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 Pakistan Aviation - Partial Closure

PakAviation.com 1999-2005 - Site is now Partially closed!

I wish to inform our visitors that after 6 years of development (1999-2005) the PakAviation.com website is now "partially closed", that is, part of the content will no longer be available.

Since it's inception in 1999, the PakAviation online resource has grown exponentially, and has been unparalleled, totalling in excess of 11,000 pages.
 Updating and maintaining such a large project has been a mammoth task which I am unfortunately no longer able to continue.

I hope during the 6 years PakAviation has been running, it has had a positive impact in presenting Pakistan's Aeronautical industry, and that it will have inspired all those who visited!

(Above): Snapshot of the Air Force library of the previous PakAviation.com site. The above library was one of many "Library" sections, each hosting a wealth of inter-related material.
The information and data herein will no longer be updated, and will remain in a "frozen" state, however the content that is currently online will still accessible for an indefinite period.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all who supported the project as well as those who took the time to visit; without these individuals the project would have indeed been a futile effort.

PakAviation.com farewell slideshow....

A farewell slideshow is available for download, it briefly outlines and documents some of the sections and major achievements of the original site.

Wishing you all the Best,

Jamie Alnasir,
Founder PakAviation.com

   Copyright 1998-2020 Jamie Alnasir. All Rights Reserved. Legal Disclaimer