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Joint Services Operation
Size: 3ft x 8ft Oil   Date: 15-Apr-71
Artwork Located:
Office if tge Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

This was a joint services operation carried out at Bhairab Bazar where the largest and the only leftover reserves of food grain were preserved in the silos. The silos were located at the bank of the river and were occupied by the Indian infiltrators. The storage was recaptured after a well coordinated attack by the three forces. The Pak Navy brought the army troops in the small makeshift boats, mostly with outboard engines and fitted with machine guns. (The larger boats could not operate in this area because of the shallow water). The F-86s from No 14 Squadron Dhaka strafed and rocketed the strong hold of the enemy, while the army moved forward. The army heliborne contingent was led by the late Brigadier Tariq Mehmood, affectionately known as "T. M.", who was then a Major.

Mission Leader Squadron Leader Abbas Khattak
No. 2 Flight Lieutenant Khalid Mehmood Khalid
No. 3 Flying Officer Shafqat Mehmood
No. 4 Flying Officer Qazi Javed

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