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Aerodrome listing for Zimbabwe

The following list, contains all the aerodrome data queried from the database for the specified country.

ZW-0049(Old) Rusape Airport
FVABAberdeen Airport
FVLKAirport of Linkwasha
FVRBBarberton Lodge Airfield
FVBBBeitbridge Airport
ZW-0010Belingwe Airport
FVBIBinga Airport
ZW-0005Boli Airport
FVBOBosbury Airport
FVAEBraebourne Airport
ZW-0004Bridge Camp Airstrip
FVCZBFOBuffalo Range Airport
FVBMBZHBumi Airport
FVCCC.C. Strip
FVCMCam+Motor Airport
FVCECelina Airport
FVCNCentenary Airport
ZW-0024Chapoto Road Airstrip
FVCPCharles Prince Airport
ZW-0016Chete Airport
ZW-0032Chewonde Airport
ZW-0028Chewore Lodge Airstrip
ZW-0020Chigwell Airport
ZW-0029Chikwenya Game Lodge Airstrip
ZW-0048Chinyike Mine Heliport
FVCHCHJChipinge Airport
ZW-0038Chipinge Farm Airstrip
FVCDChirundu Airport
FVCVChivu Airport
FVCRChizarira Airport
ZW-0046Dandawa Airstrip
FVDADawsons Airport
FVDEDeka Airport
ZW-0022Dorowa Airport
FVDUDudley Airport
FVEDEduan Airport
FVFIFilabusi Airport
FVFGFothergill Airport
FVGGGachegache Airport
FVGTGaths Mine Airport
FVGOGokwe Airport
ZW-0035Gokwe North Airport
FVGBGombera Airport
FVGRGrand Reef Airport
FVGDGwanda Airport
FVGWGweru Airport
FVHYHippo Valley Airport
FVHPHome Park Airport
ZW-0031Honde Valley Airport
ZW-0021Hot Springs Airport
ZW-0011Hwali Airport
FVWTWKIHwange (Town) Airport
FVMCHwange Main Camp Airfield
FVWNHWNHwange National Park Airport
FVIPImpinge Airport
FVINInduna Airport
FVYTInyati Airport
FVITItafa Airport
FVBUBUQJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport
ZW-0025Kanyemba Airport
FVKBKABKariba International Airport
FVKZKezi Airport
FVRIKipling's Rukari Airstrip
FVOTKotwa Airport
ZW-0040Kwaraguza Airport
FVKKKwekwe Airport
FV76Kwekwe East Airport
ZW-0017Lake Kariba Airport
FVLALangford Airport
FVLSLonestar Airfield
FVLGLonguiel Airport
ZW-0013Lupane Airport
FVLULusulu Airport
FVBLMabalauta Airport
FVMFMabikwa Airport
FVMHMJWMahenye Airport
ZW-0007Makado Airport
ZW-0044Makuti Airstrip
ZW-0006Malipati Airport
FVMNMana Pools Airport
ZW-0041Mana West
ZW-0019Manjolo Airport
FVMAMarondera Airport
ZW-0015Maronga Airport
FVMBMashumbi Airport
FVMVMVZMasvingo International Airport
ZW-0001Matetsi Airport
FV77Mhangura Airport
FVMSMiddle Sabi Airport
FVMKMkonono Airport
FVKWMkwasine Airport
FVMLMlibizi Airstrip
FVMDMount Darwin Airport
ZW-0026Mucumbura River Airport
FVMWMurewa Airport
FVMUUTAMutare Airport
FVMTMutoko Airport
ZW-0027Mwanja River Airport
ZW-0012Mwenezi Airport
ZW-0014Nkayi Airport
FVNYNyanyadzi Airport
ZW-0043Pandamatenga East Airstrip
ZW-0023Peoza Pasi Airstrip
FVPLPlumtree Airport
FVRARatelshoek Airport
ZW-0036Renco Airport
FVRERenroc Airport
FVRFRifa Airstrip
FVHAHRERobert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport
ZW-0045Robins Airstrip
ZW-0030Rukomeshe Research Station Airstrip
ZW-0037Rupangwana Airport
ZW-0047Rusape South Airport
FVRTRutenga Airport
FVSESanyati Estate Airport
FVSCSencol Airport
ZW-0033Sengwa Airport
FVSXSengwa Gorge Airport
ZW-0034Sengwa Research Area Airstrip
ZW-0018Sijarira Lodge Airstrip
ZW-0002Sinamatella Camp Airport
ZW-0042Sipepa Airstrip
FVSYSiyalima Airport
FVSVSpray View Airport
FVSNSun Yet Sen Airport
FVTATashinga Airport
FVTETengwe Airport
FVTLGWEThornhill Air Base
FVTBTiger Bay Airstrip
ZW-0003Tilbury Airport
FVTDTinfields Airport
FVTJTonje Airport
ZW-0008Towla Airport
FVTSTsholothso Airport
FVTUTuli Airport
ZW-0039Turwi River Airstrip
FVFAVFAVictoria Falls International Airport
FVWDWedza Airport
ZW-0009West Nicholson Airport
FVYBYomba Airport
FVZKZaka Airport
FVZCZisco Airport
FVSHZvishavane Airport

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