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Aerodrome listing for Malaysia

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

WMAABahau Airport
WBGQBKMBakalalan Airport
WBGZBBNBario Airport
WMABBatu Pahat Airport
WBGCBLGBelaga Airport
WMACBenta Airport
WMADBentong Airport
WMAEBidor Airport
WBGBBTUBintulu Airport
MY-0003Cameron Highlands Airstrip
WMAGDungun Airport
MY-GTBGTBGenting Airport
WMGKGong Kedak Airport
WMAHGrik Airport
MY-0015Hunter (Morotai) Airport
MY-0001Investigator Shoal Helipad
WMAJJendarata Airport
MY-0016Jeroco Airport
WBGPKPIKapit Airport
MY-0006KD Malaya Heliport
MY-0005KD Sultan Ismail Heliport
MY-0017Kelabakan Airport
WBKGKGUKeningau Airport
WMKEKTEKerteh Airport
WMAPKluang Airport
WBKBKota Belud Airport
WBKKBKIKota Kinabalu International Airport
MY-0018Kuala Kahaba Airport
WMALKuala Kerai Airport
WMKKKULKuala Lumpur International Airport
MY-0019Kuala Medamit Airport
WBKUKuala Penyu Airport
WMKDKUAKuantan Airport
WBGGKCHKuching International Airport
WBKTKUDKudat Airport
WMAQLabis Airport
WBKLLBULabuan Airport
WBKDLDULahad Datu Airport
WMKLLGKLangkawi International Airport
WBGWLWYLawas Airport
LACLACLayang-Layang Airport
WBGJLMNLimbang Airport
MY-0008Limbang Heliport
WBGOLio Matu Airport
WBGLLKHLong Akah Airport
WBGALong Atip Airport
MY-LBPLBPLong Banga Airport
WBGELong Geng Airport
MY-LLMLLMLong Lama Airport
WBGFLGLLong Lellang Airport
WBKNGSALong Pasia Airport
WBGDLSMLong Semado Airport
WBGIODNLong Seridan Airport
WBGULSULong Sukang Airport
WMPRRDNLTS Pulau Redang Airport
WMLULutong Airport
WMKMMKZMalacca Airport
MY-0020Marak Parak Airport
MY-0002Mariveles Reef Helipad
WBGMMURMarudi Airport
MY-0021Meligan Airport
MY-0022Meridi Airport
WMAUMEPMersing Airport
WBGRMYYMiri Airport
MY-MZSMZSMostyn Airport
WMAVMuar / Bakri Airport
WBGKMKMMukah Airport
WBMUMZVMulu Airport
MY-0023Nangoh Airport
WBKPPAYPamol Airport
MY-0024Pandewan Airport
MY-0025Paramudu Airport
WMKPPENPenang International Airport
WMBHPengkalan Hulu Airport
WMPAPKGPulau Pangkor Airport
WMBTTODPulau Tioman Airport
WBKRRNURanau Airport
WMKBBWHRMAF Butterworth Air Base
WBKHSXSSahabat [Sahabat 16] Airport
WBKSSDKSandakan Airport
WMAZSegamat Airport
WMBESemantan Airport
WBGNBSESematan Airport
WBKASMMSemporna Airport
WMKJJHBSenai International Airport
WBKOSPESepulot Airport
WBGSSBWSibu Airport
WBGYSGGSimanggang Airport
WMKFSimpang Airport
MY-SPTSPTSipitang Airport
WMBASWYSitiawan Airport
MY-0026Sook Airport
WMSASZBSultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport
WMKAAORSultan Abdul Halim Airport
MY-0004Sultan Ahmad Haji Shah Hospital Helipad
WMKIIPHSultan Azlan Shah Airport
WMKCKBRSultan Ismail Petra Airport
WMKNTGGSultan Mahmud Airport
WMBBSungai Petani Airport
MY-GTKGTKSungai Tekai Airport
WMANSXTSungai Tiang Airport
WMBITPGTaiping (Tekah) Airport
WBGTTGCTanjung Manis Airport
WBKWTWUTawau Airport
WBKETELTelupid Airport
WMLHTLDM Lumut Heliport
MY-0007TLDM Tanjung Gelang Heliport
WBKMTMGTomanggong Airport
WMBFUlu Bernam Airport
MY-0027Ulu Tomani Airport
MY-0028Wallace Bay Airport

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