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Battle of Tejgaon
Size: 6ft x 4ft Oil   Date: 4-Dec-71
Artwork Located:
Vice Chief of Air Staff's Office

The painting depicts Flying Officer M Shamsul Haq destroying one of the 4 SU-7s attacking Tejgaon airfield with his wing man Flying Officer Shamshad giving chase to a second SU-7. This is the beginning lof the greatest air battle of the day - led by Flying Officer Shams with the very young but spirited Flying Officer Shamshad on his wing immediately after they were scrambled at 0845. just as their wheels were locking up, 2 of a flight of 4 approaching SU7s fired their rockets at the F-86s, which were barely 200 ft above the trees. Shams broke into them and shot down one of the nearer pair of Sukhois with a Sidewinder, cheered by the squadron airmen watching from below. The remaining SU-7s turned tail but seconds later, Shams and Shamshad were directed by the Controller towards 4 approaching IAF Hunters. In the ensuing air battle, both pilots downed a Hunter each with their guns. Shamshad then returned to land but Shams spotted another Hunter over Tejgaon and fired his second Sidewinder at such close range that before its guidance system could take over, themissile streaked straight into the Hunter's tail pipe and blew up the engine. The Indian pilot's descent by parachute was in full view of many ground observers around the airfield. But now Shams, who had no ammunition left, was in trouble; he was suddenly surrounded by 4 Mig-21s which began to attack him in turn, driving him into a tight corner. The quick-thinking Shams immediately whipped into a max-rate steep turn at treetop height, with the Dhaka TV tower in the centre of it, jinking wildly as he turned. The Migs' attack pattern was effectively disrupted and, short of fuel, they soon exited the scene.

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