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World Aerodrome Data - Airports, Aerodromes and Airstrips in Pakistan

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 Worldwide Aerodrome Database

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Aerodrome listing for Pakistan

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

PK-0051Abbaspur Airfield
OPABAbbottabad Airport
PK-0032Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology (AUST) Heliport
PK-0031Akwal Airport
PK-0046Al Ghaba Airstrip
OPLALHEAlama Iqbal International Airport
OPBRWGBBahawalnagar Airport
OPBWBHVBahawalpur Airport
PK-0033Baloch Centre Helipad
OPBNBNPBannu Airport
PK-0002Basal Airport
OPBLBela Airport
OP14Belab Airport
OPRNBenazir Bhutto International Airport
OPBGBHWBhagatanwala Airport
PK-BHCBHCBhurban Heliport
PK-CWPCWPCampbellpore Airport
OPKACape Monz Airport
OP1YChandhar Airport
OP19Chashma Airport
OPCLCHBChilas Airport
OPCTChirat Airport
OPCHCJLChitral Airport
OPKEChore Airport
PK-0018Chota Malir Airstrips
PK-0043Comsats University Helipad
OPDDDDUDadu Airport
OP17DDUDadu West Airport
OPDKDaharki Airport
OPDBDBADalbandin Airport
PK-0003Dalbandin Heliport
OPDGDEADera Ghazi Khan Airport
OPDIDSKDera Ismael Khan Airport
PK-0027DHA City Helipad #1
PK-0028DHA City Helipad #2
OP28Dhingar Airport
OPSFFaisal Air Base
OPFALYPFaisalabad International Airport
OPKFGharo Airport
OPGTGILGilgit Airport
PK-0004Gilgit Heliport
PK-GRTGRTGujrat Airport
OP25Gurha Salim Airport
PK-0005Gurha Salim Heliport
OPGDGWDGwadar International Airport
PK-0029Hubco Township Heliport
OPKDHDDHyderabad Airport
OPISISBIslamabad International Airport
OP1AJam Nida Northwest Airport
PK-0045Jamal Din Wali Airport
OPKCKHIJinnah International Airport
OPJIJIWJiwani Airport
PK-0017Jungshahi Airstrip
OP35Juzzak Airport
PK-KCFKCFKadanwari Airport
OPKLKalat Airport
OP33Kandhkot Airport
OP31Kashmor Airport
PK-0026Khai Airport
OP32Khairpur Airport
PK-0014Khanpur Airport
OPKNKharan Airport
PK-0006Kharan East Airport
OP26Khewra Airport
OPKHKDDKhuzdar Airport
OPKTOHTKohat Airport
OPKKKorangi Creek Airport
PK-0007Korangi Creek Heliport
OP18Kot Addu Airport
PK-0048Kozhak Heliport
PK-0015Larkana Airport
OPLLLRGLoralai Airport
OP13Mad Jamu Airport
PK-0021Makli-Thatta Heliport
OP24Mandi Bahauddin Air Base
OPMAXJMMangla Airport
PK-HRAMansehra Airport
PK-0008Mari Indus East Airstrip
OPMRMasroor Air Base
OPMIMWDMianwali Air Base
OPMSATGMinhas Air Base
OP11Mir Baz Airport
OPMNMiram Shah Airport
OPMKMirpur Khas Air Base
OPMJMJDMoenjodaro Airport
OPMTMUXMultan International Airport
OPSRSGIMushaf Air Base
OPMFMFGMuzaffarabad Airport
PK-0044New Gwadar International Airport (under construction)
OP34Nok Kundi Airport
PK-0025Notakzai Airport
OPNKNHSNushki Airport
PK-0010Nushki Heliport
OPOKOkara Cantonment Airstrip
OPORORWOrmara Airport
OP15Ouzkani Airport
PK-0019PAF Base Malir
PK-0049PAF Khalid Air Base
PK-0009PAF Murid Air Base
PK-0034Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 1
PK-0037Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 10
PK-0035Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 2
PK-0040Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 5
PK-0041Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 6
PK-0038Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 7
PK-0039Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 8
PK-0036Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 9
PK-0042Pakistan Military Academy Physical Training Ground Helipad
OPPGPJGPanjgur Airport
OP37Pano Aqil Southeast Airport
OPPCPAJParachinar Airport
OPPIPSIPasni Airport
OPPSPEWPeshawar International Airport
PK-0016Petaro Airport
OPPNPishin Airport
PK-0030PNS Akram Heliport
PK-0047Qadirpur Airport
OPQSQasim Airport
OPQTUETQuetta International Airport
OPRQRafiqui Air Base
OP27Rahwali Airport
OP22Rajanpur Airport
OPRTRAZRawalakot Airport
PK-REQREQReko Diq Airport
OPRSRisalpur Air Base
OP36Robray Airport
OPSWSWNSahiwal Airport
OPSSSDTSaidu Sharif Airport
PK-0023Saranan Airport
PK-RZSRZSSawan Airport
OPSNSYWSehwan Sharif Airport
OPJAJAGShahbaz Air Base
OPNHWNSShaheed Benazirabad Airport
OPRKRYKShaikh Zaid Airport
OP12Shamsi Airfield
PK-0050Sheikh Badin Heliport
OPSPShekhupura Airport
PK-0001Shikarpur Airport
PK-0013Sialkot Cantonment Airport
OPSTSKTSialkot International Airport
OPSBSBQSibi Airport
OPMPMPDSindhri Tharparkar Airport
OPSDKDUSkardu Airport
PK-0024Spezand Airfield
OPSUSULSui Airport
PK-0020Sujawal Airport
OPSKSKZSukkur Airport
OPTTTFTTaftan Airport
OPTHBDNTalhar Airport
PK-0022Tank Airport
OPTATLBTarbela Dam Airport
OP23Thal Airport
OP10Thar Airport
OPTUTUKTurbat International Airport
OP16UEPL Khaskheli Airstrip
OP21Vehari Airport
OPLHWalton Airport
PK-0011Walton Heliport
OPWNWAFWana Airport
PK-0012Wateji Airstrip
ZIZZIZZamzama Heliport
OPZBPZHZhob Airport

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