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A Pioneer prooves his Mettle
Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil   Date: 4-Nov-48
Artwork Located:
PAF Academy Risalpur

On 4 November 1948, a PAF Dakota, returning after an air supply paradrop near Skardu, ran into two Indian Air Force Tempests patrolling the area. When Flying Officer M A Dogar, the Dakota's pilot, ignored orders by the fighters to accompany them to the nearest Indian airfield, the Dakota was attacked. The cannon fire killed a crew member, Naik Muhammad Din and wounded Flying Officer jagjivan, the navigator. But the courageous Dogar refused to give- in. Handling the aircraft with great skill, he continued to take evasive action till he managed to enter the narrow mouth of the valley below. He flew down to treetop height and flying along the twisting river escaped to safety. In the painting the Dakota, which has successfully evaded the Tempest leader and is threatened by his No 2 in the distance, is commencing another evasive manoeuvre.

Flying Officer Dogar was later decorated by Khawaja Nazimuddin, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, with the gallantry award of Sitara-i-jurat, the first to be received by an officer of the Pakistan Air Force.

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