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Aerodrome listing for Papua New Guinea

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

ABWABWAbau Airport
AFRAFRAfore Airstrip
PG-0001Agali Airstrip
AUPAUPAgaun Airport
PG-0002Agotu Airstrip
AIHAIHAiambak Airport
AIEAIEAiome Airport
ATPATPAitape Airport
AYUAYUAiyura Airport
PG-0003Akwom Airstrip
PG-0004Ali Airstrip
AMFAMFAma Airport
AMUAMUAmanab Airport
AZBAZBAmazon Bay Airport
PG-0096Ambai Airstrip
PG-0013Ambaluwa Airstrip
AMGAMGAmboin Airstrip
PG-0012Ambua Airstrip
AUJAUJAmbunti Airport
PG-0014Anangalo Airstrip
ADCADCAndakombe Airport
PG-0015Ande Airstrip
PG-0074Angai Airstrip
AGGAGGAngoram Airport
PG-AKGAKGAnguganak Airport
AOBAOBAnnanberg Airport
PG-0046Appa Airstrip
APRAPRApril River Airport
ARPARPAragip Airport
RAWRAWArawa Airport
PG-0077Arisili Airstrip
PG-0047Arkosame Airstrip
PG-0079Aro Airstrip
AOAAOAAroa Airport
AYIQKIEAropa Airport
AYAUArou Airstrip
PG-0016Arufi Airstrip
PG-0017Asama Airstrip
APPAPPAsapa Airport
AEKAEKAseki Airport
PG-0018Asimba Airstrip
PG-0056Asinuwa Airstrip
ASZASZAsirim Airport
PG-0019Assengseng Airstrip
ABPABPAtkamba Airport
AUIAUIAua Island Airport
AUVAUVAumo Airport
PG-0057Auwi Airstrip
PG-AWBAWBAwaba Airport
PG-0080Awala Airstrip
AWRAWRAwar Airport
PG-0058Aziana Airstrip
PG-0081Babmo Airstrip
BAPBAPBaibara Airport
PG-VMUVMUBaimuru Airport
PG-0059Baina Airstrip
BDZBDZBaindoung Airport
AYBBBak Airstrip
BAJBAJBali Airport
PG-OPUOPUBalimo Airport
BCPBCPBambu Airport
BMZBMZBamu Airport
PG-0045Bank Airstrip
BNZBNZBanz Airport
PG-0020BPDBapi Airstrip
PG-0073Basikuna Airstrip
AYBTBatri Airstrip
BWJBWJBawan Airport
AYBSBegesin Airstrip
PG-0021Benaria Airstrip
BSPBSPBensbach Airport
BEABEABereina Airport
PG-0061Berry Airfield
BWPBWPBewani Airport
PG-BAABialla Airport
PG-0022BPKBiangabip Airport
AYBRBRPBiaru Airport
PG-0023Bili Airstrip
BIJBIJBiliau Airport
BIZBIZBimin Airport
XBNXBNBiniguni Airport
PG-0025Bisorio Airstrip
AYBWBlackwara Airport
BNVBNVBoana Airport
BOVBOVBoang Airport
BNMBNMBodinumu Airport
PG-0026Boikoa Airstrip
BOQBOQBoku Airport
BVPBVPBolovip Airstrip
BMHBMHBomai Airport
PG-0027Bosavi Airstrip
BOTBOTBosset Airport
PG-0028Boure Airstrip
AYUGBrugam Airstrip
PG-0060Bu'u Airstrip
UBIUBIBuin Airport
AYBKBUABuka Airport
PG-0092Bulldog Airfield
BULBULBulolo Airport
AYXBBuluwo Airstrip
AYUNBunam Airstrip
BNTBNTBundi Airport
AYUTBunguwat Airstrip
BXZBXZBunsil Airport
AYINBusilmin Airstrip
CGCCGCCape Gloucester Airport
CPICPICape Orford Airport
PG-0005CPNCape Rodney Airport
CVLCVLCape Vogel Airport
AYCHCMUChimbu Airport
SQTSQTChina Strait Airstrip
PG-CVBCVBChungribu Airport
DAODAODabo Airport
PG-0032Dahamo Airstrip
AYDUDAUDaru Airport
DAFDAFDaup Airport
DBPDBPDebepare Airport
DERDERDerim Airport
AYDWDewara Airstrip
AYDQDimisisi Airstrip
AYDNDNUDinangat Airport
DOSDOSDios Airport
AYDDDobu Airstrip
DDMDDMDodoima Airport
PG-0064Dodomona Airstrip
AYDODOIDoini Airport
PG-0075Dona Airstrip
DOODOODorobisoro Airport
DPUDPUDumpu Airport
PG-0044Duranmin Airstrip
AYDSDusin Airport
AYEDXYREdwaki Airport
EFGEFGEfogi Airport
AYEMEleme Airstrip
AYELEPTEliptamin Airport
AYEUEloaua Airstrip
AYEBEMSEmbessa Airport
PG-0006EMIEmirau Airport
AYEOEMOEmo River Airstrip
AYENEGAEngati Airstrip
PG-0007EREErave Airport
AYERERUErume Airport
PG-0008ESAEsa'ala Airport
FNEFNEFane Airport
AYFSFas Airstrip
AYFEFRQFeramin Airport
FINFINFinschhafen Airport
DGGDGGFishermans Airfield
PG-0065Fiyak Airstrip
AYFOFogomaiu Airstrip
AYFKForoko Airstrip
AYFRFAQFrieda River Airport
PG-0066Fugwa Airstrip
FUBFUBFulleborn Airport
AYFUFUMFuma Airport
PG-0009GARGaraina Airport
AYGGGRLGarasa Airport
GRHGRHGaruahi Airport
PG-GMIGMIGasmata Island Airport
AYGSGBCGasuke Airport
AYGQGawa Airstrip
AYGEGeigorobi Airstrip
AYGMGema Airstrip
GEWGEWGewoia Airport
AYGDGimi Airstrip
PG-0067Giramben Airstrip
AYGRPNPGirua Airport
GWNGWNGnarowein Airport
PG-0010Gobe Airport
AYGOGokto Airstrip
PG-0011GOEGonaili Airport
GOCGOCGora Airstrip
AYGAGKAGoroka Airport
PG-GVIGVIGreen River Airport
AYGFGUGGuari Airport
GAZGAZGuasopa Airport
AYGYGuavi Airstrip
PG-0043Gubam Airstrip
PG-0042Gubil Airstrip
AYGHGuhu Airstrip
GLPGLPGulgubip Airport
GUEGUEGuriaso (Keraso) Airport
AYGNGURGurney Airport
AYGPGAPGusap Airport
AYGWGuwasa Airport
AYHBHBDHabi Airport
AYHNHabina Airstrip
HEOHEOHaelogo Airport
AYHWHaewenai Airstrip
AYHAHaia Airport
AYHOHITHaivaro Airport
HAZHAZHatzfeldhaven Airport
AYHQHauna Airstrip
HWAHWAHawabango Airport
PG-HYFHYFHayfields Airport
AYHEHNIHeiweni Airport
AYHXHerowena Airstrip
AYHLHesalibi Airstrip
AYHJHewa Airstrip
AYHHHNNHoninabi Airport
AYHTHotmin Airstrip
AYHYHuya Airstrip
AYIUIALIalibu Airport
IMAIMAIamalele Airport
AYIBIbil Airstrip
IBIIBIIboki Airport
PG-0068Idam Airstrip
PG-IHUIHUIhu Airport
ILXILXIleg Airport
AYIIIMNImane Airport
AYIOIMDImonda Airport
AYIRInaru Airstrip
IDNIDNIndagen Airport
IUSIUSInus Airport
IOKIOKIokea Airport
IOPIOPIoma Airport
AYIPIropena Airstrip
AYISIsan Airstrip
AYITIteri Airstrip
ITKITKItokama Airport
PG-JAQJAQJacquinot Bay Airport
PG-0029Jangit Airstrip
JOPJOPJosephstaal Airport
PG-0030Junkaral Airstrip
PG-0031Kabori Airstrip
PG-0039Kafa Airstrip
AYKLKafle Airstrip
KGWKGWKagi Airport
AGKAGKKagua Airport
KIAKIAKaiapit Airport
PG-0040Kaibo Airstrip
KZFKZFKaintiba Airport
PG-0041Kairik Airstrip
AYKZKairiru Airstrip
RKURKUKairuku Airport
AYUDKais-Udave Helicopter landing site
KORKORKakoro(Koroko) Airstrip
KDQKDQKamberatoro Airport
KMFKMFKamina Airport
KJUKJUKamiraba Airport
KAQKAQKamulai Airport
PG-KUYKUYKamusi Airport
KEXKEXKanabea Airport
AYKJKNEKanainj Airport
KDPKDPKandep Airport
PG-KDRKDRKandrian Airport
AYNTKantobo Airstrip
PG-0091Kapaimeri Airstrip
KPLKPLKapal Airport
AYPIKapi Airstrip
KAKKAKKar Airport
AYKRKRXKar Kar Airport
KAFKAFKarato Airport
KRJKRJKarawari Airstrip
AYRIKMRKarimui Airport
PG-KXRKXRKaroola Airport
AYNMKSBKasonombe Airport
PG-0085Kauaia Airstrip
PG-0089Kaup Airstrip
AYKVKVGKavieng Airport
PG-KWOKWOKawito Airport
KEGKEGKeglsugl Airport
PG-0069Kelabo Airstrip
KNLKNLKelanoa Airport
PG-0097Kelaua Airstrip
KRUKRUKerau Airport
AYKMKMAKerema Airport
PG-0063Kerevat Airfield
PG-0051Kibeni Airstrip
PG-0048KIIKibuli Airstrip
KIZKIZKikinonda Airport
AYKKKRIKikori Airport
PG-0052Kilifas Airstrip
AYHKHKNKimbe Airport
KIQKIQKira Airport
AYRTKirinbit Airstrip
PG-0049Kiriwo Airstrip
KSGKSGKisengam Airport
KVEKVEKitava Airport
AYKIUNGKiunga Airport
KWXKWXKiwai Airport
AYLHKlauhau Airstrip
KMBKMBKoinambe Airport
PG-KKDKKDKokoda Airport
KQLKQLKol Airport
AYOQKCJKomaio Airport
AYOKHOCKomako Airport
AYOUKombaku Airstrip
PG-0088Kombot Airstrip
PG-0094Komo Airport
KOMKOMKomo-Manda Airport
AYAQKPMKompiam Airport
AYDLKPFKondobol Airport
AYOEKGBKonge Airport
AYKGKPAKopiago Airport
AYOZKora Airstrip
AYOWKDEKoroba Airport
AYOSKosimbi Airstrip
KSPKSPKosipe Airport
AYKNKubuna Airstrip
AYUQKumbwareta Airstrip
AYIMKGMKungim Airport
KTKKTKKunua Airport
KUPKUPKupiano Airport
AYKUKUQKuri Airport
KWVKWVKurwina Airport
KUXKUXKuyol Airport
AYFWKwieftim Airstrip
AYOAKwomtari Airstrip
AYLBLABLab Lab Airport
AYLALae Airfield
AYLQLagoon Airstrip
LGMLGMLaiagam Airport
AYLCLake Campbell Airstrip
PG-LMYLMYLake Murray Airport
AYRBLakunai Airfield
LNMLNMLangimar Airport
LHPLHPLehu Airport
LTFLTFLeitre Airport
AYLELele Airstrip
LNCLNCLengbati Airport
AYLPLPNLeron Plains Airport
AYLSLNGLese Airport
LGNLGNLinga Linga Airport
LNQLNQLoani Airport
AYKYLNVLondolovit Airport
AYLXLSJLong Island Airport
PG-0062Lorengau Airfield
AYKALSALosuia Airport
PG-0084Lou Island Airstrip
AYLOLWILowai Airport
PG-LMILMILumi Airport
PG-0033Lumusa Airstrip
AYMDMAGMadang Airport
MPGMPGMakini Airport
MMVMMVMal Airport
MLQMLQMalalaua Airport
MQOMQOMalam Airport
PG-0034Malamaunda Airstrip
MKNMKNMalekolon Airport
MAPMAPMamai Airport
AYMAMRMManari Airport
MVIMVIManetai Airport
MGPMGPManga Airport
AYNGMFOManguna Airport
UUUUUUManumu Airport
PG-0076Mapaio Airstrip
AYPOMPFMapoda Airport
MPUMPUMapua(Mabua) Airport
AYRLMaralina Airstrip
AYRMMWIMaramuni Airport
AYMWMWGMarawaka Airport
MGGMGGMargarima Airport
MNPMNPMaron Island Airport
AYSXMBVMasa Airport
PG-0083Matkomnae Airstrip
AYRVMRHMay River Airstrip
AYEKMembok Airstrip
AYMNMDUMendi Airport
AYEGMengina Airstrip
PG-0093Menjim Airstrip
MYXMYXMenyamya Airport
AYESMFZMeselia Airport
AYEIMilei Airstrip
MXKMXKMindik Airport
AYEYMirsey Airstrip
AYMSMISMisima Island Airport
MPXMPXMiyanmin Airport
AYOXMoi Airstrip
AYMKMok Airport
MJJMJJMoki Airport
AYMOMASMomote Airport
MHYMHYMorehead Airport
AYMRMXHMoro Airport
AYMBOBMMorobe Airport
AYMLGUVMougulu Airport
UAEUAEMount Aue Airport
AYRXMount Boregoro Helicopter Landing Site
AYMHHGUMount Hagen Kagamuga Airport
AYYTMount Tauwa Airstrip
AYYUMui Airstrip
LNFLNFMunbil Airport
AYDKMDMMunduku Airport
PG-0082Muschu Airstrip
AYULMusula Airstrip
NDNNDNNadunumu Airport
AYNZLAENadzab Airport
ATNATNNamatanai Airport
AYNYNBANambaiyufa Airport
NDINDINamudi Airport
AYNANKNNankina Airport
NOONOONaoro Airport
AYNEGBFNegarbo(Negabo) Airport
NPGNPGNipa Airport
PG-IISIISNissan Island Airport
NOMNOMNomad River Airport
AYNONMNNomane Airport
AYRNNorambi Airstrip.
NWTNWTNowata Airport
PG-0035NWTNowata Airport
NUGNUGNuguria Airstrip
AYWNNugwaia Airstrip
PG-UKUUKUNuku Airport
PG-OBXOBXObo Airport
AYODObura Airstrip
OGEOGEOgeranang Airport
OKVOKVOkao Airport
AYOHOkisai Airstrip
AYOJOKPOksapmin Airport
OLQOLQOlsobip Airport
AYUOOmaura Airstrip
OMLOMLOmkalai Airport
OSEOSEOmora Airport
ONBONBOnonge Airport
AYOYOPBOpen Bay Airport
RAXRAXOram Airport
OTYOTYOria Airport
PG-0053Oriomo Airstrip
OSGOSGOssima Airport
AYZUOum Airstrip
PG-0050Owena Airstrip
PLEPLEPaiela Airport
AYPWPanakawa Airport
PG-0070Panasesa Airstrip
AYPGPGNPangia Airport
AYPCPGBPangoa Airport
PPXPPXParam Airport
PG-0036Pasinkap Airstrip
PMPPMPPimaga Airport
PDIPDIPindiu Airport
RGERGEPorgera Airport
PG-0071Pori Airstrip
AYPYPOMPort Moresby Jacksons International Airport
PUAPUAPuas Airport
PG-0054Pukapuki Airstrip
AYPQPMNPumani Airport
PG-0037Purari Airstrip
PUIPUIPureni Airport
AYPUPuri Airport
RBPRBPRaba Raba Airport
RAARAARakanda Airport
RNRRNRRobinson River Airport
AYRGRMNRumginae Airport
RUURUURuti Airport
AYSHSBVSabah Airport
SFUSFUSafia Airport
SDISDISaidor Airport
SAMSAMSalamo Airport
AYSZSamanzing Airstrip
PG-0055Samban Airstrip
AYSMSamberigi Airstrip
AYSRSangera Airstrip
SMHSMHSapmanga Airport
TDSTDSSasereme Airport
SWGSWGSatwag Airport
AYSVSXWSauren Airport
SXHSXHSehulea Airport
AYSOSBCSelbang Airport
AYSISeltamin Airstrip
PG-0038SGKSengapi Airstrip
AYSQSPVSepik Plains Airport
AYSYSerra Airstrip
AYQSSXASialum Airport
SSSSSSSiassi Airport
AYZWSiawi Airstrip
PG-0098Sibidiri Airstrip
AYZBSibilanga Airstrip
AYSGSILSila Airport
SWRSWRSilur Airport
AYXISMJSim Airport
AYSJSIMSimbai Airport
AYQBSimbari Airstrip
AYSENISSimberi Airport
AYQMSimogu Airstrip
AYDYSindeni Airstrip
AYQVSinow Airstrip
AYSBSirebi Airstrip
AYXSSisamin Airstrip
SIZSIZSissano Airport
SWESWESiwea Airport
AYLZSlai Airstrip
AYMYSmok Airstrip
AYPASomokopa Airstrip
AYZQSopise Airstrip
AYQOSPHSopu Airport
SMPSMPStockholm Airport
AYSTSturt Island Airport
AYSASBESuabi Airport
AYUSSuame Airstrip
AYXGSugu Airstrip
PG-SKCSKCSuki Airport
PG-ULEULESule Airport
AYQWSumwari Airstrip
SUZSUZSuria Airport
TBATBATabibuga Airport
AYTBTBGTabubil Airport
PG-ATPTAJTadji Airport
TGLTGLTagula Airport
AYVLTLWTalasea Airport
PG-0095Talasea Airstrip
AYTLTalbakul Airstrip
AYTMTamo Airstrip
AYTQTapen Airstrip
AYTCTapila Airstrip
AYTITPITapini Airport
TBQTBQTarabo Airport
AYTTTRJTarakbits Airport
AYTATIZTari Airport
TSKTSKTaskul Airport
PG-0078Tau Airstrip
TUTTUTTauta Airport
AYTWTWYTawa Airport
AYTZTKBTekadu Airport
AYTNTKWTekin Airport
PG-TFMTFMTelefomin Airport
AYTPTEPTep Tep Airport
TEOTEOTerapo Airport
AYTDTeredau Airport
TDBTDBTetebedi Airport
TFBTFBTifalmin Airport
TBETBETimbunke Airport
TCKTCKTinboli Airport
TIGTIGTingwon Airport
AYRRTiri Airstrip
AYVBTobou Airstrip
AYTKRABTokua Airport
PG-TLOTLOTol Airport
AYVOTONTonu Airport
AYVMTCJTorembi Airport
TOKTOKTorokina Airport
AYDPTsendiap Airstrip
AYTSTSWTsewi Airport
TSITSITsile Tsile Airport
AYQUTsumba Airstrip
PG-TFITFITufi Airport
TLPTLPTumolbil Airport
PG-0090Turnbull Field
AYUVTuvau Airstrip
AYUCUMCUmba Airport
AYURUPRUpiara Airport
AYUEURUUroubi Airport
AYUXUsarumpia Airstrip
USOUSOUsino Airport
AYUAUtai Airstrip
ATUAUtai Airstrip
AYUZUVOUvol Airport
AYVAVailala Airstrip
AYVNVAIVanimo Airport
VIVVIVVivigani Airfield
WABWABWabag Airport
AYWBWAOWabo Airport
WGUWGUWagau Airport
AYWQWKNWakunai Airport
AGLAGLWanigela Airport
WTTWTTWantoat Airport
WNUWNUWanuma Airport
AYWDWBMWapenamanda Airport
WBCWBCWapolu Airport
AYWVWarasai Airstrip
AYWSWSUWasu Airport
WSAWSAWasua Airport
AYZMWUMWasum Airport
AYWUWUGWau Airport
AYWFWAJWawoi Falls Airport
AYXWWEPWeam Airport
WEDWEDWedau Airport
AYWKWWKWewak International Airport
PG-WPMWPMWipim Airport
AYIXWIUWitu Airport
PG-0024Wobagen Airstrip
AYWTWTPWoitape Airport
AYWOWOAWonenara Airport
AYVPWoposali Airstrip
AYBXWowobo Airstrip
WUVWUVWuvulu Island Airport
AYBYWuyabo Airstrip
AYYQYagrombok Airstrip
AYYEKYXYalumet Airport
AYYJYanungen Airstrip
KPEKPEYapsiei Airport
PG-0087Yassip Airstrip
AYYRKSXYasuru Airport
AYYDYatoam Airstrip
AYYVYawa Airstrip
AYYWYawan Airstrip
AYXYYebil Airstrip
PGEPGEYegepa Airport
PG-0072Yehebi Airstrip
AYYGYemin Airstrip
YEQYEQYenkis(Yankisa) Airport
AYXEYVDYeva Airport
AYYIYili Airstrip
AYZYYilui Airstrip
AYYNYimnalem Airstrip
PG-0086Yinugen Airstrip
AYJEYomneri Airstrip
AYJOKGHYongai Airport
ZENZENZenag Airport
AYZZZuebak Airstrip

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