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Aerodrome listing for Zambia

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

FLCSChinsali Airport
FLCPCIPChipata Airport
ZM-0009Chisamba Airport
ZM-0013Chiwala Airport
FLCCChocha Airport
FLCHChoma Airport
FLCUChunga Airport
ZM-0022D181 Airport
FLEHEast Eight Airport
FLEEEast Five Airport
FLEDEast Four Airport
FLEAEast One Airport
FLEGEast Seven Airport
FLEFEast Six Airport
FLECEast Three Airport
FLEBEast Two Airport
FLLILVIHarry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport
FLIKIsoka Airport
FLJKJEKJeki Airport
FLPOKabompo Airport
ZM-0007Kafue Airport
FLKLKLBKalabo Airport
FLKGKalengwa Airport
FLLOKalomo Airport
ZM-0011Kamilonga Airport
ZM-0019Kamwe Airport
ZM-0020Kamwe West Airport
FLKJKanja Airport
FLKUKanyau Airport
FLKOKMZKaoma Airport
ZM-0015Karubwe Airport
FLKYZKBKasaba Bay Airport
FLKSKAAKasama Airport
FLPAKasempa Airport
ZM-0017Kashikishi Airport
FLKECGJKasompe Airport
ZM-0025Katemo Airport
FLATKatete Airport
FLKBKawambwa Airport
FLLSLUNKenneth Kaunda International Airport
ZM-0001Lilayi Airport
ZM-0012Liteta Airport
ZM-0021Lochinvar Airport
ZM-0028Loloma Airstrip
ZM-0003Luangwa Airport
FLLALuanshya Zambia Airport
ZM-0023Lufupa Lodge Airstrip
FLLKLXULukulu Airport
FLKZLukuzi Airport
FLLDLundazi Airport
FLLCLusaka City Airport
FLLGLuwingu Airport
FLMBMaamba Airport
ZM-0006Macha Airport
ZM-0024Majuaneti Airport
FLMAMNSMansa Airport
FLMZMazabuka Airport
FLBAMMQMbala Airport
FLMFMFUMfuwe Airport
FLKWMilliken Airport
FLMKMkushi Airport
FLMGMNRMongu Airport
FLMOMonze Airport
FLMPMpika Airport
ZM-0014Mpongwe Airport
FLPKMporokoso Airport
FLMLMufulira Airport
ZM-0027Mufumbwe Airstrip
FLMUMulobezi Airport
FLMWMwinilunga Airport
ZM-0018Nakambala Airport
FLNLNamwala Airport
ZM-0008Nega Nega Airport
FLNAZGMNgoma Airport
FLNYNyimba Airport
FLPEPetauke Airport
FLRORosa Airport
FLRZRYLRoyal Zambesi Lodge Airstrip
FLRURufansa Airport
FLSJSakeji Airport
FLYASamfya Airport
ZM-0010Sandwe Airport
FLSNSXGSenanga Airport
FLSESerenje Airport
FLSSSJQSesheke Airport
FLSHShiwa n'gandu Airport
ZM-0016Silver Rest Airport
FLNDNLASimon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport
ZM-0026Simonga Airport
ZM-0004Sinazongwe Airport
FLSWSLISolwesi Airport
FLSOKIWSouthdowns Airport
ZM-0005Stakota Airport
FLWWWaka Waka Airport
FLWEWest Five Airport
FLWDWest Four Airport
FLWAWest One Airport
FLWGWest Seven Airport
FLWFWest Six Airport
FLWCWest Three Airport
FLWBWest Two Airport
FLZBBBZZambezi Airport

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