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Aerodrome listing for Kazakhstan

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

KZ-0021Abay Bazar Airport
KZ-0023Aitbuzum East Airport
KZ-0083Akchatau Airport
KZ-0080Akkala Airport
KZ-0024Aksu Airport
KZ-0065Aksuyek Airport
UATESCOAktau Airport
KZ-0094Aktau Summer Sea Harbor Heliport
KZ-0093Aktau Summer Sea Residence Heliport
UATTAKXAktobe Airport
KZ-0066Aktogay Air Base
KZ-0079Akzhar Airport
UAAAALAAlmaty Airport
KZ-0022Almaty North Airport
KZ-0092Amangeldy Airfield
UATAAralsk Airport
KZ-0002Arkalyk Airport
UAURAYKArkalyk North Airport
KZ-0025Arkaylyk South Airport
KZ-0101Arman Dala Airstrip
KZ-0003Arys Northeast Airport
KZ-ATXATXAtbasar Airport
UATGGUWAtyrau Airport
UASAAyaguz Airport
KZ-0102Azem/Talis Aeroclub Airfield
KZ-0004Badam Airport
KZ-0112Balapan Airfield
UAAHBXHBalkhash Airport
KZ-0096Balkhash East Airfield
KZ-0097Barshatas Airfield
KZ-0114Bayanaul Airport
KZ-0090Beyneu Airport
KZ-0076Blagoveshchenskoye-Chu Airport
KZ-0027Blinkovo Airport
UAARBXJBoralday Airport
KZ-0028Bugun Airport
KZ-0029Burynshik Airport
KZ-0030Burynshik Southeast Airport
KZ-0005Buzachi Airport
UA34Chardara Airport
KZ-0075Charyn Airfield
KZ-0031Chikment / Khatynkopir Airport
KZ-0006Chilik Southeast Airfield
KZ-0007Chimkent/Sayram Airport
KZ-0032Chubarovka Airport
KZ-0073Chundzha Airfield
KZ-7470Dolon Air Base
KZ-6022Dolon Southwest Air Base
KZ-0074Dzhaman Kuduk Airfield
KZ-0033Dzhetygara Airport
KZ-0008Dzhezkazgan Airport
UASBEKBEkibastuz Airport
KZ-0084Gora Sasyrly Airport
KZ-0009Gurvey Northeast Airport
UAITHSAHazrat Sultan International Airport
KZ-0010Iliysk North Airport
KZ-0088Jeppesen Avia Club Airport
KZ-0116Kabanbay Airport
KZ-0087Kambala Airport
KZ-0012Karabulak Airport
KZ-0036Karaganda Southwest Airport
KZ-0035Karagandy Southeast Airport
KZ-0071Karas Air Base
KZ-0072Karas Air Base
KZ-0105Karashoky Airport
KZ-0037Karazhal Airport
KZ-0038Kegan Airport
KZ-0039Kentau Airport
KZ-0013Kok-Tyube Airport
KZ-0108Kokpek Highway Strip
UACKKOVKokshetau Airport
KZ-0040Kokshetau Old Airport
KZ-0086Koktas Airport
KZ-0085Koktas Southwest Airport
KZ-0115Korshunovo Heliport
KZ-0014Kostanay Airport
UAUUKSNKostanay West Airport
KZ-0067BXYKrainiy Airport
KZ-0041Krasnyy Most East Airport
KZ-0068Kurchatov Airfield
KZ-0099Kyzylagash Heliport
KZ-0042Kyzylasker Airport
KZ-0043Kyzylkishlak Airport
UAOOKZOKyzylorda Airport
KZ-0044Kyzylorda Old Airport
UA36Lugovoy Airport
KZ-0034Moinkum Airport
KZ-0106Moyynkum Airport
KZ-0045Narynkol Airport
KZ-0091Novotroitskoye Airport
KZ-0046Novotroitskoye Airport
KZ-0026Novotroitskoye West Airfield
UACCNQZNursultan Nazarbayev International Airport
KZ-0047Obruchevka Airport
UASPPWQPavlodar Airport
KZ-0048Pervomoyevka Airport
UACPPPKPetropavl Airport
KZ-0049Petropavl North Airport
KZ-0050Podgorny Airport
KZ-0051Rodnikovskiy Airport
KZ-0109Romanovka Airfield
KZ-0015Sarkand Airport
KZ-0100Sarkand Heliport
KZ-0052Sary Agach Airport
HRCHRCSary Su Airport
UAKKKGFSary-Arka Airport
KZ-0095Sayakhat Beach Heliport
UASSPLXSemipalatinsk Airport
KZ-0053Shagyr Airport
UATRShalkar Airport
KZ-0104Shelek Heliport
KZ-0054Shelpe Southeast Airport
UAIICITShymkent Airport
UACSStepnogorsk Airport
KZ-0055Stepnoye East Airport
KZ-0056Stepnoye West Airport
KZ-0111Stolichny Airfield
KZ-0057Syugaty Airport
KZ-0058Taganassay Airport
KZ-0016TDKTaldykorgan Airport
KZ-0059Tamerlanovka Airport
UADDDMBTaraz Airport
KZ-0098Tekeli Heliport
KZ-0060Togyzbay Airport
KZ-0077Tughyl Airport
UAUTTurgay Airport
KZ-0061Turkestan Airport
KZ-0113Ulken Airport
UARRURAUralsk Airport
KZ-0062Uralsk West Airport
UZRUZRUrzhar Airport
KZ-0063Ush Tobe Airport
KZ-0082USJUsharal Airport
KZ-0103Ushkonyr Mountain Heliport
UASKUKKUst-Kamenogorsk Airport
KZ-0017Uzen Airport
KZ-0064Volskoye Airport
KZ-0018Yeskiikan Southeast Airport
KZ-0089Yrgyz Airport
UAONYubileyniy Airfield
KZ-0019Zakirovskiy Airport
UASZSZIZaysan Airport
KZ-0078Zaysan West Airport
KZ-0069Zhangiztobe Air Base
KZ-0011Zhetygen Airport
UAKDDZNZhezkazgan Airport
KZ-0020Zhilga South Airport
KZ-0110Zholaman Airfield
KZ-0070Zhosaly Airport
KZ-0107Zhuantobe Airport
KZ-0001Zhuz-Agach Air Base
KZ-0081Zubovsk Airport

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