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World Aerodrome Data - Airports, Aerodromes and Airstrips in Tanzania

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 Worldwide Aerodrome Database

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Aerodrome listing for Tanzania

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

HTZAZNZAbeid Amani Karume International Airport
TZ-0056Alliance Airstrip
HTAGAmani Beach Airport
HTARARKArusha Airport
TZ-0030Beho Beho Airstrip
TZ-0009Biharamulo Airport
TZ-0057Birise Airport
TZ-0031Boma Ulanga Airstrip
TZ-0140Buckreef Airport
TZ-0097Buhemba Airport
HTBUBKZBukoba Airport
TZ-0058Bulyanhulu Airport
TZ-0121Bushman Airstrip
TZ-0032Buturi Airport
TZ-0059Chidudu Airport
HTCHChunya Airport
HTDODODDodoma Airport
TZ-0060Endanyawish Airport
HTENEndulen Airport
TZ-0033Fish Eagle Airport
TZ-0026Fort Ikoma Airport
TZ-0122Gelai East Airport
TZ-0061Golden Pride Mines Airport
TZ-0062Gorimba Airport
TZ-0063Gua Airport
TZ-0066Haidom Airport
TZ-0064Handa Airport
TZ-0065Harbanget Airport
TZ-0067Ibanda Airport
TZ-0012Ifakara Airport
TZ-0068Ifunda Farm Airstrip
TZ-0072Ihanda Airstrip
TZ-0015Iku Airport
HTIYInyonga Airport
HTIRIRIIringa Airport
TZ-0034Isanga Airport
TZ-0017Jongomeru Airport
HTDADARJulius Nyerere International Airport
TZ-0069Kagera Sugar Airport
KBHKBHKahama Airstrip
TZ-0070Kapalagulu Airport
TZ-0071Kapenta Airport
TZ-0138Kasense Airport
TZ-0006Kasulu Airport
HTBBKibambawe Airstrip
TZ-0073Kibebe Airport
TZ-0074Kibidula Airport
HTKBKibondo Airport
TZ-0035Kifura Airstrip
HTKATKQKigoma Airport
TZ-0075Kihansi Airport
TZ-0036Kihurumila Airport
HTKJJROKilimanjaro International Airport
HTKTKilimatinde Airport
TZ-0076Kilombero Airport
HTKSKilosa Airport
TZ-0077Kilumbi Airport
HTKIKIYKilwa Airport
GTZGTZKirawira B Aerodrome
HTKLKirondatal Airport
TZ-0078Kishoshoroni Airport
TZ-0079Kitumbeine Airport
TZ-0123Klein's Camp Airport
TZ-0018Kogatende Airstrip
HTKDKondoa Airport
HTKOKongwa Airport
TZ-0027Kuro Airport
TZ-0080Kwajoni Airport
HTLMLKYLake Manyara Airport
TZ-0124Lamai Airport
TZ-0019Limai Airport
HTLILDILindi Airport
HTLLLiuli Airport
TZ-0011Liwale Airport
TZ-0020Lobo Airstrip
HTLDLoliondo Airport
TZ-0081Lolmorijoi Airport
TZ-0082Lualanje Airport
TZ-0125Lugala Airport
TZ-0083Lugonesi Airport
TZ-0037Luhanyando Airoprt
TZ-0084Lukwati Airport
TZ-LUYLUYLushoto Airport
TZ-0126Luwegu Airport
TZ-0127Lwafi Airport
TZ-0085Maboxi Airport
TZ-0086Madaba Airport
HTMAMFAMafia Airport
HTSHMafinga Airport
TZ-0029Magangwe Airport
TZ-0087Mahaka Airport
HTMLMahale Airstrip
TZ-0088Makau Airport
TZ-0128Makwasa Airport
TZ-0089Malagarasi Airport
TZ-0090Mamarehe Airport
TZ-0038Manane Airport
TZ-0010Manyoni Airport
TZ-0002Manyoni North Airport
HTMIXMIMasasi Airport
TZ-0091Mashado Airport
TZ-0092Masimba Airport
TZ-0129Masusu Airport
TZ-0008Maswa Airstrip
TZ-0039Matambwe Airport
TZ-0040Matambwe Old Airport
TZ-0093Matemanga Airport
TZ-0094Matipwili Airport
TZ-0139Mawemeru Airport
TZ-0014Mbamba Bay Airport
TZ-0095Mbarali Airport
HTBSMbesa Airport
HTMBMbeya Airport
TZ-0003Mbinga Airport
TZ-0096Mbono 2 Airport
TZ-0041Mbunga Airport
TZ-GITGITMchauru Airport
TZ-0098Mchukwi Rufiji Airport
TZ-0099Merugoi Airport
TZ-0130Mikindani Airport
HTMKMikumi Airport
TZ-0042Mkangira Airport
TZ-0043Mkomazi-Kisima Airport
TZ-0044Mkuyu Airport
TZ-0013Mkwaja Airport
TZ-0100Mlambala Airport
TZ-0131Mlele Airport
TZ-0101Mlele Ram Airport
TZ-0045Mlembwe Airport
TZ-0102Mngeta Airport
HTMOMombo Airport
HTMGMorogoro Airport
HTMSQSIMoshi Airport
TZ-0103Mountain Side Airport
HTMPNPYMpanda Airport
TZ-0021Mpululu Airport
TZ-0046Mpunde Airport
HTMXMpwapwa Airport
TZ-0028Msembe Airport
TZ-0104Msima 1 Airport
TZ-0105Msima 2 Airport
TZ-0047Mtemaupinde Airport
TZ-0048Mtemere Airport
TZ-0001Mtera Airport
TZ-0106Mtibwa Airport
HTMTMYWMtwara Airport
HTMFMufindi Airport
TZ-0132Mugumu Airport
TZ-0107Muhesi Airport
TZ-0049Muhuba Airport
TZ-0108Murungu Airport
HTMUMUZMusoma Airport
TZ-0005Mvumi Airport
HTMDMWNMwadui Airport
TZ-0050Mwambesi Airport
HTMWMWZMwanza Airport
HTNANCHNachingwea Airport
TZ-0109Naibormut Airport
HTUKNansio Airport
TZ-0024Ndutu Airport
TZ-0110Ng'Wazi Airport
HTNRNgara Airport
HTNGNgerengere Air Force Base
TZ-0055Ngorongoro Airport
HTNJJOMNjombe Airport
TZ-0133Nkinga Airport
TZ-0134Nkoname Airport
TZ-0111North Mara Airport
TZ-0135Olemilei Airport
HTOLOltipesi Airport
HTPEPMAPemba Airport
TZ-0112Piti Airport
TZ-0113Ras Kutani Airport
TZ-0023Rubondo Airport
TZ-0051Rungwa Airport
TZ-0114Rungwa River Airport
TZ-0143Rushungi Airport
TZ-0052Saadani Airport
HTSESame Airport
TZ-0136Sanzale Airport
TZ-0016Sasakwa Airport
HTSNSEUSeronera Airport
TZ-0115Shama Airport
HTSYSHYShinyanga Airport
TZ-0137Sikonge Airport
HTSDSingida Airport
TZ-0053Sire Airport
TZ-0025Sitalike Airport
TZ-0054Siwandu Airport
HTSOSGXSongea Airport
TZ-0116Songo Songo Airstrip
HTGWMBISongwe Airport
TZ-0141Stieglers Gorge Airport
HTSUSUTSumbawanga Airport
TZ-0142Sumbazi Airport
HTTBTBOTabora Airport
HTTGTGTTanga Airport
TZ-0022Tarangire 2 Airport
TZ-0117Tarime Airport
TZ-0118TPC Airport
TZ-0007Tulawaka Gold Mine Airstrip
HTTUTunduru Airport
TZ-0004Tura Airport
HTURUrambo Airport
HTUTUtete Airport
HTUVUvinza Airport
HTWKWest Kilimanjaro Airport
TZ-0119Wosiwosi Airport
TZ-0120Yaeda Airport

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