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Aerodrome listing for Philippines

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

PH-0080207th Tactical Helicopter Squadron Heliport
PH-0413518 Fundidor Street Helipad
PH-0353A O Floirendo Airstrip
PH-0361ABS-CBN Building Helipad
PH-0084Acoje Mine Helipad
PH-0315ACT Tower Heliport
PH-0416AES Masinloc Heliport
PH-0446Agutaya Airport
PH-0335AIC Burgundy Empire Tower Helipad
PH-0208Air Juan Boracay Seaplane Terminal
PH-0214Air Juan Puerto Galera Seaplane Base
PH-0165Air Juan Seaplane Base
PH-0410Akle Airfield
RPLYAlabat Island Airport
RPMAAAVAllah Valley Airport
PH-0138Allied Bank Center Heliport
PH-0359Alpha Saucedo Condominium Helipad
PH-0085Alto Airfield
PH-0086Alto Airfield Helipad
PH-0319Angeles Airfield
PH-0320Angeles Northeast Airfield
PH-0391Angeles South (Lara) Airfield
PH-0179Angeles University Medical Center Helipad
PH-0215Angeles West Airfield
PH-0338Antel Global Business Center Helipad
PH-0383Antel Platinum Towers Helipad
PH-0181Anvaya Cove Heliport
RPUAAparri (Maura) Airport
PH-0087Apuao Grande Island Airstrip
PH-0436Aras-Asan Airport
PH-0146Asian Development Bank Heliport
PH-0318Aurora Tower Helipad
PH-0339Avant Garde Residences Helipad
RPMCCBOAwang Airport
PH-0117Ayala Tower One / Philippine Exchange Plaza Heliport
PH-0003Azagra Airstrip
X-RPVBBacolod City Domestic Airport
RPVBBCDBacolod-Silay Airport
PH-0437Bad-As Airport
RPUZBagabag Airport
BNQBNQBaganga airport
PH-0159Balamban Heliport
PH-0216Balara Airfield
PH-0253Balayan (Magabe) Airfield
PH-0065Balaytigue Heliport
RPBLBSIBalesin Island Airport
PH-0389Baliuag Heliport
PH-0390Bamban Airfield
RPMEBXUBancasi Airport
RPSBBantayan Airport
PH-0028Baquioen Heliport
PH-0070Barit Island Airstrip
PH-0088Barlo Airstrip
PH-0438Barobo Airport
RPUFBasa Air Base
RPUOBSOBasco Airport
RPULBasilio Fernando Air Base
PH-0173Bataan 2020 Helipad
PH-0184Bataan Field
PH-0032Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Heliport
PH-0177Batangas Airfield
PH-0026Bauang Power Plant Helipad
PH-0025Bauang Power Plant Heliport
PH-0016Bayview Accommodations Heliport
PH-0160BDO ATM – Steag Coal Power Plant Villanueva Heliport
PH-0038BDO Corporate Center Heliport
PH-0120BDO Equitable Bank Tower Heliport
PH-0330Belvedere Tower Helipad
PH-0176Bicobian Bay Airstrip
LGPLGPBicol International Airport
RPVQBiliran Airport
PH-0090Binalonan Airport
RPMFBPHBislig Airport
PH-0232Bitulok Airstrip
RPSPTAGBohol-Panglao International Airport
RPVWBorongan Airport
PH-0130BPI Buendia Center Heliport
PH-0121BPI Computer Systems Corporation Heliport
PH-0398BPI-Philam Life Makati Helipad
PH-0190Buenavista Airfield
RPUUBulan Airport
PH-0091Bundagul Airstrip (Highway Strip)
PH-0257Caballo Island Naval Heliport
PH-0092Cabaluyan Airstrip
PH-0110Cabanatuan Airstrip (Camp Tinio)
PH-0408Cabcaben Airfield
RPMLCagayan De Oro Airport
RPMUCDYCagayan de Sulu Airport
PH-0073LLCCagayan North International Airport
PH-0252Cagsiay Airstrip
RPUKCalapan National Airport
PH-0093Calatagan (Hacienda Zobel) Airstrip
PH-0094Calatagan (Hacienda Zobel) Heliport
PH-0247Calayan Airport
RPVCCYPCalbayog Airport
PH-0072Camalaniugan Airport
PH-0305Camella Lipa Helipad
RPMHCGMCamiguin Airport
PH-0238Camp Aquino Heliport
PH-0363Camp Bagong Diwa Heliport
PH-0317Camp Crame Heliport
PH-0244Camp John Hay Country Estates Helipad
PH-0242Camp John Hay Forest Lodge Helipad
PH-0243Camp John Hay White House Helipad
PH-0396Camp O'Donnell Armor School Heliport
PH-0395Camp O'Donnell Officer Candidate School Heliport
PH-0151Camp Panacan Naval Base Heliport
PH-0111Canlubang Airstrip
PH-0063Capipisa (Tanza) Heliport
PH-0108Captain Mateo Capinpin Airstrip
RPLRCarmen (Rosales) Airstrip
PH-0187Carranglan Airstrip
PH-0431Casay Airstrip
CGGCGGCasiguran Airport
RPUJCastillejos - Jesus F Magsaysay Airfield
PH-0343Caswynn Building Helipad
PH-0189Catanauan Airstrip
RPVFCRMCatarman National Airport
RPVYCatbalogan Airport
RPUYCYZCauayan Airport
PH-0327Cavite Naval Hospital Helipad
PH-0057CCP Open Field Heliport
RPSDRZPCesar Lim Rodriguez (Taytay-Sandoval) Airport
PH-0172Chatham House Helipad
PH-0009Chevron Terminal Heliport
PH-0122Citibank Tower Heliport
PH-0401Cityland Herrera Tower Helipad
PH-0077Clark International Airport South Ramp Heliport
PH-0313Classica Tower Heliport
PH-0010Cochem Heliport (Danglayan)
PH-0136Cocolife Building Heliport
PH-0200Cogonan Airstrip
PH-0101Cojuangco Airstrip
RPLQColonel Ernesto Rabina Air Base
PH-0058Conrad Manila Hotel Heliport
PH-0198Consuelo Airstrip 1
PH-0199Consuelo Airstrip 2
PH-0254Coral Shores Heliport
PH-0429Cordon Airport
RPLXCorregidor Airport (Kindley Field)
PH-0082Corregidor Parade Ground Heliport
PH-0081Corregidor South Dock Heliport
PH-0336Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Helipad
CUJCUJCulion Airport
PH-0231Cuyapo Airstrip
RPLOCYUCuyo Airport
PH-0433Dacudao Airport
RPUDDTEDaet Airport
PH-0002Dalupuri Island National Airport
RPVATACDaniel Z. Romualdez Airport
SGLSGLDanilo Atienza Air Base
PH-0354Dapco Airstrip
PH-0379Del Rosario Law Building Helipad
PH-0260Delta Airstrip
PH-0131Development Bank of the Philippines Heliport
PH-0210Dewey Boulevard Airstrip
PH-0439Diatagon Airport
PH-0095Dibagat Airstrip
DSGDSGDilasag Airport
PH-0348DILG-NAPOLCOM Center Helipad
PH-0022Dinapigue Airstrip
RPLCCRKDiosdado Macapagal International Airport
RPMGDPLDipolog Airport
PH-0144Discovery Primea Heliport
PH-0039Discovery Suites Heliport
PH-0076Divilacan Airstrip
PH-0201Dizon Airstrip
PH-0007Don Jesus Soriano (Doña Rosario) Airstrip
PH-0192Doña Flavia Airstrip
PH-0225DOST-PCAARRD Heliport
RPURBQADr Juan C Angara Airport
PH-0137Easton Place Heliport
PH-0112Echague Airstrip
PH-0162Edwin Andrews Air Force Base Heliport
PH-0372Eight Forbestown Road Helipad
PH-ENIENIEl Nido Airport
PH-0443Elmore Airfield
PH-0119Enterprise Center Heliport
PH-0186Ernajos Strip
PH-0378Essensa 1 Helipad
PH-0380Essensa 2 Helipad
PH-0345Eton Centris Heliport
PH-0050Eton Cyberpod Helipads
PH-0346Eton Heliport
PH-0125Eurovilla III Heliport
RPVSEUQEvelio Javier Airport
PH-0147Ever Gotesco – Commonwealth Heliport
PH-0355Evergreen Farms Airstrip
PH-0134Export Bank Plaza Heliport
PH-0325Fairways Tower Helipad
PH-0350Farmington Airstrip
PH-0227Fastech Helipad
PH-0169Federal Tower Helipad
PH-0155Findlay Millar Lumber Company Airstrip
PH-0384Forbes Tower West Helipad
PH-0061Fort Felipe Naval Logistics Center Heliport
PH-0373Fort Legend Tower Helipad
RPLVFort Magsaysay Airport
PH-0364Fort Victoria Tower A Helipad
PH-0365Fort Victoria Tower B Helipad
PH-0366Fort Victoria Tower C Helipad
PH-0126Four Seasons Heliport
PH-0140Frabella I Condominiums Heliport
RPVVUSUFrancisco B. Reyes Airport
RPMDDVOFrancisco Bangoy International Airport
PH-0069Fuga Airstrip
PH-0273Gapuzan Trucking Inc Helipad
PH-0251General Emilio Aguinaldo Airstrip
PH-0064General Gregorio Lim Marine Base Heliport
RPMRGESGeneral Santos International Airport
PH-0123Gercon Plaza Heliport
PH-0374Globe Tower Helipad
PH-0344GMA Network Tower Helipad
RPVEMPHGodofredo P. Ramos Airport
PH-0149Government Arsenal Heliport
PH-0321Grace Park / Manila North Airfield
PH-0314Grand Soho Makati Heliport
PH-0266GSIS Complex Helipad
PH-0399GT Tower Helipad
PH-0197Guianga Airstrip
RPVGGuiuan Airport
PH-0303Hamilo Coast Helipad
PH-0182Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation Helipad
PH-0096Hermana Mayor Island Airstrip
PH-0097Hermana Menor Island Airstrip
PH-0444Hill Airfield
RPVHHilongos Airport
PH-0014Himmel Industries Tank Farm Heliport
PH-0342Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Helipad
PH-0161Hqs Naval Forces Western Mindanao Heliport
RPUIIba Airport
PH-0098Ibonan Airstrip
RPVIILOIloilo International Airport
PH-0283Iloilo/Mandurriao Airport
PH-0425Inandeng Airport
RPMVIPEIpil Airport
PH-0163Isabela Airstrip
PH-0329Island Cove Heliport
PH-0047iSquare Heliport
RPLTItbayat Airport
PH-0326James Steelworks Heliport
PH-0013JG Summit Olefins Corporation (Pinamucan) Helipad
RPMJJOLJolo Airport
RPLJJomalig Island Airport
RPUPJose Panganiban (Larap) Airstrip
PH-0075Jose Paredes Airbase
PH-0035Joy-Nostalg Heliport
RPVKKLOKalibo International Airport
PH-0193Kasapa Airstrip
PH-0356Kasilak Airstrip
PH-0394Kawit Airfield
PH-0015KEPCO Ilijan Power Plant Heliport
PH-0419Kling Airport
PH-0406L V Locsin Building Helipad
RPMOOZCLabo Airport
PH-0434Lagao Airport
PH-0067Lago de Oro Wakepark Hotel Helipad
PH-0001CGYLaguindingan Airport
PH-0426Lakawon Resort Seaplane Base
PH-0074Lal-lo Airstrip
PH-0270Lamidan Airstrip
PH-0194Laminga Airstrip
PH-0440Lanuza (Carmen) Airport
RPLILAOLaoag International Airport
PH-0418Lapanday Hagonoy Airport
PH-0420Lapanday Kalaong Airport
PH-0421Lapanday Mandug Airport
PH-0417Lapanday Tampakan Airport
LWALWALebak Rural Airport
RPLPLGPLegazpi City International Airport
PH-0405Lepanto Building Helipad
PH-0099Lepanto Mines Airstrip
PH-0385Liberty Center Helipad
PH-0240Lichuaco Airfield
PH-0078Lieutenant Cesar Base Air Base Heliport
RPMXLiloy Airport
PH-0407Limay (Bataan) Airfield
RPUGLingayen Airport
PH-0400LKG Tower Helipad
RPUBBAGLoakan Airport
PH-0183Long Beach Airstrip
PH-0415Lorenville Heliport
RPLULBXLubang Airport
RPUELucena Airport
PH-0246Luna Airfield
PH-0427Lutopan Airstrip
RPSMMaasin Airport
PH-0071Mabag Island Airstrip
PH-0113Mabalacat East Airfield (Kamikaze East)
PH-0114Mabalacat West Airfield (Kamikaze West)
PH-0261Mabantao Airstrip
PH-0023Maconacon Airstrip
RPVMCEBMactan Cebu International Airport
PH-0357Madaum Airstrip
PH-0191Magallanes Airstrip
RP14Magat River Management Project Airstrip
PH-0171Makati City Hall Helipad
PH-0403Makati Medical Center Heliport
RPMMMLPMalabang Airport
PH-0268Malacañang Park Heliport
PH-0424Malangas Airport
PH-0037Malayan Plaza Heliport
RPMYMalaybalay Airport
RP17Malita Airport
PH-0386Malolos Sport & Convention Center Helipad
RPUMMBOMamburao Airport
PH-0202Mampising (LADECO-Maryland) Airstrip
PH-0213Mandaluyong East Airfield
PH-0115Mangaldan Airfield
PH-0053Manila Hotel Heliport
PH-0033Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) Heliport
PH-0083Manila Marriott Hotel Heliport
PH-0034Manila North Harbor Container Terminal Helipad
PH-0089Manny W Barradas Airstrip
PH-0203Mapawa Airstrip
XMAXMAMaramag Airport
RPMIIGNMaria Cristina Airport
PH-0217Marikina Airfield
RPUWMRQMarinduque Airport
PH-0328Maritime Safety Services Command Heliport
PH-0409Mariveles Airfield
PH-0175Mariveles Power Plant Helipad
RPMQMXIMati National Airport
PH-0204Mawab Airstrip
PH-0212Medical City Helipad
PH-0135Megaworld Heliport
PH-0352MEPI Aerodrome
PH-0049MERALCO Ortigas Heliport
PH-0306Metrobank Plaza Heliport
PH-0422Milbuk Airport
PH-0423MILUDECO Airstrip
PH-0411Minuyan Airstrip
RPVJMBTMoises R. Espinosa Airport
PH-0245Monde Nissin Helipad
PH-0445Murtha Airfield
PH-0428Nabulao Airstrip
RPUNWNPNaga Airport
PH-0116Naguilian Airfield
PH-0100Nampicuan Airstrip
PH-0154Nasipit Airfield
PH-0153Nasipit Heliport
PH-0222Nasugbu Airfield
PH-0347National Office Building Helipad
PH-0030Naulo Point Airstrip
PH-0055Naval Station Jose Andrada Heliport
PH-0322Naval Station Jose Francisco Heliport
PH-0031Naval Station Leovigildo Gantioqui Heliport
PH-0205Neda Airstrip
PH-0370Net One Center Helipad
PH-0349New Manila International Airport (under construction)
PH-0358New Sambog Airstrip
PH-0209Nielson Field
RPLLMNLNinoy Aquino International Airport
RP13Nonoc Airport
PH-0248North Avenue / Quezon City Airfield
PH-0332Octagon Center Helipad
PH-0178Omni Aviation Complex
PH-0263One E-Com Center Helipad
PH-0369One McKinley Place Helipad
PH-0308One Roxas Triangle Tower Heliport
PH-0255Orani Airfield
PH-0362Orchard Helipad
PH-0045Orient Square Heliport
RPVOOMCOrmoc Airport
PH-0331Pacific Center Building Helipad
PH-0141Pacific Plaza Condominium Heliport
PH-0368Pacific Plaza Towers North Helipad
PH-0367Pacific Plaza Towers South Helipad
PH-0132Pacific Star Building Heliport
RPMPPAGPagadian Airport
RP12Pagbilao Grande Island Airport
RPLNPalanan Community Airport
PH-0005Pamalican Airstrip
PH-0020Paracale Airstrip
PH-0150Parañaque Seaplane Base
PH-0337Parc Royale Building Helipad
PH-0128Parklane Condominiums Heliport
RP15Pasar Airport
PH-0393Pasig Airfield
PH-0133PBCom Tower Heliport
PH-0152Petron Bataan Refinery Helipad
PH-0129Petron Mega Plaza Heliport
PH-0062Petron Rosario Refinery Helipad
PH-0118Philamlife IT Tower Heliport
PH-0185PhilComSat Heliport
PH-0051Philippine Coast Guard Manila Ready Force Base Helipad
PH-0218Philippine National Bank Angono Branch Helipad
PH-0267Philippine National Bank Financial Complex Heliport
PH-0017Philippine Navy Region 5 Rawls-Legazpi Heliport
PH-0041Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower Heliport
PH-0040Philippine Stock Exchange West Tower Heliport
PH-0371Picadilly Star Building Helipad
PH-0441PICOP Airport
PH-0256Pilar Airfield
RPLAPinamalayan Airport
PH-0102Pinili Airstrip
RPUXPlaridel Airport
PH-0139PLDT Makati Office Heliport
PH-0079PNOC Industrial Park Helipad
PH-0103Poon Coto Airstrip
PH-0104Poon Coto Heliport
PH-0168Porac Airfield
PH-0021Poro Point Naval Base Helipad
PH-0052Port of Manila South Harbor Pier 13 Helipad
PH-0054Port of Manila South Harbor Pier 17 Helipad
PH-0180Potipot Island Helipad
PH-0430Pradera Verde Executive Airpark
PH-0340Prestige Tower Helipad
RPVPPPSPuerto Princesa Airport
PH-0068Purefoods Flour Mills Pulong Balibaguhan Heliport
PH-0221Puting Kahoy Airstrip
PH-0008Quezon Power Plant Heliport
PH-0341Raffles Building Helipad
RPMBRajah Buayan Air Base
PH-0006Rancudo Airfield
PH-0360RCBC Plaza Yuchengco Tower Heliport
PH-0156Refugio Airstrip
PH-0377Regent Parkway Condominium Helipad
PH-0019Reserva Helipad
PH-0143Ritz Tower 1 Heliport
PH-0142Ritz Tower 2 Heliport
PH-0170Rizal Tower Helipad
PH-0334Robinsons Equitable Tower Helipad
PH-0402Robinsons Summit Center Helipad
RPVRRXSRoxas Airport
PH-0259Royale Tagaytay Helipad
PH-0404Rufino Pacific Tower Helipad
PH-0174Sabang South Bay Domestic Airport
PH-0388Sagada Heliport
PH-0414Sagay Airfield
PH-0432Sagpangan Airport
PH-0375Saint Luke's Medical Center Bonifacio Global City Heliport
PH-0311Salcedo Park Twin Towers North Heliport
PH-0312Salcedo Park Twin Towers South Heliport
PH-0188Salolwan Airstrip
PH-0105Samal (Bataan 2020) Airstrip
PH-0262Sampao Airstrip
PH-0157San Carlos Community Airport [under construction]
RPUSSFESan Fernando Airport
PH-0412San Fernando Tower Helipad
RPUHSJISan Jose Airport
PH-0239San Manuel Airstrip
PH-0148San Marcellino Airfield
PH-0042San Miguel Corporate Heliport
PH-0333San Miguel Property Centre Building Helipad
PH-0241San Roque Dam Heliport
RPSVSWLSan Vicente Airport
PH-0109San Vicente Naval Airstrip
RPMNTWTSanga Sanga Airport
PH-0164Sangi Airstrip
RPLSSGLSangley Point International Airport / Danilo Atienza Air Base
PH-0195Santa Josefa (Aurora) Airstrip
PH-0011Santa Rita Power Plant Heliport
PH-0106Santa Rosa Airstrip
PH-0228Santa Rosa Helipad
RP16Seahawk Lz Airstrip
PH-0304Sem-Calaca Helipad
RPSRSemirara Airport
PH-0012Shell Malampaya Natural Gas Receiving Facility (Tabangao) Heliport
RPNSIAOSiargao Airport
SSVSSVSiasi Airport
RPVDDGTSibulan Airport
ICOICOSicogon Airstrip
PRNOXSOSiocon Airport
RPVZSiquijor Airport
PH-0376SM Aura Office Tower Helipad
PH-0219SM Center Angono Helipad
PH-0272SM Center Las Piñas Helipad
PH-0299SM Center Lemery Heliport
PH-0300SM Center Muntinlupa Heliport
PH-0301SM Center Ormoc Heliport
PH-0292SM Center Pulilan Heliport
PH-0281SM Center Sangandaan Heliport
PH-0298SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown Heliport
PH-0302SM Center Valenzuela Heliport
PH-0276SM City Bacoor Heliport
PH-0278SM City Baliwag Heliport
PH-0220SM City Batangas Heliport
PH-0277SM City BF Parañaque Heliport
PH-0275SM City Bicutan Heliport
PH-0233SM City Cabanatuan Heliport
PH-0226SM City Calamba Heliport
PH-0235SM City Clark Heliport
PH-0271SM City Dasmariñas Helipad
PH-0279SM City East Ortigas Heliport
PH-0280SM City Fairview Heliport
PH-0282SM City Iloilo Heliport
PH-0284SM City Legazpi Heliport
PH-0223SM City Lipa Heliport
PH-0229SM City Lucena Heliport
PH-0289SM City Marikina Heliport
PH-0286SM City Marilao Heliport
PH-0287SM City Masinag Heliport
PH-0288SM City Molino Heliport
PH-0290SM City North EDSA Heliport
PH-0294SM City Novaliches Heliport
PH-0291SM City Olongapo Central
PH-0269SM City Pampanga Heliport
PH-0230SM City Rosales Heliport
PH-0166SM City Rosario Heliport
PH-0285SM City San Jose del Monte Heliport
PH-0249SM City San Lazaro Heliport
PH-0296SM City San Mateo Heliport
PH-0224SM City San Pablo Heliport
PH-0293SM City Santa Mesa Heliport
PH-0297SM City Santa Rosa Heliport
PH-0295SM City Sucat Heliport
PH-0237SM CIty Tarlac Heliport
PH-0234SM City Taytay Heliport
PH-0274SM City Trece Martires Heliport
PH-0236SM City Urdaneta Heliport
PH-0145SM Makati Heliport
PH-0264SM Mall of Asia North Wing Helipad
PH-0265SM Mall of Asia South Wing Helipad
PH-0036SM Megamall (Building A) Heliport
PH-0043SM Megamall (Building B) Heliport
PH-0324SM Southmall Helipad
PH-0056Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel Heliport
PH-0059Solaire Manila Resort & Casino Heliport 1
PH-0060Solaire Manila Resort & Casino Heliport 2
PH-0381Solar Century Tower Helipad
RPLZSorsogon Airport
PH-0382Splendido Gardens Helipad
PH-0029Sual Power Plant Heliport
RPLBSFSSubic Bay International Airport / Naval Air Station Cubi Point
RPMSSUGSurigao Airport
PH-0258Taal Lake Yacht Club Heliport
PH-0351TADECO Santo Tomas Airstrip
RPVTTAGTagbilaran Airport
PH-0442Tagbina Airport
PH-0024Taggat Airstrip
PH-0206Tagum Airport / Pangi (Rico Vista) Airstrip
PH-0046Taipan Place Heliport
PH-0066Talim Point Airstrip
RPMWTDGTandag Airport
PH-0307The Peninsula Heliport
PH-0387Thousand Islands International Airport (under construction)
PH-0207Tibagon Airstrip
PH-0124Tiffany Place Heliport
PH-0310Trafalgar Plaza Heliport
PH-0044TSD Communications Department Heliport
PH-0018Tugawe Cover Resort Helipad
RPVUTBHTugdan Airport
RPUTTUGTuguegarao Airport
PH-0435Tungao Airport
TUYOTuy Airstrip
PH-0309Two Roxas Triangle Tower Heliport
RPSNUbay Airport
PH-0048Union Bank Plaza Heliport
PH-0323United States Embassy Heliport
PH-0397Vernida IV Heliport
RPUQVigan Airport
RPUVVRCVirac Airport
PH-0158Wallace Air Force Station Heliport
PH-0196Waloe Airstrip
PH-0004Wao Airport
RPVLWasig Airport
PH-0027Wenceslao Heliport
PH-0127West Gate Plaza Heliport
PH-0250Winford Manila Heliport
PH-0107Woodland Airpark
ACFCWAPWoodland Airpark (duplicate)
PH-0316World Centre Heliport
PH-0167World Trade Exchange Building Helipad
PH-0211Zablan Airfield
PH-0392Zablan Auxiliary Airfield
RPMZZAMZamboanga International Airport

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