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"The PAF ""Falcons"" Make History"
Size: 12ft x 4ft Oil   Date: 2nd Feburary 1958
Artwork Located:
Air Headquarters Officer's Mess Islamabad

2nd February 1958 was a significant day in the history of aviation as well as that of the Pakistan Air Force. On that day, for the first time a formation of 16 fighters (F-86 Sabres) performed a loop during an air display at Masroor Air Base at Karachi. The painting is partly symbolic, depicting the leading elements of the 16 "Falcons" (their call sign) taking off from the runway at Masroor. In the background is an impression of the 16 Sabres in immaculate formation as they looked after having joined up, climbing vertically for a loop. The team was led by the renowned fighter pilot and wartime leader of the Air Force, Wing Commander M Z Masud, who was later awarded Hilal-e-Jurat in the 1965 War.

The Team

Wing Commander M Z Masud
Squadron Leader Nazir Latif
Squadron Leader S U Khan Ghulam Haider
Squadron Leader S M Ahmad Aftab
Squadron Leader Ahmad M Sadruddin
Flight Lieutenant Sajjad Haider
Flight Lieutenant A U Ahmad
Flight Lieutenant Hameed Anwar
Flight Lieutenant Muniruddin Ahmad
Flight Lieutenant M Arshad
Flight Lieutenant Jamal A Khan
Flight Lieutenant A M K Lodhie
Flight Lieutenant Wiqar Azirn
Flight Lieutenant M L Middlecoat

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