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World Aerodrome Data - Airports, Aerodromes and Airstrips in Namibia

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 Worldwide Aerodrome Database

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Aerodrome listing for Namibia

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

NA-0001Afro Venture Airport
FYAAAIWAi-Ais Airport
NA-0145Albrechts Aistrip
FYAMAminuis Airstrip
NA-0002Aminuis Pan Landing Site
NA-0003Anib Lodge Landing Site
FYARADIArandis Airport
NA-0004Aranos Airport
NA-0005Aranos Pan Landing Site
FYAVAriamsvley Airport
NA-0133Aris Landrig Strip
FYABAroab B Airport
NA-0006Auob Lodge Airport
FYASAus Airport
FYAKAussenkehr Airport
NA-0167B8 Airstrip
NA-0012BQIBagani Airport
NA-0007Basaroot Landing Site
NA-0115Beenbreek Landing Site
NA-0129Bergland Landing Strip
FYBCBethanien Airport
NA-0106Bimsfarm Landing Site
FYBJBitterwasser Lodge & Flying Club Airfield
NA-0008Bitterwasser N. Sta Airport
NA-0009Bitterwasser North Airport
NA-0010Blumfelde Pan Landing Site
NA-0078Brukkaros Landing Strip
NA-0141Buitepos Airstrip
NA-0095Bullsport Landig Site
NA-0011Bush Breaks Lodge Landing Site
FYXXCanon Lodge Airport
NA-0112Cowdray Airstrip
NA-0013Derm East Pan Landing Site
NA-0177Desert Rhino Camp Airstrip
NA-0127Doornpoort Airstrip
NA-0014Dordabis Carpet Airport
FYDNDoro Nawas Airstrip
NA-0142Drimiopsis Landing Site
NA-0104Droeplaas Landing Site
FYENEenhana Airport
NA-0169Ehomba Airport
NA-0138Eintracht Airstrip
NA-0015Eirup Landing Site
FYEKEpukiro Airport
NA-0150Epukiro North Landing Site
NA-0151Epukiru Airport
FYWEERSEros Airport
NA-0016Eureka Farm Airport
NA-0175Farm Dawib Ost Landing Strip
NA-0174Farm Etemba Landing Strip
NA-0176Farm Gurus Landing Strip
FYGKFarm Whitwater East Landing Strip
NA-0079Finger Gottes Airstrip
NA-0148Fortuna Landing Site
NA-0117Gams Farm Landing Site
NA-0116Gamsberg Landing Site
NA-0125Garib Landing Site
NA-0067Geluk Airstrip
NA-0017Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing Site
NA-0092Gianti-1 Airport
NA-0082Gibeon Airport
FYGOGobabeb Airport
FYGBGOGGobabis Airport
NA-0135Gobabis Street-T Airport
FYGCGochas Airstrip
NA-0154Godehoop Landing Site
NA-0123Goellschau Farm Landing Site
NA-0108Gomnab Airport
FYGVGravenstein Prv Airport
NA-0018Greub Landing Site
FYGFGFYGrootfontein Airport
NA-0019Grootpan East Landing Site
NA-0081Guamus Airport
NA-0070Guibes Landing Strip
NA-0172Haklesdoorn Airport
FYHIHALHalali Airport
NA-0020Hannover N Airport
NA-0021Haribes Dam Strip
FYHVHartmann Valley Airstrip
NA-0076Helmering Airstrip
FYHHHelmeringhausen Airport
FYHNHenties Bay Airport
NA-0022Hetaku Game Lodge Landing Site
NA-0103Hoachanas Airport
FYHOHoanib Airstrip
FYHSHobas Airport
NA-0153Hochfeld Airport
FYWHWDHHosea Kutako International Airport
FYIAIntu Africa Pan Airport
NA-0158Isibis Airstrip
NA-0023Judaea Strip
NA-0024Julia Landing Site
FYKEKalahari Game Lodge Airport
FYKDKalkfeld Airport
NA-0025Kalkrand Pan Landing Site
FYKJKamanjab Airport
NA-0026Kamombombe East Airport
NA-0027Kansimba Landing Site
FYKBKASKarasburg Airport
FYKAKaribib Airport
FYKMMPAKatima Mulilo Airport
NA-0085Katzensteg Airport
NA-0111Kaukerus Landing Site
NA-0071Keetmansh Railroad Airport
FYKTKMPKeetmanshoop Airport
NA-0131Keitzaub Landing Site
NA-0028Kentani Landing Site
NA-0029Kentucky Sud Pan Landing Site
NA-0030Kerweder Airport
NA-0031Khorab Safari Lodge Airport
NA-0159Khorixas Airport
NA-0032Kiripotib Landing Site
NA-0033Klein Aub 15M Landing Site
NA-0034Klein Aub Pan Ok Landing Site
NA-0119Klein Nauas Landing Site
NA-0072Klipdrif Airstrip
NA-0074Koes Airport
NA-0162Kongola Airport
NA-0090Kouwater Landing Site
NA-0130Krumneck Airport
NA-0093Kub Landing Site
NA-0087Lendepas Landing Site
NA-0114Leonardville Airport
FYLSLHULianshulu Airport
NA-0097Lidfontein Landing Site
NA-0035Louwater Pan Landing Site
NA-0124Louwater S M7 Airport
FYLZLUDLuderitz Airport
NA-0036Maltahoehe 4 Kal Landing Site
NA-0037Maltahoehe 5 Kal Landing Site
NA-0038Maltahoehe 6 Kal Landing Site
NA-0039Maltahoehe 7 Kal Landing Site
NA-0040Maltahoehe 8 Kal Landing Site
NA-0041Maltahoehe 9 Kal Landing Site
FYMHMaltahoehe Airstrip
NA-0084Maltahoehe S Airport
FYMLMariental Airport
NA-0077Mata Mata Landing Site
NA-0042Mbela Big Wings Landing Site
NA-0043Meier Airstrip Landing Site
FYMBMeob Bay Landing Site
FYMGMQGMidgard Airport
FYMWMoewe Bay Airport
FYMOOKUMokuti Lodge Airport
NA-0096Morester Landing Site
NA-0044Moscow Landing Site
FYMEMJOMount Etjo Airport
NA-0099Nabus Landing Site
NA-0046Namib Naukluft Landing Site
NA-0047Namibia East Air Base
FYNANNINamutoni Airport
NA-0110Nauchas Landing Site
NA-0173Ndonga Linena Airstrip
NA-0109Neuloore Landing Site
NA-0136Ninette Landing Site
NA-0126Nossob Gabel Landing Site
NA-0128Oamites Landing Strip
NA-0048Oha Kaua/Otjiwa Lodge Landing Site
NA-0049Ohlsenhagen Landing Site
FYONOkahandja Airstrip
FYOHOkahao Airport
NA-0146Okahennesiva Landing Site
NA-0166Okakarara Airport
NA-0149Okamapu Landing Site
NA-0134Okapanje Airport
FYOOOKFOkaukuejo Airport
NA-0161Okongo Airport
NA-0160Okongwati Airport
FYKNOkonjima Airport
NA-0050Okosongoro Airport Airport
NA-0107Olifantwater West Landing Site
NA-0156Omaha Landing Site
FYOMOmaruru Airport
FYGLOmaruru Game Lodge Airport
NA-0051Omawewoz Airport
FYOEOMGOmega Airport
NA-0052Omuramba Airport
FYOAONDOndangwa Airport
NA-0152Onduruqea Lodge Airport
NA-0088Ongava Lodge Airstrip
NA-0053Onjossa Airport
FYOUOperet Airport
FYOPOPWOpuwa Airport
FYOGOMDOranjemund Airport
NA-0098Orutjandja Airport
FYOSOHIOshakati Airport
FYSNOsona Airstrip
NA-0139Otjihaenena Landing Strip
NA-0165Otjituuo Airport
FYOWOTJOtjiwarongo Airport
NA-0157Otjiwarongo Center Airport
NA-0171Outapi Airport
FYOJOutjo Airport
NA-0168Palmwag Airport
NA-0086Plum Airport
FYPOPokweni Glider Airport
FYRRRag Rock Airport
NA-0120Rehoboth Airstrip
NA-0121Rehoboth Sta Airport
NA-0118Rehoboth Town Airport
NA-0113Rheinpfalz Landing Site
NA-0155Rhenoster K Airport
NA-0069Rietfontein Airport
NA-0102Rietoog Airport
NA-0054Roidina Peter Jo Airport
NA-0122Rooisand Airport
FYRPRosh Pinah Airport
NA-0055Rostock Ritz Lodge Airport
FYRCRuacana Airport
FYRUNDURundu Airport
NA-0100Runnersrest Landing Site
NA-0091Salzbrunn Airstrip
NA-0140Sandfontein Airstrip
NA-0056Schlip 1 Road113 Landing Site
NA-0057Schlip 2 67 Road Landing Site
NA-0058Schlip 2 87 Road Landing Site
NA-0059Schlip Kalkrand1 Landing Site
FYSFSesfontein Airport
FYSSSZMSesriem Airstrip
NA-0164Sikereti Airport
FYSARHNSkorpion Mine Airport
NA-0137Solingen Airstrip
FYSOSolitaire Airport
NA-0060Sossusvlei Lodge Landing Site
FYSLSossusvlei Mountain Lodge Airport
NA-0132Spatzenfeld Landing Site
FYSPStampriet Pan Airport
NA-0061Stamprietpan Ok Landing Site
NA-0147Steinhausen Landing Site
FYSTStrate Airport
NA-0163Susuwe Airport
NA-0143Swa Knie Landing Site
FYSMSWPSwakopmund Municipal Aerodrome
NA-0062Tatave Landing Site
FYTETCYTerrace Bay Airport
NA-0063Tivoli Landing Site
NA-0075Tses Airstrip
FYTMTSBTsumeb Airport
NA-0105Tsumis Airport
FYTKTsumkwe Airport
NA-0080Tweerivier Landing Site
NA-0094Twilight Airstrip
FYUSUis Mine Airport
NA-0064Unbekannt Landing Site
NA-0170Uukwaluudhi Airport
NA-0101Victory Airstrip
NA-0045Vredeshoop Landing Site
FYWBWVBWalvis Bay Airport
NA-0089Wandervogel Airstrip
NA-0065Weltevrede Rest Landing Site
NA-0144Wilskrag Landing Site
NA-0083Witbooisvley Landing Site
NA-0066Wittenau Pfanne Landing Site
FYWIWitvlei Airport
NA-0068Wohlzufrieden Airport
FYWDWolwedans Airport
NA-0073Zuuberg Landing Site

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