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Aerodrome listing for Taiwan

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

TW-0005Bade Airstrip
RCKUCYIChiayi Airport
TW-0007Chiayi Highway Airstrip
RCQSChihhang Air Base
TW-0008China Medical University Hospital Heliport
TW-0009CTS (China Television System) Helipad
TW-0034Dapeng Bay Ultralightport
TW-0044Donggang Seaplane Base
TW-0002DSXDongsha Island (Pratas Island) Airport
RCNODonshi Heliport
TW-0010Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Heliport
TW-0037Fenglin Airstrip
RCAYGangshan Air Force Base
RCXYGuiren Airport / Guiren Army Airfield
RCKWHCNHengchun Airport
TW-0003Highway Strip 58 60
RCPOHSZHsinchu Air Base
TW-0011Hsinchu Air Force Hospital Heliport
TW-0036Huadong Airstrip
TW-0006Hualien (Chiashan) Air Base
RCYUHUNHualien Airport
TW-0012Hulien Hospital Heliport
RCSCHuwei Airstrip
RCMSIlan Airfield
TW-0013Jiali Shan Helipad
TW-0014Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Heliport
RCKHKHHKaohsiung International Airport
TW-0015Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Helipad
RCBSKNHKinmen Airport
RCLYKYDLanyu Airport
RCDILongtan Air Base
RCGIGNILyudao Airport
TW-0016Mackay Memorial Hospital Helipad
TW-0017Maritime Patrol Directorate General Helipad
RCMTMFKMatsu Beigan Airport
RCFGLZNMatsu Nangan Airport
TW-0039Mingli Gliderport
TW-0018Nan-Gang Police District Helipad
TW-0001Penghu Airport
RCQCMZGPenghu Magong Airport
TW-0043Pengjia Heliport
RCSQPIFPingtung North Airport
RCDCPingtung South Airport
TW-0041Puli - Hutoushan Gliderport
TW-0019Puli Christian Hospital Heliport
TW-CMJCMJQimei Airport
RCSMRiyuetan (Sun Moon Lake) Heliport
TW-0038Saijia Jiehao Ultralightport
TW-0035Shoufeng Ultralight Airstrip
TW-0020Shuang Ho Hospital Heliport
TW-0021Sihong Heliport
RCMQRMQTaichung International Airport / Ching Chuang Kang Air Base
RCLGTXGTaichung Shuinan Airport
TW-0022Taichung Veterans General Hospital Helipad
TW-0032Taimali Airport
TW-0033Taimali Heliport
RCNNTNNTainan International Airport / Tainan Air Base
TW-0025Taipei City Government Fire Bureau Helipad
TW-0023Taipei City Hall Helipad
TW-0024Taipei City Hospital Heliport
TW-0026Taipei Grand Hyatt Hotel Helipad
RCSSTSATaipei Songshan Airport
TW-0027Taipei Trade Center Helipad
TW-0028Taipei Veterans’ General Helipad
RCSPTaiping Island Airport
RCFNTTTTaitung Airport
RCTPTPETaiwan Taoyuan International Airport
RCGMTaoyuan Air Base
TW-0029Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital Helipad
TW-0030Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital Helipad
RCWAWOTWang'an Airport
TW-0040Wanrong Paraglider Base
TW-0046Wuqiu Lighthouse Helipad
TW-0045Wuqiu Township Office Helipad
TW-0042Wuri Weihui Airfield
RCLCXiaoliuqiu Heliport
TW-0047Xiaoqiu Helipad
TW-0031Zhuzi Shan Helipad
TW-0004Zuoying Naval Airfield

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