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Aerodrome listing for Libya

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

HL58Agedabia Airport
HLLQLAQAl Abraq International Airport
HL68Al Bumbah North Air Base
LY-0006Al Bunbah Airport
HL81Al Hamada Con 66 East Airport
HL69Al Jufra Airport
HL59Al Khadim Airport
HL70Al Khuwaymat Airport
HL60Al Marj Airport
HL57Al Wigh Airport
HLZNZISAlzintan Airport
HLAMAmal V12 Airport
HLBDBeda (M-3) Airport
HL54Beni Walid Airport
HLLBBENBenina International Airport
LY-0001Bi'r Zalatan Airport
HL71Bir Umran Airport
HLBSBooster Airport
LY-BCQBCQBrak Airport
HLFLBu Attifel Airport
HLRADahra Airport
HLSDEssider Airport
LY-0010Fidda Oilfield Airport
LY-0003Gabr Airstrip
HLGNTOBGamal Abdel Nasser Airport
HLGDSRXGardabya Airport
HLTDLTDGhadames East Airport
HL82Ghani Field Airport
HLGTGHTGhat Airport
HL78Habit Awlad Muhammad Airport
HLONHUQHon Airport
LY-0011Jofra Oilfield Airport
LY-0009Kambut Airport
HLKFAKFKufra Airport
HLMBLMQMarsa Brega Airport
LY-DNFDNFMartubah Airport
HL56Matan al-Sarra Air Base
HL80Matratin Airport
LY-MRAMRAMisratah Airport
HLLMMJIMitiga Airport
HLNRNFRNafurah 1 Airport
HL83Nanur Airport
HL77Okba Ibn Nafa Air Base
HLZGOxy A 103 Airport
HL64Qaryat Al Karmal Airport
LY-0008Ra's Lanuf Highway Airport
HLNFRas Lanuf Oil Airport
HLLSSEBSabha Airport
HLSASarir (C-4) Airport
HL84Sarir Nw Airport
HL53Sidi Salih Airport
HL66Taminhint Airport
LY-0007Tobruk Airport
HLLTTIPTripoli International Airport
LY-QUBQUBUbari Airport
LY-0005Unknown strip
HL72Waddan Airport
LY-0004Wadi Barjuj strip
HLWAWarehouse 59A Airport
HLGLWarehouse 59e Airport
HL79Waw Al Kabir Airport
HLZAZella 74 Airport
LY-0002Zelten C6 Airstrip
HL50Zelten Sw New Airport
HLZUZuetina Airport
HLZWWAXZwara Airport

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