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Aerodrome listing for Uzbekistan

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

UZ-0001Aim Southeast Airport
UZ-0002Ak Kurgan Airport
UZ-0060Alhi Airport
UTKAAZNAndizhan Airport
UZ-0004Andizhan Northeast Airport
UZ-0061Aradzhi Airport
UZ-0062Aravan Northeast Airport
UZ-0017Atakent Airport
UZ-0063Bakht Southeast Airport
UZ-0005Balykchi Southwest Airport
UZ-0064Bayaut Pervyy West Airport
UZ-0003Beleuli North Airport
UZ-0065Beruni Airport
UZ-0006Besh Kotan Airport
UTSBBHKBukhara International Airport
UZ-0066Chambel Airport
UZ-0007Charkhin Airport
UZ-0008Chartak Airport
UZ-0067Chim Airport
UZ-0068Chimkurgan Airport
UZ-0069Chimkurgan Northwest Airport
UZ-0009Chinaz Highway Airstrip
UA66Chirchik Airport
UZ-0070Daul Airport
UZ-0071Denau Airport
UZ-0072Denau Southwest Airport
UZ-0073Dimitrovskoye Airport
UZ-0074Dustlik East Airport
UZ-0010Dustlik North Airport
UZ-0075Dustlik Northeast Airport
UZ-0076Dustlik Southeast Airport
UZ-0011Dutyr Airport
UZ-0013Dzhar-Tepe Airport
UZ-0077Dzharkurgan East Airport
UZ-0078Faizabad Airport
UTKFFEGFergana International Airport
UZ-0014Fergana Southwest Airport
UZ-0015Galyabita East Airport
UZ-0079Gilyambor Airport
UZ-0080Golodnaya Step Southeast Airport
UZ-0081Gulistan North Airport
UZ-0016Guzar Airport
UZ-0018Ilich North Airport
UZ-0082Imeni Chkalova Airport
UZ-0019Imeni Kirova Airport
UZ-0083Irdzharskaya Northwest Airport
UZ-0084Irdzharskaya West Airport
UZ-0085Isat Airport
UZ-0086Isbaskent Airport
UZ-0087Ishbulak North Airport
UT1PKagan South Airport
UZ-0088Kairma Airport
UT1MKakaydy Airport
UZ-0020Kalinovka / Angren Airport
UZ-0021Kamashi Airport
UZ-0022Kara Kalpak Airport
UZ-0090Karadarya East Airport
UZ-0091Karakoy Airport
UZ-0089Karakoy Southeast Airport
UZ-0092Karakoy Southwest Airport
UZ-0093Karakul Airport
UTSKKSQKarshi Airport
UZ-0094Karshi East Airport
UTSLKarshi-Khanabad Air Base
UZ-0095Karyz Airport
UZ-0096Kasan Southwest Airport
UZ-0097Kattakurgan East Airport
UZ-0098Kattaming Airport
UZ-0023Kayki Airport
UZ-0099Kazakly Baudark Airport
UZ-0100Khatyrchi Northwest Airport
UZ-0101Khavast Airport
UZ-0102Kilab Northwest Airport
UZ-0103Kilab Southeast Airport
UZ-0104Kishiseit East Airport
UZ-0105Kishiseit Northeast Airport
UZ-0106Kodzhar Southwest Airport
UTKKKokand Airport
UZ-0107Kokand North Airport
UZ-0024Kokand South Airport
UZ-0025Kokand Southeast Airport
UZ-0108Kolodets Sari Bel West Airport
UZ-0148Komsomolsk-na-Ustyurte Airport
UZ-0026Kosh Rabat Airport
UZ-0109Kukaral Sedmoy Airport
UZ-0027Kumushkent Airport
UZ-UT77Kungirot Airport
UZ-0012Kunkhodzha Airport
UZ-0028Kuva Southeast Airport
UZ-0029Kuva West Airport
UZ-0110Kuvacha Airport
UZ-0111Kuvasay North Airport
UZ-0112Malekskaya Airport
UZ-0113Margelan Airport
UZ-0114Matlha Airport
UZ-UT73Maymanak Airport
UZ-0115Mitan Airport
UZ-0030Muglan Airport
UZ-0031Muruntau Southeast Airport
UTNMMuynak Airport
UZ-0116Nadezhdinskoye Airport
UZ-0117Namagan Southwest Airport
UTKNNMANamangan Airport
UZ-0032Namangan Northeast Airport
UZ-0033Naubag Airport
UZ-0118Naukent Airport
UTSANVINavoi Airport
UZ-0034Nishan Airport
UTNNNCUNukus Airport
UZ-0035Nukus South Airport
UZ-0036Obi Kiik Airport
UZ-0149Oktyabrskoye Airstrip
UZ-0037Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya Airport
UZ-0038Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya Southwest Airport
UT1QPakhtakor Airport
UZ-0039Pap Airport
UZ-0119Pap East Airport
UZ-0040Payark Airport
UZ-0120Put'k Sotsialismu Airport
UTSSSKDSamarkand Airport
UTSRSariasiya Airport
UZ-0041Saybui Airport
UZ-0121Shabskiy North Airport
UZ-0122Shakhrikhan South Airport
UZ-0123Shakhrikhan West Airport
UTSHShakhristabz Airport
UZ-0124Shakhristabz Southwest Airport
UZ-0125Shamaldy Say Southeast Airport
UZ-0126Shamenay Airport
UZ-0042Shirabad Northeast Airport
UZ-0043Shur Ob East Airport
UZ-0044Shurchi North Airport
UZ-0127Shurchi West Airport
UZ-0128Siyazy/Pa Yan Airport
UZ-0045Soldatskiy Southeast Airport
UZ-0129Srentenka Airport
UZ-0046Statsiya Yakkabag Airport
UTSNAFSSugraly Airport
UZ-0130Surkhany Airport
UZ-0131Syrdar Northwest Airport
UZ-0047Syrdaya Airport
UZ-0048Syrdaya Highway Southwest Airstrip
UZ-0049Tallimarjon Airport
UTSMTandy Bulak Airport
UZ-0050Tardzhilga Airport
UZ-0051Tashkent Angor Airport
UTTPTashkent East Airport
UTTTTASTashkent International Airport
UZ-0146Tashkent Sergeli Airport
UTSTTMJTermez Airport
UZ-0052Termez East Airport
UZ-0132Tmeni Telmana Airport
UZ-0147Tomar Ozek Airport
UZ-0053Toy Tepa Airport
UTNTTurtkul Airport
UTSUUchkuduk Airport
UZ-0054Uchkurgan Southeast Airport
UZ-0055Udurgi Airport
UZ-0133Ulmas Airport
UTNUUGCUrgench Airport
UZ-0056Uychi Southeast Airport
UZ-0134Uzunkuduk Airport
UZ-0135Yakkatu Airport
UZ-0136Yangi Aryn Airport
UZ-0137Yangi Kurgan Airport
UZ-0138Yangi Yul Airport
UZ-0057Yangi-Kent Airport
UZ-0139Yangiabad East Airport
UZ-0140Yangiabad Northwest Airport
UZ-0141Yangikishiak Airport
UZ-0142Yangikurgan / Akdaya Airport
UZ-0143Yangiturmysh Airport
UZ-0058Yaypan Northeast Airport
UZ-0144Yerzhar Southwest Airport
UZ-0059Zar Chob Airport
UZ-0145Zolotaya Orda Airport

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