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Photo Strike at Pathankot
Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil   Date: 4-Dec-71
Artwork Located:
"Army Staff College, Quetta"

The 1971 India-Pakistan War in the West began on 3 December 1971 and Pathankot airfield, located at the junction of Punjab and Kashmir, became the lynch-pin for all crucial land and air operations. It was bombed and pinned down by the PAF Mirage aircraft during the day and by the B-57s at night. The painting shows Pathankot airfield camouflaged with nets and camouflage paint, due to which the details merged very well with the surrounding terrain and were difficult to spot from the iisual distance by an attacking pilot. Here Squadron Leader Farooq Umer is manoeuvring and aligning his Mirage fighter recce aircraft to photograph this heavily defended IAF airfield after an earlier air strike by the PAF.

Visible at the beginning of the runway are two Indian aircraft burning on the main runway. Clearly visible on the parallel taxi tracks (on the left of the main Runway) are three grey patches indicating the points at which the taxi track has been freshly repaired, to recover from the damage caused by PAF strikes of the previous day.

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