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Navigation aid listing for Ukraine

The following list, contains all the NavAid data queried from the database for the specified country.  

Var. °
ALAlushta NDB384.0 KHzHIGH5.357
OAntonov NDB286.0 KHzLOW6.146UKKM
LCAntonov NDB534.0 KHzLOW6.149UKKM
CAntonov NDB257.0 KHzMEDIUM6.148UKKM
GOAntonov NDB590.0 KHzLOW6.145UKKM
AUAuly NDB108.0 KHzHIGH6.333
BBBibrka NDB432.0 KHzHIGH4.461
BOBohdanivka NDB1290HIGH6.200
IBoryspil NDB640.0 KHzLOW6.203
KEBoryspil NDB825.0 KHzLOW6.187UKBB
NOBoryspil NDB310.0 KHzLOW6.190UKBB
OBoryspil NDB640.0 KHzLOW6.195
BRPBoryspil VOR-DME115.900 MHz106XHIGH6.190UKBB
BIBoryspil NDB310.0 KHzLOW6.208UKBB
EBoryspil NDB405.0 KHzLOW6.191
BBoryspil NDB405.0 KHzLOW6.199
KBBoryspil NDB825.0 KHzLOW6.203UKBB
CKCherkasy NDB345.0 KHzLOW6.193UKKE
CCherkasy NDB705.0 KHzLOW6.190UKKE
KCherkasy NDB705.0 KHzLOW6.192UKKE
CCCherkasy NDB345.0 KHzLOW6.189UKKE
CHCherniakhiv NDB525.0 KHzHIGH5.533
CRChernivtsi NDB805.0 KHzLOW4.540UKLN
RChernivtsi NDB509.0 KHzLOW4.542UKLN
CNChernivtsi NDB805.0 KHzLOW4.540UKLN
NChernivtsi NDB509.0 KHzLOW4.540UKLN
CYChervonyi NDB960.0 KHzHIGH6.218
DWDavydo-Mykilske NDB111.0 KHzLOW7.230
DMDmytrivka NDB690.0 KHzMEDIUM5.517
PDnipropetrovsk NDB687.0 KHzLOW6.356
DRDnipropetrovsk NDB335.0 KHzLOW6.367
DPDnipropetrovsk NDB335.0 KHzLOW6.352
DNPDnipropetrovsk VOR-DME112.500 MHz072XHIGH6.360UKDD
RDnipropetrovsk NDB687.0 KHzLOW6.363
DODobrushyn NDB118.0 KHzHIGH5.363
DKDokuchaievs K NDB120.0 KHzHIGH6.502
DNDonetsk NDB390.0 KHzMEDIUM6.556
NDonetsk NDB795.0 KHzLOW6.559
DODonetsk NDB390.0 KHzMEDIUM6.569
DONDonetsk VOR-DME115.000 MHz097XHIGH6.561UKCC
ODonetsk NDB795.0 KHzLOW6.565
GEHelmiaziv NDB910.0 KHzHIGH6.237
IVFIvano Frankivsk VOR-DME114.200 MHz089XHIGH4.442UKLI
FIvano-Frankovsk NDB598.0 KHzLOW4.445
VIvano-Frankovsk NDB598.0 KHzLOW4.438
IVIvano-Frankovsk NDB290.0 KHzLOW4.434
IFIvano-Frankovsk NDB290.0 KHzLOW4.450
KHKakhovka NDB485.0 KHzHIGH5.568
KPKamenets NDB732.0 KHzMEDIUM5.060
KERKerch DME116.300 MHz110XHIGH6.008UKFK
KHRKharkiv VOR-DME116.500 MHz112XHIGH7.158UKHH
AKharkiv NDB678.0 KHzHIGH7.162UKHH
HRKharkiv NDB330.0 KHzHIGH7.151UKHH
HAKharkiv NDB330.0 KHzHIGH7.166UKHH
RKharkiv NDB678.0 KHzHIGH7.156UKHH
KOKoshany NDB490.0 KHzHIGH6.300
KWKoviahy NDB735.0 KHzHIGH7.076
KRKrabor NDB600.0 KHzHIGH6.029
GRKrasnohrad NDB778.0 KHzHIGH6.571
LSKrasnyi Luch NDB116.0 KHzHIGH7.089
ROKryvyi Rih NDB340.0 KHzLOW6.110
OKryvyi Rih NDB697.0 KHzMEDIUM6.115
KVRKryvyi Rih DME116.000 MHz107XMEDIUM6.120UKDR
GKryvyi Rih NDB697.0 KHzLOW6.122
RGKryvyi Rih NDB340.0 KHzLOW6.126
LELesnik NDB395.0 KHzHIGH5.366
LBLiubymivka NDB670.0 KHzHIGH5.525
ULuhansk NDB617.0 KHzLOW7.171UKCW
GLuhansk NDB617.0 KHzLOW7.175UKCW
LGLuhansk NDB126.0 KHzLOW7.177UKCW
LULuhansk NDB126.0 KHzLOW7.168UKCW
LOLviv NDB315.0 KHzLOW4.429UKLL
OLviv NDB650.0 KHzLOW4.432
LIVLviv VOR-DME115.500 MHz102XHIGH4.432UKLL
VLviv NDB650.0 KHzLOW4.435
LVLviv NDB315.0 KHzLOW4.437UKLL
LILykhacheve NDB430.0 KHzHIGH7.047
MRPMariupol DME116.200 MHz109XMEDIUM6.362UKCM
MOMohyliv Podilskyi NDB406.0 KHzHIGH5.179
IMykolaiv NDB509.0 KHzLOW5.446
KMykolaiv NDB509.0 KHzLOW5.454
NKMykolaiv NDB103.0 KHzLOW5.459
NIMykolaiv NDB103.0 KHzLOW5.441
NMNemyriv NDB106.0 KHzHIGH5.361
NLNikola NDB326.0 KHzHIGH5.332
DOdesa NDB715.0 KHzLOW5.250
EOdesa NDB715.0 KHzLOW5.247
OEOdesa NDB348.0 KHzLOW5.245
ODSOdesa VOR-DME113.950 MHz086YHIGH5.248UKOO
ODOdesa NDB348.0 KHzLOW5.252
PAParutyne NDB905.0 KHzHIGH5.401
PWPavlivka NDB815.0 KHzHIGH6.458
PIPii NDB425.0 KHzHIGH6.156
RSRashivka NDB672.0 KHzHIGH6.539
RWRivne NDB330.0 KHzLOW5.205UKLR
WRivne NDB678.0 KHzLOW5.208
RDRivne NDB330.0 KHzLOW5.211UKLR
SMSemenivka NDB435.0 KHzHIGH7.115
SRSerednie NDB690.0 KHzLOW4.137
SWShepetivka NDB830.0 KHzHIGH5.282
SHShyriaieve NDB389.0 KHzHIGH5.327
FSimferopol NDB285.0 KHzLOW5.376
SNSimferopol NDB588.0 KHzLOW5.364
SFSimferopol NDB588.0 KHzLOW5.381
SMFSimferopol VOR-DME116.600 MHz113XHIGH5.372UKFF
NSimferopol NDB285.0 KHzLOW5.368
SLVSoloviivka VOR-DME113.300 MHzHIGH6.000
SVStebliv NDB617.0 KHzHIGH6.082
TMTomakivka NDB518.0 KHzHIGH6.237UKDE
TPTopchyne NDB643.0 KHzHIGH6.425
TRTrypillia NDB745.0 KHzHIGH6.148
VIVerhnie NDB334.0 KHzHIGH4.237
VINVinnytsia DME114.800 MHz095XMEDIUM5.367
WMVolodymyrets NDB421.0 KHzHIGH5.307
JAYahotyn NDB385.0 KHzHIGH6.297
JLYalta NDB274.0 KHzHIGH5.312
AZaporizhzhia NDB608.0 KHzLOW6.296
ZAZaporizhzhia NDB295.0 KHzLOW6.291
ZPZaporizhzhia NDB295.0 KHzLOW6.310
PZaporizhzhia NDB608.0 KHzLOW6.305
IZhuliany NDB733.0 KHzLOW6.147
ZKZhuliany NDB733.0 KHzLOW7.000
KVZhulyany NDB360.0 KHzLOW6.159UKKK
KIZhulyany NDB360.0 KHzLOW6.142UKKK
ZLZolochiv NDB265.0 KHzHIGH4.559

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