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Aerodrome listing for Paraguay

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

PY-BFABFABahía Negra Airport
SGBABella Vista Sur Airport
PY-0042Cabaña La Escondida Airport
SGPIPILCarlos Miguel Gimenez Airport
PY-0035Cerro Corá Airport
PY-0008Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport
PY-0030Colonia Volendam Airport
PY-0023Coronel Bogado Airport
PY-0002Coronel Oviedo Airport
SGCUCuruguaty Airport
SGPJPJCDr Augusto Roberto Fuster International Airport
VMIVMIDr Juan Plate Airport
SGMEESGDr. Luis Maria Argaña International Airport
PY-0037El Retiro Airport
PY-0039Estancia Buena Vista Airport
PY-0025Estancia Coeyu Airport
PY-0007Estancia Cunataí Airport
PY-0036Estancia El Dorado Airport
PY-0021Estancia Herradura Airport
PY-0018Estancia Lomas Airport
SG67Estancia Pai Quara Airport
PY-0024Estancia Trementina Airport
SGFIFLMFiladelfia Airport
PY-OLKOLKFuerte Olimpo Airport
PY-0033Gnadenheim Airport
SGESAGTGuarani International Airport
PY-0004Hugo Stroessner Nueva Londres Airport
PY-0003Isla Pucu Airport
SGIBItaipú Airport
PY-0001Iturbe Airport
SGAYAYOJuan De Ayolas Airport
PY-0034La Victoria Airport
PY-0032Loma Plata Airport
PY-0043Mayor Infante Rivarola Airport
PY-0005Nueva Australia Airport
PY-0031Nueva Germania Airport
Z23ZParaguari Airport
SGPGPelayo Prats Gill Airstrip
SGPCPozo Colorado Airport
PY-0015Puerto Abente Airport
PY-0011Puerto Alegre Airport
PY-0016Puerto Boqueron Airport
PY-0012Puerto Calera Airport
PY-0006Puerto Guaraní Airport
PY-0014Puerto Itapucu Airport
PY-0009Puerto La Esperanza Airport
PY-PCJPCJPuerto La Victoria Airport
PY-PBTPBTPuerto Leda Airport
PY-0013Puerto Max Airport
PY-0017Puerto Michi Airport
SGPOPuerto Pinasco Airport
PY-0010Puerto Risso Airport
SGRORosario Airport
PY-0027Rosario South 1 Airport
PY-0028Rosario South 2 Airport
PY-0029Rosario South 3 Airport
SGGRSalto del Guaira Airport
PY-0022San Cosme y Damian Airport
PY-0038San Juan Bautista Airport
PY-0040San Miguel Airport
SGSPSan Pedro Airport
PY-0020Santa Clara Airport
PY-0041Santa Maria Airport
SGSTSanta Teresa Airport
SGASASUSilvio Pettirossi International Airport
SGENENOTeniente Amin Ayub Gonzalez Airport
SGCOCIOTeniente Col Carmelo Peralta Airport
SGNBVilla Hayes Sarg Airport
PY-0019Villa Rey Airport

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