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Aerodrome listing for Saudi Arabia

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

SA-0013Abha Central Hospital Helipad
OEABAHBAbha International Airport
OEBQAbqaiq Airport
OEAAAbu Ali Airport
SA-0024Al Aflaj Central Hospital
OE52Al Artawiyah South Airport
SA-0001Al Bir Highway Strip
OEGHAl Ghat Airport
SA-0005Al Hasa Airport
SA-0022Al Khafji Corniche Heliport
OE47Al Kharj Airport
OE51Al Kharj East Airport
OE46Al Lidem Airport
OEPAAQIAl Qaisumah/Hafr Al Batin Airport
OEWJEJHAl Wajh Domestic Airport
SA-0002Al Wariah SE Highway Strip
OEAHHOFAl-Ahsa International Airport
OESKAJFAl-Jawf Domestic Airport
OE55Aradah Airport
SA-0016Arafat General Hospital Heliport
OE45Aramco Ras Khafji Airport
OERRRAEArar Domestic Airport
OE43Arfa Airport
OESLSLFAs-Sulayyil Airport
AE-0001Batha Airport
OEBHBHHBisha Airport
OEDWDawadmi Domestic Airport
SA-0009Farasan Hospital Helipad
OEGSELQGassim Airport
OEGTURYGurayat Domestic Airport
OEHLHASHa'il Airport
OE54Hafar Al Atk Airport
OEHRHaradh Airport
OEHWHawtah Airport
SA-0023Hawtah Kentz Airport
OEPKIpsa 3 Airport
OEGNGIZJizan Regional Airport / King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport
OEJBQJBJubail Airport
SA-0020Khafji General Hospital Heliport
SA-0021Khafji Harbor Heliport
SA-0008Kharmiyah Airstrip
SA-0010Khurais Airport
OE53King Abdul Aziz Military Academy Airport
OEDRDHAKing Abdulaziz Air Base
SA-0018King Abdulaziz Hospital Helipad
OEJNJEDKing Abdulaziz International Airport
OE50King Abdulaziz Naval Base
SA-0011King Fahd General Hospital Helipad
OEDFDMMKing Fahd International Airport
SA-0019King Fahd Sport City Helipad
OEJFKing Faisal Naval Base
OERKRUHKing Khaled International Airport
OEKKKMCKing Khaled Military City Airport
OEKMKMXKing Khalid Air Base
SA-0012King Khalid University Hospital Helipad
OEDMDWDKing Salman Abdulaziz Airport
OEBAABTKing Saud Bin Abdulaziz (Al Baha) Airport
SA-0015KJO Hospital Heliport
ULHULHMajeed Bin Abdulaziz Airport
OE49Mecca East Airport
OENGEAMNajran Domestic Airport
OENRNariya Airport
OENNNUMNeom Bay Airport
OEKROld Khurais Airport
OEMAMEDPrince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
OEPSAKHPrince Sultan Air Base
OEPJPump Station 10 Airport
OEPCPump Station 3 Airport
OEPFPump Station 6 Airport
OEPIPump Station 9 Airport
SA-0003Qalibah Highway Strip
OE48Quz South Airport
OERBRabigh Airport
OERFRAHRafha Domestic Airport
OERMRas Mishab Airport
SA-0004Ras Safaniya Airport
OETNRas Tanajib Airport
OERTRas Tanura Airport
OERYXXNRiyadh Air Base
OESBShaibah Airport
OESHSHWSharurah Domestic Airport
OE56Shubaytah Airport
OETBTUUTabuk Airport
SA-0017Taif Desert Heliport
OETFTIFTa’if Regional Airport
OEBNThablotin Airport
OETHThumamah Airport
OETRTUITuraif Domestic Airport
OEUDUdhailiyah Airport
SA-0006Ugtah Highway Strip
OEOMUmm Al Melh Border Guards Airport
OEUMUmm Lajj Airport
SA-0007Uwayqilah Airport
SA-0014Wadi Al Asalah Airfield
OEWDWAEWadi Al Dawasir Domestic Airport
OEYNYNBYanbu Airport / Prince Abdul Mohsin bin Abdulaziz international Airport
OEZLZULZilfi Airport

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