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Aerodrome listing for United States

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

04AZ(Old) Chinle Airport
KU20(Old) Green River Airport
46TE02 Ranch Airport
US-37691 Hotel West Hollywood East Helipad
US-37681 Hotel West Hollywood West Helipad
TN41100 Aker Wood Airport
US-3538100 Spectrum Center Helipad
US-12851000 Museum Heliport
TE5611 Tv Dallas Heliport
US-25981100 Wilshire Helipad
55XA1101 East Blvd Deer Park Heliport
US-142411300 West Olympic Helipad
US-343311645 Wilshire Boulevard Garage Helipad
US-146412100 Wilshire Helipad
US-42271221 SW 1st Avenue Helipad
48IN123 Arcom Heliport
US-146312400 Wilshire Helipad
US-2220141 Ranch Landing Strip
US-168814400 Ranch Airport
US-400314th Street Gliderfield
16TT16 L Ranch Airport
36MT16 Ranch Airport
US-14971600 Vine Helipad
US-26861620 5th Avenue Helipad
18AA18 Meadows Aerodrome
US-2727180 Building Helipad
AZ12183 Mile Heliport
6NJ6185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop
US-3517187th Avenue Landing Strip
US-33551901 Avenue of the Stars Helipad
US-04691904 Private Runway Airport
OI501st District Police Station Heliport
US-19401st Street/Center Parking Garage Helipad
NM472 X 4 Ranch Airport
US-353920 Pacifica Helipad
US-3535200 Spectrum Center Helipad
US-15982000 Avenue of the Stars Helipad
US-1717207 Goode Helipad
9NR9210 Investors Heliport
US-19682110 South M-76 Heliport
US-2613255 Grand Tower Helipad
US-06992C Ranch Airport
US-17422G Ranch Airport
US-09713 Mill Ranch Airport
OG003 Rivers Recreation Area Airport
UT793-I Rocker Ranch Airport
96GA3-M's Airport
US-3536300 Spectrum Center Helipad
CA5433 Strip
US-1316330 North Brand Emergency Helipad
XS383321 Westside Heliport
AA3535 Mile Lodge Heliport
US-57643H Cattle Company Airport
44SC4 Holes Field
US-17434 R Ranch Landing Strip
IN454 Winds Aerodrome
ME814 Winds Heliport
US-121740 Acre Airstrip
US-354040 Pacifica Helipad
US-1317400 North Brand Emergency Helipad
US-2605400 South Hope Helipad
US-3537400 Spectrum Center Helipad
1PA1401 City Avenue Heliport
US-2620420 E 3rd St Helipad
US-33784250 Executive Square Helipad
US-33814275 Executive Square Helipad
US-402745 Ranch Airport
US-402845 Ranch Old Airport
US-1318450 North Brand Emergency Helipad
9LS94B Ranch Airport
36TS4BH Heliport
04TT4D Ranch Airport
XS504G Ranch Airport
48TE4M Ranch Airfield
US-51124M Ranch Airport
US-49604S Ranch Airport
OI514th Dist Police Station Heliport
PA815 Lakes Airport
63KS5-D Ranch Airport
TE825-State Heliport
CT5650 Washington Street Heliport
IN52500 Heliport
US-1724500 North Brand Helipad
US-1725505 North Brand Helipad
US-26375055 Wilshire Helipad
US-1721550 North Brand Helipad
US-4226550 South Hope Street Helipad
US-14175777 West Century Plaza Helipad
35CL59 Ranch Airport
1OK85B Ranch Airport
06TT6 Mile Airpark
PN78600 Grant Street Rooftop Heliport
US-2129600 West 9th Street Helipad
US-2590600 Wilshire Helipad
US-42226060 Center Drive Helipad
US-42206080 Center Drive Helipad
US-42216100 Center Drive Helipad
US-4814631 South Olive Helipad
US-26406500 Wilshire Helipad
US-2591655 Hope Helipad
7MD665th Street Heliport
6TE66666 Ranch Airport
TN2967 Madison Ave Partnership Ltd Heliport
US-453469 Bravo Heliport
OK686B Airfield
US-30586S Ranch Airport
73WA7 Bays Airport
PS537-H Skeet Club Inc. Field
81CA7-M Ranch Airport
US-2070717 Olympic Helipad
0XA574 Ranch Airport
US-131075E Airport
US-437376ers Camden Helipad
US-2594777 Tower Helipad
86PA7D Farms Heliport
CL257R Ranch Airport
US-1715800 North Brand Helipad
US-2596800 South Figueroa Helipad
US-2595801 Tower Helipad
US-21318th+Hope Helipad
OI949 Newsport Heliport
US-397799th Avenue Airport
CHANA & C AG Aviation Inc
UT39A A Helicopters Inc Heliport
28NHA and K Heliport
WY11A Bar A Ranch Airstrip
US-4612A Bar H Fam Airport
AZ86A C Goodwin Memorial Field Gliderport
US-2478A Foyt Ranch Airport
61PNA G A Farms Airport
8CL4A G Spanos Companies Hq Heliport
CT67A J Oster Company Heliport
US-0961A J Patrol Airport
6AR2A J's Airport
KOCHOCHA L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
4NJ7A M Classics Heliport
KAPHAPHA P Hill AAF (Fort A P Hill) Airport
US-3021A P Ranch Airport
KH88A Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport
7MI9A T I Heliport
XS79A W Ranch Airport
XS39A&A Flying Service Airport
US-2579A-1 Paint Horse Farm Heliport
US-4839A-Copy Heliport
24PNA.H. Butz Downtown Allentown Heliport
7Y7A.R.S. Sport Strip
XA63AAF Heliport
5MD4AAI Heliport
US-3733Aardvark Field
1VA7Aaron Penston Field
14NEAaron's Field
AZ41Abacus Tower Heliport
91ORAbba's Airport
SC81Abbeville Airport
K0R3Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
SC83Abbeville County Memorial Hospital Heliport
LA95Abbeville General Hospital Heliport
0J0Abbeville Municipal Airport
68OIAbbey Etna Heliport
6ME6Abbots Airport
83NEAbbott Airport
VG58Abbott Airport
NH21Abbott Heliport
MN10Abbott Northwestern Hospital Heliport
AL70ABC 33/40 Heliport
22CNABC-TV Heliport
06CLAbc7-Tv Heliport
17MTAbel Ranch Airport
77KSAbel Ranch Airport
31VAAberdeen Field
KU36Aberdeen Municipal Airport
KABRABRAberdeen Regional Airport
US-3491Abernathy Airport
KGZSAbernathy Field
KF83Abernathy Municipal Airport
AK46Abi Airport
MS30Abide Airpark
US-4850Abide Airpark
NE27Abie Sky Ranch Airport
14VGAbilene Airport
TX00Abilene Executive Airpark
K78Abilene Municipal Airport
US-2236Abilene Municipal Airport
KABIABIAbilene Regional Airport
4TX1Abilene Regional Medical Center Heliport
PN03Abington Memorial Hospital Heliport
5FD5Able Airpark
KSPISPIAbraham Lincoln Capital Airport
38ILAbraham Lincoln Memorial Hosp Heliport
20LLAbraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Heliport
7CA1Abraham Ranch Airport
K4D0Abrams Municipal Airport
AZ95Abrazo Scottsdale Hospital Emergency Department Heliport
US-1228Abshire Landing Strip
00LLAc & R Components Heliport
MI21AC Miller Airport
9FD6Academy Heliport
LS42Acadia General Hospital Heliport
57LAAcadia Saint Landry Hospital Heliport
LA65Acadian Medical Center Heliport
ME07Acadian Seaplane Base
89LAAcadiana One Office Bldg Heliport
KARAARAAcadiana Regional Airport
KMFVMFVAccomack County Airport
US-3566Accord Airport
67WIAccurate Airport
US-4854Ace Airpark
US-2348Ace Field
38LSAce Flying Airport
US-0704ACH Springdale Heliport
US-4628Aciero Farms Landing Field
K9M4Ackerman Choctaw County Airport
4C7Ackley Municipal Airport
WA12Acme Field
8MI2Acme Heliport
US-4857Acme Skyport
US-5516Acoma Airport
US-5671Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Hospital Heliport
FA72Acres of Diamonds Airpark
6TX1Action 5 Heliport
US-0486Action Aero Airport
I38Action Airpark
NV40Action Heliport
TS99Action Number 2 Heliport
6MA8Acushnet River Seaplane Base
0D7Ada Airport
KADHADTAda Regional Airport
6KY4Adair Airport
MI33Adair Airstrip
75IAAdair County Memorial Hospital Heliport
PADKADKAdak Airport
US-4860Adak Naval Air Station - Albert E Mitchell Field
US-3368Adams Airport
GA91Adams Airport
1II2Adams Airport
90PAAdams Airport
8NC5Adams Airport
US-1932Adams City Airport
98OIAdams County Hospital Heliport
K63CAdams County Legion Field
56IIAdams County Memorial Hospital Heliport
2OH3Adams County Regional Medical Center Heliport
7FL1Adams Executive Heliport
KZ15Adams Field Heliport
1GA7Adams Heliport
21MIAdams Heliport
US-1981Adams Lake Seaplane Base
72AZAdams Place Heliport
94ISAdams Private Airport
7FL3Adams Ranch Airport
US-5241Adams Ranch Airport
70LLAdams Restricted Landing Area Number 1
2LL7Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 2
US-2544Adams Seaplane Base
83OHAdams Strip
US-1491Adamson Field
1IN8Adderly's Pad Heliport
4TX8Addington Field
KEKXEKXAddington Field / Elizabethtown Regional Airport
KADSADSAddison Airport
IS14Addison Fire Department Station 3 Heliport
2A8Addison Municipal Airport
52CLAdelanto Airport
VA71Aden Field
OH46Adena Regional Medical Center Heliport
A26Adin Airport
NY17Adirondack Airpark Estates Airport
62NYAdirondack Helicopters Heliport
NY36Adirondack Medical Center Heliport
KSLKSLKAdirondack Regional Airport
MS91Adjutant General Office Heliport
US-4366Adkins Airport
XA28Adkins Heliport
8IL0Adkins RLA Restricted Landing Area
IL32Adkisson Airport
US-3572Adobe Mountain Airport
NM37Adobe Ranch Private Airport
US-3056Adrian Landing Strip
MY85Advance Machine Company Heliport
21MAAdvance Materials Corp Heliport
LL08Advanced Asphalt Heliport
01FDAdvent Health Altamonte Springs Heliport
WI57Advent Health Durand Heliport
FD36Advent Health East Orlando Heliport
FA95Advent Health Lake Mary ER Heliport
37FAAdvent Health Orlando Heliport
FA00Advent Health Winter Garden ER Heliport
US-1086AdventHealth Apopka Heliport
77FLAdventHealth Celebration Heliport
92TSAdventHealth Central Texas Heliport
US-4443AdventHealth Dade City Heliport
US-1093AdventHealth Daytona Beach Heliport
2FD9AdventHealth DeLand Heliport
3FL2AdventHealth Fish Memorial Hospital Heliport
GE02Adventhealth Gordon Heliport
2FL9AdventHealth Heart of Florida Heliport
85FDAdventHealth Kissimmee Heliport
US-4444AdventHealth Lake Nona Heliport
FA58AdventHealth North Pinellas Heliport
US-0620AdventHealth Ocala Heliport
61FDAdventHealth Palm Coast Heliport
US-3440AdventHealth Rollins Brook Helipad
FA52AdventHealth Sebring Heliport
US-4437AdventHealth Tampa Heliport
US-0991AdventHealth Waterman Heliport
27FLAdventHealth Wesley Chapel Heliport
US-0527AdventHealth Zephyrhills Heliport
45ISAdventist Bolingbrook Hospital Heliport
US-3201Adventist Health Castle Helipad
US-4486Adventist Health Delano Regional Medical Center Heliport
US-0387Adventist Health Howard Memorial Heliport
10CNAdventist Health St Helena Heliport
6OR3Adventist Health Tillamook Heliport
39CNAdventist Health Ukiah Valley Heliport
MD72Adventist HealthCare Fort Washington Medical Center Heliport
US-0264Adventist Medical Center Hanford Heliport
2FD5Adventure Island Heliport
MO07Adventures Aloft Airport
IL77Advocate Christ Medical Center Heliport
0IL4Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport
US-0938Advocate Sherman Hospital Heliport
8IL8Advocate South Suburban Hospital Heliport
US-4568Adwell Corporation Airport
US-1693Adwell Corporation Airport
US-1527AE153 Base Heliport
4GE7AE154 Base Heliport
5IN2AEC Heliport
4WN7Aegis Heliport
08LSAeleron Airport
38PAAerequus Airport
1GA9Aerie Airport
FD88Aero Acres Airport
IL51Aero Acres Airport
00AAAero B Ranch Airport
CD23Aero Bear Field
MU77Aero Britton Airport
US-4295Aero Corporation of California Airport
KT31Aero Country Airport
44TAAero Crafter Inc Heliport
7IS2Aero Estates Airport
1WI6Aero Estates Airport
T25Aero Estates Airport
US-TX54Aero Estates Airport
US-0941Aero Estates Seaplane Base
55OIAero Flight Center Airport
IL58Aero Four Airport
90MTAero Heliport
9TA0Aero Heliport
30ISAero Lake Estates Airport
2OI4Aero Lake Farm Airport
US-2046Aero Long Beach 3 Helipad
US-2045Aero Long Beach 4 Helipad
US-2044Aero Long Beach 7 Helipad
CA99Aero Long Beach 8 Helipad
5II9Aero Plaines Airport
NC21Aero Plantation Airport
US-1223Aero Saylee Airport
NM42Aero Tech Inc Airport
89TXAero-Bee Ranch Airstrip
1IA6Aero-Lane Airport
MN98Aero-Plain Airport
OG30Aeroacres Airport
45INAerobatic Practice Airport
US-4493Aerodrome Les Noyers
K12NAeroflex-Andover Airport
66ILAerogrange Airport
MS27Aerohead Airport
LS72Aerolite Aero Park Ultralightport
13MAeronut Park Balloonport
2MD2Aerospace Tech Center Heliport
0TX4Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport
03WNAerostone Ranch Airport
US-5266Aeroview Airport
MN89Aerovilla Airport
KAFOAFOAfton Municipal Airport
NE19Ag Air Airport
LS18Ag Aviation Airport
7TS9Ag Aviation Airport
94MNAg Spray Inc Airport
45COAg-Air Inc Heliport
79TXAg-Air Inc. Airport
4NK6Ag-Alley Airport
US-1170Agape Farm Airport
US-5276Agency Draw Oil Field Airport
PS33Agere Systems-Lehigh Valley Central Campus Heliport
US-0920Agfertilizers Heliport
MN04Aggies Landing Airport
31MDAGH Heliport
51OHAgner Airport
3MN4Agri Helicopter Inc. Heliport
XS42Agricultural Supplies Airport
5CA7Agro-West Airport
US-4181Agua Caliente Airport
L54Agua Caliente Airport
US-2567Agua Caliente Airstrip
KL70Agua Dulce Airpark
US-3568Aguila Airfield
US-1402Aguila Farms Airport
US-3570Aguila North Airfield
US-3569Aguila West Landing Strip
1CA4Aha Quin Airport
4MA7Ahearn Heliport
CL84Ahlem Farms Airport
66MOAhlers Acres Airport
85GAAiken Field
KAIKAIKAiken Regional Airport
US-0820Aileron Orchards Airport
58FLAIM Heliport
06TEAinsworth Airport
KANWANWAinsworth Regional Airport
5GA4Air Acres Airport
MO47Air Ambulance Heliport
52KYAir Castle Airport
0WA3Air Columbia Heliport
14ORAir Columbia Heliport
49COAir Dusters Inc Airport
LL09Air Estates Inc Airport
US-4883Air Evac 1 Heliport
US-4745Air Evac 101 Heliport
US-4746Air Evac 102 Heliport
US-4747Air Evac 103 Heliport
US-4943Air Evac 104 Heliport
US-4749Air Evac 107 Heliport
US-4750Air Evac 108 Heliport
15KTAir Evac 109 Heliport
US-4886Air Evac 11 Heliport
US-4744Air Evac 110 Heliport
US-4944Air Evac 111 Heliport
US-4752Air Evac 112 Heliport
5JY9Air Evac 116 Heliport
US-4887Air Evac 12 Heliport
3WV6Air Evac 121 Heliport
US-0862Air Evac 122 Heliport
US-4888Air Evac 13 Heliport
US-1104Air Evac 133 Heliport
US-0858Air Evac 139 Heliport
US-4889Air Evac 14 Heliport
US-4934Air Evac 141 Heliport
6AL4Air Evac 16 Heliport
US-4881Air Evac 19 Heliport
US-4890Air Evac 21 Heliport
US-4891Air Evac 22 Heliport
MO41Air Evac 23 Heliport
US-4892Air Evac 24 Heliport
US-4879Air Evac 25 Heliport
US-4894Air Evac 26 Heliport
US-4895Air Evac 28 Heliport
US-4882Air Evac 3 Heliport
44ARAir Evac 30 Heliport
US-4897Air Evac 31 Heliport
8AL6Air Evac 32 Heliport
US-4899Air Evac 33 Heliport
US-4900Air Evac 37 Heliport
US-4902Air Evac 38 / MU 4 Heliport
US-4903Air Evac 39 Heliport
US-4904Air Evac 40 Heliport
US-4906Air Evac 42 Heliport
US-4907Air Evac 44 Heliport
US-4880Air Evac 45 Heliport
US-4908Air Evac 51 Heliport
US-4912Air Evac 58 Heliport
US-4914Air Evac 59 Heliport
US-4915Air Evac 60 / MU 3 Heliport
US-4916Air Evac 61 Heliport
US-4918Air Evac 62 Heliport
US-4917Air Evac 62 Heliport
US-4920Air Evac 65 Heliport
65TTAir Evac 65 Heliport
US-4922Air Evac 69 Heliport
US-4884Air Evac 7 Heliport
US-4923Air Evac 70 Heliport
US-3687Air Evac 71 Heliport
US-4925Air Evac 72 Heliport
US-4926Air Evac 73 Heliport
US-4748Air Evac 74 Heliport
US-4927Air Evac 75 Heliport
US-4928Air Evac 77 Heliport
US-4885Air Evac 8 Heliport
US-4930Air Evac 80 Heliport
US-4931Air Evac 81 Heliport
US-4932Air Evac 82 Heliport
US-4933Air Evac 83 Heliport
US-4896Air Evac 830 Heliport
US-4935Air Evac 85 Heliport
US-0918Air Evac 86 Heliport
US-4936Air Evac 90 Heliport
US-4938Air Evac 91 Heliport
9KY2Air Evac 92 Heliport
US-4939Air Evac 94 Heliport
US-0516Air Evac 95 Heliport
US-4941Air Evac 97 Heliport
US-4942Air Evac 98 Heliport
US-3689Air Evac 99 Heliport
US-4369Air Evac Base 142 Heliport
US-3690Air Evac Lifeteam Base 47 Heliport
US-3691Air Evac Lifeteam Base 49 Heliport
US-3686Air Evac Lifeteam Base 52 Heliport
2XA8Air Evac Lifeteam Base 53 Heliport
56TEAir Evac Lifeteam Base 57 Heliport
US-4161Air Farm Landing Strip
W88Air Harbor Airport
6PA6Air Haven Airport
2OI2Air Jordan Airport
9LA0Air Logistics (Belle Chasse) Heliport
9LA3Air Logistics (Fourchon) Heliport
LA09Air Logistics (Intracoastal City) Heliport
LS82Air Logistics (Lake Charles) Heliport
45LAAir Logistics (Venice) N Heliport
LA43Air Logistics 2 Heliport
9LA7Air Logistics Amelia Base Heliport
2LS0Air Logistics Galliano Heliport
5LA7Air Logistics Heliport
US-0101Air Logistics Heliport
TS79Air Logistics Heliport
95XSAir Logistics Sabine Heliport
5TS6Air Logistics-Freeport Heliport
US-4429Air Methods Heliport
07LAAir Oil Inc Nr 1 Heliport
08LAAir Oil Inc Nr 2 Heliport
PN81Air One Enterprise Heliport
US-1133Air One Helo Heliport
2FD7Air Orlando Heliport
KF69Air Park Dallas Airport
0IN4Air Park Field
0D9Air Park North
2K2Air Park South Airport
4MI1Air Rahe Airport
60TAAir Ranch Estates Airport
NV23Air Sailing Gliderport
CO73Air Sprayers Number 2 Airport
1NJ9Air Tractor Heliport
TN57Air Trade Center Heliport
WI69Air Troy Estates - Restricted Airport
UT07Air Village Strip
96MNAir-Ag Airport
JY07Air-List-Ads Airport
US-4834Air-Topia Airport
NH19Air-Wood Heliport
44MIAirbatco Field
MI04Airborn Paraflite Ultralightport
85TSAirbus Helicopter Heliport
19OIAirc Helistop
7VA0Airduce Heliport
42MOAire Parque Airport
US-3092Airforce Turbine Service Private Airport
K2ISAirglades Airport
US-1804Airhaven Airport
09NAirhaven Airport
9AA9Airkat Airpark
KLVNAirlake Airport
US-2642Airlando Airpark
1H1Airlane Enterprises Airport
2VA9Airlie Airport
US-1019Airlift Helicopters Heliport
OK93Airman Acres Airport
US-3173Airman's Field
18UTAirmed Tooele Heliport
0GA2Airnautique, Inc. Airport
1F7Airpark East Airport
20KSAirpark Estates Airport
04MOAirpark Private Airport
US-2040Airport Courthouse Helistop
CN33Airport Imperial Bldg Helistop
US-2043Airport Lake Auxiliary Airfield
48XAirport Manatee Airport
CL03Airport Towers Number 1 Heliport
US-2102Airport Towers Number 2 Heliport
82FAAirrep Heliport
AZ79Airscrew Performance Flightpark Ultralightport
D93Airtrek Airport
5AK3Airway Airport
59OIAirwolf Heliport
6WN5Airwolfe Airport
SC15Airy Hall Airport
6NY3Airy-Acres Airport
KAITAitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field
KOKHODWAJ Eisenberg Airport
OR46Ajax Airport
US-1660AJC Airport
41AZAk Chin Community Airfield
AK10AK-10 Airstrip
2AN2Ak-Chin Heliport
KA39Ak-Chin Regional Airport
PAKHAKKAkhiok Airport
Z13KKIAkiachak Airport
KKIAkiachak Seaplane Base
PFAKAKIAkiak Airport
54CNAkin Airport
NM73Akin and Akin Airport
PN54AKM Airfield
NE38Aknux Airport
K9G3Akron Airport/Jesson Field
KCAKCAKAkron Canton Regional Airport
85OIAkron Children's Hospital Heliport
88OIAkron City Hospital Heliport
KAKRAKCAkron Executive Airport
OH05Akron General Hospital Heliport
US-3286Akron General Hospital Heliport 2
XA68Akroville Airport
PAUTKQAAkutan Airport
KQAAkutan Seaplane Base
65CLAl Divine Airport
3TEAl Meyers Airport
WS74Al's Airway Airport
MY90Al's Due North Airport
48VAAl's Field
US-1185Ala Doble Airport
US-4132Ala Wai Heliport
AL66Alabama Power Headquarters Heliport
57FLAlachua General Hospital Heliport
US-UT77Aladdin Air Heliport
OI93Alaimo's Heliport
PAUKAUKAlakanuk Airport
91NCAlamance Regnl Medical Center Heliport
1CL3Alameda County Parking Garage Heliport
KNGZNGZAlameda Naval Air Station
US-1776Alamitos Landing Strip
US-1626Alamo Airstrip
US-5563Alamo Hueco Airport
US-3967Alamo Lake / Wayside Oasis Airport
L92Alamo Landing Field
US-3900Alamo Mission Airport
3N9Alamo Navajo Airport
US-3146Alamo Organic Orchards Airstrip
KALMALMAlamogordo White Sands Regional Airport
US-1933Alamosa Outport Airport
4LL9Alan B. Janssen Airport
SC07Alan's Airport
AK94Alascom/Coastal Lena Point Heliport
AK01Alaska Airpark
AA08Alaska Heliworx Heliport
US-2864Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Airport
2OKAlaska Regional Hospital Heliport
US-2876Alaska West Airport
US-3619Alaskan RV Park Airstrip
2JY7Alba Vineyard Balloonport
TE54Alba-Golden Heliport
CA94Albalisa Dinner Playhouse Inc Heliport
0N6Albanna Aviation Airport
54WAlbany Airport
KALBALBAlbany International Airport
KK19Albany Municipal Airport
KS12Albany Municipal Airport
KT23Albany Municipal Airport
SN13Albers Airport
1N3Albert Airport
2PS9Albert Einstein Medical Center Heliport
MA88Albert Farms Airport
US-1935Albert Farms Airport
01NJAlbert Guido Memorial Heliport
KOAJOAJAlbert J Ellis Airport
K5Y1Albert J Lindberg Airport
KAELAELAlbert Lea Municipal Airport
06OKAlbert Lodge Heliport
KN66Albert S Nader Regional Airport
KSPGSPGAlbert Whitted Airport
8KY0Alberta Ultralightport
PS52Alberter Farms Airport
KFEPFEPAlbertus Airport
K8A0Albertville Regional Airport/Thomas J Brumlik Field
K4C8Albia Municipal Airport
KBVNAlbion Municipal Airport
39IDAlbion Municipal Airport
IL09Albrecht /2/ Airport
MD48Albrecht Airstrip
27SDAlbrecht Heliport
SN78Albright Airport
9WA7Albritton Airport
US-3292Albuquerque Airport (1928)
KABQABQAlbuquerque International Sunport
NM00Albuquerque Regional Medical Center Heliport
CA27Alcatraz Heliport
41ILAlcock Restricted Landing Area
MS28Alcorn State University Airport
07GAAlcovy Airport
2P7Alderman Airport
08KSAlderson Airport
67TSAldine Heliport
3AL4Aldot Complex Heliport
US-5136Aldrich Airport
US-0303Alekat Acres Airport
5A8WKKAleknagik / New Airport
4AK7Aleknagik Mission Lodge Airport
Z33Aleknagik Seaplane Base
18TEAlert Field
US-2905Alexai Point Army Airfield
US-4194Alexander Airport
NC59Alexander County Airport
NY82Alexander Farm Airport
6KY7Alexander Field
KISWISWAlexander Field South Wood County Airport
US-2926Alexander Lake Airport
5TE3Alexander Ranch Airport
KAMTAlexander Salamon Airport
5NK2Alexander's East Heliport
5NY9Alexander's-Roosevelt Heliport
NJ93Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport
2NJ0Alexanders-Paramus Heliport
I99Alexandria Airport
N85Alexandria Airport
KAEXAEXAlexandria International Airport
5OK8Alford A. Bratcher Airport
IN03Alford Airpark
KT69Alfred C 'Bubba' Thomas Airport
US-3470Alfred Means Ranch Landing Strip
KM66Alfred Schroeder Field
5OH0Alge Airport
KAXAAXGAlgona Municipal Airport
US-1930Alhambra Airport
KALIALIAlice International Airport
76PAAliquippa Hospital Heliport
7TS2Alison Air Park
ALZALZAlitak Seaplane Base
US-0055Alkali Hot Springs Airport
US-3253Alkali Lake Landing Area
R03Alkali Lake State Airport
51GAlkay Airport
AK77All West Airport
9WI0All-State Equipment Co. Heliport
PFALAETAllakaket Airport
US-2839Allan Island Airport
CL36Allan Ranch Flight Park Ultralightport
5VA1Alleghany Regional Hospital Heliport
KAGCAGCAllegheny County Airport
42PNAllegheny General Hospital Emergency Heliport
PA67Allegheny Hospitals Canonsburg Heliport
WV24Allegheny Mining Heliport
7MD4Allegheny Power-Hagerstown Corp Ctr Heliport
7PS6Allegheny Valley Hospital Heliport
US-5472Allegheny Wexford Rooftop Heliport
8OH8Allen Airport
8OI3Allen Airport
3NJ9Allen Airstrip
8II0Allen and Gloss Airport
PABIBIGAllen Army Airfield
KBKTBKTAllen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field
17TTAllen Condo/Tower Heliport
KK88Allen County Airport
US-3532Allen Field
KU78Allen H Tigert Airport
IA29Allen Memorial Hospital Heliport
KACPAllen Parish Airport
07XSAllen Ponderosa Heliport
ME05Allen St Peter Memorial Airport
05ALAllen Stagefield Army Heliport
85ORAllen's Airstrip
5MA9Allen's Pond Airport
JY35Allen's Seaplane Base
KAQXAllendale County Airport
VT26Allenholm Airport
US-1003Allens Airport
KXLLAllentown Queen City Municipal Airport
60KSAlley Field
68INAlley Oop Airport
23NJAlliance Airport
OH48Alliance Airport
24OKAlliance Health Seminole Heliport
KAIAAIAAlliance Municipal Airport
US-5631Alliance Refinery Heliport
US-5078AllianceHealth Madill Heliport
US-4924AllianceHealth Woodward Heliport
US-1350Allied Airstrip
US-0117Allied Heliport
84TAAllied Northborough Heliport
6PS9Allied Signal Heliport
0FL2Alligator Drink Seaplane Base
US-5208Allina Hospital & Clinic Owatonna Heliport
XA34Allison Farm Airport
K98Allison Municipal Airport
8II8Allison Plant 3 Heliport
8II7Allison Plant 8 Heliport
13TXAllison Ranch Airport
4TS7Allison Ranch Airport
US-4029Allison Ranch Airport
US-4530Allison Ranch North Airport
US-4531Allison Ranch Northeast Airport
NJ02Alloway Airfield
WV36Alloy Heliport
18ISAllstate South Barrington Plaza Heliport
4D9Alma Municipal Airport
2C5Almena Airport
KM73Almyra Municipal Airport
US-2053Aloe Army Airfield
LS94Alon USA Heliport
KAPNAPNAlpena County Regional Airport
WS81Alpha Hotel Airport
07VAAlpha Hotel Airport
22VGAlpha Natural Resources LLC Heliport
K46UAlpine Airport
PALPDQHAlpine Airstrip
KE38ALEAlpine Casparis Municipal Airport
KM45Alpine County Airport
00TSAlpine Range Airport
NR40Als Airport
NJ96Als Landing Strip
A57Alsek River Airport
IS81Alsip Fire Department Heliport
22NKAlstar North Heliport
US-1219Alstead Airfield / Whitcomb Landing Strip
US-3678Alta Airport
3CN7Alta Mesa Airpark
09CLAlta Sierra Airport
UT63Alta View Hospital Heliport
CA65Alta Vista Heliport
0TA7Alta Vista Ranch Airport
US-5581Alta Vista Regional Hospital Heliport
US-5277Altamont Airport
PN69Altemose Ultralightport
US-4967Altha International Airport
US-4157Alto Colorado Ranch Airport
B18Alton Bay Seaplane Base
MS83Alton Field
1IL3Alton Memorial Hospital Heliport
KAOOAOOAltoona Blair County Airport
4PS2Altoona Regional Health System-Bon Secours Cam Heliport
74PNAltoona Regional Hospital Heliport
US-3588Altuda Ranch Airport
US-3587Altuda Ranch Airport
US-3553Alturas Airport (1927)
KAATAlturas Municipal Airport
KLTSLTSAltus Air Force Base
KAXSAXSAltus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport
09VAAlum Ridge STOLport
US-2789Alum Rock Airport
KAVKAlva Regional Airport
64FAlvie Cole Ranch Airport
6R5Alvin Airpark
US-0542Alyeska Resort Heliport
TN39Amacher Strip
C11Amana Airport
OH61Amanda Airport
US-0380Amangiri Heliport
4KS1Amar Farms Airport
0NY2Amar Heliport
70CLAmargosa Airport
LS73Amax Metals Recovery Inc. Heliport
CD18Amax Mill Heliport
54OKAmbassador Ultralightport
86ORAmber Glen Business Center Hp Heliport
US-0362Ambersand Beach Seaplane Base
8ND0Amble-Tiger North Farms Airport
7IL9Ambler - Cady Airport
PAFMABLAmbler Airport
US-2328Amboy Airfield
7IL5Amboy Fire Protection District Heliport
US-2292Ambrosia Landing Field
4CO7Ambrosich Field
92FAAmcdlz Heliport
NK64Amch Heliport
AHTAHTAmchitka Air Force Base
US-0133Amchitka West Airfield
KAHCAHCAmedee Army Air Field
US-4948Amelia Airport
KK59Amelia Earhart Airport
AK80American Creek Airport
CT77American Cyanamid County Heliport
19NJAmerican Cyanamid Helistop
NJ83American Cyanamid Linden Heliport
CA36American Display Heliport
2CL4American Display Heliport
45WYAmerican Falconry Airport
KU01American Falls Airport
UT56American Fork Hospital Heliport
W37American Lake Seaplane Base
US-3220American Legion Airport / Remco Flying Field
MO19American Legion-Village of Centertown Heliport
UT31American Stores Heliport
US-5790American West Aviation Airport
6IL7Ameritech Center Heliport
KAHHAHHAmery Municipal Airport
21OGAmes Airport
46INAmes Field
6FL8Ames Field
92MAAmes Heliport
KAMWAMWAmes Municipal Airport
05WIAmes Private Airport
0AR6Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport
2TA9AMIGO For Christ Airport
NM90Amigos Del Cielo Airport
US-0726Amistad Central Heliport
US-2156Amistad Land and Cattle Company Airport
US-0378Amistad North Heliport
15FAAmistad Ranch Heliport
US-0334AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale Heliport
18ILAMITA Health Medical Center La Grange Heliport
23ILAmita Health-Alexian Brothers Medical Center Heliport
AZ14Ammon Airport
5LS9Ammons Airport
AK81AOSAmook Bay Seaplane Base
AR56Amos Airport
NY87Amsterdam Airfield
21MNAmundson Seaplane Base
9MI3Amway Downtown Heliport
1II4Amy Airport
SN94Amy Airport
US-2261An Khe Stagefield Army Heliport
0XS7Anacacho Ranch Airport
US-2445Anacacho Wind Farm Landing Strip
US-5703Anacapa Coast Guard Rainshed Heliport
CL10Anacapa View Estates Heliport
US-2506Anaconda Bluewater Airport
K74SOTSAnacortes Airport
KF68Anadarko Municipal Airport
US-2200Anaheim Bay Helipad
US-3630Anaheim Convention Center Temporary Heliport
US-0069Anaheim Police Heliport
PAKPAKPAnaktuvuk Pass Airport
IA39Anamosa Community Hospital Heliport
19IAAncam Antique Airfield
US-4145Anchor Ranch Airport
AK00Anchor River Airpark
56TXAnchorage Farm Field
39FDAncient Oaks Airport
TA43Anderosa Airpark
SD19Andersen Farms Airport
SD78Anderson Aerial Spraying Airport
43OAAnderson Airfield
26LLAnderson Airport
99VAAnderson Airport
5MI4Anderson Airport
IA54Anderson Airport
GE21Anderson Airport
SC80Anderson Airport
TN37Anderson Airport
MY49Anderson Airport
OH43Anderson Airport
II72Anderson Airport
US-1876Anderson Airstrip
2MD0Anderson Farm Airport
52MNAnderson Field
KS97Anderson Field
85COAnderson Heliport
8IS9Anderson Hospital Heliport
0AK1Anderson Lake Airport
KAIDAIDAnderson Municipal Darlington Field
NA10Anderson Private Airport
KANDANDAnderson Regional Airport
NA65Anderson Strip
US-1770Anderson's Airfield
ID10Anderson-Plummer Airport
TN28Anderson-Tully County Heliport
MS32Andersons Hospital Heliport
MY23Andings Landing Seaplane Base
KAAPAndrau Airpark
US-0321Andre Smith Aviation Heliport
KXNIAndrew Othole Memorial Airport
IL55Andrew RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport
70MOAndrews Airport
4GA8Andrews Airport
KE11Andrews County Airport
KC20Andrews University Airpark
42NHAndroscoggin Valley Hospital Helipad
1ND3Andvik Airport
3OH0Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport
2GE8Andy Fields Airport
S51Andy Mc Beth Airport
US-5482ANF Air Service Airport
US-1381Angel Field
KAXXAXXAngel Fire Airport
US-3622Angel Island Nike Base Heliport
93NCAngel Medical Center Heliport
3WA3Angel Park Airport
US-1486Angel Point Backcountry Airstrip
FL52Angel's Field
KLFKLFKAngelina County Airport
US-2629Angelus Plaza 200 Helipad
US-2627Angelus Plaza 240 Helipad
US-2628Angelus Plaza 245 Helipad
US-2626Angelus Plaza 300 Helipad
MN44Angen Field
87NCAngier (C A G Farms) Airport
MU07Angle Bar M Airport
LA67Angola Airstrip
PAGNAGNAngoon Seaplane Base
K2O3Angwin Airport-Parrett Field
9MO0Anheuser/Busch Inc Heliport
PANIANIAniak Airport
K00CAMKAnimas Air Park
56COAnimas Air Park
KY43Anita Municipal Airport-Kevin Burke Memorial Field
KIKVAnkeny Regional Airport
US-3913Ann & Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital Heliport
KARBARBAnn Arbor Municipal Airport
MA98Anna Jaques Hospital Heliport
SC70Anna's Airport
2XS7Annandale Ranch Airport
01MDAnnapolis Seaplane Base
20MDAnne Arundel Medical Center Heliport
PANTANNAnnette Island Airport
38NCAnnie Penn Hospital Heliport
LS25Annison Private Airport
04ALAnniston AHP (Anniston Army Depot)
KANBANBAnniston Regional Airport
AR86Ano Heliport
KANEAnoka County-Blaine (Janes Field) Airport
5Z4Ans Hospital Heliport
KAFPAnson County Airport - Jeff Cloud Field
15NRAnson Hospital Heliport
1GE3Answered Prayer Airport
93COAntelope Airpark
K4V9Antelope County Airport
US-4005Antelope Creek Ranch Airport
US-2246Antelope Landing Strip
US-5278Antelope Mountain Airport
US-2192Antelope Ranch Airport
WY33Antelope Run Ranch Airport
US-4216Antelope Springs Ranch Airport
US-2958Antelope Valley Airport
U92Antelope Valley Airport
US-0288Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Center Heliport
US-1630Antelope Valley Intermediate Field
4CL3Antelope Valley Ranch Airport
CL40Antelope Valley Service Center Heliport
US-1883Antelope Valley Soaring Club Gliderport
US-1622Antelope Wells Airport
US-4280Anthem Blue Cross Heliport
NY28Anthonson Airport
5KS0Anthony Balloonport
5KS7Anthony Hospital Heliport
KANYANYAnthony Municipal Airport
39MNAnthony Private Airport
US-5165Antimony Airport
US-3554Antioch Airport
OH65Antique Acres Airpark
GA59Antique Acres Airport
40ILAntique Aerodrome
9WS2Antique Aerodrome
IA27Antique Airfield
FD08Antiquers Aerodrome
K80FATEAntlers Municipal Airport
US-1927Anton Chico Intermediate Field
SN98Anton Flying Uv Airport
64OGAntone Ranch Airport
II22Antonian Airport
KACBACBAntrim County Airport
PANVANVAnvik Airport
K40Anvik Seaplane Base
TA05Anxiety Aerodrome
US-2355Anza Landing Strip
PS51Anzio Heliport
US-4225AON Center Helipad
US-3311Apache Lake Campground Heliport
4XA4Apache Pass Airport
64TEApache Springs Airport
67GAApalachee Bluff Airpark
KAAFAAFApalachicola Regional Airport
US-0093APCI Emergency Heliport
WA05Apex Airpark
N65Apex Airport
2NR4Apex Healthplex Heliport
US-1877Apex Helipad
CN90API Gateway Heliport
3OH2Api Heliport
4NK7Apollo Fields Heliport
KEBDAppalachian Regional Airport
51KYAppalachian Regional Hospital Heliport
11GEApple 1 Heliport
0OH7Apple Airport
VA31Apple Grove Airport
OR61Apple Valley Airport
KAPVAPVApple Valley Airport
US-3557Apple Valley Airport (1948)
15MOApplegate Airport
KATWATWAppleton International Airport
WS89Appleton Medical Center Heliport
KAQPAppleton Municipal Airport
US-0316Appleton Municipal Hospital Heliport
GA78Appling General Hospital Heliport
US-5071APS Redhawk Power Plant Heliport
US-2722Aqua Condominiums East Helipad
US-2723Aqua Condominiums West Helipad
US-3119Aqueduct Airstrip
KRKPRKPAransas County Airport
XS10Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Airport
US-1635Aransas Pass Municipal Airport
1NC6Arant Airport
CD19Arapahoe Heliport
CO16Arapahoe Medical Park/Littleton Hospital Heliport
K37VAHFArapahoe Municipal Airport
US-3758Aravaipa Airstrip
US-2410Arbuckle Airstrip
US-5081Arbuckle Memorial Hospital Heliport
KD23Arcade Tri County Airport
K5F0Arcadia Bienville Parish Airport
5MD5Arcadia Farms Airport
KX06Arcadia Municipal Airport
77ILArch - Effingham Heliport
MU05Arch Heliport
US-3227Arch Reactor Heliport
IN26Archangels Landing Airport
NY63Archdale Meadows Airport
KT39Archer City Municipal Airport
FA57Archer Emergency Heliport
2S3Archer Memorial Field
UT04Arches Tours Heliport
WS01Archie's Seaplane Base
US-1862Archy Bench Airstrip
KAOCArco Butte County Airport
15TEArco High Island Heliport
0TA6Arco Ingleside Shorebase Heliport
LA66Arco Morgan City Heliport
PS19Arco Newtown Heliport
TS48Arco Sabine Heliport
9AK4Arctic Angel Airport
PARCARCArctic Village Airport
US-1798Arcularius Ranch Airport
VT59Ardell Flying Field
2JY4Arden Hill Heliport
US-3611Ardis Airport
1M3Ardmore Airport
K1F0AHDArdmore Downtown Executive Airport
KADMADMArdmore Municipal Airport
US-3567Ardmore Municipal Airport (1932)
US-4774Area 142 Airport
US-5443Area 18 Landing Strip
US-1848Area 20 Ech Lake Field
34OHArend Airport
KRWNArens Field
TE02Aresti Aerodrome
2K8Argonia Municipal Airport
US-3180Argos Landing Field
1C3Argyle Airport
6OH4Aring Field
US-2427Arivaca Hay Field Glider Landing Site
US-2428Arivaca Landing Strip
AZ78Arizona Bay Airport
US-5544Arizona General Hospital Mesa Heliport
0AZ0Arizona Heart Hospital Heliport
US-5030Arizona State Prison Florence Heliport
US-5031Arizona State Prison Fort Grant Heliport
1AZ3Arizona State Prison Safford Heliport
AR93Ark-Mo Airport
AR62Arkansas Children's Hospital Heliport
6AR7Arkansas Heart Hospital Heliport
KBYHBYHArkansas International Airport
AR95Arkansas Methodist Hospital Heliport
AR38Arkansas National Guard Emergency Access Heliport
8CO6Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center Heliport
12AArkavalley Airport
5LS6Arkla Flyers Inc Airport
US-0533Arland Airport
KF56Arledge Field
US-1606Arlington Landing Field
KGKYArlington Municipal Airport
KAWOArlington Municipal Airport
KLHCLHCArlington Municipal Airport
1S8Arlington Municipal Airport
3A9Arlington Municipal Airport
FA09Arliss M Airport
US-1243Armacost Farms Airport
VA69Armada/Hoffler Business Center Heliport
5OH4Armington Airport
81PNArmstrong County Memorial Hospital Heliport
47TXArmstrong Ranch Airport
3II7Army Aviation Support Facility Heliport
WI94Army Guard Heliport
MA46Army National Guard Heliport
0IA9Army Reserve Heliport
US-1297Army Reserve Parking Lot Heliport
US-5772Arnaudo Brothers Airport
0KY1Arnemann Farms Airport
6Z1Arness Lake Airport
27XAArnett Landing Airport
NJ31Arneytown Veteran's Cemetary Heliport
MO77Arnika Ranch Airport
KAYXTUHArnold Air Force Base
PA43Arnold Airport
OH11Arnold Airport
7OR1Arnold Airstrip
55GArnold Field
4MS7Arnold Field
KM31Arnold Field
3FD5Arnold Palmer Hospital Heliport
KLBELBEArnold Palmer Regional Airport
37CNArnold Ranch Airport
36KYArnolds Airport
3NK9Arnot Ogden Hospital Heliport
IS82Arras RLA Restricted Landing Area
US-0973Arrington Ranch Airport
TE26Arrow 'S' Ranch Airport
16LAArrow Aviation Company Heliport
SN86Arrow B Ranch Airport
IL44Arrow Heliport
K91FArrowhead Airport
79TEArrowhead Airport
AZUArrowhead Assault Strip
IN11Arrowhead Farm Airport
1FA6Arrowhead Heliport
2VA6Arrowhead Point Airport
US-3424Arrowhead Ranch Airfield
US-5130Arrowhead Ranch Airport
TE63Arrowhead Ranch Airport
4CL9Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Heliport
93WIArrowhead Springs Airport
VG43Arrowpoint Airport
7AK0Art Z Airport
US-4654Artesia Airport
KATSATSArtesia Municipal Airport
II37Arthur Airport
1A2Arthur Airport
KX21Arthur Dunn Air Park
MN50Arthur Field
38VArthur Municipal Airport
KCINCINArthur N Neu Airport
US-4604Arthur Ranch Airport
US-3552Arvin Intermediate Field
0MO3Arvin Ranch Airport
ARXARXAsbury Park Neptune Air Terminal
87MIAscension Borgess Pipp Hospital Heliport
7TX1Ascension Providence Health Center Heliport
US-5059Ascension Saint John Broken Arrow Heliport
US-5058Ascension Saint John Owasso Heliport
82OKAscension Saint John Sapulpa Heliport
US-1825Ascension Seton Bastrop Helipad
29XAAscension Seton Edgar B Davis Hospital Helipad
01XAAscension Seton Hays Heliport
US-1515Ascension Seton Highland Lakes Hospital Heliport
US-1616Ascension Seton Northwest Helipad
US-1408Ascension Seton Smithville Regional Hospital Heliport
US-3436Ascension Seton Southwest Helipad
US-1323Ascension Seton Williamson Helipad
10MIAscension St Mary's Hospital Heliport
FD58Ascension St. Vincent's Southside Heliport
6AZ5Ash Creek Airport
US-1362Ash Fork Intermediate Field
US-3549Ash Fork Jay Hasbrook Airport
US-1363Ash Fork Santa Fe Airfield
US-3585Ash Meadows Sky Ranch
37COAsh Mesa Heliport
2CA0Ash Mountain Heliport
9NJ9Ash Personal Heliport
US-3584Ash Springs Landing Strip
US-2172Ashbaugh Airport
US-3640Ashburn Airport
II26Ashby Airport
KGEVAshe County Airport
KHBIAsheboro Regional Airport
WI61Ashenfelter Aerodrome
KAVLAVLAsheville Regional Airport
7TX9Ashford Field
US-0749Ashland airport
K3G4Ashland County Airport
MD21Ashland Landing Farm Airport
KS03AHMAshland Municipal Sumner Parker Field
KDWUAshland Regional Airport
PA32Ashland Regional Medical Center Heliport
K26AAshland/Lineville Airport
US-4982Ashlawn Airport
3PN1Ashlawn Airport
77IDAshley Airport
US-1049Ashley Airport
AR07Ashley County Hospital Heliport
FL47Ashley Field
US-1242Ashley Field
KASYASYAshley Municipal Airport
UT32Ashley Valley Medical Center Heliport
1MI0Ashman Island Seaplane Base
2AR5Ashmore Field
8OH0Ashtabula County Medical Center Ctr Heliport
OA26Ashville Heliport
41ARAshworth Airport
AZ42ASI Heliport
9TN5Askey Field
8MN2Aslesen Airport
US-3154Asotin County Airport
US-0734ASP Lowell Heliport
US-1501Aspen Creek Lussow Heliport
CO03Aspen Gliderport
CO50Aspen Valley Hospital Heliport
KASEASEAspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field
US-0172Aspirus Ironwood Hospital Heliport
WI45Aspirus Langlade Hospital Heliport
WS65Aspirus Wausau Hospital Heliport
US-5206Asplund Field
VT11Ass-Pirin Acres Airport
US-2707Assault Craft Unit Five Helipad
23OIAssociated Enterprises Heliport
LS48Assumption Comunity Hospital Heliport
US-4306Astor Airport
3NY2Astoria Heliport
KASTASTAstoria Regional Airport
K8V1Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport
63AZAT&T - Apache Junction Heliport
NJ04At&T Cedarbrook Heliport
46CLAT&T Center Heliport
03NJAT&T Heliport
9NJ3At&T Helistop
US-4837ATA Memorial White Waltham Airport
82FDAtc Heliport
16LSAtchafalaya Flying Company Airport
US-1864Atchee Ridge Airstrip
CO07Athanasiou Valley Airport
K6G0Athelone Williams Memorial Airport
US-2516Athens Airport
KAHNAHNAthens Ben Epps Airport
57NYAthens Emergency Med-Evac Heliport
KF44Athens Municipal Airport
2TN5Athens Regional Medical Center Heliport
5AL9Athens-Limestone Hospital Helipad
US-4052Athol Hospital Heliport
PAAKAKBAtka Airport
US-5510Atkins Lake Airport
WI43Atkins Ridge Airport
US-2865Atkins Road Airport
KPTSAtkinson Municipal Airport
55HAtlanta Airport
US-5788Atlanta Motor Speedway Heliport
KY93Atlanta Municipal Airport
K4A7Atlanta Speedway Airport
US-0211Atlantic City Country Club Helistop
KACYACYAtlantic City International Airport
0NJ0Atlantic City Medical Center Heliport
31NJAtlantic City Medical Center-Mainland Division Heliport
KAIYAIYAtlantic City Municipal Bader Field
99NJAtlantic County Helistop
12NCAtlantic Field Marine Corps Outlying Field
US-0872Atlantic Health Jets Training Center Heliport
KAIOAIOAtlantic Municipal Airport
56PNAtlantic Refining & Marketing Corp Heliport
6VA1Atlantic Research Corp Heliport
MA32Atlantic Trade Heliport
JY28AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Heliport
4A2ATTAtmautluak Airport
US-2030Atmore Intermediate Field
K0R1Atmore Municipal Airport
57OKAtoka Memorial Hospital Heliport
KAQRAtoka Municipal Airport
PATQATKAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial Airport
NJ85Atrium At Somerset Heliport
NC60Atrium Health Cabarrus Heliport
NR30Atrium Health Harrisburg Heliport
US-5067Atrium Health Huntersville Heliport
US-5270Atrium Health Kings Mountain Heliport
US-5068Atrium Health Steele Creek Heliport
10NRAtrium Health Union Heliport
US-4799Atrium Health University City Heliport
20NRAtrium Health Waxhaw Heliport
7OK5Atrium Heliport
01OHAtrium Medical Center Heliport
5NJ5Atsion Helistop
11IIAtterbury Field (Camp Atterbury)
US-3559Atwater Airport (1936)
US-3550Atwater Municipal Airport (1957)
1NC2Atwell Airport
US-0317Atwood Helipad
LL82Atwood Heliport
KADTAtwood-Rawlins City-County Airport
OK26Atwoods Heliport
US-2133Au Gres Airport
31OHAu Heliport
4OR6Auberge Des Fleurs Airport
US-3576Auberry Airport
CL91Auberry Hydro Service Center Heliport
13ORAubrey Mountain Airstrip
US-0348Aubry Field
US-0349Aubry Field2
WA84Auburn Academy Airport
27OIAuburn Airport
US-3560Auburn Airport (1936)
8CA2Auburn Cdf Heliport
NY12Auburn Community Hospital Heliport
WN62Auburn Fire Department Heliport
KLEWLEWAuburn Lewiston Municipal Airport
KAUNAUNAuburn Municipal Airport
KS50Auburn Municipal Airport
KAUOAUOAuburn University Regional Airport
KADUAudubon County Airport
0IA2Audubon County Memorial Hospital Heliport
US-2036Auer Field
OH17August Acres Airport
NK17August Field
3U5Augusta Airport
AR76Augusta Heliport
09VGAugusta Medical Center Heliport
K3AUAugusta Municipal Airport
KAGSAGSAugusta Regional At Bush Field
US-3939Augusta Road Airfield
M00Augusta Seaplane Base
KAUGAUGAugusta State Airport
OI65Aultman Hospital Heliport
US-0174Aurora Airpark
NY80Aurora Balloonport
0WI3Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Heliport
WI06Aurora Medical Center Heliport
WI01Aurora Medical Center Kenosha Heliport
WN68Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington Heliport
KARRAUZAurora Municipal Airport
KAUHAurora Municipal Al Potter Field
CO05Aurora Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
1CO0Aurora Regional Medical Center Heliport
WS18Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center Heliport
0WI0Aurora St Luke's Medical Center Heliport
KUAOAurora State Airport
57WIAurora Valley View Medical Center Heliport
8ND5Ausk Strip
57XAAusmus Airport
50INAustin Air Ads Airport
4OK8Austin Airport
K9U3ASQAustin Airport
KAUSAUSAustin Bergstrom International Airport
US-1320Austin Executive Airpark
KEDCAustin Executive Airport
TN66Austin Field
KAUMAUMAustin Municipal Airport
AUSAustin Robert Mueller Municipal Airport
KGRBGRBAustin Straubel International Airport
NH46Austin's Landing Heliport
TS50Austinia Airport
US-0330Auto Club Speedway Heliport
0OI1Autolite Heliport
AN01Av Ranch Airport
38MTAV8-ORR Helicopters Heliport
KAOVAva Bill Martin Memorial Airport
US-3338Avalon Port Seaplane Base
MA17Avco/Lowell Heliport
CA69Avenal Gliderport
KSWWSWWAvenger Field
US-3379Aventine Helipad
3NJ8Aventis Pharmaceuticals Heliport
05FDAventura Heliport
US-3271Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Helipad
US-0455Avera Dells Area Hospital Heliport
2SD6Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota Heliport
US-0850Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center Heliport
SD52Avera Queen of Peace Hospital Heliport
SD54Avera St. Luke's Hospital Heliport
K7A8Avery County Morrison Field
ME22Avery Field
US-0058Avery Ranch Airstrip
69SAvey Field Airport
KP20Avi Suquilla Airport
3VA2Aviacres Airport
OK15Avian Country Estates Airport
TS95Aviasud Airpark
23CDAviation Acres Airport
7AZ0Aviation Ramp Area Heliport
99AAAviator Hotel Anchorage Heliport
SC87Avinger Field
CO45Avista Hospital Heliport
01OIAvita Health System Galion Hospital Heliport
US-0622Avita Ontario Helipad
US-4210AVK Ranch Airport
39GAvoca Airport
KAVOAVOAvon Park Executive Airport
US-3842Avon Park North Target Airstrip
US-3841Avon Park South Target Airstrip
7LS6Avondale Heliport
LS67Avoyelles Hospital Heliport
US-1395Avra Field
68TAAvsi-Sugar Land Heliport
US-4838AX Ranch Airstrip
VT14Axinn Airport
TN51Aydelotte STOLport
VA93Ayers Airport
US-3023Ayers Field
US-3010Ayres Airstrip
3VA0Ayres-Aicp Airport
0GA3Ayresouth Airport
US-0274Ayresport Airport
3MN8Aysta Field
US-2178AZ Landing Strip
03UTAZ Minerals Corporation Airport
US-5757Azcal Airport
US-3371Azevedo Landing Strip
KN19Aztec Municipal Airport
3AK6B & B Boys Ranch Airport
IL99B & C Airport
MN74B & D Flyers International Airport
2CA8B & E Ranch Airport
4WA0B & G Farms Airport
8MI1B & G Heliport
11FAB & L Farms Airport
IS25B & L Heliport
5WA2B & M Ranch Airport
1TS3B & S Ultralightport
6TA6B & S Warehouse Heliport
98INB & V Flying Ranch Airport
OA03B & W Metals Company Heliport
US-0409B and S Farms Airfield
US-4030B Bar C Airport
84ORB Bar Ranch Airport
MI42B C Cobb Heliport
3NK8B Flat Farm Airport
US-4974B Flying Ranch Airport
MY55B I R Airport
NJ06B J Farms Airport
08TEB J McCombs Sisterdale Airport
US-4382B Miller Ranch Airport
7PS0B S Corporation Steelton Plant Heliport
7MO3B S Ranch Airport
44LAB T & K H Ranch Airport
US-4360B T Averheart Airport
97GAB Tree Farms Airport
MA89B&B Farm Airport
IA58B-8 Farms Airport
17MUB-B Airfield
MA54B-Town Heliport
4NK1B-Ville Airpark
47KYB. M. H. Heliport
NE31B.C. Air Airport
3NK7B/G Heliport
49SBabb Airport
FD59Babcock H.Q. Airport
3OR4Babler Bros Inc Heliport
US-5072Babocomari Ranch Airport
US-2269Bac Lieu Stagefield Army Heliport
BCJBCJBaca Grande Airfield
80CABacchi Valley Industries Airport
US-0687Bach Helipad
MN84Bachand Airport
US-4250Bachelor Field
US-0124Bachman Farm Ultralightport
8FL3Back Achers Airport
OI43Back Achers Heliport
ME46Back Acres Airport
US-1514Back Porch Ranch Airport
5OR0Backachers Ranch Airport
CT93Backus Hospital Heliport
7Y3Backus Municipal Airport
KAMGBacon County Airport
US-0825Bacon's Heliport
US-1922Bacotes Landing Strip
PABPBadami Airport
WN57Bade Rotor and Wing Svc. Heliport
CD21Badger Mountain Heliport
SD69Badlands Heliport
US-4039Badley Ranch Airport
US-4632Badwater Airport
US-4385Baeza Ranch Number 1 Airport
US-4386Baeza Ranch Number 2 Airport
KE51BGTBagdad Airport
US-5135Bagdad Highway Airfield
US-2327Bagdad Intermediate Field
93KYBaggett Farms Airport
FD57Baggett STOLport
K7Y4Bagley Municipal Airport
NC99Bagwell Airport
18FLBahia Beach Heliport
30OHBahl Helistop
MY96Bahnsen Seaplane Base
43NCBahnson Airport
7R9Bailes Airport
2TS8Bailey Airport
VT53Bailey Airport
00IIBailey Generation Station Heliport
NV13Bailey Ranch Airport
2WA4Bainbridge Island Fire Department Heliport
3MA2Baines Airport
20TSBains Private Airport
MT33Bair Airport
US-1301Baird Ranch Airstrip
2II6Baird-Wolford Airport
4OI9Baisden Airport
77CLBaker & Hall Airport
32ISBaker Airport
K0O2Baker Airport
PA75Baker Airport
US-4623Baker Airport
8OK2Baker Airstrip
KBKEBKEBaker City Municipal Airport
AR01Baker Flying Service Airport
US-3533Baker Intermediate Field
US-2144Baker Landing Strip
KBHKBaker Municipal Airport
US-1768Baker Ranch Airport
US-2213Baker Ranch Landing Strip
05NVBaker Ranches Airport
US-4381Baker Spring Airport
TX61Baker's Place Airport
2PN5Baker-Sell Airport
5NE6Bakers Acres Airport
US-2289Bakers Acres Airstrip
WY36Bakers Field
MI88Bakers Field
86WIBakers Field
MU13Bakers Landing Airport
7LL4Bakers Strip
KL45Bakersfield International Airport
61NDBakke Airport
NA99Bakko Airstrip
US-0985Balcer Aero South Airport
7CA5Balch Camp Heliport
VA43Balcony Downs Airstrip
8OA7Bald Eagle Field
58TSBald Eagle Pad Heliport
M74Bald Knob Municipal Airport
US-2248Bald Mountain (High Boy) Airstrip
OG45Bald Mountain Airport
ME14Bald Mountain Airport
2AK7Bald Mountain Airport
76CABald Mountain Heliport
SN39Baldock Farm Airport
US-3722Baldsiefen Field
US-5763Baldwin Airport
WI14Baldwin Airport
MO39Baldwin Airport
31CABaldwin Base Heliport
KMLJBaldwin County Regional Airport
MI90Baldwin Lake Heliport
K7D3Baldwin Municipal Airport
US-2387Balfe Ranch Airport
42TEBall Airport
79NCBall Airport
5MS8Ball Airport
4IN5Ball Field
83XSBall Park Heliport
US-2120Ballarat Road Landing Strip
US-3658Ballinger Canyon Airport
US-3629Balloon Fiesta Park
MA26Balloon Port At Dingley Dell Balloonport
28NCBalloonport of Greensboro Balloonport
PA35Bally Spring Farm Airport
1IL6Bally's Strip
0NJ2Ballymere Heliport
US-3467Balmorhea Airport
US-0173Baltic Heliport
MD10Baltimore Police Department Heliport
0MD0Baltimore Washington Medical Center Heliport
KBWIBWIBaltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
3TA3Baltzell's Las Brisas Heliport
K99NBamberg County Airport
US-SC49Bamberg County Memorial Hospital Heliport
48TBamberger Ranch Airport
AL88Ban Farm Airport
WA16Banas Field
CT14Bancroft Airport
4WI1Bancroft East Airport
U51Bancroft Municipal Airport
22DBandel Airport
4W0Bandera State Airport
5D9Bandit Field Airdrome Airport
9IN4Bandmill Field
KS05BDYBandon State Airport
90PNBaney's Airport
16MTBangart Field
70AKBangerter Field
KBGRBGRBangor International Airport
US-4357Bangs Airport
4MA1Bangs Heliport
62CABank of America Data Center Heliport
CL19Bank of America Glendale Heliport
US-0681Bankhead Dam Heliport
ME5Banks Airport
62ARBanks Ranch Airport
AZ08Banner Boswell Memorial Hospital Heliport
US-1446Banner Casa Grande Medical Center Helipad
66AZBanner Desert Medical Center Heliport
US-0548Banner Estrella Medical Center Heliport
US-1225Banner Fort Collins Medical Center Heliport
US-2945Banner Goldfield Medical Center Heliport
US-4962Banner Ironwood Medical Center Heliport
99CNBanner Lassen Medical Center Heliport
US-2424Banner Ocotillo Medical Center Helipad
US-2196Banner Payson Medical Center Helipad
77AZBanner Thunderbird Medical Center Heliport
AZ48Banner University Medical Center Helipad
US-1063Bannerman Heliport
PS26Banning Heliport
KBNGBNGBanning Municipal Airport
2D6Bannock Heliport
70KSBannon Field
US-4379Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook Heliport
US-0789Baptist Health Corbin Heliport
5AR5Baptist Health Extended Care Heliport
US-3774Baptist Health Hamburg Heliport
2KY9Baptist Health La Grange Heliport
1KY4Baptist Health Lexington Heliport
US-0717Baptist Health Medical Center Conway Heliport
6AR4Baptist Health Medical Center-Heber Spring Heliport
US-3300Baptist Health South Florida Helipad
09KYBaptist Hospital East Heliport
9FA8Baptist Hospital Heliport
US-2197Baptist Hospital Heliport
TN26Baptist Hospital Heliport
FL85Baptist Hospital Heliport
TS09Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas Heliport
7FD4Baptist Jacksonville Medical Center Heliport
1MS3Baptist Medical Center Attala Heliport
45FDBaptist Medical Center Beaches Heliport
09XSBaptist Medical Center Heliport
AL11Baptist Medical Center Heliport
MO69Baptist Medical Center Heliport
FD91Baptist Medical Center of Nassau Heliport
AL50Baptist Medical Center-Princeton Heliport
5TN1Baptist Memorial Hospital - Carrol County Heliport
2TN9Baptist Memorial Hospital Heliport
2TN1Baptist Memorial Hospital Heliport
5MS7Baptist Memorial Hospital Union County Heliport
AR30Baptist Memorial Hospital-Blytheville Heliport
25MSBaptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle Heliport
0MS3Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Ms Heliport
US-1697Baptist Oakleaf Emergency Heliport
8OK8Baptist Regional Health Center Heliport
6TX5Baptist St Anthony's Hospital Heliport
1TS2Bar 16 Airport
0XA7Bar 3 Ranch Airport
US-5221Bar 4 Heliport
US-3966Bar 43 Ranch Airport
US-3113Bar B Ranch
US-4712Bar B Ranch Airport
54XSBar C Ranch Airport
MT86Bar E Airport
2WY8Bar Flying E Airport
22MEBar Harbor Heliport
US-1826Bar Heart Ranch Airport
US-5445Bar J Lazy V Airport
US-0889Bar Lazy B Airport
37KSBar P Ranch Airport
9TX1Bar S Ranch Airport
US-2124Bar T Bar Ranch / Chilson Landing Strip
US-5598Bar Triangle Airport
TX32Bar V K Airport
MO89Bar-Vik Airport
KDLLBaraboo Wisconsin Dells Airport
2P4Baraga Airport
US-1163Baraga County Memorial Hospital Heliport
BNFBNFBaranof Warm Springs Float and Seaplane Base
LS28Barataria Bay Heliport
9PN6Baratta Heliport
94TEBarbaro North Heliport
2D1Barber Airport
38MOBarber Airport
SD98Barber Airport
CO89Barber Field
30SDBarber Field
US-0666Barber Marina Heliport
SD77Barber Strip
US-0346Barbers Lake Field
72GABarbour Island Airport
US-0415Barbourville ARH Heliport
TA73Barclay's Roost Airport
NC44Barclaysville Field
DE08Barcroft Company Heliport
95OKBarcus Field
US-3595Bard Landing Strip
US-3596Bardstown Landing Strip
72MNBardwell Airstrip
US-1740Bare Ranch Airport
02AABarefoot Airport
62TXBarge Ranch Airport
01LABarham Airport
3WI7Bark River Airport
WA07Barker Airport
NV31Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip
06MEBarker Heliport
US-3089Barker Ranch Airport
35WIBarker Strip
US-5587Barkers Field
PHBKBKHBarking Sands Airport
KPAHPAHBarkley Regional Airport
KBADBADBarksdale Air Force Base
MO33Barlet's Base Airport
AA44Barlett Regional Hospital Heliport
2MT7Barnaby Lake Medivac Site Heliport
51KSBarnard Airport
US-0204Barnegat Light Helistop
US-2286Barnes Airfield
5MN5Barnes Airport
MD47Barnes Airport
K6D8Barnes County Municipal Airport
23KYBarnes Farm Airport
PS43Barnes Farmland Airport
MO91Barnes Jewish Hospital Heliport
US-3216Barnes Jewish Hospital South Helipad
3WA5Barnes Lonesome Polecat Ranch Heliport
01MNBarnes Seaplane Base
8MO0Barnes St Peters Hospital Heliport
US-0114Barnes Valley Airport
K6G5Barnesville Bradfield Airport
9MN3Barnesville Municipal Airport
1OA3Barnett Airpark
63TABarnett Airport
US-2287Barney Family Landing Strip
US-2928Barnhart Airport
PS69Barnhart Airport
KHYAHYABarnstable Municipal Boardman Polando Field
1IL0Barnstorm Field
TE99Barnstormer Airport
16MIBarnstormers 5 Airport
KBNLBNLBarnwell Regional Airport
MI68Baroda Airport
24MABarre-Bassett Heliport
US-4079Barrel Springs Airport
US-0433Barren Creek Field Airport
TN13Barret Airport
MN18Barrett Airport
OR24Barrett Field
MS96Barrett Field
02MTBarrett Field
NC64Barringer Field
MO11Barron Aviation Airport
9Y7Barron Municipal Airport
TS69Barronena East Airport
03TEBarronena Ranch Airport
KWDRWDRBarrow County Airport
59GABarrow Medical Center Heliport
VA04Barrows Airport
8OK6Barry Dotson Ranch Airport
51MNBarry Heliport
51TEBarstool Ranch Airport
US-3590Barstow 30-20 Airport
CL17Barstow Community Hospital Heliport
KDAGDAGBarstow Daggett Airport
US-3592Barstow Landing Strip
9CA1Barstow Service Center Heliport
07WIBartell Strip
WS55Barten Airport
PABABTIBarter Island Long Range Radar Station Airport
KBVOBVOBartlesville Municipal Airport
US-2108Bartlett Airstrip
BQVBQVBartlett Cove Seaplane Base
AZ51Bartlett Dam Heliport
IA25Bartlett Field
AL79Bartlett Ranch Airport
AK96Bartletts Airport
29NEBartmess Airport
MO06Barton County Memorial Hospital Heliport
58TABarton Creek Resort Heliport
1XS4Barton Field
US-3130Barton Field
PAIBarton Heliport
OR08Barton Lake Ranch Airport
TS51Barton Memorial Airport
CA43Barton Memorial Hospital Heliport
US-1028Barton Oaks Heliport
1FL7Barton Regional Medical Center Heliport
47XSBartos Farm Airport
KBOWBOWBartow Executive Airport
FD65Bartow High School Heliport
FL46Bartram Farms Air Park
92PNBartsch Airport
K9A5Barwick Lafayette Airport
US-5477Bascom Field
US-4096Basecamp Airport
66TNBasham Field
NY00Basher Field
1OA1Bashore Airport
97WABasin City Airfield
38COBasin Clinic Heliport
B06Basin Harbor Airport
VA76Baskerville Airport
9TN7Baskin Airport
7OR2Basl Hill Farms Airport
52AKBasquo Airport
OK17Bass Aero Airport
02ALBass Field
US-3232Bass Harbor Heliport
65OIBass Heliport
8MI7Bass Lake Airport
81INBass Lake Seaplane Base
1FD2Bass Limited Airport
61NYBassett Field
3NK2Bassett Heliport
US-0150Basslake Airport
NK95Bastek Heliport
LS12Bastian Bay Heliport
3II3Basting Airport
57ALBaswell Airport
TS55Bat Cave Field
36ILBatchtown Heliport
9NE6Bates Airpark
2MT0Bates Airstrip
81MOBates County Hospital Heliport
71TABates Field
CA06Bates Field
US-2088Batesville North Landing Strip
KBVXBVXBatesville Regional Airport
US-2087Batesville West Landing Strip
9VA0Bath Alum Airport
27LABaton Rouge General Hospital Heliport
LA00Baton Rouge General Medical Center Heliport
LA05Baton Rouge Heliport
KBTRBTRBaton Rouge Metropolitan Airport
WN46Battle Creek Airport
KBTLBTLBattle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field
MI69Battle Creek Health System Helistop
8KY3Battle Field
00MNBattle Lake Municipal Airport
KBAMBAMBattle Mountain Airport
53NVBattle Mountain EMS Heliport
US-1264Battle Ridge Butte Airport
PA14Battlefield Heliport
9W8Baublitz Commercial Airport
16MNBaudette Flying Service Seaplane Base
KBDEBDEBaudette International Airport
61CABauer Airport
93ILBauer Airport
MU55Bauer PGI Airport
MO16Baugh Flight Park Ultralightport
07MDBaugher's Orchard Airport
TA46Baum Airport
37WABaumann Farm Inc. Airport
ME57Bauneg Beg Seaplane Base
KBHCBaxley Municipal Airport
5AR9Baxter County Regional Hospital Heliport
42ARBaxter County Sheriffs Heliport
CD62Baxter Pass Heliport
MT82Baxter Strip
OR49Bay Area Hospital Heliport
4WN6Bay Area Medical Center Heliport
MA93Bay Bank Ii Heliport
W29Bay Bridge Airport
US-2094Bay City Airport
KBYYBBCBay City Regional Airport
US-5506Bay Couquille Heliport
4NC2Bay Creek Airport
T95Bay Electric Supply Heliport
9NE7Bay Field
36FDBay Helicopters Heliport
US-2361Bay Meadows Airport
8FL4Bay Medical Center Heliport
K1R8Bay Minette Municipal Airport
FD64Bay Pines Veterans Administration Heliport
4FD4Bay Seaplanes Seaplane Base
MA21Baybank Heliport
US-4989Baycare South Florida Baptist Hospital Heliport
21TSBaycoast Medical Center Heliport
9OI7Bayes Airport
Y77Bayfield County Airport
8FD8Bayflite One Heliport
54FDBayflite One Satellite Base Heliport
0PS8Bayfront Garage Heliport
1FA7Bayfront Health Brooksville Heliport
US-5073Bayfront Health Seven River Heliport
US-3921Bayfront Health Spring Hill Heliport
2FD3Bayfront Medical Center Inc Heliport
64DEBayhealth Medical Center Heliport
39DEBayhealth Medical Center Heliport
TS90Bayless Airport
US-5264Bayless Ranch Airport
66XSBaylie Airport
XA18Baylor All Saints Medical Center Heliport
4XA7Baylor Health Center At Irving Coppell Heliport
02TEBaylor Medical Center Heliport
XA79Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano Heliport
30XABaylor Scott & White Aubrey Medical Center Heliport
US-5022Baylor Scott & White Centennial Medical Center Heliport
US-1879Baylor Scott & White Llano Medical Center Helipad
US-3353Baylor Scott & White Marble Falls Medical Center Helipad
US-4968Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Center Heliport
XA11Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Lake Pointe Heliport
6XA7Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - McKinney Heliport
US-4955Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Brenham Heliport
US-0538Baylor Scott & White Medical Center College Station Heliport
TX76Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Heliport
1XS6Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Hillcrest Heliport
19XABaylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving Heliport
59XSBaylor Scott & White Medical Center Temple Heliport
US-1322Baylor Scott & White Round Rock Medical Center Heliport
US-4877Baylor Scott & White Taylor Medical Center Heliport
US-0480Baylor Scott and White Medical Center Heliport
XA61Baylor University Medical Center Dallas Heliport
78TXBaylor University Medical Center Grapevine Helipad
US-4800Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital Heliport
2NJ9Bayonne Golf Club Heliport
LA64Bayou Boeuf Seaplane Base
1LA4Bayou Fourchon Seaplane Base
9LS1Bayou Meadows Airport
23NBayport Aerodrome
US-4792Bayshore Medical Center Heliport
US-4450Bayside Community Hospital Heliport
JY32Bayside State Prison Heliport
6MA5Baystate Medical Ctr Heliport
KHPYHPYBaytown Airport
WN51Bayview Farms Airport
06MDBayview Heliport
61MIBayview Heliport
NJ82Bayway Refinery Heliport
TE88BB Airpark
23WABcag - Frederickson Heliport
7OI5Bea-D Airport
K20UBeach Airport
2D7Beach City Airport
US-1977Beach Helicopter Heliport
FA34Beach Mosquito Control District Heliport
US-0879Beach Mosquito Control District West Heliport
OR64Beach Ranch Airport
2TE7Beach Ranch Airport
US-1211Beacon Granger Hospital Heliport
MT24Beacon Star Antique Airfield
US-0384Beacon Station Airport
OR96Beagle Sky Ranch Airport
KBABBABBeale Air Force Base
9SD7Beaman Airport
MS84Beaman Heliport
US-3999Bean Airport
6B3Bean Blossom Airport
8MO7Bean Lake Airport
ID96Bear Air Airport
US-4656Bear Canyon Airport
WA41Bear Canyon West Field
46AKBear Cove Farm Airport
AK02Bear Creek 1 Airport
Z48BCCBear Creek 3 Airport
NC79Bear Creek Airport
10TABear Creek Heliport
5TS8Bear Creek Ranch Airport
TS59Bear Heliport
MA95Bear Hole Heliport
K1U7Bear Lake County Airport
16IDBear Lake Memorial Hospital Helipad
13TNBear Mountain Heliport
NC43Bear Pen Airport
79UTBear River Valley Hospital Heliport
1U0Bear Trap Airport
73CABear Valley Airport
CN45Bear Valley Hospital Heliport
WN47Bear Valley Skyranch Airport
K7M3Bearce Airport
73NCBeard Heliport
3OK5Bearden Private Airport
US-1808Beardsley Field
0NC1Bearwallow Farm Airport
KBIEBIEBeatrice Municipal Airport
KBTYBTYBeatty Airport
5PS0Beau Street Heliport
US-0160Beauchamp Airstrip
KARWBFTBeaufort County Airport
SC02Beaufort County Memorial Hospital Heliport
KNBCBeaufort MCAS - Merritt Field
9CO7Beaugh Airport
ME93Beaulieu Heliport
US-3204Beaumont Airport
56MIBeaumont Dearborn Heliport
SN07Beaumont Hotel Airport
KBMTBMTBeaumont Municipal Airport
KDRIDRIBeauregard Regional Airport
1ID3Beaux Ranch Field
PAWBWBQBeaver Airport
KBVIBFPBeaver County Airport
88GABeaver Creek Airport
9XS2Beaver Creek Airport
4CO9Beaver Creek Heliport
25GEBeaver Creek Lodge Heliport
1PA5Beaver Creek Ultralightport
VA33Beaver Dam Airpark
1WI5Beaver Dam Lake Seaplane Base
KSJXBeaver Island Airport
D71Beaver Lake Seaplane Base
10MABeaver Lake Seaplane Base
6NE3Beaver Landing
3VA6Beaver Lodge Estate Heliport
2S2Beaver Marsh State Airport
10NYBeaver Meadow Heliport
KU52Beaver Municipal Airport
KK44Beaver Municipal Airport
OR66Beaver Oaks Airport
PA38Beaver Run Heliport
75PNBeaver Seaplane Base
PA39Beaver Springs Airport
GA40Beaver Trail Heliport
10GABeaverbrook Aerodrome
13NMBeaverhead Airstrip
US-3325Beaverhead Ranger Station Lower Heliport
US-3326Beaverhead Ranger Station Upper Heliport
US-3855Beaverkill Airport
24ORBeaverton Corporate Center Heliport
US-0229Bechers Bay Airstrip
56AKBechtol Field
34IABeck Airport
IN64Beck Airport
GA92Beck Field
II14Beck Private Airport
65TSBecker Airport
59ASBecker Field
6GA2Becker Heliport
MY43Becker Personal Airport
WN18Becker's Landing Airport
5LL0Beckerman Field
NM28Beckett Farm Airport
WV04Beckley ARH Hospital Heliport
1GE4Beckley Farms Airport
WV33Beckley Hotel Heliport
7MI2Beckman Airport
50OIBeckman Field
MO15Beckner Field
KK16Becks Grove Airport
1WI3Bed-Ah-Wick Field
US-5126Bedfield Airport
KHMZBedford County Airport
TN15Bedford Hospital Heliport
Y46Bedford Municipal Airport
AL01Bedsole Farm Airport
52NYBedson's Land Base Airport
34TEBee Creek Airport
24CTBee Field
99INBee-Acre Farm Strip
62NEBeebe Airport
US-4847Beebe Heliport
37ARBeech Creek Airport
KBECBECBeech Factory Airport
04MEBeech Hill Airport
KPVEBeech River Regional Airport
US-1982Beechwood Flying Field
TX65Beechwood Heliport
IA31Beeds Lake Airport
1XS9Beefmaster's Best Airport
11OKBeefor Ranch Airport
02WIBeer Airport
PN73Beers Farm Airport
SN66Beesley Farms Airport
9MS9Beets Airport
KBEABeeville Municipal Airport
TX15Beggs Ranch (Aledo) Airport
1TX3Beggs Ranch Airport
9TX6Beggs Ranch Airport
NA30Behrens Airstrip
US-0337Behring Ranch Heliport
96VEBeiter Airport
NY46Bel-Aire Farms Heliport
MO61Bel-Voir Acres Airport
86OIBelcan Heliport
0LA3Belcher Airpatch Airport
US-0138Belcher Airport
SN28Belcher Airport
57KYBelcher Regional Airport
US-4736Belding Airport
KE80Belen Regional Airport
DE32Belfair Airport
US-3986Belfast Airstrip
KBSTBelfast Municipal Airport
AL61Belforest Airport
54ALBelforest Field
1IN0Belknap-Icarus Acres Airport
US-0613Bell Air Ranch Heliport
MD12Bell Airport
US-3210Bell Airport
0TE2Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport
TA99Bell Helicopter Plant-3 Heliport
6TA8Bell Helicopters Auxiliary Heliport
KBEKBEBell Island Hot Springs Seaplane Base
08NRBell Mountain Airport
NM33Bell Ranch Headquarters Airport
NM32Bell Ranch Waggoner Airport
US-3730Bell Road Airstrip
US-0876Bell South Airfield Heliport
1NC4Bell Strip
3XS7Bell Training Facility Heliport
SC91Bell's Branch Airport
US-1888Bella Vista Airport
US-3513Bella Vista Farms Landing Strip
US-1677Bella Vista Ranch Airport
27KSBellamy Farm Airport
NH01Bellamy River Seaplane Base
US-5150Belle Alliance Airport
K3V7Belle Creek Airport
KEFCBelle Fourche Municipal Airport
KX10Belle Glade State Municipal Airport
SN10Belle Plaine Farms Airport
KTZTBelle Plaine Municipal Airport
1KS9Belleair Airport
KEDJBellefontaine Regional Airport
KN96Bellefonte Airport
AL80Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Heliport
US-0802Belleharbour Heliport
45OKBelleview Landing Airport
43GBelleville Airport
KRPBBelleville Municipal Airport
59IABellevue Farms Airport
4OH9Bellevue Hospital Heliport
US-3606Bellflower Airport
KBLIBLIBellingham International Airport
1CO3Bellmore Farms Airport
BLWBellows AFS (Bellows Field)
US-0371Bells Field
9OA3Bellville Dam Landing Strip
US-3162Bellville Medical Center Airport
US-4856Bellwood Field
22MOBelly Acres Ranch Airport
Y48Belmond Municipal Airport
US-2363Belmont Airport
88VABelmont Farm Airport
US-1610Belmont Landing Strip
4NY9Belmont Park Heliport
X-TA37Belo Broadcasting Heliport
K44CBeloit Airport
WI38Beloit Memorial Hospital Heliport
CA39Belos Cavalos Airport
US-5279Below Buckacre Airstrip
1CA1Belridge Strip
US-3050Belton Airport
US-3924Beltsville Airport
MD26Beltsville Shop Heliport
14NBeltzville Airport
PABGBVUBeluga Airport
5AK1Beluga Heliport
US-2899Beluga River Airport
K1M2Belzoni Municipal Airport
US-0974Bemaroy Airport
CT92Bemer Heliport
KBJIBJIBemidji Regional Airport
US-0083Ben Ammons Airport
US-5191Ben Bolt East Airport
4TE8EVABen Bruce Memorial Airpark
US-2267Ben Cat Stagefield Army Heliport
2IL7Ben Emge Airport
ME24Ben Hur Heliport
MS87Ben L. Briggs Heliport
WI33Ben Sutherland Airport
PA89Ben's Landing Ultralightport
US-0954Benbow Airport
2NY8Benbyre Farm Heliport
K3U7Benchmark Airport
KBDNBend Municipal Airport
9OA9Bender Airport
2WI0Bender's Airport
US-5399Bender-Brentwood Airport
74NBendigo Airport
US-0112Bendinsky Airport
3MI8Bendix Heliport
4MI6Benedick Airport
AL37Benedick Airport
NM20Benedict Airpark
MT70Benefis Healthcare Heliport
02NEBenes Service Airport
ID14Benewah Community Hospital Heliport
KX54Benger Air Park
73INBenham Airport
US-2802Benicia Airport
59TXBenjamin Franklin Airport
WI67Bennet Field
US-5453Bennett Airport
1N5Bennett Airport
US-3476Bennett Field
US-3473Bennett Ranch Airport
0NY0Bennetts Airport
9TX2Bennetts Airport
US-0350Bennetts Field
XA77Benny White Flying Airport
77ARBenoit Airfield
IL78Benoit Airport
31AZBenson Airport
6MN9Benson Airport
2XS8Benson Airstrip
US-0438Benson Heliport
US-1450Benson Hospital Helipad
KE95Benson Municipal Airport
KBBBBBBBenson Municipal Airport
US-0884Bent Hickory Air Ranch Airport
7KS4Bent Nail Ranch Airport
52FABent Willies Airport
59NYBent-Wing Airport
US-3521Bentalit Lodge Airstrip
1PN0Bentley Airport
05MABentley Heliport
NH32Bentley Heliport
PA40Benton Airport
K0M4Benton County Airport
74NCBenton Farm Airport
O85BZFBenton Field
US-3620Benton Landing Field
KH96Benton Municipal Airport
NC36Benton's Airfield
KVBTBentonville Municipal-Louise M Thaden Field
0NK0Berdick Field
US-3268Berea-Richmond Airport
US-0725Berg Field
72NDBerg Field
9GA2Berg Park Aerodrome
4NA5Berg Strip
MD68Berg's Field
55NEBergan Mercy Hospital Heliport
24MNBergemann Airport
21NJBergen County Police & Fire Academy Heliport
II62Berger Airport
6II7Bergs Airport
WN76Bergseth Field
KMKSBerkeley County Airport
US-2785Berkeley Marina Heliport
US-3612Berkeley Municipal Airport (1929)
WJBKJBKBerkeley Municipal Heliport
0NJ1Berkeley Township Police Heliport
5IN5Berkey Field
WA19Berkley Structures Heliport
32MABerkshire Medical Center Heliport
VT07Berlin Armory Heliport
01CTBerlin Fairgrounds Heliport
31WNBerlin Field LLC
FL21Berlin Heliport
MA19Berlin Lndg Area
KBMLBMLBerlin Regional Airport
OH57Berlin Station Landing Strip
IN22Berling Heliport
KUDDUDDBermuda Dunes Airport
SC79Bermuda High Gliderport
7VA4Bermuda Hundred Heliport
07NBermudian Valley Airpark
NE20Bernadt Airport
US-3944Bernard Airport
65ARBernard Manor Airport
U54Bernard US Forest Service Airport
0IS9Bernardin Heliport
FL49Bernie Little Heliport
OA10Bernie's Airport
IL81Berns Airport
30ORBero Field
K4J2Berrien County Airport
US-0031Berry Airport
2TX5Berry Airport
1AL5Berry Field
2IN9Berry Field
7FA8Berry Grove Airport
K4A0Berry Hill Airport
US-5777Berryessa Airport
US-0106Berryhill Farms Airport
VA30Berryvale Airport
KBTMBTMBert Mooney Airport
0MO4Bert Walter Berkowitz Heliport
PS38Bert's Airport
23TSBertani Ranch Airport
CD37Berthoud Pass Heliport
49NJBertino Heliport
2NK6Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Heliport
6PA7Berwick Airport
3KS7Berwick Airport
PA42Berwick Hospital Corporation Personal Use Heliport
LS61Berwick Shore Base Heliport
UT82Beryl Junction Airport
KUIZUIZBerz-Macomb Airport
US-1113Besch Airport
89MNBeskar Airport
KEKYBessemer Airport
US-3628Bessemer Durham Airport
US-5134Bessemer Mine Airport
US-0230Best Lock Corp. Airstrip
US-2706Best Western Plus Bayside Inn Helipad
NY41Best Western Red Jacket Inn Heliport
1MA0Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Plymouth Heliport
36MABeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Heliport
US-0151Bethal Airport
8NK4Bethany Airpark
75KBethany Memorial Airport
72NCBethany South Heliport
PABEBETBethel Airport
US-2913Bethel Airport (1939)
US-2914Bethel Airport (1941)
US-0675Bethel Field
K0B1Bethel Regional Airport
Z59JBTBethel Seaplane Base
SC08Bethel-Lake Wylie Airport
US-3854Bethesda Airport
88FDBethesda Memorial Hospital Heliport
OA22Bethesda North Hospital Heliport
NK44Bethlehem Energy Center Heliport
8PS1Bethlehem Steel Plant Heliport
23MIBetsie River Airstrip
NC96Betsy Johnson Memorial Hospital Heliport
PABTBTTBettles Airport
US-5618Betts Army Airfield
8MS8Betty Ann Cooper Memorial Helipad
44GBetz Airport
US-5259Beula Strip
K95DBeulah Airport
45XABeulah Airport
60ILBeulah Land Farm Airport
US-5029Bevell Place Airport
MD57Beverly Airport
84CABeverly Center Heliport
MA20Beverly Hospital Heliport
KBVYBVYBeverly Regional Airport
US-1784Beverly West Residences Helipad
7MO2Bevill Airport
36TXBevoni-Flying B Airport
US-0739Bexar Metro Medical Heliport
1MN1Beyer Airport
06SNBeyer Farm Airport
US-3823BFS Airport
US-0423BHH Aviation Airport
28TNBhm East Helipad Heliport
US-4454BHRB Ranch Airport
US-1257Bianchi Heliport
K0A8Bibb County Airport
IA59Bickel Airport
3LL6Bickel Airport
II17Bickel's Cow Patch Airport
KBYSBYSBicycle Lake Army Air Field
KB19Biddeford Municipal Airport
4OH3Bieber Field
OI76Bieber's Seaplane Base
US-2257Bien Hoa Stagefield Army Heliport
01PNBierly(Personal Use) Airport
91KYBig 'G' Heliport
64GABig 'T' Airport
7WA0Big Andy Airport
US-0830Big Bar Airport
OR91Big Bar Heliport
KL35RBFBig Bear City Airport
MT98Big Beaver Creek Ranch Airport
US-4151Big Ben Airstrip
US-0120Big Bend Airport
US-3T9Big Bend Ranch State Park Airport
17TSBig Bend Regional Medical Center Heliport
US-1741Big Bluff Ranch Airport
TX73Big Brown Creek Airstrip
VA34Big Buffalo Airstrip
0GA5Big Canoe Heliport
US-4481Big Canyon Ranch Airport
US-0740Big Chino Airstrip
ID71Big Country Heliport
U60Big Creek Airport
US-2322Big Creek Airport
GA18Big Creek Flying Ranch Airport
54UBig Creek Heliport
CN28Big Creek Helistop
US-0804Big Creek Ranch Airstrip
US-5214Big Creek Ranch Heliport
59FDBig Cypress Airfield
5TS9Big Duke's Place Airport
7Y9Big Falls Municipal Airport
US-2820Big Flat Airport
US-5280Big Flat Airport
US-1098Big Flat Airstrip
K7V3Big Foot Airfield
WS73Big Foot Farms Heliport
44VABig Hill Airport
US-0597Big Horn County Airport
US-1614Big Horn Well Landing Strip
NK07Big Island Airport
ID29Big Island Airport
PAGQBGQBig Lake Airport
US-4325Big Lake Airport
4IN1Big Long Lake Seaplane Base
US-4254Big Meadow Airstrip
PABMBMXBig Mountain Airport
IL67Big Muddy Correctional Facility Heliport
2OR1Big Muddy Ranch Airport
1MD1Big Oak Farm Airport
6FD2Big Oaks Ranch Airport
US-1485Big Pine Airstrip
US-3607Big Pine Intermediate Field
5AL5Big River Airpark
VA22Big River Ranch Airport
0AA6Big Salmon Heliport
39TNBig Sandy Airpark
US-0962Big Sandy Airport
K3U8Big Sandy Airport
0MT2Big Sandy Medical Center Heliport
KK22Big Sandy Regional Airport
NM63Big Sky Airport
AL93Big Sky Airport
KS85Big Sky Field
4MT7Big Sky Medical Center Heliport
U46Big Southern Butte Airport
KBPGHCABig Spring Mc Mahon-Wrinkle Airport
US-4911Big Spring State Hospital Heliport
AZ27Big Springs Ranch Airport
80TNBig T Airport
76TEBig Tank Ranch Airport
US-1530Big Thompson Mesa Airstrip
K6S0Big Timber Airport
7TX3Big Town Heliport
US-1979Big Turkey Lake Seaplane Base
US-0336Big View Airport
US-2549Bigfoot Turf Airport
KFOZBigfork Municipal Airport
33KYBigger (Stol) STOLport
TA67Biggin Hill Airpark
TX49Biggin Hill Airport
KBIFBIFBiggs Army Air Field (Fort Bliss)
43OKBiggs Skypatch Airport
CD17Bijou Basin Airport
9CO8Bijou Bottom Strip
2CD3Bijou Springs Ranch Airport
51NEBil Lo Airport
5MO3Bil-Mitch Airport
PA07Bilinski Airport
KLITLITBill & Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field
3VA4Bill Davenport Memorial Airport
US-1013Bill Lee Memorial Airport
US-2493Bill Moody Ranch Airport
US-3213Bill Pigg Airport
KM22Bill Pugh Field
US-3247Bill Rogers Airport
OR92Billiebob Ultralightport
MT55Billings Clinic Helipad
63MTBillings Flying Service Airport
US-1095Billings Flying Service Heliport
KBILBILBillings Logan International Airport
K0M0Billy Free Municipal Airport
KCNPBilly G Ray Field
37CABilly Joe Airport
KHSEHNCBilly Mitchell Airport
AZ94Biltmore Golf Course Heliport
CL08Biltmore Hotel Heliport
US-3352Biltmore Tower Helipad
26JYBinder Winslow Heliport
IL05Bingham Airport
WI95Binzel Airport
US-3385Biosphere Two Landing Field
NM02Biplane Ranch Airport
Z91KBCBirch Creek Airport
WS43Birch Creek Airport
51AKBirch Creek Landing
3VG9Birch Creek Plantation Airport
M69Birch Lake Seaplane Base
XA44Birchfield Ranch Airport
AK85Birchwater Airport
PABVBirchwood Airport
ESPESPBirchwood-Pocono Airport
E58Bird Dog Airfield
FA11Bird Field
2MO1Bird Field
US-2869Bird Homestead Airport
4MS5Bird Nest Airport
AL54Bird Nest Airport
ID19Bird Nr 2 Airport
US-1069Birdhouse Heliport
US-2858Birdie Haven Airport
OH26Birdland Airport
65XSBirdnest Airport
NC62Birds Nest Heliport
7LA1Birdwin Airport
4TX4Birk Airport
3II8Birkey Private Airport
KBHMBHMBirmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport
KDUGDUGBisbee Douglas International Airport
KP04BSQBisbee Municipal Airport
US-1207Bishman Private Airport
76TBishop Airport
68TSBishop Field
KFNTFNTBishop International Airport
T80Bishop's Landing Airport
89MOBishop's Landing Airport
K07RBishop-Windham Airport
GA93Bishops Airport
H57Bismarck Memorial Airport
KBISBISBismarck Municipal Airport
US-0590Bison Hill Airport
K6V5Bison Municipal Airport
4NY5Bistrians Heliport
5PN5Bittner-Whitsel Airport
PN58Bittner-Whitsel Airport
GA47Bivins Airport
2SD8Bixler Ridge Airport
MD13Black & Decker/Parking Lot 2 Heliport
9IL7Black Airport
5KS9Black Airport
US-1878Black Butte Airfield
US-0179Black Butte North Airport
0ID4Black Butte Ranch Airport
US-4075Black Butte West Airport
AZ68Black Canyon City Medical Center Heliport
MT39Black Canyon Ranch Airport
FA25Black Creek Pass Airport
95WABlack Diamond Airport
12WYBlack Diamond Airport
WS76Black Dog Farm Airport
US-4120Black Forest Heliport
9IS7Black Hawk Heliport
4OH0Black Heliport
KSPFSPFBlack Hills Airport-Clyde Ice Field
SD27Black Hills Flyway Airport
SD23Black Hills Health Care System Heliport
5CO5Black Hollow Heliport
35ARBlack Horse Landing Ultralightport
US-0921Black I Ranch Airport
US-1117Black Landing Field
US-5281Black Ledge Airstrip
5TX4Black Mark Strip
US-5429Black Mesa Pumping Station Airport
US-4674Black Mountain Airport
9WI1Black Otter Airport
US-3857Black Pond Airfield
5BKBlack Rapids Airport
KBCKBlack River Falls Area Airport
23WIBlack River Memorial Hospital Heliport
US-1682Black River Pumping Station Landing Strip
1MI3Black River Ranch Airport
32PNBlack Rock Airport
KZUNBlack Rock Airport
88NVBlack Rock City Airport
US-BRCBlack Rock City Airport (duplicate)
US-0874Black Rock Heliport
AK89Black Spruce Airport
5PA4Black Swan Farm Heliport
US-4455Black Waterhole Ranch Airport
41IDBlack'S Airfield
OI69Blackacre Farm Airport
US-0394Blackberry Ridge Heliport
WI98Blackburn Airport
US-2983Blackburn Draw Airstrip
71FDBlackcreek International Heliport
US-3597Blackfeet Community Hospital Helipad
K87YBlackhawk Airfield
US-0919Blackhawk Airport
6MO0Blackhawk Airport
81KSBlackhawk Airport
LL89Blackhawk Farms Inc Airport
1WI9Blackhawk Island Airport
US-1195Blackheart Heliport
2CA4Blackinton Airport
US-1198Blackmon Field
8FD3Blackwater Airfield
NC61Blackwater Airstrip
9FD2Blackwater Creek Ultralightport
US-0799Blackwater Heliport
36CNBlackwell Land Company Airport
KBKNBlackwell Tonkawa Municipal Airport
TX46Blackwood Airpark
NC94Bladen County Hospital Heliport
30NRBladen Lakes State Forest Tactical Landing Zone Heliport
3W6Bladenboro Airport
94OIBlades Landing Heliport
4W6Blaine Municipal Airport
US-5761Blair Airport
WI49Blair Airport
US-1777Blair House Helipad
2AK1Blair Lake Airport
2WI5Blair Lake Airport
KBTABlair Municipal Airport
9CL5Blair Strip
K1N7Blairstown Airport
KDZJBlairsville Airport
KAJZBlake Field
5FL2Blake Medical Center Heliport
US-4124Blake Ranch Airport
CA57Blake Sky Park Airport
38WABYWBlakely Island Airport
05VBlanca Airport
US-3615Blanchard Mountain Landing Zone
89OHBlanchard Valey Regional Health Center Heliport
23CTBlanchette Heliport
3TA5Blanco Landing Airport
52KSBland Airport
8CL9Bland Field
UT81Blanding Ambulance Heliport
KBDGBDGBlanding Municipal Airport
6FD5Blanket Bay Airport
SN84Blaser's Airport
AL99Blast Off Heliport
25MTBlatter Airport
5TE2Bleakley Ranch Airport
0CA9Blech Ranch Airport
0SD3Bledsoe Ranch Airport
0IS8Blessing Hospital At 11th St Heliport
US-1681Blessing Landing Strip
84ALBlessings Landing Air Ranch
7OI1Blevins Airport
US-4117Blewett Airport
88ISBlickhan Lndg Area Airport
Z87Blinn Lake Seaplane Base
28COBlm Fire Center Heliport
77ORBLM Heliport
12TSBlo Airport
MO71Block Air Village Airport
88LLBlock Airport
KBIDBIDBlock Island State Airport
TX78Block Ranch Airport
4AZ2Block Ranch Airport
24KSBlocker Field
D75Blodget Lake Seaplane Base
92NYBloecher Farm Airport
SD48Blomberg 42 Ranch Private Airport
II85Blomenberg Airport
5PA0Blomster Field Farm Airport
14IBloom Airport
WI15Bloomer Memorial Medical Center Heliport
K4K6Bloomfield Municipal Airport
84YBloomfield Municipal Airport
2IG6Bloomington Hospital Heliport
PA50Bloomsburg Hospital Heliport
KN13Bloomsburg Municipal Airport
KCNKCNKBlosser Municipal Airport
4LA9Blouin Flightpark Ultralightport
LS46Blount Airport
US-1791Blountstown Airport
74WTBlowout Bench Airport
KY72Bloyer Field
US-1254BLSG Brandon Heliport
US-1265BLSG Leicester Heliport
OH38Blue Bird Airport
37GABlue Bird Field
7TN0Blue Bird Field
KBLUBLUBlue Canyon Nyack Airport
KSBUBlue Earth Municipal Airport
KLEXLEXBlue Grass Airport
LSDBlue Grass Station Army Heliport
14KYBlue Haven Farm Airport
90FDBlue Head Ranch Airport
N25Blue Heron Airport
WN49Blue Heron Field
07BBlue Hill Airport
US-3973Blue Hill Grade Airstrip
US-5282Blue Hogan Wash Airstrip
MO13Blue Hollow Airpark
US-5083Blue Jay Airfield
56NJBlue Jay Heliport
7G4Blue Knob Valley Airport
07KYBlue Lick Airport
NH87Blue Light Heliport
PA92Blue Mountain Academy (Private) Airport
US-5384Blue Mountain Airfield
TA56Blue Mountain Airport
US-3342Blue Mountain Lodge Airstrip
51NHBlue Puffin Farm Heliport
WN29Blue Ribbon Airport
KMTVBlue Ridge Airport
US-0998Blue Ridge Airport
95TNBlue Ridge Field
34FDBlue Ridge Flightpark Airport
57GABlue Ridge Skyport Airport
77TABlue Skies Airport
OR87Blue Skies Farm Airport
2TX0Blue Sky Airfield
8KS5Blue Sky Airport
3MN7Blue Sky Airport
US-1790Blue Sky Preserve Private Helipad
35KSBlue Sky Ranch and Aerodrome
38FABlue Springs Airport
MO28Blue Springs Heliport
US-1773Blue Water Landing Strip
US-5381Bluebell Airport
7NK6Blueberry Field
5AL4Blueberry Hill Airport
MA77Blueberry Hill Airport
OK22Bluebird Airpark
IG03Bluebird Airport
IA17Bluebird Airport
15OKBluebird Airport
03OLBluebird Airport
5F5Bluebird Hill Airport
WA57Bluecreek Airport
WV34Bluefield Regional Medical Center Heliport
WV69Bluefield Regional Medical Center Heliport
9VA5Bluegrass Heliport
5MD7Bluemel Field
OK58Bluestem Airport
K66VBluff Airport
71AKBluff Park Farm Airport
K5G7Bluffton Airport
MU63Blumenstetter Airport
3WN8Blunt Field
KBLHBLHBlythe Airport
US-3115Blythe Airport (1936)
US-3117Blythe Auxiliary Airfield A-4
21MSBlythe Bayou Farms Airport
80CLBlythe Service Center Heliport
KHKAHKABlytheville Municipal Airport
4TN7Bmh-H Heliport
US-3695Board Ranch Airport
38NEBoardman Aerial Airport
US-0729Boardman Airfield
KM50Boardman Airport
OK90Boatner Field
US-2985Boatner Landing Strip
PAIKIANBob Baker Memorial Airport
25ILBob Davis Flying Service Airport
SN44Bob Faler Airport
KBURBURBob Hope Airport
US-3719Bob Jenkins
K1J6Bob Lee Flight Strip
1AR3Bob Norman Airstrip
SN71Bob Park Airport
FL88Bob Paul Airport
KCEWCEWBob Sikes Airport
CT40Bob Thomas Ford Heliport
IL36Bob Walberg Field
X61Bob White Field
36WABob's Field
32CLBob's Flying Service Inc Airport
ME20Bob-Mar Airport
US-1101Bobbitt Airport
VT32Bobby Heliport
LS04Bobby Jones Flying Service Inc Airport
1MT6Bobcat Field
AR84Bobwhite Hill Ranch Airport
5FD6Boca Grande Helistop
KBCTBCTBoca Raton Airport
23WVBocamanu Airport
3LS7Bock Farms Airport
US-2813Bodega Bay Helipad
US-2814Bodega Bay Seaplane Base
2PA4Boden Airport
IN70Bodin Airport
96TEBodine Airport
9NA4Bodmer Airport
28TSBoe-Wrinkle Airport
26CABoeckmann Ranch Airport
2PA1Boehm's Field
4MO5Boehne Field
WA86Boeing - Auburn Complex Heliport
CN43Boeing Anaheim B/250 Heliport
7CL3Boeing Canoga Park Heliport
CN32Boeing De Soto Heliport
US-5087Boeing Field
KBFIBFIBoeing Field King County International Airport
PS13Boeing Helicopters Center 3 South Heliport
AZ81Boeing Heliport
9CA8Boeing Huntington Beach Heliport
3WA6Boeing Kent Heliport
WA11Boeing Military Airplanes Heliport
9WA0Boeing Plant 2 Heliport
8WA2Boeing Renton Ramp Site Nr 2 Heliport
1CA0Boeing Santa Susana Heliport
CL43Boeing Seal Beach (Ground Level) Heliport
0CA7Boeing Seal Beach (Rooftop) Heliport
7TE9Boening Brothers Airport
K5C1Boerne Stage Field
88XSBogan & Fontenot Airport
MU38Bogard-Cowgill Airport
14PBoggs Field
USWBoggs Field Airport
US-3207Bogguss Pasture Airstrip
18OIBoggy Bottoms Airport
27KYBogle Farm Heliport
SD71Bogner Field
1SD6Bogner Number II Airport
KNJMBogue Field Mcalf Airport
WI75Bogus Creek Airport
2OH0Bohannan Airport
1NA0Bohn Airstrip
0CL6Bohunk's Airpark
K6Y1Bois Blanc Airport
KBOIBOIBoise Air Terminal/Gowen Field
K17KBoise City Airport
ID89Boise Plaza Heliport
3AK8Boisselle's Strip
NM44Bojax Ranch Airport
5FD8Bokeelia Helistop
US-2959Bolam Airport
A13Bold Airport
MN03Bolduc Seaplane Base
KTVYBolinder Field Tooele Valley Airport
K1C5Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport
MS01Bolivar County Hospital Heliport
KM17Bolivar Municipal Airport
NA03Boll Brothers Airstrip
BOFBOFBolling Air Force Base
MO5Bollinger-Crass Memorial Airport
2SD3Bollweg Farm Airport
1TE3Bolton Airport
KTZRBolton Field
KSYISYIBomar Field Shelbyville Municipal Airport
OG19Bombay Farms Airport
AL96Bon Secour Seaplane Base
66VGBon Secours Mercy Health Petersburg LLC Heliport
US-1860Bonanza Airstrip
34CNBonanza Hills Airport
UT58Bonanza Power Plant Heliport
06ARBondair Airport
41NYBonebender Airport
US-4499Bonebrake Airport
95CABonel Airport
US-3395Boneyard Airstrip
AL40Bonham Airport
K1BTBonne Terre Municipal Airport
SN53Bonner Field
4AL6Bonner Field
US-4338Bonner Field
US-5283Bonneville Salt Flats
US-3701Bonnie Claire Airport
US-3700Bonnie Claire Lake Landing Strip
CL77Bonny Doon Village Airport
US-0111Boober Airport
45OHBoober Airport
II34Booe Airport
US-5348Book Cliff Ridge / P R Springs Airstrip
US-0149Booker Airport
NC02Boomerang Airport
7MD7Boomers Field
5TX8Boon/Lovelace Airport
5TN3Boondocks Heliport
1LL0Boondox Field
KHROHROBoone County Airport
K6I4Boone County Airport
02IABoone County Hospital Heliport
91MOBoone Hospital Center Heliport
NC14Boone Inc Airport
KBNWBNWBoone Municipal Airport
02KYBoone National Guard Heliport
US-3237Boone's Haven Landing Strip
K8M1Booneville Baldwyn Airport
K4M2Booneville Municipal Airport
KD83Boonville Airport
I91Boonville Airport
26NCBoonville Airport
US-5527Boonville Airport
1NK7Boonville Inc Airport
SD36Booth Ranch Airport
LS08Boothville Heliport
CT87Bootlegger's Seaplane Base
2AK4Bootleggers Cove Airport
64MOBooze Island Airport
28CLBorax Heliport
LS34Bordelon Airpark
US-1892Border Field
07NVBorder Line Farm Airport
US-2556Borderland Field
3D8Bordner Airport
CN13Borges - Clarksburg Airport
5MI5Borgess Medical Center Heliport
8NE4Bornemeier Airstrip
73NEBornmann Field
US-3336Boron Air Force Plant 72 Airfield
57CLBoron Airstrip
US-4139Boron Northwest Airport
US-4140Boron West Airport
58CLBorrego Air Ranch Airport
US-3625Borrego Hotel Naval Outlying Landing Field
KL08BXSBorrego Valley Airport
US-3623Borrego Valley Springs Landing Strip
US-3426Borregos Ranch Airport
KOVSBoscobel Airport
08KYBoss Airport
16NHBossey's Seaplane Base
04OHBossow Airport
OK55Bost Ranch Airport
US-3645Boston Field
0MA4Boston Medical Center Hospital Heliport
US-3644Boston Ranch Airport
58MABoston Scientific Marlboro Heliport
MA56Boston Scientific Natick Heliport
NK60Bostrup's Landing Seaplane Base
VT23Bostwick Farm Airport
24CLBoswell Airport
AK97BSWBoswell Bay Airport
86MOBothwell Regional Health Center Heliport
6PA5Botsford Aerodrome
65CNBottimore Ranch Airport
KD09Bottineau Municipal Airport
ID54Bottle Bay Seaplane Base
1IN5Bottoms Brothers Airport
1AZ1Boulais Heliport
40AZBoulais Ranch Airport
4MT9Boulanger Field Airport
3U9Boulder Airport
US-1642Boulder Airstrip
MI56Boulder Canyon Airport
US-1253Boulder City Hospital Heliport
US-3126Boulder City Municipal Airport / Bullock Field
K61BBLDBoulder City-Lake Mead International Airport
79COBoulder Community Hospital Heliport
US-2791Boulder Creek / Hilton Airport
44IDBoulder Creek Airstrip
KBDJBoulder Junction Payzer Airport
KBDUWBUBoulder Municipal Airport
US-1863Boulevard Ridge Airstrip
9NJ1Bound Brook Nr 1 Heliport
9NJ2Bound Brook Nr 2 Heliport
BYABYABoundary Airport
US-5284Boundary Butte Mesa Airport
K65SBoundary County Airport
US-2049Boundary Lake Landing Strip
5WA4Boundary Substation Heliport
US-5782Bounde Creek Airport
US-1142Bountiful Acres Airport
24NHBountiful Farm
US-3968Bouquet Ranch Airport
US-4425Bourbon Community Hospital Heliport
NA06Bouret Ranch Airport
K50FBourland Field
US-1305Bouse Airport
US-3969Bouse Southeast Airstrip
SN27Bovinair Airport
5B4Bowbells Municipal Airport
5P3Bowdle Municipal Airport
CO98Bowen Farms Nr 1 Airport
US-2551Bowen Field Ultralight Flightpark
74GABowens Mill Christian Center Airport
JY20Bower, Schman & Welch Heliport
KHQMHQMBowerman Airport
MN51Bowers Airport
KELNELNBowers Field
US-2812Bowers Field
US-1379Bowie Airport (1929)
US-1380Bowie Airport (1953)
K0F2Bowie Municipal Airport
18CLBowles Airport
IN85Bowlin Airport
5NY8Bowline Point Heliport
US-4267Bowling Alley Airstrip
KH19Bowling Green Municipal Airport
KBWGBWGBowling Green Warren County Regional Airport
4OA8Bowman Airport
32WNBowman Airstrip
63OIBowman Field
ID52Bowman Field
B10Bowman Field
KLOULOUBowman Field
K3U3Bowman Field
KBPPBowman Municipal Airport
KBWWBWMBowman Regional Airport
4FD9Bowman's Beach Helistop
9Y0Bowstring Airport
PA51Bowtie Airport
NE32Box Butte General Hospital Med-I-Port Heliport
US-2164Box Canyon Landing Strip
45MSBox Field
0KY5Boyce Wafer Farm Airport
K3T3Boyceville Municipal Airport
US-4952Boyd Airport
1NR7Boyd Field
54XBoyd Field
NC49Boyd Field
5IS2Boyd Hospital Heliport
4NC0Boyd's Hawks Creek Airport
0NA9Boyd's Turf Airport
63PABoyer Airport
7W7Boyer Flight Park Ultralightport
63WABoyle R & D Airport
NK91Boyle's Landing Airport
KN98Boyne City Municipal Airport
KBFABoyne Mountain Airport
US-1936Boystown Fly-in-Ranch Airport
0MY1Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Heliport
4MI5Bps Heliport
82FLBR Ranch Airport
MI02Brablec Farms Airport
US-0025Brabsom Farm Airport
DE30Bracebridge Iii Heliport
K41NBraceville Airport
US-3661Bracken Oil Airport
18TSBrackenridge Hospital Heliport
KPOCPOCBrackett Field
66TABradair Heliport
25LLBradbury Airport
0MU6Bradbury-Rolf Memorial Heliport
N43Braden Airpark
98LLBraden Farms Airport
VT08Bradford Armory Heliport
ME3Bradford Camps Seaplane Base
KN27Bradford County Airport
NJ49Bradford Field
NC05Bradford Field Airport
KBFDBFDBradford Regional Airport
FD31Bradley Airport
AR70Bradley County Memorial Hospital Heliport
NC29Bradley Field
NH49Bradley Field
KBDLBDLBradley International Airport
0AK7Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Airstrip
33TNBradley Memorial Hospital Heliport
95ZBradley Sky-Ranch Airport
PHSFBSFBradshaw Army Airfield
FL62Bradshaw Tree Farm Airport
2FL4Brady Heliport
80FDBrady Ranch Airport
US-0946Brady Sullivan-Elm Helistop
NH98Brady-Candia Heliport
71NHBrady-Laconia Heliport
SN20Brady-Pippin Airport
US-2118Bradys Airstrip
7PS2Braehead Heliport
2MT2Braidwater Farm Airport
IL49Braidwood National Park Service Heliport
KBRDBRDBrainerd Lakes Regional Airport
US-LA75Braithwaite Park Airport
US-1047Braman Heliport
II83Bramble Airport
7LL9Brammeier Airport
7VA7Brammer Seaplane Base
KOEBBranch County Memorial Airport
0CD3Branch's Heliport
US-1899Brand Field
05TABrandes Air Field
US-0660Brandes Air Field 2
8OK4Brandley Airport
28KYBrandon Airdrome Airport
VT55Brandon Airport
PN85Brandon Airport
ND62Brands Airport
MN19Brandt Airport
55ILBrandt Airport
18HIBrandt Field
7GE7Brandt Field
9LL7Brandt Heliport
5MEBrandy Pond Seaplane Base
2PS6Brandywine Hospital Heliport
KOQNBrandywine Regional Airport
2VA8Brandywyne Farms Airport
VG29Branham Mill Airpark
K6J7Branhams Airport
PN33Branning Field
8OI0Brannon Field
BBGBKGBranson Airport
CD16Branson Heliport
FWBBranson West Airport
K4J1Brantley County Airport
26VTBrattleboro Memorial Hospital Heliport
32COBraun Airport
SD32Braun Airport
MY03Braun's Airport
US-5032Braunig Emergency Helicopter Landing Facility
IN40Brauns Airport
US-4812Brave Bull Ranch Resort Airport
KBWCBWCBrawley Municipal Airport
K48IBraxton County Airport
6MO8Brazeale Farm Airport
0I2Brazil Clay County Airport
03TTBrazos Polo Airport
US-3609Brea Airport
08NDBrecht Strip
1AR0Breckenridge Airport
2MO4Breckenridge Airport
US-1747Breckenridge Airport
US-0251Breckenridge Army Airfield
19NDBreckheimer Airport
KI93Breckinridge County Airport
US-5721Bredding Ranch Landing Area
17ARBredlow Farm Airport
MU93Breech Medical Center Heliport
VA66Breeden Airport
AK05Breeden Airport
2VG5Breeden Company Heliport
05MDBreezecroft Airport
23MDBreezecroft Seaplane Base
JY30Breezy Acres Farm Heliport
0FD5Breezy Knoll Airport
VA13Breezy Knoll Airport
29NYBreezy Meadows Heliport
8MN3Breezy Point Airport
2ND9Brekhus Field
8IN8Bremen Community Hospital Heliport
KPWTPWTBremerton National Airport
US-1334Brenda Emergency Helipad
1TN7Brendle's Heliport
K11RBrenham Municipal Airport
15KYBrennan Farm Airport
2PN7Brennan Personal Use Airport
79CBrennand Airport
55INBrenneke Airport
KFNBBrenner Field
US-1325Brenteson Incorporated Wholesale Airport
US-1292Brentwood Ambulatory Care Center Heliport
US-2924Brenwick Airport
17MEBresett's Mountainside Airport
5K0Bressler Field
C82Bresson Airport
ME12Brettuns Pond Seaplane Base
NC16Brevard Airport
PFKTKTSBrevig Mission Airport
US-0167Brewer Airport
0B2Brewer Airport
US-5491Brewer Airport
US-3817Brewer Landing Strip
KHDEHDEBrewster Field
K12JBrewton Municipal Airport
US-2029Brewton Municipal Airport (1935)
7CA7Brian Chuchua Jeep Heliport
CL13Brian Ranch Airport
LS54Brian's Ultralightport
2MT5Briar Creek Airport
US-4670Briar Hill Airport
9GA1Briar Patch Airport
US-5085Briarhill Airport
AR43Brickey Private Airport
NC18Brickhouse Field
H77Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base
GA66Bridge Building Heliport
0CT7Bridgeport Hospital Heliport
KXBPBridgeport Municipal Airport
6NJ9Bridgeport-Cahill Field
WY34Bridger Creek Airport
K6S1Bridger Municipal Airport
53TSBridges Field
7MN7Bridges Medical Center Hospital Heliport
JY26Bridgeton Heliport
0NY4Bridgeview Heliport
VBWBridgewater Air Park
90NJBridgewater Crossing Heliport
TS87Bridle Ridge Airport
4MT8Brier Patch Airport
US-5605Briggs Airport
OR44Briggs Airport
77LLBriggs Brothers Airfield
GA43Briggs Field
99TXBriggs Ranch Airport
MA39Brigham & Women's Hospital Heliport
UT14Brigham City Community Hospital Heliport
KBMCBMCBrigham City Regional Airport
NH33Brigham Heliport
4PN5Brigham Heliport
K45GBrighton Airport
0FA3Brighton Helipad
CO12Brighton Van-Aire Estates Airport
0FA5Briley Farm Seaplane Base
US-5395Brindley Field
0MN1Brinkman Airport
WI68Brinsmere Heliport
3WN9Brion Memorial Airport
1TE1Briscoes Catarina Ranch Airport
37VTBrisson Airport
WN63Bristol Airport
2OA1Bristol Airstrip
CT03Bristol Hospital Heliport
US-5724Bristol Motor Speedway Heliport
7VA1Bristol Regional Medical Center Heliport
TN04Bristol Regional Medical Center Heliport
47PNBristol Usar Center Heliport
0CT1Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Heliport
OL06Bristow Hospital Heliport
US-1135Bristow US LLC Heliport
US-4390Brite Ranch Airport
6FD6Britt Brown & Porter Ranch Airport
KBTNTTOBritton Municipal Airport
91TEBritts Crosswind Airport
3GE3Broad River Air Park
4MA9Broad Street Heliport
8WA9Broadcast House Helistop
78CABroadcom Corporation Heliport
5PA1Broadt Personal Use Airport
KBDXBroadus Airport
K00FBDXBroadus Airport
MU04Broadwater Airport
44NCBroadway Airfield
FA14Broadway Helicopters Heliport
83GABrock Airpark
US-1746Brock Ranch Landing Strip
4OI8Brocker Field
6A7Brocker Lake Seaplane Base
US-0165Brocks Airport
0MA5Brockton Usar Center Heliport
C37Brodhead Airport
08OLBroken B Airport
US-2024Broken Bottles Airstrip
KBBWBBWBroken Bow Municipal Airport
WI55Broken Prop Airport
GA76Broken Ranch Airport
P15Brokenstraw Airport
SN97Brollier Airport
IL25Bromenn Hospital Heliport
II93Bronson Airport
9MI9Bronson Methodist Hospital Heliport
FL95Broocke Air Patch Airport
8GA9Brook Bridge Aerodrome
VA00Brook Hill Farm Airport
US-3287Brooke Army Medical Center Army Heliport
LL22Brookeridge Air Park
OH24Brookfield Airpark
KHWVWSHBrookhaven Airport
US-5462Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Heliport
K1R7Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport
BOKBOKBrookings Airport
KBKXBKXBrookings Regional Airport
73FDBrookins Air Strip
5MD1Brooklandville Heliport
9GA6Brookline - Meadowmere Airport
NH16Brookline Airport
0VI1Brooklyn Airport
K0V4Brookneal/Campbell County Airport
US-3189Brooks Air Force Base
KBKSBrooks County Airport
US-1611Brooks Farms Airport
8NC6Brooks Field
73KYBrooks Field
KRMYBrooks Field
US-2027Brooks Place Airport
IL46Brooks Ranch Airport
S76Brooks Seaplane Base
59PNBrookside Farms Airport
2NH9Brookside Heliport
2FL5Brooksville International Airways, Inc. Heliport
US-1624Brookton Landing Field
0SD4Brookview Manor Heliport
PA04Brookville Hospital Heliport
12IBrookville Reservoir Seaplane Base
9AL1Brookwood Fed Helipad Heliport
0AL8Brookwood Medical Center Heliport
US-5285Broom Mountain Airport
US-3922Broome Field
K6D1Brooten Municipal Airport
9NE8Brosius Field
9OI8Brothers Aviation Airport
US-2051Brothers Landing Strip
7TS7Broussard Farm Airport
2FL1Broward County Civic Arena Heliport
US-2999Broward Field / Bradley Field
6FD8Broward Health Medical Center Heliport
35IIBrown Airport
US-0718Brown Airstrip
LL12Brown and Lambrecht Heliport
WN95Brown Boy Airport
KGEOBrown County Airport
MU56Brown Field
96TXBrown Field
3SD3Brown Field
9GA0Brown Field
46NCBrown Field
KSDMSDMBrown Field Municipal Airport
81OIBrown Heliport
29ILBrown Heliport
US-2177Brown Landing Strip
US-2117Brown Landing Strip
57TXBrown Ranch Airport
06ALBrown Stagefield Army Heliport
6NC4Brown STOLport
1IA0Brown Truck Sales Airport
7AR4Brown'S Airport
US-5098Brown's Airport / Aero Country Club
4WA1Brown's Cape Horn Airport
CO63Brown's Fort Heliport
US-0338Brown's Homestead Airport
41VABrown's Island Heliport
OH14Brown's Lakeside Landings Airport
6MN2Brown's Private Airport
TX63Brownfield Regional Medical Center Heliport
US-5669Brownies Lebanon Airport
OR75Brownlee Heliport
US-3039Brownlow Point Airport
NE69EPGBrowns Airport
US-0068Browns Heliport
32MSBrowns Landing
US-5290Browns Rim Airstrip
MO75Brownsberger Airport
F25Brownsville Airport
PS24Brownsville General Hospital Heliport
KBROBROBrownsville South Padre Island International Airport
KBWDBWDBrownwood Regional Airport
US-3685Brownwood Regional Medical Center Heliport
SC55Broxton Bridge Plantation Airport
PS31Brubaker Heliport
KMBODXEBruce Campbell Field
US-4706Bruce Family Airport
KE30Bruce Field
KU63Bruce Meadows Airport
07ORBruce's Airport
SD35Bruch Airfield
SD24Bruch Ranch Airport
60ABrundidge Municipal Airport
8TS3Bruner Airport
04LLBrunner Airport
05NCBrunswick Community Hospital Heliport
KSUTBrunswick County Airport
KNHZNHZBrunswick Executive Airport
KBQKBQKBrunswick Golden Isles Airport
27NCBrunswick Media Center Heliport
US-5234Brunswick Municipal Airport
KLVLLVLBrunswick Municipal Airport
NR15Brunswick Nuclear Plant Helipad
8IN7Brush Creek Airport
US-5291Brush Creek Airstrip
K7V5Brush Municipal Airport
5WA9Brush Prairie Aerodrome
69XSBrushy Creek Airport
US-2667Brushy Landing Strip
4IL7Brussels Heliport
92MNBrutlag Farms Airport
WN87Bryan Airport
KHWCBryan Airport
US-4981Bryan Field
47NEBryan Lincoln General Hospital Heliport
20NEBryan Memorial Hospital Heliport
PAFRFRNBryant Army Heliport
AL26Bryant Culberson Heliport
KO57Bryant Field
TS03Bryant's Landing Airport
KBCEBCEBryce Canyon Airport
UT26Bryce Woodland Estates Airport
ND09Bryn Airport
51MABSAS #2 Heliport
FA10BSO Public Safety Helistop
70TABTA Heliport
1CN6BTNW PPR Heliport
9TA6Buccaneer Shore Facility Heliport
X36Buchan Airport
56FLBuchanan Airport
KCCRCCRBuchanan Field
US-2992Buchanan Lake Village Airport
MT75Buchanan Ranch Airport
9WI3Buchholz Farm Airport
7ND5Buchmiller Airport
II96Buchta Airport
US-3931Buck Brown Airport
US-1861Buck Canyon Airstrip
AK98Buck Creek Airport
4TN2Buck Creek Ranch Airport
95VABuck Hollar Airport
US-0457Buck Knob Airport
18ARBuck Mountain Airport
US-3876Buckelew Creek Airport
US-3796Buckelew Farm Landing Field
US-3429Bucker Field
TE74Bucker Field
TE39Bucker Field
9OA5Buckeye Executive Airport
KBXKBXKBuckeye Municipal Airport
78BBuckhorn Camps Seaplane Base
PS68Buckingham Airport
US-1237Buckingham County Rescue Squad Heliport
FL59Buckingham Field
PABLBKCBuckland Airport
KBKFBFKBuckley Space Force Base
8K0Bucklin Airport
34TXBuckmaster Heliport
8FD1Buckner Airport
00NBucks Airport
40OHBucks Airport
7XA4Buckshot Ranch Airport
7PS8Bucktail Medical Center Heliport
WN09Bucky's Airpark
OA17Bucyrus Community Hospital Heliport
US-2942Bud Antle Ranch Airport
US-5127Bud Coffee Field
TX05Bud Dryden Airport
24FDBudd Darling Heliport
5MN1Budde Airport
VA86Buddy Davis Field
0TA1Buddy Harmel Airport
9FD9Buddys Ag Service Airport
MD39Buds Ferry Airport
US-0353Buds Field
10WIBuds Landing Airport
1KS8Buehler Airport
54OHBuehler Airport
II03Buell Airport
US-3831Buell Airport
5CT6Buell Farm Ultralightport
WA97Buena Airport
33KSBuena Terra Airport
OA12Buena Vista Farm Airport
US-4525Buena Vista Helipad
US-2429Buenos Aires Airstrip
9G0Buffalo Airfield
1E7Buffalo Airport
TE45Buffalo Chips Airpark
4NC8Buffalo Creek Airport
56NKBuffalo General Hospital Heliport
US-2550Buffalo Hospital Heliport
MN29Buffalo Lake Seaplane Base
KBQRBuffalo Lancaster Regional Airport
KH17Buffalo Municipal Airport
KCFEBuffalo Municipal Airport
KBFKBuffalo Municipal Airport
KBUFBUFBuffalo Niagara International Airport
8VG4Buffalo Ridge Airport
AK35Buffalo Row Heliport
MT16Buffalo Trail Ranch Strip
US-3697Buffalo Valley Intermediate Field
35GABuford Precinct Heliport
8TA8Bufords Field
US-3872Bug Heaven Airfield
PA68Bugs Airport
15INBugtown Airport
KU03Buhl Municipal Airport
9NR8Buie Field
OH13Bulick Field
CO83Bulk Mail Center Heliport
VG33Bull Farm Airport
8TN9Bull Run Airport
2WI9Bulldog Ranch Airport
PABUBullen Point Short Range Radar Station Airport
0LS4Buller's Airstrip
PN48Bullfly Ultralightport
KU07BFGBullfrog Basin Airport
US-4246Bullfrog Creek Airstrip
US-1374Bullhead City Airport
45TSBullhead Heliport
US-4724Bullion Wash Targeting Airstrip
US-5246Bullis Gap Ranch Airport
11MABulljump Airport
US-2130Bullocks Building Helipad
US-0180Bullwhacker Airport
22NRBully Field
2AR0Bully Henry Airport
C56Bult Field
1T8Bulverde Airpark
9NY0Bumblebee Heliport
US-3634Bumpy Airstrip
WY15Bunch Grass Intergalactic Airport
VA18Bundoran Airport
US-1421Bundy Olympic Helipad
81NEBunger Field
2LA4Bunkie Flying Service Airport
LA18Bunkie General Hospital Heliport
K2R6Bunkie Municipal Airport
US-0898Bunn Airport
4MD1Bunting's Field
US-3974Burch Ranch Airport
US-5694Burchard Farms Airport
61WABurden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport
US-4294Burdette / Dycer Airport
26NJBurdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital Heliport
2OK0Burford Corp. Airport
30TXBurg Lake Aero Airport
58KSBurger's Valley Airport
8MD6Burgess Field
2IA8Burgess Health Center Heliport
50MIBurgess Lake Seaplane Base
US-4415Burgher Ranch Airport
3MD0Burhans Memorial Airport
4MN7Burk Airport
34IIBurk Personal Use Airport
US-5016Burkburnett Airport
KBXGBurke County Airport
2GE1Burke County Hospital Heliport
1SD1Burke Field
0CT4Burke Heliport
4MA0Burke Heliport
SD58Burke Hospital Heliport
KBKLBKLBurke Lakefront Airport
US-2450Burke Ranch Landing Strip
II53Burke's Airport
TN70Burkeen Field
VA07Burkes Garden Airport
3NE6Burkinshaw Field
US-21PNBurle-Lancaster Heliport
33TSBurleson County Hospital Heliport
KBYIBYIBurley Municipal Airport
KBUYBurlington Alamance Regional Airport
NJ15Burlington Generating Station Heliport
KBTVBTVBurlington International Airport
KBUUBurlington Municipal Airport
US-4344Burner Farm Airport
KBMQBurnet Municipal Kate Craddock Field
KRZNBurnett County Airport
WI59Burnett General Hospital Heliport
59TNBurnett Heliport
WN15Burnett Landing Airport
MS54Burney Farms Airport
34CLBurney Service Center Heliport
CA01Burney Sheriff's Station Heliport
6CO1Burnham Field
US-1575Burnham Trading Post Landing Strip
AR17Burns Aerodrome
AR75Burns Funeral Home Parking Lot Heliport
2II5Burns International Harbor Heliport
KBNOBNOBurns Municipal Airport
LS62Burns Point Plant Heliport
70VABurnt Chimney Airport
US-3978Burnt Corral Meadows Private Airstrip
US-3461Burnt Flat Landing Strip
WN74Burnt Ridge Airstrip
US-3410Burnt Ridge Nursery Airstrip
8FL9Burnt Store Road Heliport
US-4184Burntfork Airport
US-3446Burntfork Landing Strip
FL43Burntwood Ranch Airport
9OA6Burr Oak Lodge Heliport
US-2981Burr Pass Airstrip
US-2980Burr Point Airstrip
K27Burrello-Mechanicville Airport
XS30Burress Airport
OR97Burrill Airport
NM14Burris E Ranch Airport
NM13Burris E Station Airport
55NMBurris Ranch #1 Airport
2TE6Burris Ranch Airport
3CA0Burroughs Heliport
14FABurrs Strip
4KS8Bursch Private Airport
IL45Busboom Airport
0LL5Busboom RLA Restricted Landing Area
AA09Busch Creek Airport
MN30Busch's Fish Lake Seaplane Base
6VA9Bush Airport
MN57Bush Field
OI64Bush Field
US-3696Bush-Leland Airport
87ILBushby RLA Restricted Landing Area
5OR2Bushnell Airport
1AL7Business Center of Alabama Heliport
IS13Bussart Airport
6KS4Bussen Airport
44MOButch's Strip STOLport
4KS7Butler Airpark
11TXButler Airport
WY19Butler Airport
6AK3Butler Aviation Airport
KHAOHAOButler Co Regional Airport - Hogan Field
3G9Butler Farm Show Airport
US-2378Butler Field
IN46Butler Field
8IL3Butler Hill Restricted Landing Area
KBUMBUMButler Memorial Airport
PA41Butler Memorial Hospital Heliport
K6A1Butler Municipal Airport
US-5292Butler Wash at Poison Spring Canyon Airstrip
K09AButler-Choctaw County Airport
BUTLButlerville Field
84UButte Aero Heliport
CL90Butte Creek Hog Ranch Airport
AK1Butte Municipal Airport
KA32Butte Valley Airport
7N8Butter Valley Golf Port Airport
US-2569Butterfield Ranch Private Airstrip
US-2313Butterfield Trail Airport
US-1685Butterfly Cienega Helispot
US-1678Buttermilk Slough Landing Strip
7NY2Butterville Airport
SN67Button Airport
US-3852Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Airport
KFCSFCSButts AAF (Fort Carson) Air Field
PA27Butz Heliport
0TE3Buzz Field
US-5469Buzzard Creek Airstrip
76KYBuzzard's Roost Airport
PA18Buzzards Field
WV61Buzzards Gap Ultralightport
BZSBZSBuzzards Point Seaplane Base
O18Buzzards Roost Airport
1WI7Buzzards Roost Airport
92MEBuzzport Airport
ME89Buzzy's Field
97OGBybee Field
K0M8Byerley Airport
US-4101Byington Ranch Airport
63XSByram Ranch Airport
5FL4Byrd Air Field
46VAByrd Creek Airport
SC48Byrd Field
LA29Byrd Regional Hospital Heliport
US-0042Byrd's Backcountry Airstrip
0IN5Byrne Field
GA63Byromville Aerodrome
2NY4Byron Airpark
21NEByron Airport
KC83Byron Airport
US-3614Byron Airport (1955)
US-3613Byron Hot Springs Airport
5XS9Byrt Airport
AZ19C & L Ranch Ultralightport
1GE2C & W Air Park
PN13C & W Milliron Flying Field
ME49C A Dean Memorial Hospital Heliport
8NE9C A M P Airport
NJ94C and T Helistop
95OIC C A Heliport
LL32C D Maulding Airport
KCRSCRSC David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport
K3F3C E 'Rusty' Williams Airport
WI56C Jeidy Farms Airport
TS20C Lazy T Ranch Airport
9MI0C M H S Heliport
CT21C N Flagg Heliport
78GAC&R Farm Airport
78OIC-P-C Parma Heliport
K19MC. A. Moore Airport
AR31C. Andrew Laird Heliport
2WS3C. R. Acres Airport
II43C. V. Airport
PS57C.C. Hospital Heliport
9OH3C.C.A. Heliport
MU02C.E.F. Airport
4PN8C.J.K. Airport
NH42C.S.S. Heliport
78AKC.T.S. Airport
US-4576C2K Airport
NV98Caas Airport
KNGWCabaniss Field Naval Outlying Landing Field
WV27Cabell Huntington Hospital Heliport
97MTCabin Creek Landing Airport
I08Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airport
47TNCabin Pad Heliport
KCCBCCBCable Airport
96ORCable Creek Ranch Airport
K3CUCable Union Airport
6JY8Cablevision Bethpage Heliport
KTVBCabool Memorial Airport
US-4345Cabrito Airport
US-1684Cache Cienega Helispot
US-1709Cache Creek Airport
WI19Cacic Airport
2E8Cackleberry Airport
29TACactus Hill Airport
US-4302Caddo Airport
LS90Caddo Detention Center Airport
K7F3Caddo Mills Municipal Airport
US-3821Cade Auxiliary Army Airfield
TX97Cade Field
0OK8Cade's Airport
CA90Cadiz Airstrip
0IS3Cady Aerial RLA Restricted Landing Area
2OH9Caesar Creek Soaring Club Gliderport
00GECaffrey Heliport
LA74Cagc Berwick Heliport
LA78Cagc Dock Heliport
6LA7Cagc Freshwater Terminal Heliport
7TE2Cage Ranch Airport
99IDCAHC Emergency Heliport
03MOCahoochie Airport
US-4547Cahoots Airport
LS26Caillou Island Heliport
38CCain Field
28MTCain Ranch Airport
WS72Cain's Field
US-4243Caineville Airport
8KY6Caintuckee Airport
KOZROZRCairns AAF (Fort Rucker) Air Field
PA64Cairnwood Heliport
K70JCairo Grady County Airport
KCIRCIRCairo Regional Airport
US-5293Cajon Mesa Airstrip
4XS9Cajun Hills Ranch Airport
US-4333Cal Acres Airport
KU96Cal Black Memorial Airport
US-3155Cal Fire Academy Heliport
US-3104Cal Fire Alma Helitack Base
US-3111Cal Fire Bear Valley Helitack Base
US-3110Cal Fire Bieber Helitack Base
US-3109Cal Fire Boggs Mountain Helitack Base
US-3108Cal Fire Howard Forest Helitack Base
US-3106Cal Fire Kneeland Helitack Base
US-3102Cal Fire Prado Helitack Base
US-2570Cal Fire San Diego Puerta La Cruz Helipad
US-3103Cal Fire Vina Helitack Base
1LS0Cal Mire Field
US-0935Calais Regional Hospital Heliport
KCPUCalaveras Co Maury Rasmussen Field
US-5033Calaveras Power Station Helipad
US-1548Calcasieu Coast Guard Station Airstrip
7MN3Caldbeck Field
54IICaldwell Field
KEULCaldwell Industrial Airport
KRWVCaldwell Municipal Airport
01KCaldwell Municipal Airport
KF86Caldwell Parish Airport
24GACaleb Heliport
KCDALLXCaledonia County Airport
90NRCaledonia Tactical Landing Zones Heliport
KCXLCXLCalexico International Airport
US-3635Calexico North Airfield
5V4Calhan Airport
KPKVCalhoun County Airport
K04MCalhoun County Airport
F95Calhoun County Airport
68GACalhoun Heliport
36LLCalhoun Medical Center Heliport
FD60Calhoun Sheriff's Heliport
SD03Calico Field
US-3605Calico Ranch Airport
K37TCalico Rock Izard County Airport
US-3698Caliente Flight Strip
KL71California City Municipal Airport
60CLCalifornia Highway Patrol Academy Airport
US-5753California Highway Patrol Academy Heliport
61CNCalifornia Highway Patrol Headquarters Helipad
9CA5California Mart Heliport
KA24California Pines Airport
US-2344California Polytechnic State University Airport
US-2586California Professional Center Helipad
KACVACVCalifornia Redwood Coast-Humboldt County International Airport
1CA5California Title Building Heliport
US-2762California Valley Airport
US-1754Californian on Wilshire Helipad
US-2412Calimesa Airport
US-2381Calistoga Gliderport
1WA3Calkins Equipment Company Heliport
41CCalkins Field