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Post-War Reconnaissance
Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil   Date: 10-Oct-65
Artwork Located:
Entrance - Directorate of Plans

No 24 Squadron of the PAF operated the GD/ Martin RB-57Fs, the highly specialised ultra high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Their enormous 122 ft wing span earned them the name of 'Droopies'. The RB-57F could cruise comfortably at 80,000 ft out of the reach of any fighter or SAM of that time. They were in PAF service during the 1965 War and overflew most of the IAF airfields at heights up to 67,000 ft or more. During one of the post-war reconnaissance missions, the 'Droopy' shown in the painting was badly damaged by 3 Russian supplied SA-2 SAMs. The aircraft was hit when it lost some height over Ambala during a turn towards its home base. The fragments of exploding SAMs around the aircraft caused major structural damage and almost knocked out the vertical stabilizer and one of its auxiliary turbojets, which hampered its accurate flight. Despite the intense enemy activity, the skilful handling of the situation both by the pilot and the navigator made it possible for the aircraft to land back at Peshawar. The aircraft skidded along the runway with its nose wheels jammed before it came to a final halt.

The Pilots

Pilot Navigator Squadron Leader Rasheed Meer
Flying Officer Sultan Malik

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