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Aerodrome listing for Madagascar

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

FMNWWAIAmbalabe Airport
FMSAAmbalavao Airport
FMNJAmbanja Airport
AHYAHYAmbatolhy Airport
AMYAMYAmbatomainty Airport
FMMZWAMAmbatondrazaka Airport
FMNEAMBAmbilobe Airport
MG-0003Amboasary Sud Airport
MG-0012Ambodiatafa Airport
MG-0001OHBAmbohibary Airport
FMMJAmbohijanahary Airport
FMNMMJNAmborovy Airport
MG-0009Ambovombe Airport
FMNZIVAAmpampamena Airport
FMSYAMPAmpanihy Airport
FMMPAmparafaravola Airport
FMNLHVAAnalalava Airport
FMNDZWAAndapa Airport
DVDDVDAndavadoaka Airport
WADWADAndriamena Airport
MG-0002Anjajavy Airport
FMNBWBEAnkaizina Airport
FMMKJVAAnkavandra Airport
FMSZWAKAnkazoabo Airport
FMMAAntananarivo Arivonimamo Airport
MG-0004Antanimora Airport
FMMGWAQAntsalova Airport
FMMEATJAntsirabe Airport
FMNHANMAntsirabe Airport
FM43Antsiranana Andrakaka Airport
FMSBWBOAntsoa Airport
FMNADIEArrachart Airport
FMMQILKAtsinanana Airport
FMNFWBDAvaratra Airport
FMSLOVABekily Airport
FMMLBMDBelo sur Tsiribihina Airport
BZMBZMBemolanga Airport
BSVBSVBesakoa Airport
FMNQBPYBesalampy Airport
FMBIBetainomby Airport
FMSVBKUBetioky Airport
FMSEBetroka Airport
MG-DOADOADoany Airport
FMSGRVAFarafangana Airport
FMNNNOSFascene Airport
FMSFWFIFianarantsoa Airport
MG-0006Fotadrevo Airport
MG-0007Ifotaka Airport
FMSIIHOIhosy Airport
MG-0005Itampolo Airport
FMMITNRIvato Airport
FMMHVVBMahanoro Airport
FMMOMXTMaintirano Airport
FMMCWMLMalaimbandy Airport
FMNPWMPMampikony Airport
FMSKWVKManakara Airport
FMNCWMRMananara Nord Airport
FMSMMNJMananjary Airport
FMSCWMDMandabe Airport
FMNXWMAMandritsara Airport
FMSJMJAManja Airport
FMNRWMNMaroantsetra Airport
MG-0011Maromby Airport
FMMNZVAMiandrivazo Airport
FMMRTVAMorafenobe Airport
FMSRMXMMorombe Airport
FMMVMOQMorondava Airport
FMNGWPBPort Bergé Airport
FMMSSMSSainte Marie Airport
FMSNTDVSamangoky Airport
FMNSSVBSambava Airport
FMNODWBSoalala Airport
FMMUWTATambohorano Airport
FMMTTMMToamasina Ambalamanasy Airport
FMSDFTUTôlanaro Airport
FMSTTLEToliara Airport
MG-0010Tranoroa Airport
FMNTTTSTsaratanana Airport
MG-0008Tsihombe Airport
TZOTZOTsimiroro Airport
FMMXWTSTsiroanomandidy Airport
FMSUVNDVangaindrano Airport
FMMYVATVatomandry Airport
FMNVVOHVohemar Airport

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