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Aerodrome listing for Vietnam

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data extracted from the database for the specified country.

VN-0006??o Nam Y?t (Namyit Island) Helipad
VN-0009??o Phan Vinh (Pearson Reef B) Helipad
VN-0005??o Tr??ng Sa (Spratly Island) Airport
VN-0008? L?n (Discovery Great Reef) Helipad
VN-0007? Ty (West London Reef) Helipad
VN-0003Bach Mai Airfield
VV02Bien Hoa Air Base
VVBMBMVBuon Ma Thuot Airport
VVCMCAHC Mau Airport
VVCLCam Ly Airport
VVCRCXRCam Ranh International Airport / Cam Ranh Air Base
VVCTVCACan Tho International Airport
VVCIHPHCat Bi International Airport
VN-0014Central Pediatric Institute Helipad
VVCAVCLChu Lai Airport
VVCSVCSCon Dao Airport
VVDNDADDa Nang International Airport
VVDBDINDien Bien Phu Airport
VN-0001VDHDong Hoi Airport
VVTHTBBDong Tac Airport
VN-0002Duc My Airstrip
VVGLGia Lam Air Base
VV03Haiphong Kien An Airport
VN-0017Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower Helipad
VN-0015Keangnam Tower A Helipad
VN-0016Keangnam Tower B Helipad
VVKPKep Air Base
VN-KONKONKontum Airport
VVDLDLILien Khuong Airport
VN-0018Long Thanh International Airport (under construction)
XLOXLOLong Xuyn Airport
VN-0012N??c M?n (Marble Mountain) Air Facility
VN-0011N?m C?n Heliport
VVNSSQHNa-San Airport
VVNTNHANha Trang Air Base
HOOHOONhon Co Airfield
VVNBHANNoi Bai International Airport
VVPRPHAPhan Rang Airport
VVPTPHHPhan Thiet Airport
VVPBHUIPhu Bai International Airport
VVPCUIHPhu Cat Airport
VN-0010Phu Quoc Airport
VVPQPQCPhu Quoc International Airport
VVPKPXUPleiku Airport
XNGXNGQu?ng Ngi Airfield
VVRGVKGRach Gia Airport
VN-0013Red Beach Airfield
SOASOASc Tr?ng Airport
VVTSSGNTan Son Nhat International Airport
VVTXTHDTho Xuan Airport
VVVDVDOVan Don International Airport
VVVHVIIVinh Airport
XVLXVLVinh Long Airfield
VVVTVTGVung Tau Airport
VN-0004Yn Bi Air Base

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