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Aerodrome listing for Mozambique

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

MZ-0048Afungi Airport
AMEAMEAlto Molocue Airport
FQAGANOAngoche Airport
MZ-0011Baixo Pinda Airport
BZBBZBBazaruto Island Airport
FQBRBEWBeira Airport
BCWBCWBenguera Island Airport
FQBIBilene Airport
MZ-0027Blanguete Airport
MZ-0018Buffalo Camp Airstrip
CMZCMZCaia Airport
MZ-0040Catandica Airport
MZ-0043Chemba Airport
FQCHVPYChimoio Airport
INEINEChinde Airport
FQTTTETChingozi Airport
MZ-0033Chiure Airport
MZ-TGSTGSChokwé Airport
FQCBFXOCuamba Airport
MZ-0023Espungabera Airport
MZ-0030Fingoe Airport
FQFUFurancungo Airport
MZ-0032Gile Airport
VJQVJQGurue Airport
MZ-0009Homoine Airport
MZ-0012IBOIbo Airport
IBLIBLIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
FQIAIHCInhaca Airport
FQININHInhambane Airport
IMGIMGInhaminga Airport
MZ-0045Inhassoro Airstrip
MZ-0051Kenmare Moma Airport
FQLCVXCLichinga Airport
LBMLBMLuabo Airport
MZ-0017Lugenda Wilderness Camp Airstrip
FQLULFBLumbo Airport
MZ-0010Mabote Airport
MZ-0002Macalonge Airport
MZ-0054Machangulo Airport
MZ-0020Machasi Airport
MZ-0034Macomia Airport
MZ-0037Macossa Airport
MZ-0025Mafambisse Airport
MJSMJSMaganja da Costa Airport
MZ-0004MFWMagaruque Airport
MZ-0026Mague Airport
MZ-0036Malvernia Airport
FQMAMPMMaputo Airport
RRMRRMMarromeu Airport
FQMRMarrupa Airport
MZ-0021Massangena Airport
MZ-0008Massinga Airport
MZ-0044Massingir Airport
MZ-0013Matemo Airport
MZ-0016Mbamba Airport
MZ-0001Mbatamila Airport
MZ-0038Mecanhelas Airport
MZ-0014Medjumbe Airport
MZ-0035Meluco Airport
MZ-0003Metangula Airport
MZ-0031Milange Airport
FQMPMZBMocímboa da Praia Airport
MZ-0055Moma Airport
MTUMTUMontepuez Airport
MZ-0042Mopeia Airport
MZ-0039Mucumbura Airport
FQMDMUDMueda Airport
FQNCMNCNacala Airport
FQNPAPLNampula Airport
NNDNNDNangade Airport
LMZLMZPalma Airport
MZ-0005NTCParadise Island Airport
PEBPEBPebane Airport
FQPBPOLPemba Airport
MZ-0052Pomene Airstrip
FQPOPDDPonta do Ouro Airport
MZ-0019Québese Airport
FQQLUELQuelimane Airport
MZ-0050Quinga Airstrip
MZ-0046Quirimba Airstrip
MZ-0007Quissico Airport
MZ-0049Quiterajo Airstrip
FQSGSongo Airport
MZ-0024Sussundenga Airport
MZ-0015Tecomaji Airport
MZ-0022Tondo Lodge Airstrip
FQUGUlongwe Airport
MZ-0041Vale Chassapa Airport
MZ-0047Vamizi Airstrip
FQ49Vila Franca do Save Airport
FQVLVNXVilankulo Airport
FQXAVJBXai-Xai Airport
MZ-0006Xinavane Airport
MZ-0029Zambue Airport
MZ-0053Zongoene Airport
MZ-0028Zumbo Airport

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