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Aerodrome listing for Thailand

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

VTBTBang Phra Airport
TH-0012Bang Phra Ultralightport
TH-0015Best Ocean Airpark
VTUOBFVBuri Ram Airport
TH-0016Camp Burachat (Sanam Luang) Airfield
VTSNCha Eian Airport
TH-0007Chanthaburi Airstrip
VTCCCNXChiang Mai International Airport
VTSECJMChumphon Airport
VTBDDMKDon Mueang International Airport
TH-0001Eastern Flying Club Airport
VTSSHDYHat Yai International Airport
VTPHHHQHua Hin Airport
TH-0017Kaeng Krachan Airfield
VTBKKDTKamphaeng Saen Airport
VTBIKhao E To Airport
TH-0009Khao Khitchakut Heliport
TH-0002Khlong Si Airfield
VTBLKhok Kathiam Airport
VTUKKKCKhon Kaen Airport
VTUNKhorat Airport
VTSAKhoun Khan Airport
TH-0020Khuan Timun Helipad
VTPYKhunan Phumipol Airport
TH-0010Klaeng Airfield
TH-0003Klong 15 Airfield
TH-0013Ko Chan Airport
TH-0008Koh Mai Si Airport
VTSGKBVKrabi Airport
VTCLLPTLampang Airport
VTCOLamphun Airport
TH-0005Lektop-Thames Airport
VTULLOELoei Airport
VTCTCEIMae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International Airport
VTCIPYYMae Hong Son Airport
VTCHHGNMae Hong Son Airport
VTCSMae Sariang Airport
VTPMMAQMae Sot Airport
VTUWKOPNakhon Phanom Airport
VTUQNAKNakhon Ratchasima Airport
VTPNNakhon Sawan Airport
VTSFNSTNakhon Si Thammarat Airport
VTUZNam Phung Dam Airport
VTCNNNTNan Airport
VTSCNAWNarathiwat Airport
TH-0011Nong Khor Airfield
VTCROld Chiang Rai Airport
VTSKPANPattani Airport
YTBFPYXPattaya Airpark
PMMPMMPhanom Sarakham Airport
VTCBPhayao Ban Chiang Kham Airport
VTPBPHYPhetchabun Airport
VTPPPHSPhitsanulok Airport
VTPRPhotharam Airport
VTCPPRHPhrae Airport
VTSPHKTPhuket International Airport
TH-0004Prachom Klao Airfield
VTBPPrachuap Airport
VTBNPrachuap Khiri Khan Airport
TH-0018Pran Buri Airport
VTSRUNNRanong Airport
TH-0019Ratthaphum Airfield
VTURRob Muang Airport
VTUVROIRoi Et Airport
VTBHKKMSa Pran Nak Airport
VTPLSak Long Airport
VTUISNOSakon Nakhon Airport
VTSMUSMSamui Airport
VTSHSGZSongkhla Airport
VTPOTHSSukhothai Airport
TH-0014Supawan Mini Airfield
VTSBURTSurat Thani Airport
VTUJPXRSurin Airport
VTBSBKKSuvarnabhumi Airport
VTPTTKTTak Airport
VTPITKHTakhli Airport
TH-0006Thung Si Kan Airport
VTSTTSTTrang Airport
VTBOTDXTrat Airport
VTBUUTPU-Tapao International Airport
VTUUUBPUbon Ratchathani Airport
VTUDUTHUdon Thani Airport
VTEDBAOUdorn Air Base
VTPUUTRUttaradit Airport
VTBWWatthana Nakhon Airport

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