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Aerodrome listing for Panama

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

PA-0001ACUAchutupu Airport
PA-0002Aguadulce Airport
PA-0021Ailigandi North Airport
PA-0003AILAlligandi Airport
MPCECTDAlonso Valderrama Airport
MP21Alvaro Berroa Airport
PA-0025Arena Airport
MPNUAugusto Vergara Airport
PA-BFQBFQBahia Piña Airport
MPBOBOCBocas del Toro International Airport
PA-0032Caledonia Airport
PA-0027Candelaria Airport
MPCHCHXCap Manuel Niño International Airport
MP24Cap. Krish E. Persaud Airport
MP23Capt. Alex H. Bosquez Airport
MPPDPDMCapt. J. Montenegro Airport
MPLPPLPCaptain Ramon Xatruch Airport
PA-0004CTECarti Airport
MPMCChame Mayor Airport
PA-0024Coiba Airport
PA-0020Coral Lodge Airport
PA-0005Corazón de Jesús Airport
CZJCZJCorazón de Jesús Airport
MP27Deborah Airport
MPVRPVEEl Porvenir Airport
PA-ELEELEEL Real Airport
MPEJONXEnrique Adolfo Jimenez Airport
MPDADAVEnrique Malek International Airport
MPZLFinca 32 Airport
MP02Finca 45 Airport
MP17Finca 67 Airport
PA-0006Finca Blanco Airport
MP01Finca Ceiba Airport
PA-0007Finca Fátima Airport
MPFSFort Sherman Airport
GHEGHEGarachiné Airport
MP22Ingenio Santa Rosa Airport
PA-0023Isla Tigre Airstrip
MPJEJQEJaqué Airport
MP03La Cabezona Airport
PA-0008La Joya Airport
PA-0009La Plantación Airport
MPIMPIMamitupo Airport
PA-0010Mandinga Airport
PA-0030Mansukun Airport
MPMGPACMarcos A. Gelabert International Airport
PA-MRFMiraflores Airport
PA-0011MPPMulatupo Airport
PA-0031Napakanti Airport
PA-0012Nargana Airport
PA-0028Nusatupo Airport
OGMOGMOgubsucum Airport
MPHOBLBPanamá Pacífico International Airport
MP00Pedasí Airport
MP18Penonome Airport
PA-0013PYCPlayón Chico Airport
PA-AMLAMLPuerto Armuelles Airport
MPOAPUEPuerto Obaldía Airport
MP26Punta Cocos Airport
PA-OTDOTDRaul Arias Espinoza Airport
PA-0014Río Azúcar Airport
PA-0015Rio Sidra Airport
PA-0016Río Tigre Airport
MPSASYPRuben Cantu Airport
PA-SAXSAXSambú Airport
MPWNNBLSan Blas Airport
SICSICSan José Island Airport
PA-0017NMGSan Miguel Airport
MPRHRIHScarlett Martinez International Airport
TJCTJCTicantiki Airport
MPTOPTYTocumen International Airport
PA-0026Tonosí Airport
PA-0018Tubuala Airport
PA-0019Tupile Airport
TUETUETupile Airport
UTUUTUUstupo Airport
IVIIVIViveros Island Airport
PA-0029Wannukandi Airport
PA-0022PYVYaviza Airport

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