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Navigation aid listing for Argentina

The following list, contains all the NavAid data queried from the database for the specified country.  

Var. °
NAeroparque NDB375.0 KHzLOW-7.065
PAeroparque Jorge Newbery NDB280.0 KHzMEDIUM-7.041
OPAeroparque Jorge Newbery NDB260.0 KHzMEDIUM-7.025SABE
ARSAlto Rio Senguerr NDB310.0 KHzHIGH9.499SAVR
BCABahia Blanca VOR-DME114.300 MHz090XHIGH-1.187SAZB
CATCatamarca NDB235.0 KHzHIGH-3.211SANC
CATCatamarca VOR-DME114.300 MHz090XHIGH-3.219SANC
NCatamarca NDB282.0 KHzMEDIUM-3.199
ZCataratas Del Igauzu NDB310.0 KHzLOW-14.171
IGUCataratas Del Iguazu VOR-DME114.100 MHz088XHIGH-14.157SARI
ERECeres VOR-DME115.500 MHz102XHIGH-6.203
ITOChilecito VOR116.500 MHzHIGH-1.309SANO
OELChoele Choel VOR-DME113.400 MHz081XHIGH2.088SA29
EPOComandante Espora NDB370.0 KHzHIGH-1.179SAZB
CComandante Espora NDB280.0 KHzLOW-1.191
OCComandante Espora NDB260.0 KHzLOW-1.199
DComodoro Pierrestegui NDB280.0 KHzLOW-9.083
CComodoro Rivadavia NDB280.0 KHzMEDIUM7.302SAVC
OCComodoro Rivadavia NDB260.0 KHzMEDIUM7.266SAVC
CRVComodoro Rivadavia VOR-DME117.500 MHz122XHIGH7.269SAVC
DIAConcordia NDB335.0 KHzHIGH-9.069SAAC
CBACordoba NDB350.0 KHzHIGH-3.287SACO
CBACordoba VOR-DME114.500 MHz092XHIGH-3.300SACO
HCordoba NDB262.0 KHzMEDIUM-3.301
CCorrientes NDB305.0 KHzLOW-10.100SARC
CRRCorrientes VOR-DME115.400 MHz101XHIGH-10.097SARC
ECAEl Calafate VOR-DME114.700 MHz094XHIGH13.319SAWC
ECAEl Calafate NDB385.0 KHzLOW13.323SAWC
PALEl Palomar VOR-DME115.200 MHz099XHIGH-6.526SADP
LEl Palomar NDB315.0 KHzMEDIUM-6.528
DEl Plumerillo NDB395.0 KHzLOW1.312
BIOEl Turbio NDB205.0 KHzHIGH14.197SAWT
BEscuela De Aviacion Militar NDB242.0 KHzLOW-3.218
OLEsquel NDB275.0 KHzLOW8.541SAVE
ESQEsquel VOR-DME117.800 MHz125XHIGH8.558SAVE
LEsquel NDB260.0 KHzLOW8.566
EZEEzeiza VOR-DME116.500 MHz112XHIGH-6.498SAEZ
FFormosa NDB300.0 KHzMEDIUM-11.045
FSAFormosa VOR-DME115.600 MHz103XHIGH-11.057SARF
GBEGeneral Belgrano VOR115.600 MHzHIGH-6.224
GPIGeneral Pico VOR112.200 MHzHIGH-1.368SAZG
GPIGeneral Pico NDB286.0 KHzHIGH-1.360SAZG
GGeneral Pico NDB307.0 KHzLOW-1.355
GNRGeneral Roca NDB275.0 KHzHIGH3.458SAHR
OPGeneral Urquiza NDB330.0 KHzLOW-6.436
PGeneral Urquiza NDB250.0 KHzLOW-6.412
GREGobernador Gregores NDB360.0 KHzHIGH11.202SAWR
YGoya NDB277.0 KHzLOW-9.051
GUAGualeguaychu VOR-DME113.200 MHz079XHIGH-7.443SAAG
JSMJose De San Martin NDB250.0 KHzHIGH9.010SAWS
OJJujuy NDB315.0 KHzLOW-5.448
JJujuy NDB330.0 KHzLOW-5.443
JUJJujuy VOR-DME112.900 MHz076XHIGH-5.442SASJ
NINJunin VOR116.100 MHzHIGH-4.497SAAJ
NINJunin NDB220.0 KHzHIGH-4.494SAAJ
NJunin NDB345.0 KHzLOW-4.501
PTALa Plata NDB250.0 KHzHIGH-7.188SADL
PTALa Plata VOR113.700 MHzHIGH-7.184SADL
LARLa Rioja NDB410.0 KHzHIGH-2.018SANL
LARLa Rioja VOR113.500 MHzHIGH-2.010SANL
LLa Rioja NDB307.0 KHzMEDIUM-2.031
LYELaboulaye VOR116.300 MHzHIGH-2.487SASQ
ITALas Lomitas VOR112.200 MHzHIGH-9.392SATK
MMalargue NDB320.0 KHzMEDIUM3.362
MLGMalargue VOR-DME117.200 MHz119XHIGH3.364SAMM
MDPMar Del Plata VOR-DME116.200 MHz109XHIGH-5.520SAZM
MDPMar Del Plata NDB385.0 KHzHIGH-5.517SAZM
MJZMarcos Juarez VOR114.700 MHzHIGH-4.412SAOM
OZMariano Moreno NDB295.0 KHzLOW-6.458SADJ
ENOMariano Moreno VOR-DME112.900 MHz076XHIGH-6.449SADJ
ZMariano Moreno NDB395.0 KHzLOW-6.452
DOZMendoza VOR-DME114.900 MHz096XHIGH1.304SAME
AMinistro Pistarini NDB237.0 KHzLOW-6.499
OAMinistro Pistarini NDB270.0 KHzLOW-6.492
CMinistro Pistarini NDB305.0 KHzMEDIUM-6.485
OCMinistro Pistarini NDB330.0 KHzMEDIUM-6.453
MCSMonte Caseros VOR-DME113.900 MHz086XHIGH-9.549SARM
NEUNeuquen VOR-DME116.700 MHz114XHIGH4.142SAZN
ORAOran NDB285.0 KHzHIGH-6.537SASO
PARParana VOR-DME116.800 MHz115XHIGH-6.398SAAP
LIBPaso De Los Libres NDB250.0 KHzHIGH-10.353SARL
LPaso De Los Libres NDB325.0 KHzMEDIUM-10.356
PEHPehuajo NDB265.0 KHzHIGH-3.156SAZP
PTMPerito Moreno NDB335.0 KHzHIGH10.474SAWP
PPosadas NDB307.0 KHzMEDIUM-12.302
POSPosadas VOR-DME114.900 MHz096XHIGH-12.307SARP
PSPPresidencia Roque Saenz Pena NDB205.0 KHzHIGH-8.561
ONPresidente Peron NDB332.0 KHzMEDIUM4.197SAZN
NPresidente Peron NDB307.0 KHzLOW4.160SAZN
ADOPuerto Deseado NDB210.0 KHzHIGH7.234SAWD
PDIPunta Indio VOR-DME114.100 MHz088XHIGH-7.386SAAI
PDIPunta Indio NDB325.0 KHzHIGH-7.367SAAI
ILMQuilmes NDB210.0 KHzHIGH-7.092SADQ
AReconquista NDB242.0 KHzLOW-8.350
RTAReconquista VOR-DME117.100 MHz118XHIGH-8.364SATR
SISResistancia NDB285.0 KHzMEDIUM-9.531
SISResistencia VOR-DME115.100 MHz098XHIGH-9.541SARE
NResistencia NDB262.0 KHzMEDIUM-9.553
RRio Cuarto NDB305.0 KHzLOW-2.306
TRCRio Cuarto VOR114.200 MHzHIGH-2.318SAOC
ORRio Cuarto NDB322.0 KHzLOW-2.270
GALRio Gallegos VOR-DME116.700 MHz114XHIGH12.125SAWG
GALRio Gallegos NDB330.0 KHzHIGH12.112SAWG
GRio Gallegos NDB255.0 KHzLOW12.102SAWG
PRio Grande NDB265.0 KHzMEDIUM12.125SAWE
GRARio Grande NDB365.0 KHzHIGH12.145SAWE
GRARio Grande VOR-DME117.300 MHz120XHIGH12.133SAWE
RMYRio Mayo NDB290.0 KHzHIGH9.461SAWM
FRosario NDB305.0 KHzMEDIUM-5.511
ROSRosario VOR-DME117.300 MHz120XHIGH-5.508SAAR
LSalta NDB305.0 KHzMEDIUM-5.112SASA
SALSalta VOR-DME116.700 MHz114XHIGH-5.122SASA
OLSalta NDB340.0 KHzLOW-5.079
SNTSan Antonio De Areco VOR-DME117.700 MHz124XHIGH-6.215SAAA
SNTSan Antonio De Areco NDB340.0 KHzHIGH-6.185SAAA
SANSan Antonio Oeste NDB220.0 KHzMEDIUM2.299SAVN
BSan Carlos De Bariloche NDB305.0 KHzMEDIUM8.034
OBSan Carlos De Bariloche NDB330.0 KHzMEDIUM8.063
BARSan Carlos De Bariloche VOR-DME117.400 MHz121XHIGH8.037SAZS
FDOSan Fernando VOR-DME114.400 MHz091XHIGH-6.595SADF
JUASan Juan VOR-DME113.100 MHz078XHIGH0.316SANU
JSan Juan NDB305.0 KHzMEDIUM0.307
SJUSan Julian VOR-DME117.700 MHz124XHIGH9.479SAWJ
UISSan Luis VOR116.000 MHzHIGH-0.296SAOU
USan Luis NDB307.0 KHzLOW-0.284
CHPSan Martin De Los Andes NDB265.0 KHzHIGH7.272SAZY
CHPSan Martin De Los Andes VOR-DME117.000 MHz117XHIGH7.235SAZY
SRASan Rafael VOR116.900 MHzHIGH2.040SAMR
SCZSanta Cruz NDB245.0 KHzHIGH10.474SAWU
ZSanta Cruz NDB282.0 KHzLOW10.454
OSanta Rosa NDB300.0 KHzMEDIUM-0.380
OSASanta Rosa VOR-DME112.500 MHz072XHIGH-0.378SAZR
SRCSanta Rosa De Conlara VOR-DME117.500 MHz122XHIGH-2.029SAOS
STRSanta Teresita NDB365.0 KHzHIGH-7.277SAZL
DSantiago Del Estero NDB330.0 KHzMEDIUM-5.021
SDESantiago Del Estero VOR114.800 MHzHIGH-5.024SANE
OVSauce Viejo NDB262.0 KHzMEDIUM-6.212SAAV
VSauce Viejo NDB282.0 KHzMEDIUM-6.238
SVOSauce Viejo NDB405.0 KHzHIGH-6.252SAAV
ODTandil NDB300.0 KHzMEDIUM-4.531SAZT
DTandil NDB255.0 KHzMEDIUM-4.510
DILTandil VOR-DME115.900 MHz106XHIGH-4.503SAZT
TARTartagal NDB210.0 KHzHIGH-7.317SAST
ATartagal NDB415.0 KHzLOW-7.328
OUTeniente Benjamin Matienzo NDB322.0 KHzLOW-4.408
TTrelew NDB280.0 KHzMEDIUM4.079
TRETrelew VOR-DME115.100 MHz098XHIGH4.084SAVT
TUCTucuman VOR-DME114.100 MHz088XHIGH-4.433SANT
USUUshuaia VOR113.700 MHzHIGH13.115SAWH
VViedma NDB305.0 KHzLOW0.460
VIEViedma VOR117.100 MHzHIGH0.448SAVV
VIEViedma NDB275.0 KHzHIGH0.450SAVV
LDRVilla Dolores NDB310.0 KHzHIGH-2.180SAOD
GESVilla Gesell NDB242.0 KHzHIGH-6.458SAZV
WVilla Reynolds NDB237.0 KHzLOW-1.082
RYDVilla Reynolds NDB335.0 KHzHIGH-1.094SAOR
RYDVilla Reynolds VOR-DME115.700 MHz104XHIGH-1.095SAOR
VVilla Reynolds NDB295.0 KHzMEDIUM-1.083

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