad
KR-0079N-108 Helipad
KR-0080N-202 Heliport
KR-0026N-209 Helipad
KR-0084N-213 Heliport
KR-0085N-223 Heliport
KR-0086N-224 Heliport
RKA6N-304 Helipad
KR-0087N-306 Heliport
KR-0088N-311 Heliport
KR-0089N-312 Heliport
KR-0090N-313 Helipad
KR-0091N-314 Heliport
KR-0092N-317 Heliport
KR-0603Naedeok-ri Helipad
KR-0101Naep’y?ng-ni Helipad
KR-0602Nagok-ri Heliport
KR-0388Nakammin Hanil U & I Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0621Namji Emergency Airfield
KR-0780Namsan Central Xii Apartments Heliports
KR-0615Namsan-ri Helipad
KR-0927Namsung Plaza Heliport
KR-0938Nasan Suite Building Heliport
KR-1052National 119 Rescue Headquarters
KR-0820National Intelligence Service Heliport
KR-0668National Police Agency Heliport
KR-0121National Police Hospital Heliport
KR-0594Neungamdeoksan Helipad
KR-0849NH Securities & Investment HQ Heliport
KR-0535Nightmare Range Heliport
RK6XNogok-ri Airfield (G-130)
KR-0836Nong Hyup Foundation Heliport
KR-0015Nonsan Training Group Heliport
KR-0950Nonshim Heliport
KR-0334Novotel Ambassador Hotel Heliport
KR-0327Ocean Park Apartments Heliport
KR-0329Ocean Tower Heliport
KR-0130Odu Mountain Unification Observatory Helipad
KR-0131Odu Mountain Unification Observatory Helipad
KR-0132Odu Mountain Unification Observatory Helipad
KR-0129Odu Mountain Unification Observatory Helipad
KR-0729Officia Building Heliport
KR-0156Ohyu-ri Helipad
KR-0024Okchuk-tong Heliport
KR-0047Okchuk-tong Heliport
KR-0464Oryukdo SK Apartments Heliports
RKSOOSNOsan Air Base
RKTBPaekado Helipad
KR-0025Paengnyongdo Beach Airfield (Sagot Beach Airfield) (K-53)
RKRPPaju (G-110) Airport
KR-0104Pakkakori-s?m Helipad
KR-0336Pale de Cz Hotel Heliports
KR-0002Palgong San Heliport
KR-0031Palhakgol Helipad
KR-0012Panmunjom Helipad (H-128)
KR-0335Paradise Hotel Busan Heliport
KR-0313Park Hyatt Busan Heliport
KR-0477Park Regency Hotel Heliport
KR-0889Parkville Apartments Heliport
KR-1026Parnas Tower Heliport
KR-0924Partners Tower 1 Heliport
KR-0979Platinum Tower Heliport
KR-0761Plaza Hotel Seoul Heliport
KR-0355Pluq Inc. Heliport
QJPQJPPocheon (G-217) Airport
RKTHKPOPohang Airport (G-815/K-3)
RKD1Pong Am Dong North R802 (???? ?? R802) (G-802) Airport
KR-0122Poonglim Want North Helipad
KR-0124Poonglim Want South Helipad
KR-0123Poonglim Want West Helipad
KR-1018Posco Center, East Tower Heliport
KR-1019Posco Center, West Tower Heliport
KR-0996Posteel Tower Heliport
KR-0804Prague Theater Wedding Heliport
KR-0755President Hotel Heliport
KR-0793Prime Center Heliport
KR-0641Prime Towers Heliports
KR-0947Professional Construction Mutual Aid Association Heliport
KR-0991Prudential Tower Heliport
KR-0994Punglim Building Heliport
KR-0151Pungsan-ri East Helipad
KR-0205Pungsan-ri South Helipad South Helipad
KR-0152Pungsan-ri West Helipads
KR-0627Pyeongam-ri Heliport
KR-0591Pyeongchang Service Area Heliport
RKSVPyoripsan Heliport
KR-0967Raemian Firstige Apartments Heliports
KR-0666Ramada Hotel & Suites Heliports
KR-0764Regus Seoul Center 1 Heliport
KR-1006Renaissance Hotel Heliport
KR-0821Residencia Apartments Heliports
KR-0107Rodeo Suite Helipad
KR-0289ROK Air Force 8546th Group: 308th Squadron Heliport
KR-0623ROK Air Force Education & Training Heliport
KR-0301ROK Armed Forces Daejon Military Hospital Heliport
KR-0496ROK Army 102nd Armor Brigade Ammunition Depot Heliport
KR-0034ROK Army 102nd Armor Brigade Heliport
KR-0302ROK Army 53rd Logstics Support Group Heliport
KR-0766ROK Army 53rd Logstics Support Group Heliport
KR-0040ROK Army Capital Defense Command Heliport (C-277)
KR-0725ROK Government Complex Heliport
KR-0304ROK Joint Forces Military University Heliport
KR-0750ROK Ministry of Culture & Tourism Heliport
KR-0720ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs Heliport
KR-0296ROK Ministry of SMEs & Startups
KR-0297ROK Ministry of SMEs & Starups
KR-0298ROK Ministry of SMEs & Starups
KR-0299ROK Ministry of SMEs & Starups
KR-0300ROK Ministry of SMEs & Starups
KR-0288ROK Navy 301st Defense Squadron Miaksan Radar Site Helipad
RK9LROK Navy Donghae Ammunition Depot Heliport (N-100)
KR-0119Rosedale Building North Helipad
KR-0120Rosedale Building South Helipad
KR-1039S Tower Heliport
KR-0717S-Plex Center Heliport
KR-0597Sabuk-ri Heliport
RKPSHINSacheon Air Base/Airport
KR-0164Sacheon-ri Helipad
KR-0128Saeori-ro Helipad
KR-1053Saiinto Heliport
KR-0391Sajik Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium Heliport
KR-0103Salgoji Heliport
KR-1005Sambu Building Heliport
RKNSSamcheok Airfield
KR-0771Samil Building Heliport
KR-0422Samil Heliport
KR-0470Samjeong Green Core Apartments Heliports
KR-0937Sammo Tower Heliport
KR-0424Samsan Lovech Apartments Heliport
KR-0792Samsung Cherville Apartments Heliport
KR-0425Samsung Convention Hill Apartments Heliports
KR-0987Samsung Electronics Seocho Building Heliport
KR-0960Samsung Engineering Building Heliport
KR-0977Samsung Engineering Research Institute Heliport
KR-0432Samsung Finance Plaza Heliport
KR-0997Samsung Heavy Industries, Yeoksam Building Heliport
KR-0108Samsung Laqvill Helipad
KR-0471Samsung Life Building Heliport
KR-0842Samsung Life Insurance Building Heliport
KR-0650Samsung Life Insurance Building Heliport
KR-0978Samsung Life Seocho Tower Heliport
KR-0651Samsung Main Building Heliport
KR-0118Samsung Medical Center Helipad
KR-0949Samsung Omni Tower Heliport
KR-0808Samsung SDS HQ Heliport
KR-0972Samsung Seocho Garden Suite Apartments Heliport
KR-0227Samsung Total Petrochemicals Daesan Heliport
KR-0956Samsung Tower Palace 3 Apartments Heliport
KR-0961Samsung Tower Palace Apartments 1 Heliports
KR-0962Samsung Tower Palace Apartments 2 Heliports
KR-0981Samsung Town Heliport
KR-0797Samsung Trapalace Apartment Complex Heliport
KR-0498Sanbok-ri Heliport
KR-0171Sanbuk-ri Helipad
KR-0408Sanghaksan Heliport
RKTSSangju Airfield
KR-0044Sangok-dong Heliport
KR-0592Sangwol Mountain Helipad
KR-0583Sangwolcheon-ri Heliport
KR-0169Sangwon-ri Helipad
KR-0568Sangwon-ri North Helipad
KR-0183Sangwon-ri West Helipad
KR-0529Sanjeong-ri Helipad
KR-0142Sanmyeong-ri Helipad
KR-0133Sannam-ro Helipads
KR-0442Santeview Apartments Heliport
KR-0875SBS Broadcasting Centre Heliport
KR-0710SBS Prism Contents Hub Heliport
KR-0333Seacloud Hotel Heliport
KR-0364Sejong Grandia Apartments Heliports
KR-0423Sejong Grandia Apartments Heliports
KR-0998Sejong-tien Building Heliport
KR-0438Semyeon Dongmun Goodmorning Hill Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0366Semyeon Lotte Castle Sky Apartments Heliports
KR-0439Semyeon Sweet Dot Home Park Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0441Semyeon Sweet Dot Home Sky Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0975Seocho Woosung 5th Apartments Heliports
KR-0029Seogeom-ri Helipad
KR-0020Seogwipo Heliport
KR-0699Seogyo Xi West Valley Apartments Heliports
KR-0028Seohanri Helipad
KR-0188Seoheung-ri Helipad
KR-0189Seoheung-ri North Helipad
KR-0444Seomyeon e-Pyeonhansesang Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0578Seongdae-ri Heliport
RKTESeongmu Airport
KR-0869Seonyu IS Biz Tower Heliport
KR-0576Seonyusil-ri Helipad
KR-0746Seorin Building Heliport
RKTPHMYSeosan Air Base
RKSMSSNSeoul Air Base (K-16)
KR-0973Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Heliport
KR-0645Seoul Centrol Post Office Building (Post Tower) Heliports
KR-0652Seoul City Hall Heliport
KR-0675Seoul City Tower Heliport
KR-0748Seoul Finance Center Heliport
KR-0799Seoul Forest Kolon Digital Tower Heliport
KR-0728Seoul Four Seasons Hotel Heliport
KR-0971Seoul High Court & Seoul Central District Court Heliport
KR-0899Seoul Industry Information Education Center Heliport
KR-0704Seoul Medicare Heliport
KR-0663Seoul Metropolitan Government Heliport
KR-0724Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Heliport
KR-0877Seoul Mobile Communication Building Heliport
KR-0214Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Helipad
KR-0125Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Helipad
KR-0116Seoul National University School of Medicine Hospital Helipad
KR-0966Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital Heliport
KR-0719Seoul World Cup Stadium Heliport
KR-0430Seung In Nobil Apartments Heliport
KR-0363Sharp Central Star Apartments Heliports
KR-0358Sharp Centum Star Apartments Heliports
KR-0795Sharp Star City Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0230Shinan Daewoo Hospital Heliport
KR-0649Shinhan Bank Heliport
KR-0847Shinhan Investement Corporation Heliport
KR-0643Shinsegae Department Store Annex Heliport
KR-0800Shinsegae E-Mart Seongsu Discount Store Heliport
KR-0473Shinseong Miso City Apartments Heliports
KR-0774Signature Towers Heliports
KR-0533Sincheorueon-ri North Helipad
KR-0532Sincheorueon-ri South Helipad
KR-0888Sindorim Forceville Apartments Heliport
KR-0620Singimhae KEPCO Electrrical Substation Heliport
KR-0387Sirang-ri Helipad
KR-0908SJ Building Heliport
KR-1047SK City Tower Heliport
KR-0706SK Hub Blue Apartments Heliport
KR-0690SK Hub Green Apartments Heliport
KR-0381SK Hub Olive Apartments Heliport
KR-0469SK Hub Sky Apartments Heliport
KR-0383SK Hub Sky Apartments Heliports
KR-0963SK Leaders View Heliport
KR-1048SK M-City Tower Heliport
KR-0673SK Namsan Building Heliport
KR-0864SK Readers View Apartments Heliports
KR-0767SK T Tower Heliport
KR-0844SKC Chemical Division HQ Heliport
KR-1057SL Air Airstrip
RKNDSHOSokcho (Mulchi Airfield) (G-407/K-50) Airport
KR-0783Solaria Hotel Heliport
KR-0738Somerset Palace Seoul Heliport
KR-0450Songdo Topsville Apartments Heliport
KR-0167Songgang-ri East Heliport
KR-0166Songgang-ri Helipad
KR-0168Songgang-ri North Helipad
KR-0178Songhyeon-ri Helipad
KR-0180Songhyeon-ri North Helipad
KR-0179Songhyeon-ri South Helipad
KR-0386Songjeong-ri Heliport
KR-0449Southern Central Care Hospital Heliport
KR-0097Soya-ri Heliport (??? ???)
KR-0600Ssangyong Cement Yeongwol Plant Heliport
KR-0233Ssangyong East Cement Plant Heliport
KR-0814Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Company Heliport
KR-0744Standard Chartered Bank-Korea Heliport
KR-0817Star River Apartments Heliport
KR-0640State Tower Building Heliport
KR-0932STX-V Tower Heliport
KR-0610Sucheol-ri Heliport
KR-0231Suchi-do Heliport
KR-0522Sungam-gogae Heliport
KR-0951Sungwon Sangtaeville Apartments Heliports
KR-0548Surihol-ro Helipad
KR-0543Surihol-ro Heliport
RKRSSusaek (G 113) Airport
KR-0474Suseong Kolon Hanulche Apartments Heliports
RKSWSWUSuwon Airport
RKSCSv Ri San Helipad
KR-0311Swimmer Hyundai IPark Apartments Heliports
KR-0677T Tower Heliport
KR-0410Tae-king Heliport
RKTAQDYTaean Airport
RKTDTaejon Airfield
KR-0019Taes?-ri Heliport
RKSJTaesong-San Helipad
KR-0703Taeyoung Building Heliport
KR-0871Tangshan SKV1 Center Heliports
KR-0574Tapdong-ri Heliport
KR-0170Tapyeol-ri Helipad
KR-0569Tapyeol-ri North Heliport
KR-1023Textile Center Heliport
KR-0796The Classic 500 Apartment Complex Heliports
KR-0861Times Square Heliport
RK25Tongjin (G-107) Airfield
KR-0742Tower 8 Apartments Heliport
KR-0989Tower 837 Building Heliport
KR-1027Trade Center Heliport
KR-0678Trapalace Apartments Heliport
KR-0839Trenue Building Heliport
KR-0343Trump World Centrum Apartments Heliports
KR-0348Trump World Centrum City Heliports
KR-0953Trust Tower Heliport
KR-0452Tusong Bando Heliport
KR-0596Uirim-ro Heliport
KR-0001Uisang Bong Heliport
UJNUJNUljin Airport
RKPUUSNUlsan Airport
KR-0544Ungdam-ri Heliport
KR-1013Union Steel Building Heliport
KR-0434Vertavill Apartments Heliport
KR-0427Vervill 2 Apartments Heliports
KR-0955Vision 21 Heliport
KR-0056Warrior Base Heliport
KR-0887West Finance Center Heliport
KR-0760Westin Chosun Seoul Hotel Heliport
RKNFWhang Ryeong Helipad
KR-0695Wolgye (2)i-dong Heliport
KR-0186Wolhak-ri Helipad
KR-0187Wolhak-ri Helipad
KR-0159Wolsan-ri East Helipad
KR-0618Wolsan-ri Stopover Heliport
KR-0158Wolsan-ri West Helipad
KR-0200Wolun-ri Helipad
RKNWWJUWonju Airport / Hoengseong Air Base (K-38/K-46)
KR-0392Woodmark Condominiums Heliports
KR-1037Woolim Blue Nine Heliports
RKTWWoong Cheon Heliport
KR-0642Woori Bank Building Heliport
KR-0850Woori Investment & Securities Heliport
KR-0894Woorim Ebiz Center 1st Heliport
KR-0893Woorim Ebiz Center 2nd Heliport
KR-0870Woorim Intelligence Center Heliport
KR-1042Woosung Building Heliport
KR-0384Woridul Spine Hospital
KR-0345World Business Center (WBC) The Palace Heliports
KR-0911World Meridian Venture Center 1st Heliport
KR-0918World Meridian Venture Center 2nd Heliport
KR-0810World Tower Heliport
KR-0376Xinhua Tower Apartments Heliport
KR-0114Yang Woo East Helipad
KR-0113Yang Woo West Helipad
RK13Yanggu (G-404) Airport
RK52Yangin (G-501) Airport
KR-0146Yangji-ri East Helipad
KR-0534Yangji-ri Heliport
KR-0147Yangji-ri North Helipad
KR-0145Yangji-ri West Helipad
RKRGYangpyeong (G-301) Airport
KR-0409Yangsan Service Area Helipad
KR-0558Yangwon-ri Heliport
RKNYYNYYangyang International Airport
RKTYYECYecheon Airbase
KR-0036Yecheon Airport
RKSUYeoju Range Heliport
KR-0630Yeojwa-dong Helipad
KR-0992Yeoksam 824 Building Heliport
KR-1007Yeoksan The Oville Heliport
KR-0017Yeongam Airport
KR-0616Yeongcheon Ammo Depot Heliport
KR-0492Yeongcheong Korea Army Academy Heliport
KR-0284Yeongheung Power Station Heliport
KR-0611Yeongju Emergency Runway Airfield
KR-0735Yeongpoong Building Heliport
KR-0732Yeongpoong Building Heliport
KR-0733Yeongpoong Building Heliport
KR-0734Yeongpoong Building Heliport
KR-0390Yeonji Samick Apartments Heliports
RKSQYeonpyeong-Myeon Heliport
KR-0027Yeonpyeong-Myeon Heliport
KR-0601Yeonsang-ri Heliport
RKJYRSUYeosu Airport
KR-0215Yeouido Airport
KR-0830Yeouido Department Store Heliport
KR-0826Yeouido Xi Apartments Heliports
KR-0481Yeungnam University Hospital Heliport
RKJOYong Jung-ri Helipad
KR-0722Yongbieocheonga Condominiums Heliport
RKUYYongchon Airport (G-801)
KR-0461Yongho-dong Heliport
KR-0685Yongsan City Apartments Heliports
KR-0681Yongsan Park Xi Apartments Heliports
KR-0144Yongyang-ri Helipad
KR-0707Yonsei Severance Hospital Foundation Building Heliport
KR-0708Yonsei University Severance Hospital Heliport
KR-0437You One Golden Tower Heliport
KR-0466Youngdong Beach Tower Apartments Heliports
KR-0709YTN New Square Heliport
KR-0563Yukgok-ri North Heliport
KR-0697Yukgok-ri South Heliport
KR-0614Yullyang-dong Helipad
KR-0435Zen Backpackers Hotel Heliport

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